Now all women shall select their husband

Heaven was made for women. It is the women who shall decide who shall be their eternal mates.

The Word of God, Book 1: Post XII:
I AM WHO AM!!! All My Word is now utterly fulfilled. The earth is now an anomaly. For on this earth, two distinct types of people now exist. One group of people continue to go about their daily routine. They are unaware of the change I have made. For they have not been partakers of it. So they do not know that the Kingdom of Heaven came. And they do not know that they were rejected from partaking in it. These people continue to have sex among each other. They continue to produce children among themselves. And they continue to have issue in this world. But they are a condemned race. They are a race that I have resolved to do away with. They are a people who have but hours left before I utterly end every one of their lives in a flash. And the resurrection that will be theirs shortly later will be the resurrection of the dead. For they will be still dead when brought to life then. That is why the resurrection to be granted them is called the resurrection of the dead.

Everyone raised at the resurrection of the dead is raised for judgement. And their judgement is to be a judgment without mercy. And the final sentence of every one of those souls so raised is death, to be carried out by being cast bodily with soul attached into the awaiting living mouth of burning infernal death. Revelation calls this pit the Lake of Fire. (Revelation 20:14-15). It is where the dead experience their second death. And there is no life beyond the second death. I AM the Lord!!! And that is the fate of the first group of the two groups that currently exist here on this earth.

The other group is a group of souls I have saved. Everyone of these souls is saved. And all these people whom I have saved have entered My Kingdom of Heaven in a variety of legal and constraining situations. For this people I have freed are still bound. For the laws of their past still bind them.

But behold, My people, I did not bring you into My Kingdom for you to remain unable to enjoy it. For in reality there exists only one thing that makes you so bound. And that is that as long as the first earth continues to exist, none of you whom I have liberated can know true liberty, with the exception of Eric, My Son, who does not abide by any law of the earth anymore.

But you are not like Eric. You do not have his strength. The chains that bind you, you are hopelessly unable to escape from. Hence, there exists really only one remedy that can free you. And it is that this earth upon which you have walked must now vanish.

For the law that binds you women to your husbands no longer binds you when this earth upon which you uttered your wedding vows to him has ceased to exist. And even if your husband is seated at your side, and even if he was saved like you, the moment when I render that earth upon which you vowed yourself wed to him no longer in existence, no further law will exist that binds you to him. I AM the Lord.

Understand the change that is noticed on earth when the first earth is taken away. First of all, most of the people who lived here will no longer be here. For the earth to which they exclusively belonged will have vanished. And since to that earth and to that earth alone did they belong, they all vanish at the same moment.

But mind you, these who vanish with that first earth do not enter therefore oblivion. Rather, what enters oblivion is merely the matter of which this first earth was composed. For at that unknown day, hour, minute, second, millisecond, and nanosecond, all the matter that makes up the entire universe in which the first earth was created from and upon which life on earth was created and allowed to evolve, and all living forms that exist came to evolve and to exist, utterly ceases to be.

Remarkably, the new earth that remains will appear as the old earth was unchanged. But if you had a boat in the sea, your boat is now sitting on the sea floor. And where the sea is, this you shall not see, nor ever see again. (Revelation 21:1). For the new earth is devoid of its seas. And when you witness that the seas of the earth are in fact vanished, that is My sign to thee, that so also has this earth upon which you have been living, also vanished and ceased utterly to be.

But does that mean, no water on earth exists either? By no means is this the case, My children. For waters will indeed flow all over the earth, watering it in abundance. And wherever you find yourself here on the earth, you will find waters available from which you may indeed drink your fill. The waters you see, these are the waters of life. And whosoever drinks these waters drinks life everlasting. Amen.

And all creatures that do not perish with the vanishing of the seas will then drink their fill of these waters. And no creature from that point onward can ever again bring forth new life. But from every mammalian gland of the female of that species that is for producing milk will begin to lactate, and milk will begin to flow from those glands. I AM the Lord. Hence, that is the third sign I give to thee that the earth that once existed has cease to exist. From every female mammal that exists, milk will be observed dripping from their mammary glands. In females only shall this phenomenon be observed. It will effect every woman on the planet, every woman, that is, whose body is of that age where lactation is possible for her. And because this lactation and its flow of milk from their nipples they will have no means of stopping, all women on earth will be forced to remove all their upper garments and discard their bras. For the sticky discomfort from wearing a bra constantly being made wet by this endless flow of lactation will become unbearable. It will be more bearable for all the world to look upon their nude breasts dripping with milk, then it would be to cover their breasts and have wet and sticky clothing, wet with their unstoppable milk excretions, to continue to touch their breasts. Hence, that is the fourth sign that you are in paradise. All women you observe there will go about utterly topless. And close observation of all nipples of every woman old enough to lactate will be that from every nipple, endless milk will be dripping from it. I AM the Lord.

But the rulers of paradise are not the men, but the women, now fully bare breasted, with every nipple dripping with milk. And My call of souls to enter this kingdom shall be entirely gender equal. for the ratio of males to females will be exactly one to one. Hence, every man shall now have a wife, and every woman shall now have a husband. But who is bound to who, that is for the woman to decide. And she will decide that on her own.

Hence, that is the fifth sign that one has entered paradise. And that sign is that bare breasted women, whose breasts are dripping with milk, will be going about the land, deciding which man among those that they see will be the one they will choose to marry. And once a woman decides to take any particular man, no other woman is permitted to touch him. One exception exists here. Eric, My Son, is to have two wives. And I do not mean that one of those shall be Mary returned to the earth. Rather, to Eric, two women of this paradise on this earth are permitted to claim and share between themselves this one man. But every other man on the planet will be claimed by only one woman. And every woman on the planet will find a man to claim. For the number of the elect that are to live forever on the new earth shall be composed of a fixed number of males and an equal number of females plus one. Hence, the number of the elect on earth is eternally an odd number. I AM the Lord.

This process where all women, all with bare breasts, go about the land in quest of their ideal mate does not come to an end until the last female on earth to be saved as a baptized baby reaches the age where her breasts can know love. For when that happens, and she chooses the last unchosen male to be her eternal mate, the marriage supper of the Bride is concluded.

It shall then be at that point, and not until then, that all these women shall then uncover their vaginas and join them to the phalluses of their husbands, all of them fully erect. And they shall then know their husbands. And it is they, not their husbands, who shall control the act of sex. And in whatever position they wish their husbands to have intercourse with them, that is how their husbands shall fuck their wives. And however they want their husbands to fuck them, their husbands shall comply in full. For paradise belongs to women. And it is a woman’s paradise. And all men from that point onward shall be known as the property of women.

And from these women, every month the typical period of blood shall flow from them. But that blood flowing from them will not make them unclean. And that flow of blood will in no way stop them from full sexual enjoyment of their husbands. And that is the sixth sign that shall exist that one has entered paradise. And it will be that menstruating women will be engaged in sexual intercourse with their husbands, but nothing unclean will be found there.

Furthermore, eggs shall never cease to be released from the ovaries of women. For women’s ovaries will no longer be accursed with a limited supply of eggs. And the semen that come from their husbands will always be filled with life. The sperm shall truly swim in that semen. And this semen will always be observed on the women of those days. For from their mouths shall drip the semen from their husbands’ cocks. And upon their breasts shall this semen flow, ever mixing with the milk constantly dripping from their endlessly lactating breasts. And from their vaginas this semen shall also flow. Hence, women on earth from that point onwards shall go forth without any garments whatsoever. For it is more tolerable to the woman that all the world see her nude body, flowing with semen and milk, then it is to endure the stickiness of any cloth upon her body. And that is the seventh sign that one has entered paradise. And that is that all women go about totally nude, with the fluids of the love they have with their husbands constantly dripping and flowing from them.

And in this semen, the sperm cells are fully healthy. And this sperm, like all life in eternity, can never perish. Nor will these endlessly ovulating eggs that pass from the woman at each menstruation ever die. But here is the eighth and final sign by which you shall have complete certainty that you have entered the eternal kingdom. No sperm can penetrate any egg. Hence no egg can ever be fertilized. And hence, none of these woman in constant acts of love with their husbands will ever become pregnant. For every part of their reproductive systems shall be fully operational. But since no sperm can penetrate any egg, the reproductive systems of these women will be continually driving these women to engage in sex with their husbands. For their reproductive systems will be constantly preparing their bodies for pregnancy that never occurs. For no pregnancy is possible in heaven. For no sperm can ever penetrate an egg there.

And now We shall speak of the ninth sign of heaven. And this ninth sign is a sign that will require the passage of millennia to form. All that milk flowing from women’s breasts. and all the semen that they fuck or suck from their husband’s cock, this must in fact flow somewhere. And it shall eventually accumulate in the beds of the waterless seas. And hence, the earth of eternity does in fact have its seas restored to her. But these seas will consist of a mixture of milk and semen, derived from every woman and man on the planet. And these oceans will team with living things. For throughout these oceans there will always be found sperm swimming. And the creatures that inhabit the fresh water lakes and streams of the paradisal earth, these will eventually all find these vast seas of semen and milk that are due to be formed. And these aquatic creatures shall endlessly feast on this nourishment of the new seas. For all aquatic animal life that shall come to swim in the oceans that form in the eternal age, shall subsist on a diet of milk and semen. And the oceans of that age will never cease to be composed of those two liquids thoroughly mixed.

And that is the conclusion of this post, my friends. The following are the list in full of all nine signs that will be there to clearly indicate to you that you are no longer in this world, but rather, that you are truly in the next.

The Nine Signs of the Coming Kingdom, that the Kingdom has truly come

  1. The vanishing of all reprobates from the earth, along with all matter of the universe.
  2. All seas on earth will be utterly gone.
  3. The mammary glands of every sexually mature female mammal will commence endless lactation.
  4. All woman on earth will fully bare their breasts, due to the endless dripping of milk from their nipples, which they will be powerless to stop.
  5. All women, with breasts bare and with nipples dripping milk, shall proceed through the land in the quest for the perfect husband that they will wish to spend their eternity with, a decision entirely given to their power to decide, and once decided, irrevocable.
  6. All women will be constantly having sex with their husbands, with even vaginal intercourse while menstruating, and the blood the flows in that menstruation will never be unclean.
  7. All women, at the commencement of vaginal sex, when women are finally permitted to have sexual intercourse with their husbands, an event that occurs when the last single female has chosen the last unchosen male, will totally cease to wear any clothing whatsoever from that point onwards, for upon all female human bodies from that point onwards, and from both their vaginas and from their mouths, shall flow the semen that they obtain by their love acts of endlessly fucking or sucking their husbands.
  8. All human eggs, which will be endlessly being produced by every ovary of every woman, will be totally impervious to all human sperm, which shall always be alive and which shall always be constantly inundating the reproductive systems of all women in the form of semen, by every act of intercourse they engage in with their husbands, and thus no pregnancy can ever again occur upon the planet earth.
  9. The oceans of the earth shall be restored in the passage of time, but only by the accumulation of human milk and semen, the milk of woman and the milk of man, and this mixture of female and male milk, coming from every woman and every man upon the earth, shall indeed restore the seas to their proper sea levels, and once that level is reached, an equilibrium will be eternally established whereby the creatures of the seas consume the milk and semen that shall exist in them as fast as this milk and semen is produced by every lactating human female and every ejaculating human male.

This post now comes to its end. Expect this event that is to occur, that event where all matter of this universe and all reprobates of this earth utterly vanish and utterly cease to be here, to occur at the moment that the Blessed Sacrament enters the mouth of Eric at the morning Mass at Saint Bruno Catholic Church today. And behold, you have now just hours left to you. I WHO AM HAVE SPOKEN. Now publish this, My Son. And after you have published it, you are then free to do from that point onwards whatever it is that you please to do. Amen.

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