Welcome to the Lord’s Rest

You who have entered here, you are now eternally at rest.

The Word of God, Book 1: Post X:
Welcome to all of you that I have saved. It might not be apparent or clear that the End has occurred, because the wicked are still among you. For My Holy Spirit has not yet been commanded to slay them. For I have elected to postpone this act of slaughter until Eric, My Beloved Son, has partaken in My Supper at his third such Mass since the time he totally abandoned My Catholic faith from the Monday of July 5th through the Friday of July 9th, of 2021. Because that span of five days that Eric had totally abandoned all things Catholic contained no Sabbath, Eric, who would go to Mass every day that he could possibly make it to, committed no mortal transgression that occurs when My Catholic faithful fails to observe his Sunday obligation. Therefore, all that Eric forfeited for the five days he had left Me. all of them weekdays, was that he did not receive the Holy Eucharist on those days. I AM the Lord. For only a Mass that fulfills one’s Sunday obligation do I require of My Catholic faithful to attend to remain in their state of grace. And only one Mass a week is required to fulfill it. And this Mass that can be chosen to fulfill it can be either any Mass that is scheduled for Sunday, or the Mass or Masses that may occur the previous Saturday evening.

Hence, Eric, you will be leaving your house to go to the 6:30 AM Mass today at precisely the stroke of 6:00 AM. You will walk there, as you always do on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and weekends, for the sake of your exercise. For the entire round trip from your house to Saint Bruno Catholic Church, and then back to your house is a walk of roughly three miles. But this time, you will not be wearing socks and shoes on your feet. For the weather has been hot as of late. Rather, you shall wear the leather sandals that you have, so that your feet can fully breathe, and so that no part of your body sweats. As for the rest of what you shall wear, I command you to go as you are currently dressed. The only other thing I ask of thee is that you come before Me clean shaven. For an unshaven man is improperly attired for the decorum I desire to have restored to My Catholic Church.

So, you should know that when you receive communion today, all the wicked whom I have decided to slay will be slain. And that means a change in leadership is coming throughout the entire Catholic Church. For from the moment you receive communion, all those who should not be here will no longer be here.

Lord Azurite, you may freely have sex with your wife. And you will find yourself always erect when you enter into the marriage bed with her. For intercourse is permitted between all who are sacramentally married in My Catholic Church. Though We say We have married you to this woman, the process of you uniting to her must take place according to all the laws and requirements of My Catholic Church. Hence couples who are married will indeed be also having sex.

But as this is eternity, no babies can be born here. Those who are born will grow up. All who are children now will reach full maturity in accordance to the usual number of years required. But no child who has not received baptism by the time you receive the sacred host into your mouth this morning at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, Whittier, California, USA, will be spared from the slaughter that the Holy Spirit will put into immediate effect throughout the entire world. Everyone who is not truly Mine and of My Catholic Church shall die at that precise time. And the baptism of desire that I grant to those not Catholic is only applied to children capable of having such a desire. I never apply such to any adult. For any adult who has such a desire would have entered My Catholic Church. And thus, if an adult never entered My Catholic Church, or if he entered it and then left, then he possesses no baptism of desire in him. I AM the Lord.

Hence, women will continue to ovulate. Their menstrual cycles will continue as normal. And men will continue to produce semen. But all seed shed from now on by any man will only occur in a conjugal act. And all marriages that are to exist in eternity have already been decided. For the full number of the elect is now known, and all who belong to it have been decided. And after you receive communion this morning at the Mass you are to attend at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, no other soul may be added to that number. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Hence, though the semen will be fully alive, and so also the eggs that come and go, no sperm will ever fertilize another egg for all eternity. I AM the Lord.

For the nature of eternity is that no new creature can come to be, nor can any creature that now exists cease to be. And neither does any creature ever need to eat. But I will in fact permit all creatures to eat, but only of vegetable matter. Whatever meat currently exists, that shall eventually all be eaten. But no creature will ever be slaughtered to produce more meat. Hence the animals bred for slaughter will now be set loose. Nothing will multiply. And nothing will die. But the plants will endlessly regenerate and produce their full yield of fruit.

But no new crops may ever be sown. No work may now be done on any farm, nor on any ranch. Animals kept by man from now on will be those animals that produce milk and those animals that produce wool.

For the female adult of every mammal will lactate, whether pregnant or not. And any person may be permitted to drink of their milk. This lactation will occur in every mammalian species, including Homo sapiens.

And everyone’s hair will continue to grow. Hence people will continue to need to cut their hair and to shave to remain presentable.

And all those creatures who exist in that age as young shall age until they reach maturity in the normal course of years. But once they receive their maturity in full, their bodies will cease to age. And no adult will become older than what he is now. But neither will any who is old become again young. For the process of aging does not reverse. It merely comes to a halt.

And all marriages have been decided. This includes even the future marriages of the babies to be baptized this day, up to, but not beyond that point where Eric receives Me in full.

This post now is complete. You shall now publish it. Your next post shall occur on the other side of eternity. Now publish this, Eric, and then prepare yourself for Mass. Amen.

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