Now is My End.

Whosoever does not find a woman and know her by sundown dies tonight.

The Word of God, Book 1: Post VI:
Behold, people of Whittier, California, USA. A great sight you are about to witness. The Catholic Church where Eric was domiciled is about to be utterly consumed in flames. God has decreed that that Church shall be razed. Every building on that property will be brought down to the ground. Every tree shall collapse, consumed by flames on that property. The very asphalt of its parking lot will in fact liquify due to the intensity of heat. And the iron fence that surrounds the property will be entirely burning and melting.

For such is the penalty God has decreed on the Church that forfeits its right to be where Eric is to marry His Bride. Let all Mankind know, he has until sundown to get himself laid. If you have not entered a woman and achieved ejaculation in her vagina by sundown today, the Virgin Mary shall come to you and cut your throat.

And at sundown, after all the men who failed to copulate are slaughtered, God’s Seraphs will enter the land to put to death every last woman who was not chosen by a man to be his wife on this last day.

Do not think, men who have had children and then had themselves fixed, that you are covered. For you shall be the first to be slaughtered by the Holy Virgin. For it matters not the sex you had in the past. All that matters is the sex you have today. And if you have made yourself incapable of making a true conjugal act, then you will be the first to be slain by the Ever Virgin Holy Queen.

And woe to that man who has had his testicles removed. He is a walking reprobate. He has no possibility of redemption. For he has rendered himself unable to comply with the direct and final order that God has issued all men. You do not want to be in the shoes of he who did something to himself that now prevents his compliance with a direct order God has made to every male soul who wishes to avoid absolute destruction by a wrathful God.

Woe to any man who refuses My command that he take an untaken woman and fuck her. And each man is to take one woman and one woman only. Women do not get to share the same man. Woe to the woman left untaken tonight! Woe unto her! Truly horrific is it for that woman who no one wanted. For at the moment of sundown, Seraphs will be sent into the land to slaughter each and every woman who lacks a sex partner.

Let not the married woman with children be content whose husband got himself fixed. For by sundown, Mary will slay that man for disobeying the last direct order made by God. And then Seraphs will come for his widow and put her to death, for now she lacks a husband.

For first then men who disobey the Lord’s command to take a wife and fuck her will be slain. That will be at sundown today. And then all those women who are found without a sexual partner will then be hunted down and slain by the sword by all the Seraphim who will be sent into the land to slaughter them.

For it is the fiery decree of God that every man is have a wife and every woman is to have a husband. But the man who is unable to perform a true conjugal act will be found unable to comply. All such men will be put to death by the Holy Virgin Mary for being less a man, and thus, unfit to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. For it matters not what you did in the past, but what you do today. I AM the Lord.

O’ Wondrous Lord God, I have a question. Ask now, My servant. For now You may speak. But when this post is published, You may not speak again until all who have failed Me are dead. I AM the Lord. This sundown of which You speak, is it located at a specific meridian on the earth? Or does the sundown begin at a specific meridian and then proceed around the earth for a full circuit of the earth’s rotation until every violator of God is dead. Lord Azurite, the meridian of which you speak runs through Saint Bruno Catholic Church in Whittier, California, of the United States of America, and has a thickness of twenty miles. At precisely at sundown at that Church, everything in the meridian will be first visited by the Virgin Mary to slay all non conforming men, and then as the meridian of this sunset passes around the world, the Seraphs will follow this sunset meridian, killing every woman they find having failed to acquire a sexual partner.

Lord Azurite, by the time the sunset meridian returns once again to be at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, in Whittier of California of the United States of America, it will come upon a land black and flat. For everything upon that property will have been burnt to ash or melted to form a black iron sea. And a sign will be written warning all who would think of setting foot upon that property again, saying:

This is the possession of Satan. All who enter here enter into hell.

And now We shall permit Lucifer to speak on his possession of that Church:

Yes, I am the dark angel. God has given me the property of this Church and its land as my eternal dominion upon the earth. And he has instructed me to burn everything on the property and to raze the entire structure to the ground. It is something about this place where the Son of Jesus was rejected that I have attained perfect subjects for torture for the everlasting torments of hell. None of those involved in that rejection will escape my hand. For they are all now made my eternal possessions.

Those are the words of Satan. And you shall never again hear a spirit of darkness speak again upon this website. I AM the Lord.

Lord, I have another question. Ask My servant, for time is running out, and soon You will be commanded to publish this post.

I understand how those men found incapable of the conjugal act, either because they did something to themselves, or something happened to them, or they were born disqualified, that they would be slain by the Virgin Mary for their non conformance to the final command of God. But Lord, why would any man capable of knowing a woman refuse at this time to know one, especially now when God has now waived all the rights of women to reject men?

Lord Azurite, certain men have rejected themselves from the love of women. For these men have so come to such a deep hatred of women, that they have built a wall between themselves and all women to punish women from having the pleasure of knowing them. These are men who have killed their own soul.

Lord, I have a third question. The virgin maid Anna who rejected me because her father called her to leave me, is it possible for her to come to know the love of some other man before the coming of the end, as I have been found by another woman?

Lord Azurite, this is the third question You have asked. I will answer it, and then You shall ask Me nothing more until all have been slaughtered who are to be slaughtered by the setting of the sun. It is true that Anna is a modest and beautiful girl. But I tell you Truthfully, all men on earth would rather fuck the fattest, ugliest woman on earth than to touch the woman who rejected the only advance made by the Son of Jesus to a woman that he truly loved.

For understand Who You Are. You are the One God calls His Wife. You Are the One He has married. You Are the One God has found love returned to Him by a created being that He did not first give love to. And You are the first such creature God has ever found. It is indeed precisely now that He has finally found you, the first creature to truly love God, that all things that God ever brought into being He is now bringing to their destruction.

No, Lord Azurite. Technically you are right. Technically the girl who rejected you could be saved by obtaining the love of another. But God now has such a deep loathing for the one who rejected the only One Who truly loved Him, that God has now put deep enmity between all males and that woman. For so great is the loathing God now has for that girl that He will make her see men choose the fattest, ugliest whores to be their wives in her sight, while she they refuse to give the least glance to.

And God will have this continue. And she will observe all other women around her become chosen by a man, including the ugliest, least desirable of women she has ever seen. But she herself will go untaken. And then, at the close of the day, Satan will approach the woman and ask:

Alas, fair maid, has no man taken you to spare you from my torture chambers?

And she will then beg him to have pity on her. But Satan will answer the woman:

Dost thou not know who I am? If you wanted pity, you should have gone with the Son of Jesus. But you chose me instead. And I show no one pity.

And at that moment the sun will have set and Saint Bruno Church will be cast into darkness. And immediately a Seraph will enter the room. And the illumination of his splendor will brighten the entire room. And he will approach the maid and say unto her, “I have been sent by the Lord to slay all women I find who now, at this late hour, are found without a husband.” And the maid will say to the Seraph, “Please, sir, I was not aware that he was my last chance. Please, give me another chance to accept him. I will accept him now. I will love him as the perfect wife.” But the Seraph will say unto her, “I am but a servant to God. I do not have the power to show mercy. If it was mercy you wanted, then you should have taken it when he was with you. But he is now gone from here. And another has now acquired his love in your place. Furthermore, the Son of Jesus will never again set foot inside this Church, the place where you rejected him. You have thus waited for him in vain. And now I must slay you, as no servant of God ever disobeys what he is commanded to do.” And with that, the Seraph will slit her throat and she will fall. And he will remain there until she has died.

And then the Seraph will approach her father and say, “I have slain a woman. I have slain someone who has been rejected by God from entering into heaven. You were her father. Why did you deny this woman the only chance she had to be saved?” And her father will answer the Seraph, “I did not approve him to be in the company of my daughter.” And the Seraph will then say to the man, “The consequence of your rejection of the Son of Jesus from courting your daughter is that now, for all eternity, your daughter must now be in the company of Satan. You tell me which was the better choice for your daughter. But nevertheless, you are partly responsible for the loss of this woman from heaven. And the divine retribution is that your own wife is now to be slain, for she, too, is about to be found without a husband.” And with that, the Seraph slit the man’s throat, and he fell. And he remained there until he was dead.

And then, at last he approached the girl’s mother. And he said to her, “Your husband is now dead. And you have been found on this night without a husband. Do you wish to speak unto me before I slit your throat, as I have just done in your sight to your daughter and your husband?” And the woman shall say to the Seraph, “Eric was never one of us.” And the Seraph will then say to the woman, “Yes, you are not one of us.” And with that, he will slit the throat of the woman, the mother of the girl. And he shall remain standing there until she is dead.

And then he will turn to face Satan who will be there, in the Church, seated upon his throne. And Satan will be smiling as he looks upon the Seraph who has just slain these three newest additions to his kingdom. And the Seraph will command the angel of darkness, saying, “Thou shall now consume with fire this entire Church.” And with that he will depart the Dark Lord’s presence, and return with the other Seraphim who have been assigned on that night to slay all women that they find without a man.

And then fire will be seen running along Saint Bruno Catholic Church. Alarm bells will be ringing everywhere, for the Church is on fire! The Church is burning! And hosts of firetrucks will arrive at the Church, and scores of fire fighters will swarm around the burning building. And they will let loose their water cannons upon the flames. But that fire will not respond to their water. Instead, huge embers will rise from the burning Church and come to fall upon the Rectory, the Parish Center, the School, and the Convent, so that these too become engulfed with flames. And then the trees will alight. And the car owned by the priests will then be seen blazing where it is parked in its garage. And then the fire chief will order the immediate evacuation of the entire Church grounds, ordering all to leave everything behind and to get out immediately. And the fire fighters will retreat before the flames as the fire defeats them. And the fire chief will be the last to step off that burning property.

And then they will all see a figure standing there in the flames. And they will perceive that this one standing there is not a human. And then the angel of darkness shall speak to them, saying these words.

Have you men come with water to put out the flames that are burning here? These flames will not respond to your water. For they are the fires that come from Divine rejected love. And the Divine love so rejected will be most glorious for me in my infernal kingdom. For you cannot imagine the things that I will be allowed to do to them.

And thus now comes the end to this post. Publish it Eric. Make no further delay. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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