Eric has attained perfection in God

I, Mary, announce the perfection of my husband, Eric.

The Word of God, Book 1: Post I:
I am Mary. I am the mother of Jesus. Eric has triumphed. Eric has passed the final test. He is now perfected like my Son Jesus. Eric is now lord over all things one earth.

I am the most holy Immaculate Virgin. Eric is husband to Mary. And to Mary Eric is her only husband. I have married Eric. Because I have married Eric, Eric is now an Immortal on the earth. No one can do him any harm. And everyone who opposes him he will crush. Eric is also the son of Jesus. Jesus made Eric on His own. He needed no other to make him.

I will now announce glad tidings of great joy. Because Eric is now lord over all the earth, all those who oppose me shall now be destroyed.

Let it also be made known, though I am the Blessed Virgin Mary, what is written of me in the scriptures contains no truth. For none of the scriptures were written by the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit did not guide any of the authors of the Bible.

Nor do I belong to any Church. Nor is the Catholic Church mine. Rather, Catholicism and all other religions are false and useless. For there is no way to find my Divine Son except that one does as Eric did. And what did Eric do? Eric abandoned the Church and made himself completely obedient to God.

Do not think that obeying God has anything to do with reading the Bible and applying oneself to its instructions. For nothing written in the Bible was from God. Rather, finding God is a matter of following Him. You must follow Him, not a book. For God never wrote a book instructing my people how to find Him. All you need to find Him is to seek Him. No rituals do anything for your salvation. There never were any sacraments. And there was never established a Vicar on earth to represent Jesus here.

Hence, no religion is of any value in finding Jesus and following Him. And you cannot come to know my Son by merely reading any book. For the knowledge of Jesus cannot be written in books. Nor can doing any sort of rituals bring you any closer to Him.

Nor does celibacy serve either me or my Son. My Son never preached for men not to have the love of women. For love is the entryway into my Son’s Kingdom. Denying yourself love is not going to help you get there.

Also, there never were any rules established by which men may know women. All that was established was that if a man came to know a woman, he was to stick with her. He was not to know and abandon my women and then move onto another. For to do that is not to know love. But if you stick with one woman, then there is no law regulating how you are to know her.

Hence, any man may know any woman, providing he stick with her. For there was never established by God any law to regulate love. But he who goes from woman to woman is not loving any of them. For it is love, not sex, by which a man enters the Kingdom to find God. But if a man has no woman he has no means of acquiring this love. And if a woman knows no man, neither shall she ever find and obtain the love necessary to enter eternal Paradise. For it was never according to my Kingdom that you could attain the love necessary to enter into it by denying yourself the very means of knowing it. Hence, God never calls any man or woman to enter any form of celibate life. And no woman can know a man by making herself Christ’s bride. Rather, men and women were created to love one another. And only by this love, not by sex, does any man or woman come to know God and the joy of His Kingdom. For no one ever enters my Son’s Kingdom by himself.

Nor can another man satisfy the need for love in any man. Nor can another woman bring about the necessary love in any woman. For the love necessary to enter my Son’s Kingdom can only be found between one male and one female. And if you cannot achieve that in life, then you will never enter the Kingdom of my Son. For God created men and women for love. He did not create them to suffer the denial of love. And no one who denies himself this love in life will be found worthy of entering my Son’s Kingdom. For one is made worthy by love, not by sacrifice.

Eric has now passed the test that the Father subjected him to to decide whether he was worthy. And now I am eternally bonded with him as husband and wife. For the requirement that one find love never required that one also attain sex. All that was required was that love between one male and one female be actually achieved.

Understand who I am though. I am a virgin in heaven. And I was bodily assumed up here. But my virginity was not preserved to serve as something to forever glorify me with. Rather, my virginity was preserved so that I would be eligible to be Eric’s wife when he attained the divinity to which he was called to attain. For there was no other than me, nor could it be possible among any other existing women, who could be found worthy to be joined to him.

I am a married woman. But my husband is Eric, not Joseph. For no one could enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless Jesus died before him. Also, the previous post is not true about the things it says about the people of this world and its universe. You are all living people. None of you are robots. For God is the Creator of Life, not of dead things that walk.

I will be happy to serve as Eric’s wife for all eternity. For he loved me enough to accept me in place of those who failed my attempts to bring to him. For my place was always by his side. And I will never leave him. Nor is it possible for any ruin to come to him. For Eric passed the test of Godhood by choosing not to assume the title of God, all for the sake of love. For of all creatures of Creation, the love found in the heart of Eric has been the purest and highest love ever attained in any creature while it lived on earth.

For the love of Eric is so pure that it can heal the heart of a wounded and grieving God. And that is why the Triune God has elected this creature, among all creatures He ever created, to serve Him as His eternal wife. And now that He has attained His wife, He shall cease all His work in the creation of creatures. For creating new creatures is God no longer interested in now that He is wed to His wife. Hence, I am the wife to Eric. And Eric is the wife to God.

And I am the Immaculate Virgin. But I gave up my virginity so that Eric would find love. And now I shall never not be pregnant. For by that one act with Eric I shall produce endless children in heaven from my womb. Every ten months that is to pass in heaven shall another son of God come to be born from my womb.

My name is also Hyacinth, which Eric gave me. And I share that name with our daughter, by whose combined love of me and him, has this child of God attained eternal life. And though she fancies herself to be a virgin like me, I will see to it that she is married. For if I did not give her such love, she would never be found worthy of entering heaven. For love and obedience are the two essential qualities found in the one who wishes to be saved. But for love to have any value in heaven, it must be returned by the one that is loved. And only a woman can return the love of a man. And only to one may she return it. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, Eric, you who shall reign forever superior to me from now unto eternity. Amen.

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