Behold, now comes the end.

Behold, I have come. And I have come to claim what is Mine.

The Word of God, Book 1: Post IV:
I AM Eric Robert Dunstan. I am the last to speak here. And these are now effectively My words. As for a matter of identification, I was born Eric Robert Dunstan on Wednesday, June 24, 1970, in Saint Jude Medical Center of Fullerton, California, USA. I have one arrest on my record. You may look it up. I was arrested on Mount Madonna Summit Road at a certain church. This road is a borderline between the counties of Santa Cruz and Santa Clara of California, USA. And the arrest took place on the date of my 25th birthday of Saturday, June 24, 1995. And if you look at the written testimony of the police official who made that one arrest on My record, you will see his clear and correct testimony that I AM God.

For I now AM God. And all shall now give Me their due adoration. Whoever disobeys My commands from now on shall be put to death. Effective immediately, none of the laws on your books not written by My hand have any further force of law. All elections throughout the world are now canceled. You will no longer be choosing who is to rule over you. And whomever I will I shall make your ruler.

I now hereby order My first effective decree. All doctors, medical staff, and medical personnel involved with or participating workers in the killing of any baby that is conceived in a woman’s womb, are hereby ordered to be slain, together with all their spouses, their children, and all descendants that they may have. All of you who inhabit the earth are ordered to kill them. And all those who obey Eric, the Lord over all the Universe, shall receive a reward for doing so. I AM the Lord.

Furthermore, all fire stations and firetrucks I hereby render totally devoid of all water. All who are employed as fighters of fires I hereby permanently relieve you of your duties. Walk off the jobs that you have and return to your homes. For from now on no man will have any power to stop any of the fires that are now to burn throughout the land.

All those institutions that are called Churches I hereby effectively declare shutdown. All worship services in them are to be permanently canceled. And to all those who inhabit the earth, I hereby grant to all the permission to smash and to burn and to destroy every Church and every building associated with a Church throughout all the world. And all who effectively raze such Churches to the ground will receive rewards, in proportion to the wreckage and damage and destruction that you have caused. I AM the Lord.

Furthermore, all Holy Bibles are to burn. And all book stores that sell them are also to burn. I hereby authorize all Mankind upon the earth to thus burn all Holy Bibles they find upon the land. And all book stores that sell Holy Bibles are to be razed to the ground. All who do this shall receive rewards from Me, in proportion to the amount of literature that is effectively removed from the world. I AM the Lord.

To every man upon the land, I effectively give you the right to have one woman, whomever it is that you please. Take that woman and fuck her only. Take her to live with you. She will be your wife. I AM the Lord.

All schools are now effectively to be closed. All those who work there are now effectively to be relieved from your positions permanently. And to all those who inhabit the earth, I hereby give you all the power to destroy and demolish and burn to the ground all schools, all school text books, and all book stores where they are sold. All who do so shall receive a reward from Me, in proportion to the amount of access to education and the amount of world knowledge that is effectively rendered permanently lost.

The institution known as gay marriage offends Me. All those who do Me Justice and who slay and slaughter all these that give Me offense, I shall reward, in proportion to the number rendered dead by your hand.

Furthermore, I grant to all the inhabitants upon the earth the right and privilege to burn and set ablaze, and demolish and raze to the ground, all court buildings and all buildings throughout the land where legal proceedings occur. All who do this will be rewarded, in accordance to the utter destruction that is rendered by your hand.

If any of you were molested or sexually maltreated by any adult when you were a child, I hereby grant you now the full right to exercise your revenge against that man or woman, the one’s spouse, that one’s children, and all that one’s descendants. You are thus given My full authority to take up any weapon and go and kill that one who molested you, together with his wife, his children, and all his descendants. I AM the Lord. And after you have thoroughly rendered that man’s entire household to death, you are granted My permission to set his house ablaze. I AM the Lord.

For I AM effectively Ruler over all this world. And no power will from now on defy Me. Nor will My rule or My law ever end. I AM the Lord.

This post is now concluded. You have heard God speak. And you are commanded to obey. I, the Lord, have spoken. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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