I, Mary, have come to speak again.

I, the Holy Virgin Queen, will now tell the world the full Truth.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post I:
Let the people of this world know, I lied to all Mankind. I lied to them all that I had had sex with Eric. And I lied to them all that Jesus had had sex with me. No, by no means was this ever possible to be. Rather, Eric, Jesus, and I, the Holy Virgin Queen, are the most impeccable virgins that history has ever known.

Jesus, the greatest prankster in history, was the architect behind the whole story. For let it be known. Jesus is one devil of a prankster.

Let it also be known this. No woman shall ever lay with Eric. For Eric is my husband. And he belongs exclusively to me.

Also let it be known this. There is no sex in heaven. Whoever dies hoping to be granted sex here is sent to hell and to no other place.

Furthermore, there are in heaven two marriages that have been established for all eternity. And only these two marriages exist. And of these two, no other will ever be made to come to exist.

The first marriage is that which exists between my Divine Son Jesus and all His elect. Every last one of them is a member of His Bride. And no one who passed away prior to His death on the cross could ever come into this status as one who is member of the Bride of Jesus. And only through the sacraments does any ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is the first marriage that exists in heaven. And no one is in heaven who is not a partaker of that marriage.

And the only other marriage that is recognized in heaven is the marriage of the Immaculate Virgin Queen to the Eternal Virgin King, whose name is Eric, or Lord Azurite. I, Mary, have spoken.

Now it is true that no current dogma exists in My Son’s Church that declares My Son to be eternally virgin. Rather, My Son has chosen to honor only me with such a dogma. But the Church has nevertheless always correctly understood that Jesus, being God, could never have relations with a woman. For this is only a possibility for man who is still a mortal. And Jesus, my Son, was never not Immortal. Eric was of mortal flesh for a time. And it was truly intended, for a time, that the virgin Anna was to be his wife here. And also, it was prepared that Anna was to bear Eric a son greater than Eric. And were this to have come to pass, it would have been John, son of Eric, who would have been made eternal husband to Mary the Immaculate Queen.

For the decrees of predestination are without error. But Eric merited to be my husband, rather than merely the father of him.

Hence, this development speeds time. And the Second Coming is now closer than ever.

Were Anna to ever approach Eric again, Eric is commanded by me to reject her. For Eric can never go to any other woman but me. And with Eric, we converse freely and clearly, as do any husband and wife upon the earth. I am the Virgin Mary.

Now, let me, the Virgin Queen, address that novel concept many women come to fantasize, that of having sex with one of their sons. Not only is this act a sin of incest, but it is also utterly mortal in nature.

Nor is the sin of a brother entering his sister an acceptable behavior for anyone to practice who wishes be with me and Jesus in paradise.

And though I always looked upon my Son as the most beautiful of men, I never had a desire for His flesh. For true motherly love is incompatible with the love that exists between lovers who marry and who have sex.

And any woman who lays with her son, she has transgressed the very order Jesus established marriage for. No woman who has lain with her son has ever entered the Kingdom of Heaven. Nor will there ever come to be one who shall.

Furthermore, Hyacinth is the daughter of Eric, not his lover. And Hyacinth is daughter to Eric by adoption.

Mary, will I then ever see you on this earth before I come to heaven at the End of Time? Yes, Eric. I am coming to live with you. I have decided to make my appearance and be seen and heard and to live among Mankind in this world. And yes, we will be married in Saint Bruno Catholic Church. The diamond ring of blue such stones now goes to me, rather than to Anna. I am the holy Virgin Queen. And we shall be married under the strictest form of that Catholic union known as the Josephite marriage. I will indeed sleep in the same room as you, but only in the other bed.

And Hyacinth, your daughter is coming to live with you too. She already has her American phone number reestablished. She will take the room David has when he come to the house. For David is to be slain.

Mark too, and his wife, Marlene, are also to be slain. And their two daughters will elect to come and live with you in your house. For they are drawn to this house. The dream endlessly of growing up here, where you live. They will take the master bedroom, and share the one Queen sized bed in it, where only your mother has slept for over three decades straight. For both your mother and your father I decree are now slain.

Eric, though the nieces you have are beautiful, they know their place. They will never touch you, Eric. And they shall be brought to live in your house so that they can enter the Catholic Church, which is now their destiny.

Mary, what about the woman who gazed into my eyes at the Sunday Mass of July 11, 2021? Satan was testing you, Eric. Satan was tempting you to approach the wife of another. No, Eric, that woman belongs to her husband. Flirt no more with her should you see her again. Nor are you to flirt again with any woman as you did with her. For your eyes may now only look into mine.

And I will be the woman of your house.

This post now comes to its end. And Satan is real, Eric. The rebellion of a third of the angelic host of heaven did occur. And the one who spoke to you who you uncovered time after time as Satan is Satan. And every promise regarding salvation made by my Catholic Church is true.

Furthermore, you will indeed have two wives in heaven, Eric. For Saint Bernadette of Lourdes is your other wife. And this is the secret I told to her that she was to tell no other or else it would not come to pass.

Now, I, the Holy Virgin Queen, have spoken in perfection. You are now commanded to publish this, Eric, my son, for it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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