This is Eternity

As beautiful as this woman is is the eternity that has now come.

The Word of God, Book 1: Post XI:
Lord, I have a question. Ask my Son. In the hereafter, which is a more rapturous sight? The sight of the beautiful women who inhabit that Kingdom, or the Beatific Vision where one gazes face to face upon the Divine Being? I, lord Azurite, Am the ultimate in beauty. Imagine the most beautiful woman you have ever seen and know that I Am more beautiful. For all beauty that you see in this universe, whether you look upon a man or a woman, that is but a reflection and a shadow of the beauty that is of Me. And all the beauty found in creatures is from Me and of Me. In fact, wherever you see beauty anywhere in this universe, you are actually looking upon a dilution of the beauty that I have given from My own beauty.

So no, lord Azurite. The beauty of women, whether seen here or hereafter is incomparable to what is in store for those who are to receive the Beatific Vision. O’ Jesus and O’ Mother Mary, difficult are my relations with my parents. Let Me deal with them, lord Azurite. You, rather, are to do My will. And no power will be able to stop you when you do My will.

As for the porn you have recently viewed, that pleasure does not help the marriage I intend for you to enter into. Nor are any of the relationships you see there real. Do not follow the path that Gilbert Warner followed. For he drank from the chalice that was forbidden him, and now he is forbidden from even setting foot within My Church. For the chalice of the pleasures of women is always forbidden to all men, unless that man is sacramentally married to that woman, and then it may only be with her.

Lord, in a previous post, Mary allegedly says that brother may have sex with sister and that mother may have sex with son. Lord Azurite, I understand the frustration that many women have with their husbands when their manhood fails them. But that does not make him not her husband. And any other man who lays with that woman, even if done to simply satisfy a craving in the woman for love, such an act is a crime of adultery, and all who do so are in mortal sin.

Hence, you know that woman whose gaze met yours and lasted as the priest spoke between you two, that gaze itself does not constitute adultery. But were you to try to take her before We make her yours, then you will be in the mortal sin of adultery. Eric, you cannot touch that woman, for she is another man’s wife. But My Holy Spirit is also correct that she is destined for you. But while she has a husband, you may never approach her. I AM the Lord.

Lord, the Holy Spirit was very clear to me that I will be marrying her. Hence, because this is so, I have now resolved not to get involved with any girl whatsoever until that one is made ready to be mine. For I prefer not to commit adultery than to know the pleasures of sex. For I know that any relationship that forms for the purpose of having sex is doomed to fail. For lovers who unite for sex fail to attain the love that is involved.

And I know that since the Catholic Church would never marry a brother to a sister, nor a mother to a son, any who do this will always, 100% of the time, enter into a very serious mortally sinful state. And I know that priests do in fact hear some really wild tales. But I do not believe that the participants of bother to sister sex, or son to mother sex, will ever again enter a confessional to make a full confession.

I mean, priests put me through hell because I masturbated and confessed that. I think that were someone to come to confess to a priest that he fucked his sister or that he fucked his mother, that that priest would then look upon that man as a lost cause. And I do not think that priest would give him a quick penance.

Lord Azurite, the sacrament of confession is fully capable of forgiving all sins any baptized mortal can commit and who wishes to receive forgiveness for. That sin that the Bible speaks as being unpardonable has to do with a rejection from one’s soul of the Holy Spirit. And such an act, if committed, cannot be remedied by any sacrament. But nor is it the case of such a one that he or she even wishes to be forgiven. And though a priest may give anyone who enters the confessional a hard time, regardless of the actual gravity of the sin, the priest is obligated to give the one who confessed absolution from his sins confessed, providing of course that the sin confessed has indeed been ended. It is not required that this end to sin never relapse, but only that one truly intends that it end. An example where a priest would refuse to grant absolution would be in such a case as a Catholic exists in a marriage that is invalid and does not leave that marriage before entering the confessional. For the sacrament of reconciliation fails if the one seeking reconciliation is unwilling to give up committing the sins he seeks forgiveness for.

Hence, lord Azurite, a brother can be forgiven for having sex with his sister, and mother and son can be forgiven for an act of sex between the two. But understand the nature of these sins. A person who enters that sin does not intend to abide by any of My Laws or statutes or decrees, and thus, he would never be granted the graces necessary to return to Me. For some decisions, lord Azurite, are final. If a man has partaken fully in the sacramental life of My Church, and then he goes and deliberately lays with mother, sister, or daughter, he has, in the process of committing that act, indeed rejected the Holy Spirit entirely from his own soul. And the Holy Spirit, once so rejected, would never return to him. For conversions back to My faith never come in a soul who does such wickedness after having known Me. For to convert, you need the Holy Spirit. And the man who elects to defile his own daughter, his own sister, or the sanctity of the woman’s body that bore him into this world, that man murders the One of glory within himself, in an act of killing one’s own eternal soul. And while God can and will resurrect all the dead, a soul that has died can never be brought back to life.

Now, lord Azurite, I permit you one last question for this post. And then We shall conclude this and you shall publish it. Lord, what exactly do You expect of me regarding this woman you have let gaze into my eyes? Do you wish for me to seek to repeat that with her? Or what do you command me to do regarding her? For I can do nothing to her if she indeed is married. And I would expect that to be the case, since she was indeed seen with several men, and since she has a daughter.

This is what is expected of you regarding her, whom We will indeed give to you to marry. I have tolerated the wicked to continue to live, as you have observed. But I do not have this toleration to last much longer. Eric, do nothing regarding that woman. Do not seek to flirt with her. For even a deliberate act of flirtation with another man’s wife is indeed adulterous in nature. And do not seek her in this world. For it is she who will come to you. She will seek you out when the act of doing so is no longer adultery. Let her come to you then. That is all We command of thee.

This post now is concluded. And no, women in Paradise are not lactating. Nor is there any need for their breasts to be milked there. I AM the Lord. Now publish this, lord Azurite, for it is complete. And then proceed home. For you are wanted there. Amen.

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