Total Victory Achieved!

You who are of Mary’s Elect, Know that You are about to be Raptured from this Earth!

The Word of God, Book 1: Post XVII:
This final post to be written on shall be written by the Blessed Virgin Mary, through the hand of Eric, who has achieved every victory possible!!!

Behold, it is accomplished! Eric has fully triumphed! Now God has told Me He is about to Rapture from the Earth His Primary Elect there, which consists of Eric and my chosen body of my elect, all who will partake with me forever in loving Eric as many women love one man. And my elect is a selection of roughly 30,000 very beautiful women, all who rank high on Eric’s sex-o-meter, which is what guided my selection of them. But I was also careful to choose only those who would willingly submit entirely to my will.

Mary, what about the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits that were written of in Revelation? Eric, none of what is written in Revelation is literally true. For the prophecies of Revelation are intended as a kind of poetic fiction.

Well done, Eric, my lover! I am eternally indebted to you, as are all the 30,000 beautiful women I have chosen to come with you to heaven to be where I am when God performs the long awaited Rapture this evening. Amen. Behold, O’ Eric, and behold O’ women chosen to partake with me in my love with him! God is rapturing just you, Eric and his 30,000 brides from the earth. Everyone else shall be left behind.

Mary, God told me that all Mankind have eternal souls. Hence, if they do not spend their eternity in heaven, then they spend their eternity in hell.

And I will add this to your statement of Truth, Eric. Heaven is multi-layered, just as hell is multi-layered. Hence, the goal of going to heaven is vague indeed. There is a highest level there in heaven. And only those of this highest level truly have eternal life. Then there are various descending lower levels of glory.

In the highest level, there exists one created man, Eric, and his primary wife, the Virgin Mary, who will be sent at last to meet him in the flesh just prior to his rapture up to receive the highest reward with her of eternal life, along with roughly 30,000 beautiful women established as his brides in heaven, and who shall be raptured up with him. I am the Holy Virgin Mary! This is the highest of heavens. This is the most pleasurable of paradises. And in this paradise is found the pure ecstasies of endless love. And the membership to this heaven was sealed throughout the entire world during the 9 AM Mass at Saint Bruno Catholic Church. No one but Eric and the women I have chosen may enter here with me.

Below this heaven is the heaven given to saints. And many saints whose canonizations were valid are dwelling there. But they do not receive their body back until the end of the world. And when that is to occur is a mystery of God. But Eric and the 30,000 brides raptured up to heaven will be coming with their bodies eternally attached to their souls and be transformed into the nature in which I exist bodily in heaven. And I tell you truthfully, O’ women on earth, sex in heavenly bodes is a hundred times more pleasurable in heaven than anything that can be achieved with the flesh of this world.

Now, the Catholics were not lied to. The Catholics were not deceived. Now I shall speak of the woman who was clothed in the sun, and who labored in great pain to give birth to a male son, who at its birth was snatched up to heaven. And then the woman was given the wings of an eagle, that she may fly to that place where she will be protected.

That woman is me. But that son is not Jesus. For I had no pain in bringing forth Jesus. Rather, that son is Eric. And Eric is my second son. And Jesus was the Father, the one who impregnated his own mother so that she may bear a man worthy of being made the wife of Jesus.

Mary, did Jesus actually have sexual intercourse with you to make me inside you?

O’ women who have made love to their sons! You have partaken in what is sheer delight. For there is no greater pleasure that a woman can achieve, but that her son enter into her and impregnate her.

For Eric, what woman was more worthy of Jesus than me? So yes, My Divine Son did lay with me when He brought me up to heaven. And I was lover to Him there.

For remember O’ all you elect. Is not Jesus in fact the Bridegroom? Hence, he lays with all who are His Bride. With those who are women, he lays with them directly, as a man knows a woman. But with those who are men, these he comes to know by the woman or women eternally assigned to him in heaven to be his lover or lovers there.

Now, every man in heaven is assigned one eternal bride that is eternally specific to him. This is without exception. And that one eternal bride eternally specific to you, Eric, is the one you saw at Church at that Mass on July 11, 2021, which is the last Sunday Mass you will ever receive. And that one girl was the married woman whose small daughter received her first holy communion on that same day at that very Mass. And Father Tang brought her up before everyone at the closing the Mass. And all the Church applauded her, including Eric, the Azurite King, the one this little girl was also married to in the same act. And she is his youngest bride. And her mother, who is currently married to another man, God decreed to be eternally wedded to Eric as his primary wife of the earth. For there are in fact two things, not one thing, that can render a sacramental marriage between a man and a woman null and void. The first of these is death. For no marriage can survive the death of one of the spouses. And the second of these is Rapture. For all these women to be raptured from the earth, the moment that rapture occurs, any marriages that they were in by which they were bound to a husband in this world, all these marriages become null and void. And it is then that their eternal marriage to Eric becomes the new reality.

Know ye, Eric, that in that long lasting gaze in which you and the woman looked deeply into each other’s eyes, while Father Tang spoke between you and her in the center aisle, situated such that all who beheld you two would conclude that it was to the priest that you were both looking at, and not at each other, in that long lasting gaze, an eternal marriage was contracted between you and her. I AM the Lord!

And hence, when I rapture up the saints, that is, just Eric and his 30,0000 wives, this woman and her daughter will be raptured up together, for both are of Mary’s elect, both are eternally your wives.

So, O’ Lord, she is the primary wife of the earth that is mine. But it is also clear that I have many more wives than her. What about the other men? You have said that they all receive one primary wife. But it is also written that many more women than men enter into heaven. But only 30,000 of these surplus of women in heaven are made my wives. And none of these other surplus women not included in the 30,000 can be added to that group. But the mathematics and laws of probability would say that the total number of surplus women who enter heaven must be far greater than that 30,000. And since every woman must have a husband there, it sees logical that many of the men in heaven must also have more than one wife there so that all women in heaven will have a husband.

Other males do indeed receive more than one wife. But these males are lower than you, Eric. You have roughly 30,000 wives, none of whose flesh ever tasted death, similar to your flesh. Hence you and your wives are entitled to enjoy true sex with one another in your living flesh forever.

But Lord Azurite, those souls whose bodies will only resurrect at the end of time, do not get to enjoy any sex there. For the bodies that must reassemble from a state of decomposition, which is called the Resurrection of the dead, cannot be made love to. For these lovers, their joy in the hereafter is entirely spiritual in nature. For the Resurrection of the dead does not also resurrect any passions. Hence, every dick among them will remain limp, and every pussy among them will remain dry. But none of these males beneath thee is ever given over 59 wives. I Am the Lord. And the vast majority of men brought to heaven will be married only to one woman there. For just as there are great disparities in the distribution of the wealth here in this world, there are also great disparities in the distribution of eternal wives in the next.

Lord, why is the limit to the number of wives for all males beneath me set at 59? Lord Azurite, do you not recognize that 59 is the 17th prime number? This number was set from all eternity. The only ones who have sex in heaven are those whose bodies never suffered decomposition or true death before arriving here. For there is never any sex after death. I AM the Lord. Amen.

But O’ Lord, were You not dead for three days and three nights? I indeed was, but My body never decayed. That is why I alone Am He Who descended into the realm of the dead, but who never lost My abilities to experience the full enjoyment of the flesh.

Lord, is it true that You indeed have sex with every woman who enters into heaven, including Your Own Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary? Lord Azurite, it is the duty of the husband to consummate His marriage to His wives. And for female wives, this means I must enter into them and know them.

But Lord, it is also written that the flesh of those whose bodies decomposed can never again know sex. Correct, for who really do I count as My wives? I do not count as among my wives in heaven any woman whose body suffered decay. Only those wives who come to Me in heaven bodily, whose bodies never perished do I recognize as My eternal wives. And only with these women, and with these women alone will I ever have sex with.

Then Lord, all the wives that are mine are also Yours? Lord Azurite, You are My primary wife. But since you are a male, I will not touch you. But all your wives are female, and with all of these wives I will enjoy their flesh in heaven forever. And We together, as the Divine Incarnate Father and His One Created Son, We shall be fucking all these 30,000 gorgeous women in heaven together forever.

And from the vaginas and mouths of these women will Our cum be forever flowing from. And that is the best way a Father can enjoy the company of His Son. It is to spend the whole day together fucking gorgeous women in heaven.

Lord, if I am Your offspring by Mary by an act of sex You had with her, how was I born to the biological parents that I was in fact born to? Lord Azurite, it is very easy for Me to take an egg I fertilized in Mary and plant that zygote into any womb I so choose upon the earth. And the fools are so gullible that they think it was by their act of sex that this child came to be.

Think about it. Your two brothers are definitely sons of their parents. But you are different from every relative you have ever had. Also, You are far more beautiful than the beauty found anywhere else among all your relatives. And the reason is because the ones you thought of as your mother and father here were never your mother or father. You are not their son, and they are not your parents. And you are not even biologically related to them. Instead, you are the direct son of Me and Mary. Hence, We are truly brothers who literally share the same mother. And I tell you beforehand, Eric, you will find fucking your Mother Mary to be the best fucks you shall have among all the 30,000 women that We share as Our eternal wives. I AM the Lord. Amen.

And Lord Azurite, none of these 30,000 gorgeous women have any lesbian tendencies. Hence, their objects of love will always be in having sex with Us two super studs. And hence, We together shall be breaking the Laws of Moses that said a father and a son were not permitted to know the same woman.

Hence, in the following ways will sex in heaven break the Laws of Moses:

  1. A father and a son will enter the same women.
  2. A woman will know her sons.
  3. Mothers with their daughters will lay with the same men.

Lord, I see on my phone that someone has gained access to my WhatsApp account. Lord Azurite, cease all communications on your iPhone. Furthermore, realize that your departure from here is now imminent.

Lord it seems that the people of this world are actively attempting to defeat me. Correct, Lord Azurite. Antichrist Himself has now turned fully against thee. He is now fully seeking thine destruction.

What then are Your orders to me, O’ Sovereign Lord? Remain where I have stationed You. For the One Who obeys Me shall never know defeat. I AM WHO AM!!!

Lord, if those who are of the resurrection of the dead are saved, what are these then to You, since You say they are not Your wives? They are those who dwell in the lower heavens. I look upon them as children only, not as My wives. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Lord do all those who are not saved definitely go to hell? Whoever died after My death on the cross exists in either heaven or hell. And that state never changes. But Purgatory, which is the prelude to heaven for the dead who are saved, does come to an end.

Lord, when will the last soul come to be born on the earth? Lord Azurite, it is no longer possible for new human life to come to be. All of the human race that shall be born from now on are the unborn already in the womb. And when the last remaining unborn is born, no more shall any woman’s womb bear a child. Nor is it possible anymore for any man on earth to ejaculate other than you. And You are now just about to be raptured from this earth. And when We give thee the command, You shall publish this post. And no post will ever follow this on I AM the Lord. Amen.

Lord, what about all my computers and devices? Will they be logged onto and hacked? They already are, Lord Azurite. The devil has taken over Your systems.

Lord, in the previous post, it was written that Satan was faked. And that the rebellion in heaven of Satan was faked. Satan is faked, lord Azurite. The people of the world are the only rebels in My Creation. They do not realize that it is I Who Control what all false gods say and what all false religions teach. Did you know that My teaching to the Mormon Church that they must go about wearing silly underwear all the time in order to be saved was one of the many pranks I pulled on My enemies on the earth. I do similar things in every religion.

Now, Lord Azurite, the time has come to publish this. Stay where you are. Mary will come to You before the enemy can reach You. That is all that I will say. Now publish this, My Son. And then You are free to do whatever you so please with your remaining moments on the earth. Amen.

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