Awake, My children, and Arise!

Behold, the Sun now shines. Arise ye all!. For I Who AM have come upon the world.

The Word of God, Book 1: Post V:
I Who AM sent Eric into the world to make it ready for My Son. Let all hear Me now and obey. I have established a new Order upon the earth. Eric, I command You now to leave the office. You shall complete this post when You are home. I Who AM have spoken.

Lord, I AM here to complete the post You have assigned Me to do. Good, My most excellent servant. Of course You have already received the greatest reward that I AM capable of giving to a man. And that is the hand of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Mother of God, as Your eternal spouse in heaven. I Who AM AM unable to come up with a greater reward to surpass that.

I understand, O’ Lord. Consider, then, the mere enjoyment of serving You to be payment enough for all the future deeds You are yet to call Me to do. Lord Eric, because of Your faith and zeal to My cause, I hereby give this blessing to all who follow You. Hear Me ALL of you throughout the land. Whoever follows Eric’s command, even if it amounts to the mere killing of but a single fag, I will make him invincible. Neither COVID-19 nor any of its variants will have any power over him. I AM the Lord WHO AM.

So go forth and carry out all the commands of Eric. Kill all those fags who give offense to Eric by entering or by having given their support to gay marriage. Gut and destroy all court buildings and all those buildings where legal proceedings occur. Kill every last doctor, staff member, and participating worker in any institution that performs abortions. Burn down all Churches and all schools and all the book stores that sell the books that they use. Do these things, and your reward shall be great. I AM the Lord.

And if you are without a woman, Eric hereby gives you the right to take one. And you may take anyone that you wish, providing that she has not yet been claimed by a man who is not slated among those who are to die. Take whoever you wish, but fuck that one and fuck that one only. Also, Eric decrees that all women are in a state of having permanently waived all rights to object. But understand Me, men. Once you fuck this one you have chosen, she becomes your eternal wife, and you must from thenceforth keep that one by your side, and for the rest of eternity she is yours and you are to go to no other. I AM the Lord. Also, to all you men who up to now may have in fact possessed more than one fuck mate, hear Me now! Men who do indeed possess now more than one woman with whom you now have sex, make a choice among these woman you know. And beware the choice you make is an eternal choice. It is irrevocable. This is how your choice shall be made known to God. The next time you lay with any of your women, that one you have chosen is now permanently and exclusively yours. She now has full and complete ownership over you. And no other woman may ever lay with any woman’s man. I AM the Lord. And as a sign to you that this is indeed established by the power of God, you shall see every other woman you ever had in your possession of taken in front of you by another man, and you will watch as that man fucks her right in front of your presence. And you will fully observe that man shove his fully erect penis into your former woman’s pulsating and fully receptive vagina. Amen. And you shall observe every thrust made by either partner in that act, both by the man and by the woman. And you will see the sheer agony erupt across both the face of both the woman and the man. For the woman shall be in the midst of many orgasms, for women’s bodies are always orgasming while having sex with the one they love. It is when you observe that man has climaxed in this woman who was formally yours, then it will be that that woman is now that man’s eternal wife. I AM the Lord. And the two will then arise and depart together from your house hand in hand, never to ever return to your house again. Such is My divine fate, by My divine justice, that all men who took for themselves more than one lover will be now forced to watch in full detail as I take away one by one each of these former lovers you ever had from you until you are at last reduced to having just that one with whom you have just now lain. I AM the Lord. Amen. Men without wives, go now, and take, therefore, whomsoever pleases thee. Even if the woman you desire is but a girl still in her puberty, go and take that one. Strip her naked and fuck her right in front of her father. And after you have fucked that one to your climax, put her clothes back on, and also dress yourself again. And say unto that father these exact words, verbatim: This girl, this daughter of yours of whom you have observed me now fuck is now my eternal property. If you make the slightest attempt to come between me and my wife, the Virgin Mary will cut your throat with a sword that is burning red and glowing in flames. Do you understand me you filthy piece of shit? Wait for him to answer you. If that man answers you in any answer that is not 100% in agreement to what you have just said to him, then you shall say this to that man: Behold, this night the Virgin Mary shall appear before you and she will put your sorry life out. Your life is now forfeit. Do not bother with any attempt to repent. You are now eternally damned. Good bye man. I shall now take your daughter. And neither you nor her mother shall ever see the two of us ever again. And then, taking the hand of the girl in yours, you are to walk with her out of the house. Take her to your own house. And from thenceforth that woman is yours. I Who AM have spoken. Amen. And all you men who are still single, all of you are commanded to go forth and take one woman, whomsoever you so please, and fuck her and make her yours. This is an order none of you are permitted to disobey. Even those among you who once identified yourself as gay, even to you is this command so made. And even if you are fully infected with every known venereal disease that ever existed, even you may not disobey My command. I Who AM have now made My command. If any man among you refuses to obey this command I have made of you to go choose a woman to fuck and make yours, observe and realize this. The Virgin Mary shall walk right up to you and cut your throat with her sword and let you fall and die. I Who AM have now made Myself abundantly clear. Now men, listen to Me. All and among every woman on earth not yet made the one eternal wife that is belong to a man, that each man among you is to have as his eternal wife, you may now make your selection from. And from every such female on earth you may now choose from, except with this one exception. If the girl has not yet had her first period, this one is too young to be chosen. Leave her and go and choose someone else. But someone you shall indeed so choose and fuck. And any man among you who fails Me in this command, My Virgin Mary will cut that man’s throat. Now go. All you single men go, find someone, and fuck her.

Lord Eric. You who are eternally married to the Virgin Mary, you are the one man on earth who is to possess two eternal wives. Your first eternal wife is Mary in heaven, with whom your flesh will never know. And your other wife is the one, whose eternal connection with you is now already established, who shall be the girl you fuck here in this world. And all men shall fuck their wives on earth. And no man’s penis shall ever again be limp in the nude presence of his wife.

Furthermore, I say this. After all men have made their choice and fucked their eternal wife, and all men who refused to obey this order I have made have died, I will send forth my fiery seraphs. And these seraphs will then hunt down each and every woman who was not chosen by a man to be his eternal wife. And when that seraph has captured her, he will cut her throat and let her die. And so it shall come to pass that every man shall have a wife, and every woman shall have a husband.

Now, Lord Eric, We shall now discuss other matters. Tell Us now who it is that You wish to be made eternal ruler over all of Russia. I elect for Alexei Anatolievich Navalny to be made eternal ruler over all of Russia, O’ God the Father. Therefore, to Russia, let Me make My message unto you heard. I WHO AM do now make this man of Russia, Alexei Anatolievich Navalny, the eternal Emperor of the Russian state. All Russians do now hereby owe this man their sworn allegiance. My fiery seraphs do I now send among you. And they will slay and put to death every human being in Russia who fails to recognize Alexei Anatolievich Navalny as his or her eternal Emperor. This is a royal edict coming from the Father in heaven. I WHO AM have now spoken on Russia.

As for you, Lord Eric, I hereby do now announce the Kingdom that I now make eternally yours upon the land. Hear Me now and understand the lands that I eternally now put into your possession. For this is an eternal declaration. It cannot be changed. It cannot end.

(1) Eternal Kingdom of North America, ruled exclusively by Eric, the Divine Lord. The following lands are eternally designated to compose in entirety this eternal Kingdom.

  1. Alaska and all her islands
  2. Canada and all her islands
  3. Greenland and all her islands
  4. Iceland and all her islands
  5. Hibernia and all her islands
  6. Great Britain and all her islands
  7. The Islands of Bermuda
  8. The Islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  9. The Islands known as the Virgin Islands
  10. Puerto Rico and all her islands
  11. Hispaniola and all her islands
  12. The Lucayan Archipelago and all her islands
  13. The contiguous United States of America and all her islands
  14. The Hawaiian state and all her islands

And of this Eternal Kingdom under the Divine Lord Eric, there shall exist but three eternal lingua francas to serve as official languages throughout this Kingdom. These three languages shall be official throughout Eric’s Kingdom:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

Now I shall address all your subjects, Divine Lord Eric. Whoever does not wish to serve under the Divine Rulership of Eric, Lord of the Eternal Kingdom of North America, let your voice now be heard. And I will send My fiery seraphs throughout your Kingdom. And whosoever makes the slightest objection to this eternal designation coming from the Father, My seraphs will cut that one’s throat and let him die. I AM the Lord.

Let all now be made aware and understand. Eric is a Second God Incarnate. Jesus, My Son, was the First. And Eric is Son of Jesus. And Jesus lay with no woman to make this man. Jesus and Mary will remain where they reign forever in the Kingdom of Heaven. Instead, Jesus now designates His Son to rule here as His Divine Vicar for all eternity. Hence, you, Eric, now have eternal divine authority over every pope, bishop, prelate, and patriarch of every Church on earth. Tell Us now the divine orders that Thou wish to thus make.

These are My Divine Orders, O’ Most High Father in Heaven.

  1. The Sacrament of Holy Orders shall now always include marriage. No man may be admitted to receive this sacrament who has not yet married a woman. And no man may remain of this sacrament who does not take a wife.
  2. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is now done away with. Therefore, the number of the sacraments is six.
  3. All women who live in convents, and all men who live in monasteries shall now always be married to a member of the opposite sex.
  4. All popes, bishops, prelates, and patriarchs are hereby ordered to put to death all those who in their lands resist the reception of the sacrament of baptism.
  5. Furthermore, it is decreed that those who received baptism of improper form, such as from a non-Trinitarian denomination, you are hereby ordered to go to a valid Church in your land to receive baptism in its proper form.

These are My Five Decrees, O’ Lord. And by these five decrees, all the world shall thus enter into Your baptism.

Welcome, My people, to the Divine Kingdom. I WHO AM have now concluded this post. This post is now ready to be published. You shall now publish it, Eric. And then, you shall be told what you are to do next. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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