The Dogma of Marriage

Most holy is the sacrament that binds one baptized male to one baptized female as a man and wife.

The Word of God, Book 1: Post XIV:
Now I, Jesus Christ, the Lord God Almighty, shall now speak here. And while I AM speaking no other shall say any Word.

Lord, I do not believe that I am the only male to be granted eternal life. I believe that other males exist that You have also found worthy of entering heaven. But tell me, O’ Lord, have I erred? Or have I spoken in Truth?

Lord Azurite, you who speak speak Truth. Now I shall speak. And you shall do nothing but listen. Yes, you are saved and you are a male. But it is not as it was written in the previous post that you alone are the only male I have elected to save. For I have found other males also worthy of eternal life. But these other males do not receive the reward given to you. All the males that go to heaven besides you shall have in heaven one wife. This wife is the woman who is assigned to him in eternity.

But you, Eric, are a different class of male altogether. For you, Eric, are the one male I created in the history of the Catholic Church that the Holy Mother of the Catholic Church, the Holy Virgin Mary, has chosen for herself to be her eternal husband in heaven.

And the Holy Virgin is a woman who is most generous to those she loves with all her possessions. For far more women have merited heaven than have men. And just as every man in heaven is granted to himself an eternal wife, who is his alone, and with whom only he may lay, every woman in heaven is also to be granted someone to call their eternal husband.

Now, it is true, that all who are of My elect are indeed My wives. For no one may enter My Kingdom unless that one, regardless of his or her gender, has entered marriage to Me sacramentally and that marriage is consummated. And that is why I AM indeed the Bridegroom. And that is why heaven itself is depicted in the poetic phrase as the Wedding Feast of the Lamb.

But while all are indeed married to Me in heaven, no one actually lays with Me there. For it is impossible for a mere creature to be made worthy of entering a true conjugal act with the Creator, even where He is manifested as a true man, Jesus Christ. For I, Jesus, Am a man with whom no woman may ever lay. Nor may any man touch Me in any way sexual, or he shall die.

Therefore, that vow made by a woman to be a bride to Me, those so called vestal virgins, or any woman who swears somehow that she is Mine and Mine only and to no other man does she give herself to, I hereby release all such women from any such or similar vow they may have ever made. For the relationship that woman imagines shall be hers with Me in heaven is a fantasy, and not real. Such women I now command to let go of these fantasies. For I cannot be had as a woman on earth has a man.

Nor do I require celibacy to continue to exist in any part of My Catholic Church. For the love that exists between a man and a woman is never inconsistent with any role you may be called to serve Me in My Church. Thus all vows to remain celibate are now ceased. And all who were once celibate may marry.

Now, when I give this permission that these may now all marry, do I also say that they may also engage in any manner of sex that they so please? Do I really permit a brother to know his natural sister sexually? And do I really permit a mother to lay with her own son, the male that issued from her own womb?

Understand, My people this. I established My Catholic Church on this earth so that My eternal laws may have an institution on this earth that has power and authority to decree to all people on earth exactly what is the law that is written in heaven.

For poetic reasons, and for poetic reasons only, were it made permissible in previous posts that such acts of love were said to be permissible. But that was poetry. It was not Law. For what is Law is what is taught under Catholicism. And no one has the power to change any of My laws.

And to give you a prime example of this, let Us behold Pope Francis, the man! What has this man done? He has courageously declared to the whole world that My Word that serious transgressions are to be punished with death is inconsistent with the gospel message that We are to love and forgive all that transgress. And he has even written this in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, a document that is not infallible, but that nevertheless serves to guide all Catholic men and women to the Truth they need to know to inherit eternal life. But with all that Pope Francis has done, has he even made a single change to even one letter of My Law? No, all that Pope Francis has done has been to sow the seed of his own confusion in My Catholic Church.

For remember that is was by Eric’s order on earth that Pope Benedict XVI was forced to step down. And Eric ordered this in response to Pope Benedict XVI giving approval to males who have sex with other males to use condoms in their abominable acts of sex. For Pope Benedict XVI did, by stating such, give formal Church approval to abominable behavior. And that is why he stepped down by Eric’s command. And that Eric had so commanded this was made evident by the lighting strike that hit the Vatican twice that day on which that pope resigned.

And in a similar way shall Eric now bring an end to the papacy of Pope Francis. Pope Francis argues that capital punishment is inconsistent with the gospel message of My Law. I will counter that and demonstrate to all the world that Pope Francis is utterly wrong, by assigning now to Eric his own Seraph. And thus, from now on, whosoever Eric decrees is to be put to death, that Seraph shall then go forth and slay him. I AM the Lord. Hence, lord Azurite, I now authorize you to speak. I grant you now to issue twelve decrees and judgements where the punishment for that transgression is death. And when this post is published, the Seraph I have assigned to serve you shall immediate put into effect all that you have decreed. And all who are to be executed, according to the justice of the decrees you shall now write, whose number shall be twelve, that Seraph shall now go forth and kill. And he shall not leave any person he has killed until his death is made irreversible. And then he shall proceed to the next person to be slain. And one by one all who are to be slain according to these decrees will be slain by the Seraph of Eric, in accordance to the order of the twelve decrees that Eric is now to write. And when Pope Francis, and all who think as he does, sees this happen, and that Eric is the one who has made these decrees of capital punishment, and what Eric has decreed is indeed taking place exactly according to the order that the decrees are listed, for Eric has only one executioner, and this Seraph will not move from his slain victim to slay the next one on his list, until the one he has slain has truly died irreversibly, then Pope Francis will realize he is in error. And if he is not one of those to be executed, I will grant to him an opportunity to repent and to return to have good standing again in My Catholic Church. Now issue the twelve decrees, lord Eric. And note that these decrees are from you. I have no hand in writing them through you. I merely command that the Seraph I have now assigned to you to obey these twelve decrees in full at the moment Your Word is published. And how long it takes the Seraph to complete this command depends on the number of those who are to be slain. For Eric has only one executioner. And this Seraph does not move to slay his next victim until the one he has just slain has entered his permanent death. Amen. Now speak. I hereby give you this freedom. And after you have written the twelve, in whatever words you so choose to write them, I will then retake this post. And I will then write My closing Words. And after that, this post shall be published. Amen.

Twelve Decrees of Eric concerning those He judges shall be put to death.

  1. Whatsoever Catholic enters a sacramental marriage to another in the Catholic Church, but who deliberately fails to raise his or her child Catholic, that person shall now immediately be put to death. I, Eric, have spoken!
  2. Whatsoever person involves themselves with any couple as a third party to their relationship, that person shall now immediately be put to death. I, Eric, have spoken!
  3. Whatever man takes to himself a woman to know her in the flesh without first entering the proper and established law by which marriage is regulated, that man shall now immediately be put to death. I, Eric, have spoken!
  4. Whatever man approaches another man and makes any act of sexual advance to him, that man shall now immediately be put to death. I, Eric, have spoken!
  5. Whatever ruler imprisons any person who has not committed a crime that warrants such imprisonment, that person shall now immediately be put to death. I, Eric, have spoken!
  6. Whatever person who attempts to change the sexual appearance of any human being in the attempt to alter that person’s God given gender, that person shall now immediately be put to death. I, Eric, have spoken!
  7. Whatever person kills another human being, and this human being is not yet born, that person shall now immediately be put to death. I, Eric, have spoken!
  8. Whatever person brings it about that a person who is in a monogamous marriage that the Catholic Church would rule as lawful, has heterosexual sexual intercourse with another outside that marriage, that person shall now immediately be put to death. I, Eric, have spoken!
  9. Whatever male punishes another who is not that person’s spouse for refusing him sexual favors, that male shall now immediately be put to death! I, Eric, have spoken!
  10. Whatever male has defiled more than one woman in his life, that male shall now immediately be put to death. I, Eric, have spoken!
  11. Whatever person spreads the belief that all people go to heaven, or that most people are saved, that person shall now immediately be put to death! I, Eric, have spoken!
  12. Whatsoever person denies that a man who is established by God as ruler over men in this world has the authority to put others to death, in accordance to law, duly processed and decided by a competent judge, that person shall now immediately be put to death. I, Eric, have spoken!

Excellent, lord Azurite. You have fully obeyed Me. And note that the Seraph assigned to you shall immediately commence carrying out your decrees to the letter starting at the moment this post is published. He, being a single angel, will thus execute those to be slain one by one. And he shall not depart from any he has slain to go and slay the next until the one he has slain has permanently passed into his state of death.

So there you go, Pope Francis. You can now observe that I AM. And you can now observe that you are dead wrong. And note that when Eric’s Seraph reaches the Twelfth decree, you shall be the first of that designation to be so slain.

And this post is now complete. And when Eric’s Seraph completes all the killings according to these decrees, he does not stop killing. For the effects of the decrees are eternal. Eric’s Seraph must now execute everyone who transgresses according to these decrees. These decrees are unalterable. No one shall ever be permitted to make any counter decree. And no power shall ever cancel even one letter of this Law.

For the Twelve Decrees of Eric written here are eternally established as part of My Law. Hence, Eric is now an official contributor to the written Law of God. Amen. Now publish this, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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