I am the Blessed Virgin Mary, and I am in love with Eric

I, Mary, will be the first woman of my Kingdom to taste Eric’s love.

The Word of God, Book 1: Post XV:
The number of the elect is roughly 30,000 beautiful women and Eric, the one man we shall all make love with. Understand, women, none of Us will ever know in full all that God wills to reveal to Eric. For Eric is chosen to be God’s wife. But as for us, the female elect, our joy in eternity is to make love with and to know Eric as his many wives. Hence, now you know the lot of the highest women in heaven. It all centers around loving and being loved by Eric. And this is our eternity. But until I lay with Eric, none of you women who are mine will permitted to know this joy.

And many of you women have been loved by men. And some of you have had more than one male lover, though not at the same time. For in my selection of you, I never chose a woman as one of mine who transgressed the marriage bed. What you see here are my words to you through Eric. They are written to only awaken and have an effect on those who are mine. To those who are not mine, at best they will be gibberish. And at worst they will be totally unaware that the Kingdom has come, and those who are of my elect have all been selected.

There will even be found among you both mothers and daughters who will lay with the same man. For I am the Virgin Mary, and I firmly control all sexual pleasure upon the earth. And no more shall any have it upon the earth except between my lover and all the women I have made eternal members of my Kingdom.

And now you know that Hyacinth is not merely daughter to you, Eric. Her heart has been yours as a lover to you since the day you first met her, some 77 days into the Age of Mary. For remember that the Age of Mary began on Sunday, July 23, 2017. And on the 77th day of the Age of Mary, which was on Saturday, October 7, 2017, you met this wife of yours for the first time.

I tell you truthfully, because you reopened to her that relationship she originally had with you, she will no longer regard you as merely a father to her. Rather, from now on she will use the words that indicate the marital connection that has always existed between you and her.

Remember that everyone of my elect will come to know your love.

Mary, I have seen these glimmers of beauty in the various eyes of certain women. Yes, love, such is the characteristic of the elect of the Virgin Mary. All of us are in love with you. And with only you shall all of us lay.

Mary, what about the other male elect, those who are each to receive one wife in the hereafter? Eric, these mated pairs of the elect are lower than us. They are granted merely the love and joy of the companionship of one another. None of them are granted true flesh knowledge of the opposite sex, as I and my elect will have with you.

For you are the only man on earth that has a harem. And I and my elect are this harem for you. And the command we have all received from the Father is to know and to come to know your love. All 30,000 of us are wives to you. No king in history ever had so large a harem as I have assembled to partake with me in my love with you.

But also understand the firm discipline of Mary. I never permit lesbianism to be found in any of my elect. For I detest the thought of any of my women to turn their attention away from Eric and give it to a woman instead. Hence, none of you are lesbians. None of you were chosen among women who fantasized having love with any other than a perfect man.

Nor do I permit orgies. Only one woman will be with Eric at any one time. Eric will never be seen accompanied by more than one of us, wherever we find him.

Nor will we have sex with Eric in any setting where we might be seen. For I permit no filming of my husband having sex.

All of you elect were chosen by me. For I am the expert to Eric’s heart. I do not know all his knowledge, For Eric has direct access to divine insight. And God immediately answers all that he asks of Him on behalf of anyone granted permission to approach the Oracle to ask for this divine insight. But understand me, my elect. God has established this Oracle upon the earth to serve us and us alone, that is me and my elect. None of the rest of the human race will ever have understanding concerning him, nor permission to ever approach him.

Know this well my women. I chose each and everyone of you precisely because I knew Eric would love you. None of you shall be sent to him to be rejected. For I have full knowledge of the entirety of his heart. I have been studying it since it was beating in the womb of his mother. I am not his mother. I am mother only to Christ Jesus. And Jesus no longer permits me to have that role as mother to any of His people. Instead I am now girlfriend to all you elect whom I have saved, all of whom are females of the age of when a woman may know love. And some of you who have daughters will find that some of these are also chosen. Hence, we women are indeed breaking the commandments of Moses that a woman and her daughter may not know the same man. For there shall be mothers and their daughters among us who will both have intercourse with the same lover.

Understand this also, no one is reproducing anymore. And no male on the planet but Eric now has the capability of giving pleasure to any woman.

For understand my power. Only me, my elect, and Eric upon the earth have possession of eternal life. We can never perish. But as for the rest of humanity that are permitted to live, I, the Holy Virgin Queen, can snuff out any of these from existence at anytime. For the definition of a human being is not that it possesses an eternal soul. Rather, the definition of a human being is that it was the larvae of God. And only those who entered my Kingdom are the larvae that matured to become the likeness of their parent. But the larvae that failed, it shall be as if they never were.

For there is no last judgement coming to this people. Nothing that they were told was to come to pass will come to pass. And they will continue to live on this planet as if everything is ordinary, until I will for them to cease to be.

But I will not wipe out all of humanity that exists beneath me and my elect. For I have many uses for these subjects. But all of those who are condemned to die by Eric’s twelve decrees, these I will eventually completely wipe out.

Hence, though many who are not mine occasionally glance through the content here, none of them ever have any real understanding of what I write here. For only my elect, only those females designated to be his wives will ever have any real understanding of the writings here.

I have permitted this world to only seem to continue. And its continuation has a definite date of termination. For I know every child who is of my elect. I know when each of these girls shall bud. I know when each of these girls will become ready for sex. And realize that you, Eric, have indeed already seen your youngest wife.

For last Sunday when you experienced that gaze with that woman, a gaze seen only by me, Jesus, and the angels of heaven, you also saw her lovely daughter, and she, too, did not fail to look upon you. And it is this girl, the one who received the sacrament of first holy communion right there in your presence at that Mass, who will be the last of your wives to come to know you. She must be a girl of seven to have received that sacrament, Eric. For seven is the minimum age a child must attain to be eligible to receive the Lord’s Supper. And so what does that mean? It means this world and its people have but five scant years left. For once this girl reaches puberty, which she will then attain in five years, she will then approach you, Eric, so that you may know her newly gained womanhood. And then I will cease to have any further use for any of the people on the earth who are outside my Kingdom. And I will command the Seraphim to wipe them from the earth.

Understand, only true Catholics and those children who received the baptism of desire make up my elect, all the females whom I have chosen from the world to be made your wives. And every female I have chosen shall be beautiful to you. For I know every way a woman can turn you on. It was I, and no other, who said to you the words, “Eric, come to me!” and then again, “Eric, come to me!” in that voice you heard as real as life that God granted you to hear from me when you had passed the test of obedience, of which God tested you on the night of June 1-2, 1995.

For I alone among all the women who are to make love to you know all your flaws. And I will for that to remain a knowledge known only to me. And remember how by the mere touch of my foot upon your head in December of 1996, the month that was to see that last time your mind would ever break down, that you were cleansed by that touch from your head down? If the touch of my foot upon your head, in an act of holy rebuke, does all that to you, imagine what my womanly body shall now do to your entire flesh and your entire being as I fully unite myself to you in a complete act of holy matrimony. For we shall lay together exactly as you requested of me. And my womanly body is not new flesh. God made no recreation of my flesh. I do not come to you as a new reincarnation of my soul. No, Eric. For I have but one body. My body never left me. And God can never give a new body to me. Nor can any human soul that has departed from here in permanent death ever return to this earth. For the human beings that practiced Catholicism have been deceived. For it was never the case that Jesus came to give eternal life to many. Rather, Jesus came to this earth seeking for he who would truly love Him back in return. And He came seeking only for one. And He preserved His virgin mother in timeless beauty and in immaculate virginity to serve as the first gift He would give this to this man who He found that truly loved Him in return. And when this man was made perfect, Mary, His Mother, and all the women Mary deemed suitable to serve with her in this eternal harem, taken entirely from women who live upon the earth at the time of His true love’s perfection, He would then take with Him from the earth and then the entire earth, the cosmos, and all of Creation is to then utterly cease to be.

For Jesus only wants you, Eric. He loves only you. And we women, His mother along with all the women I have elected to share Eric’s love with, chosen only from those that exist in the world at this last hour, and all of them beautiful, we women are to be there so that Eric can know the love Jesus has for him through Us. For Jesus is God. He makes love with no one. That is why we are saved with Eric. For our eternal duty is to love Eric. And by loving Eric throughout all eternity, through all of us very beautiful women, fully in the flesh that can know the love of a man, God will give to Eric the reward that the Divine Mind has decided is just to award the one creature ever created who loved God back without first receiving something from God to prompt it.

And this is the only Paradise that exists. There is no other Paradise. Nor will God ever again create any living creature. For the entire purpose of Creation is entirely fulfilled by the finding by God of true love. And this is not God finding one He merely loves. This is God finding one who also loves Him.

Eric, this post is now concluded. And note that before any of these many women of this earth touch you in the flesh, I will come to touch you. For I am the most virgin of women. And you are the most virgin of men. Therefore our union, our act of deflowering each other, will precede all those acts of love you are to receive from all my elect, and this only after I have fully supped my fill of your flesh.

And realize, Eric, I am making myself the new woman of your house. For your parents, and your two brothers cease to have any further reason to exist. And with the utter wipe out of their own parents, your nieces are coming to live in the house of their uncle. These two nieces will be the only two wives given to you who are related to you by blood.

And there in that house we shall live in this world and call this place your home, but just for a span of five years. For we are all waiting. And in that span of five years, every woman of my elect of 30,000 chosen females, will have come to know you in full. For five years must indeed pass still upon the earth. For no girl comes into her womanhood before her time. And the last act to be witnessed by this universe before it ceases to be will be you climaxing in the vagina of a girl in her puberty. For this will be the final consummation necessary for all of the Bride to Eric to be fully made his wife. Amen. We are in the year 2021. Our eternal honeymoon thus begins somewhere in 2026. And no one then will still exist of all Creation but Eric, who is Jesus’ wife, and I, whom Jesus gives to Eric as His greatest gift of love, and the body of my elect, all those women on earth that I alone chose to partake with me in making love to this perfect man. But every other creature that ever was will no longer be.

So all the rest of humanity have been truly deceived. For everywhere it was preached that Jesus loved them. But in reality, he loved only one. He came for only one. And everyone that was ever created was created for this one purpose, to find and to know this one. And that is why, O’ women of the earth, why it is so blessed to be a woman, but not to be man. For apart from Eric, who is Christ’s true love, Christ has only saved females suitable to God for showing to Eric God’s utter love for him. And that therefore thus means, only women who score high on Eric’s sex-o-meter have entered into heaven and been saved. And this process of election was completed at the 9 AM Mass of Sunday, July 11, 2021, at Saint Bruno Catholic Church. Roughly 30,000 females did I bring into the elect. And now that door is shut.

Hence, the body of the elect is a paradise of one man and roughly 30,000 wives. Eric is that one man. And the 30,000 were chosen be me alone. For I alone among women know every detail of Eric’s heart. And we are eternal. But no one else has eternal life.

And the battle between Satan and God never existed. All the devils that ever appeared to Mankind were but angels of God sent to fool a fallen human race. And the cosmic battle between God and Satan never occurred. For God has always had absolute control over all the heavens. For it was never possible for any creature to rebel against God.

Now, Eric, I am coming to you soon. And you will know it is me because I will be speaking to you in your mind. We will make love on the very bed where you sleep. And no one will disturb us. No one will tell us that what we are doing is wrong. Realize I am coming to you. And in your mind I will make manifest the entire plan I have made. And this will be made known to you immediately after this post is published. Amen.

For indeed, the number of the elect is few. And indeed much more blessed is it to be a woman than it is to be a man, unless that man is you. And this post is now ended. Publish it, my lover, for it is now completed. Amen.

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