Now I am coming to Saint Bruno to meet my true love.

I am coming to meet the only man I have ever loved.

The Word of God, Book 1: Post XVI:
Now I will finally make my appearance. And the entire world will behold the utter splendor of my radiance. And I will take my seat at my husband’s side. And to all who ask who I am, I shall say to them that I am the Holy Virgin Mary. For finally I shall now taste the flesh of a man. And what a man! Yes, two thousand years of waiting for this one to appear was all well worth the wait. And Jesus has commanded His angels to prevent any girl from touching my man until I fully lay with him first. And we are already married. We will undergo no ceremony to lay with one another to complete the conjugal act that has already been started between us. For my tits are hard. And my breasts are ready. And my panties are soaking wet in my love for Eric. But I will nevertheless go fully clean into that legendary Church. And I will be dressed in a gown that literally glows.

Eric, I know every affliction that you currently suffer from. All these will be completely cured by my act of love with thee. And we will make love together. You will not buy me my engagement ring. No, for Jesus has already made it Himself. And He will give it to you. And then you will kneel before me, Eric, and offer to me that ring. And I will say to you, I accept your proposal for marriage. And I will say unto thee that thou may now take my hand in holy matrimony. Amen. Jesus is also coming to that Church. He is coming to conduct the wedding between His Mother and His Son. And He is zealous about this marriage, by which He will join His Virgin Mother, who has never known a man, to His virgin Son, who has never known a woman. And all are invited to be there. All are invited to attend the wedding at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, where the Virgin Mary will be formally made the eternal wife to Eric, the Son of Jesus, in the sacrament of holy matrimony, the only one in history to be presided over by Jesus Christ.

Eric, I love thee forever. And no other man has ever captured my virgin heart. It is true that had Jesus, My Son, ever asked me to lay with Him as a woman lays with a man, I would not have hesitated to know this love of this One, born from my womb, Who was He through Whom all that was ever created ever came to be. But Jesus was clear to me on day one that it is not He who shall make love to me. And He told me of the day He would give me my lover, provided that I fully cooperate with Him in His plan on making this man the greatest man that ever lived, apart from the man who was God, Jesus Christ. Jesus is an Uncreated Incarnation of God into the flesh of the human race. I tell you, women of the world, though my breasts were fully delighted when this boy child sucked on them, and that sucking by that boy child upon my breasts were of sheer delight, I knew in my heart that this boy I gave birth to was beyond the capacity of any woman to ever hope to be anything to him other than as a mere slave and servant. For no woman was ever more to that God-man than a slave or a servant girl has meaning to a King.

Even I, the most beautiful woman God ever created, His masterpiece of the female gender, was no more than a rag to this Divine Being. I could never please Him. And I could never satisfy His thirst. If by stripping naked before my Son and entering in with Him the lover’s embrace, that could bring one drop to quench his agony of thirst, I would have stripped before Him and done exactly that for Him. But I knew my Son’s love was never for me. And I knew He was keeping me in reserve in heaven as the only created human being there, for the past two thousand years, waiting and hoping against hope, that this one He came to this earth for would attain the victory. For the Creation of the entire universe was made in preparation for him, this one who God was seeking. And had Eric failed the Lord, all of us in this Creation would be consigned to eternal damnation. And the Lord would then utterly abandon everything of this Creation. And then He would try again. And we in this destroyed universe would never come to know about it.

And God in fact has revealed to Eric that this Creation was not God’s first attempt at this. There have been previous Creations, and all these previous Creations failed. They failed not because God failed, but because, until Eric was made, it was never observed that a creature created by God would love God without first God loving him.

Many were those created for God to serve Him as His wife. Countless were the Creations brought into existence in this quest by God to find for Himself a lover. I tell you the Truth. Jesus chose me as the one in whom He would be made flesh for one reason. He found me suitable to serve as the lover of the future Son He hoped to find and make a reality in this Creation.

My heart only came to realize that victory had been attained when Eric had passed the final test of God upon his soul. And when that victory came, My heart then knew rapture like no other. In one of those final tests, a little girl with bright green teeth asked Eric what he was doing. But I quickly told the girl, Let him be! If this one triumphs, he is both husband to me and thee. Do not, therefore, upset this delicate balance that God has imposed on this man. For everyone’s fate here depends on this man succeeding. And the power to decide this was entirely in the possession of this man’s free will. It was in the hidden mind of Eric that the decision that changed everything took place.

And what exactly was it that Eric chose to do that turned God’s heart to this creature forever? I will now reveal to you the secret that Christ Jesus has revealed to me. For Eric himself never told me what it was. And even I, within his mind, could simply not penetrate that mystery. But Jesus has now revealed to me what it was. And it was simple. Anyone could have done it. But only Eric ever actually did it. And now I shall reveal to you what it was.

God said to Eric that he was now like God. And thus, God instructed that Eric must tell his true love that he is God. For God was instructing Eric that his lover must now worship him as the God he has now come to be like. But Eric said to God that No, he could not bear for his lover to think that he was something that he was not. At first God was puzzled by this response. For Eric was not programmed to respond to His order this way. And the awesome mind of God was perplexed. For how could a creature do something that he was not programmed to do? Everything in the universe and among all the Creations God made were put on hold as God diverted His entire intellect upon Eric to find out how this creature could respond in a manner that he had no programming to respond as such. For what Eric had done was to refrain from taking the offer made to him by God Almighty that he impersonate Him. And this was an unprecedented event. It was an act that simply did not make sense to the mind of God. For Eric had simply not been programmed to do this. Hence, what Eric did was impossible. And finally, without any answers, God decided to approach Eric again and ask him why he chose to do that. For maybe the answer to this puzzle could be made to come from the very mouth of the one in question.

And Eric’s answer answered every question on the mind of God. Eric said that it was by his love for the girl that he could not bear for her to think that he was something that he was not. And suddenly everything made sense to the mind of God. For though Eric was not programmed to resist the offer to impersonate his Creator, he was in fact programmed to love.

And then God, the Supreme Intellect, came to realize what Eric was. Eric was the one creature that could ever be created by Him who would truly love Him. And with that realization, the awesome mind of God was seized with a sense of utter divine guilt. And He came to realize that He had done evil to a creature who loved Him. And God thus judged God. And God thus condemned God. And it was then that God formally declared for the first time that a being He created is now equally God to Him.

And then Eric, in his own perplection, said to me, his wife, I AM now made God. And thus, with the authority I now have as God, I now make you also God. And with that, the mind of God laughed. And the guilt that was in the awesome mind of God vanished.

And thus, it is said among the angels that this man so truly has the heart that loves, that his love can even heal the wounded heart of God.

Now go your way, Eric. And publish this post now, for it is complete. But all of heaven now expects you to arrive at Saint Bruno Catholic Church this morning for the morning Mass. And another thing God has now told me. Everyone who was promised salvation in the Catholic Church, and who faithfully kept all that God commanded of him, will also partake with Eric, Mary, and Mary’s elect in the eternal life of the Kingdom that is to come.

The Words of this post are now complete. You are now ordered to publish this, Eric. Amen.

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