The wedding supper of the Bride

Now begins the wedding feast of the Lamb.

The Word of God, Book 1: Post IX:
Behold, the End has come. Lord, who among Your people have been saved? Lord Azurite, only those who entered the gates while they were open have entered here. Those who were outside will remain outside for eternity unto eternity.

Lord, many worship You throughout all Christendom. Were all of them saved? And if not, how do You draw the line? No one who does evil ever enters here, lord Azurite. But only he who follows Me.

Lord, I followed you, and in the course of following thee, I passed through churches, until I entered the Catholic Church. And once Catholic, I remained Catholic until the end. Lord Azurite, the line I draw is the line you passed when you received first holy communion in a state of grace. Before that point you were not saved. After that point, you have become a part of My Kingdom.

So, O’ Lord, the reception of communion in the Catholic Church was what did it? For in the Hope Lutheran church, there I also partook in the symbolic bread and wine. Yes, lord Azurite, the communions found in all Protestant churches are symbolic only. There is no real communion found in any of them. To receive communion that is both valid and meritorious, this can only be done by entering the Catholic Church. I AM the Lord.

You mean, O’ Lord, all those vast numbers of worshippers who worshipped you, but not as a member of the Catholic Church, these do not partake in the rewards in the hereafter that you have prepared for those who love You.

No one who worshipped Me outside the Catholic Church, never really knew Me, and therefore whatever they were worshipping, it was not Me. For the light exists only for those joined and subject to the pope. All who worship outside that light worship in darkness, and therefore, what they are worshipping is not Me.

Lord, in a previous post You said that of all my blood relatives, only two will rise to eternal life, my two nieces. My two nieces are very nice and friendly girls, but Lord, I Am afraid they do not know anything about Catholicism. Lord Azurite, I do not damn or condemn children who have not yet been given the right to choose. Only those who are adults and who are found outside My Church tonight will be slain by the Holy Spirit. But Lord, neither is their half-sister, Amanda Gelb, and her father, Scott Gelb, Catholic, and Amanda Gelb is now fully an adult. Maybe given enough time, they could convert. But what I do currently know, there is no Catholicism anywhere in that family, the family my brother Mark married into. And yet You said those two were to be given eternal life, and my nieces would have them to stay with to take care of them.

I was being poetic when I said that. But the Truth is that you do not know them. But your nieces are familiar with you. And your nieces have longed to dwell in that house where you live. Lord Azurite, I Am merely wiping out adults tonight. A child, while he or she may be able to make a meritorious decision, children do not have the right to enter the Catholic Church against their parents’ wishes. Hence, children cannot be blamed for not having entered My Catholic Church if neither of their parents were Catholic, or if neither of their parents brought them into it.

Lord Azurite, realize that My wrath, though terrible, is always just. Hence, if you cannot be held responsible for decision made by someone else, you will not be punished for it. Now, if your nieces knew you not, or if knowing you, did not have any desire to live in that same house with you, they would pass away with the slaughter of their parents. For there would be nothing in them for Me to justify letting them live. But by the desire that is in them to come live in your house, I know this desire is an awakening in them to the Holy Spirit. For their destiny is the Catholic Church. It is by this baptism of desire that I can save such souls who are themselves blameless.

But lord Azurite, you must now come to the realization that this has terrible implications for all the people you know at work. For only one other at your place of work is Catholic. And that one Catholic at your place of work, who is the second co-founder of the company, is a married man with a beautiful wife and beautiful children. And yet, I cannot save him. For the man has sought to make love with you, another man. He asked you repeatedly to come live with him, or that he may live with you. For his lust was for you, for his heart was perverse with the disorder of homosexuality. A homosexual can be saved, but only if he rights his ship, and realigns himself to be correctly oriented. For I will not accept that homosexual maxim that his disorder is something beyond his ability to correct or make right.

Hence a homosexual can be saved, but not as a homosexual, but as one who has realigned himself to be heterosexual. Lord, it is written in Emeralogy that it is not possible for a women to sin mortally by any sex act with another woman. Lord Azurite, the acts seen in lesbian sex are in fact things that are venial, not mortal, in nature. But nevertheless, a woman who pursues her sexual needs to be met by only other women cannot be saved. For only by knowing a man can a woman know My love, and only by knowledge of that love can any human female be saved.

Lord, when I was at Church today, I observed an incredibly beautiful woman standing across the aisle from me to my left. And she had a beautiful daughter who had just received on that day her first holy communion. And she was with other men, one of them I am sure being her husband. And yet when the priest came to walk down in the center aisle, he stood there to speak and all eyes were upon him. And he was directly standing between me and the woman. And our eyes met. No one there in the Church would have observed us, for we were both facing the priest between us. But our gaze did not end. Lord, if she were not married, I would have approached her at the end of the Mass and introduced myself to her. But my heart does not permit me to transgress Your laws against adultery.

Lord Azurite, that one is your wife in eternity. Lord, is not the Virgin Mother my wife in eternity. Yes, lord Azurite, but you are unique in that two women have been eternally married to you. And what We are saying to you now in this post, the Holy Spirit said the same to you when you looked upon her and she looked upon you.

Lord Azurite, that Mass you went to is in fact the last Mass before all the wicked who did not enter My Catholic Church, but could of, being adults, are to be slain by My Holy Spirit. That is why you were married to her at that Mass. And that gaze where the two of you gazed deeply into each other’s eyes, completely unobserved by all others, because the priest was standing between you, and all would assume you both were looking at him, by that gaze, it was achieved in both your hearts the eternal marriage that I have enacted to bring about between you two.

Lord Azurite, all those males who were with her are going to die. For they have not passed My judgement nor met My standard necessary for someone to attain eternal life. But I have given the daughter, a little child, the ability to lead her mother to find you in this world. And she will lead her mother to this house where you are living.

Lord Azurite, no one reproduces in eternity. And no one enters there except by entrance into My Catholic Church. And the baptism of desire that is offered can only be granted to those who are still children, subject to their parents, and therefore blameless for the decisions of their parents not to be Catholic.

And there are three bedrooms in your house, fully sufficient to accommodate those I have eternally destined to send to live with you there. Let us now go through them all. Your mother is the one who sleeps by herself in the master bedroom, which is equipped with its own bathroom and shower. The bed in that bedroom is a queen sized bed. And the room is equipped with a lock on the door and no key, though a small hole on the knob allows an ice pick to be inserted into it by which the locked door can be unlocked. Lord Azurite, your mother is unworthy. She has rejected Me. And she has rejected Catholicism, Christianity, and everything there is that has to do with Me. Hence she shall be the first to be slain by the Holy Spirit when He passes through your house. For He will enter from the north. And the master bedroom is on the north side of the house.

Lord Azurite, the master bedroom will serve excellently the needs for privacy that your nieces will have when they come to live with you. For I Am sending them to you. For they are to become Catholic by you. I Am the Lord. And it is common, and not objectionable, for sisters to share the same bed, especially a queen sized bed as is the one your mother now sleeps in. Hence, your nieces are to take the master bedroom. I AM the Lord.

Your bedroom where you sleep in has two beds in it. Your bed is the one near the windows, which in your room are on the western side of the house. Immediately north to your bedroom is the master bedroom, but no doorway exists connecting the two. Rather, the path one must take to go from your room to the master bedroom requires that one pass through the kitchen, which is at the center of the house. Many book shelves are in your room and many books are found there. And the principle type of book that is there is that it is some kind of Holy Bible. And if it is not a Holy Bible, then the next most likely thing it likely is is that it is a book about the Holy Bible. And if it is a book that deals not specifically about the Holy Bible, then the next most likely subject of a book found in your room is that it deals with some teaching that pertains to Catholicism. And of the types of books in your room that appear in various different language translations, the principle type of this book is a Holy Bible, and the distant second to it is a Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Immediately east of your bed there is a narrow aisle and a piece of furniture holding holding a lamp, which has a wooden base in the shape of an elephant. Beside the lamp is a digital clock, which contains an alarm, but you never use it. To the east of these is the second bed. And on this bed sleeps your father. For your father has not slept with your mother in your mother’s bed since you were but a child. Your mother does not permit him to sleep with her due to his snoring. But you have never encountered any such disturbance to your sleep with your father sleeping in the same room. You have observed your father snore at times, but these things are rare, and they never keep you awake.

But your father has transgressed against you by repeatedly insisting that you take the vaccine for COVID-19, which I have forbidden you to take. It is for this reason that this man cannot receive any graces from Me. And because he never received such graces, his soul is now dead. Though he seemed to go through the motions of practicing my faith for a time as you were being brought into My Catholic Church, and he played an important role for you in that process, though not as your sponsor, he never once in all that time of going through these motions departed from his state of mortal sin. For that man never entered the confessional. He has lasted all this time, though, because he did not receive My communion either. For to receive Me in that state leads to rapid death and destruction. Instead, your father has existed as a slowly sinking ship. Well, that ship has now reached the point where it is rapidly sinking. After the Holy Spirit passes through your mother’s room, slaying her, He will then pass into your room, and your father will then be slain.

Immediately to the south of your room is the room where your brother David sleeps in when he comes to stay for the night. But he is rarely there, for he works full time in Lancaster in a prominent position in a public high school. And that means he lives way out in the desert, where it is either very hot or very cold. And thus, he only comes home where you live when there is something he wants to do that makes it worth the time and effort it takes for him to go there. David’s room is somewhat smaller than yours, and hence, only one person can sleep in it. The two rooms have their doors open immediately next to each other in a small hallway. And this hallway immediately ends to the east with the doorway to the patio outside. Before one gets to that doorway, there is the door to the main bathroom to the south. This bathroom is equipped with a bathtub and a shower, so that one has the option of either bathing or showering. And to the north, just before the door that goes to the outside patio, is the kitchen. Here there is no door. And the kitchen leads to the living room, again with no door. And at the far east is another room, which was added to the house when Eric was a child. This is the room where Eric does his computer work. And also in that room is the TV that Eric watches movies on from time to time, either from his vast assortment of DVDs and Blu-Rays, or on Netflix, which his brother Mark installed at one time as a favor, and which he watches using Mark’s account, or on the various television channels, which are many, including the channel EWTN, which Eric has often watched things concerning Catholicism, and been edified.

Eric, David hates Me and My religion. And the deeds he has done for you as of late do not measure up to My standard to be deserving of any reward of grace from Me. Hence, he was never given the grace to come and enter My Catholic Church as I gave to you. Hence David will be slain by the Holy Spirit where he lives. And thus, there shall then be two open beds that can be taken by the other two I AM sending to live with you.

The woman you saw and her daughter We will send to live with you. The woman will sleep in your room, as your wife. And she will alternate between the two beds according to the intimacy she wishes to have with you at that time. Her daughter will take David’s room. And her mother will be able to instantly go to her room at any time. For the doors between the two rooms are right next to each other. And it is very easy to pass between those two rooms.

We have just described your eternity, Eric. You are, thus, to be the head of a household, consisting of a wife, with a daughter, whom you will adopt as your own, and two young teenage girls, one still in puberty, who are your blood relatives, your nieces your brother fathered, who will no longer live. I AM the Lord.

These are the Words of God. Now go and do as your father needs you. Go do this in the clothing that you are currently wearing. And now We shall conclude this post with the following Word. No one exists in eternity, except that he has love. I Who Am have spoken. Now publish this post, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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