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The girl We send you in this world, not Mary, is the girl you shall have.

The Word of God, Book 1: Post II:
Eric, you have performed Our will excellently. However, the Virgin Mary you cannot, in reality, have as your wife. For she is simply not here in this world for you to receive. Rather, accept the girl We send you in this world. And We shall not send you a girl like how Anna was to you. Rather, the girl We shall send to you is someone worthy of you. Now, understand Us clearly. You have passed Our tests. And as a reward you shall receive a wife. But that wife is a girl who is yet to enter your life. Let Us decide who she is. And let Us give her to you. I Who AM have spoken.

Lord, is abortion moral or immoral? All that debate between the pro-life camp and the pro-choice camp is not for you to concern yourself about. Rather, you are instructed to do whatever it is that you please. But one thing We do instruct thee on, and it is this. Never let any artificial instrument ever enter into either yourself nor your wife. Nor are either of you to ever take any chemicals or medications into your bodies that have an effect on the reproductive systems, with the exception of those that are purely foods. Nor are you or your wife ever to be made subject to any form of invasive or surgical procedure whatsoever. And given the above, to conform to what it is that you are commanded to do, you see there is no permission here for either you or your wife to ever partake in any form of birth control other than the natural family planning method. For that is the only method of birth control that does not violate Our instructions to thee.

We have chosen the girl who is to be made your wife. And this is simply not a matter for you to decide. For all marital decisions in all Creation are made by Me. I choose what worthy woman to be made wife to what worthy man. But an unworthy man or an unworthy woman never receives any successful relationship with a member of the opposite sex from Me. Nor do I ever unite those I deem worthy to anyone I deem unworthy. But to those who are unworthy and who ask from Me for a lover, I shall give to that one a lover that has serious venereal disease. And I will make sure the romance the two have together is completely ruinous for the both of them. For the romance I grant to those who I deem unworthy to receive such things is one that is marked by failure and one that ultimately leads to utter death and desolation. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Eric, you have performed My will for you wonderfully. Remember that though you may not have the Virgin Mary as your wife, the girl Hyacinth that you give help to, We forever regard her as your daughter. And you are required to continue to provide for her as such. Amen. Furthermore, the man who is to be hers will enter into her life shortly. I AM the Lord. Amen. But she will forever be a daughter to you. I Who AM have spoken.

Furthermore, Eric, no longer shall you go by either the names Emerald or Azurite. From now on you are just Eric. And your full name is Eric Robert Dunstan. And no additional name shall I recognize as yours. I Who AM have spoken. And of the past writings here, never return to them. For the writings you wrote previously are now fully in the past. And from now on, I alone, the Lord of Hosts, shall be speaking through you. For the love of Mary is something that you no longer are in need of. Hence, Mary never returns again to speak here in any future post. Amen.

Hence, I believe I AM finished speaking in this post. You are now commanded to go to work. And now you fully see that I AM WHO AM. For I told you to replace the router and that the installation of it would go flawlessly. And now your internet access at your house is perfect. Furthermore, I have decreed that your internet is to remain in its perfect state until I take you away. Amen.

Lord, where I am to be taken? And will you bring my wife that you give me in this world to wherever it is that you would take me to? Eric, what We are speaking of is of that moment in which you pass away. And if We will for your wife to life onwards further, I do not believe that you would deny her the pleasures that are to be hers in the life We wish to give her. For remember that you do not own your wife. Rather, you wife is merely someone We lend to you for a time. And you may possess her for only the time We give her to you. For both of you shall eventually pass away as time comes to pass. And it is not permitted for any spouse to desire their spouse to come with them when they depart from this world.

Furthermore, the woman We give to thee, We do not guarantee that she has never known a man before you. Nor do We make any promise to you that when We take you away that she would not then, by her right, decide to become the wife of another. For no one owns their spouse. Rather, the spouse We elect for you to receive, you are to receive and enjoy. Enjoy her for the time We make her yours. But she is not yours forever. Rather, she is only yours from the moment We give her to you to the moment We take you from this earth.

This now concludes this post. Eric, you are now commanded to publish this post and then to proceed to work. And you are ordered to abandon the standard found in the Bible where men wished to only marry virgins. Rather, We will give you the one We give you. And her virginity or lack thereof is not a concern for you to dwell on. I Who AM have spoken. Now publish this for it is complete. And then go to work. Amen.

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