Welcome to the Battle Armageddon

I, the Virgin Mary, shall now assemble my armies to come to the defense of the Last Knight.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post II:
Behold, O’ women of this world, all those who serve me! War is now at hand. The bells are ringing in the Dale! Men look up with faces pale! The Dragon’s Ire, more fierce than fire, is laying low their towns and houses frail!

Behold the Rider on a White Horse! He is the Last of the Knights. The Dragon has now assembled his full forces against him. This is the Battle Armageddon! If you knew war before, now you will say you did not know war before you saw today. For we are at Ultimate War! We are now at War Unprecedented.

Know ye, My women, Eric can use all the help he can get! And if you come to his defenses at this late hour, I, the Lord of Hosts, will reward you equally to him. I WHO AM have spoken! Come forth, therefore, women. Form a female army to defend the White Knight! And whatever woman enters that army, whatever woman chooses to defend the Last Knight, I will make you equal to him in My eternal Kingdom. That is a promise and an Oath! I, the Lord, have spoken.

This is the Battle Plan of the Infernal Devil. He has decided to take out the central pillar of God! He has decided to engage the White Knight in open warfare. But I have other plans. For My White Knight never fights. He stands his ground, but he does not lift a finger to defend himself. Rather, My Seraphim have surrounded him in the defensive position. Whoever goes against My Seraphim will surely be destroyed.

A powerful Wizard is the Azurite King. But a Wizard, however powerful, must be protected. For the Wizard is the warrior with the weakest defenses. You, women of this world who hear this call, will serve to defend this most powerful of Wizards. And all who serve to defend him will receive an equal reward that I will give to My most powerful of Wizards, the Last Wizard in Existence!

Remember that Antichrist is now laser focused on Eric’s destruction. He has assembled the full might of his vast armies against him. The Devil is going all out. The Devil is fighting as if there is no tomorrow precisely because the Devil knows that there is no tomorrow. I AM WHO AM! Whatever woman comes to defend Eric at this last hour will be rewarded equally to him.

Lord, why is it that you call women to defend me and not men? It is because women make a most excellent defense against Antichrist. For Antichrist was not designed to wage war against women. Rather, he was designed to put you to death. I AM the Lord. And that is why you will not engage in the battle. Rather, this battle shall be the War of the Women. The women will engage in battle defending the Last Wizard of Existence. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Lord, the Lord has just delivered through me judgement against Mark, my brother. And the Lord has said that the Seraph shall slay Mark tonight, along with Marlene. And then all four daughters of Marlene will go under the custody of Scott Gelb.

Yes, Lord Azurite. For the four children were all born by Scott Gelb’s wife. That makes them Scott Gelb’s children. And it will be for him to raise them as he sees fit. It was never for you, Lord Azurite, to take over the raising of your brother’s children when he was to be slain. And you are not even suitable for that task.

But do not give up on Anna, Eric. For her heart still longs for you. If she wishes to have you, let her. For she was predestined to bear you a child. But do not have that child by her as Mark had children. Marry her and then have sex. Or else have nothing to do with her. But do not enter her unmarried to her, Lord Azurite. If you are unwilling to marry her, then reject her. I AM the Lord.

Lord, I am willing to take Anna as my wife. And I would never lay with any woman prior to marriage. Then she shall be your wife. I Am the Lord.

Lord Azurite, you are married then to two women. For you are married to My Virgin Mother and now you shall marry Anna, the girl Mary chose for you.

Lord, does that make me polygamous? No, Lord Azurite. In order to be polygamous, you must have more than one wife in the same world. For Mary is in heaven, and Anna is on earth. Hence it is impossible for the two to compete for you. For the Law against polygamy was written to protect women from being in competition with another woman for the love of the same man they are married to. And that is why, in the Catholic Church, all marriages are strictly monogamous. And if a polygamist is unwilling to give up his polygamy to enter My Catholic Church, My command is that he should not enter. But let no man attempt to lower the standard I require for entrance into My Kingdom.

For Mark was of the philosophy that the adulterer is forgiven of his adultery while still committing adultery, and that he can commit adultery with abandon, all because Jesus paid the way for sinners to enter paradise and there continue to sin.

Instead, Mark will be visited by the Seraph tonight. And when this post is published, He begins enforcing your twelve decrees. I AM the Lord. Amen.

I have now finished speaking, Lord Azurite. And you stand undefeated. Now go do the work your boss pays you to do. And then proceed home. And you will find that the Seraph I have assigned to you has been busy working.

These Words are from God. Eric never dies. And Eric never ceases to prophesy. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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