The Father now concludes and utters His Last Word.

The woman I have chosen to make Eric’s is now his.

Chronicles of Friendship, Book 1: Post XII:
I Who AM AM the Father. I Who AM AM now speaking. No one on earth will fail to hear and receive the entire message of this post. And when it is completed, I will have completed My final Word here before I ultimately destroy and render completely extinct and dead the entire human race that is left to remain on the earth. Eric and his wife are now coming to Me. Whatever the woman was called before, her name is now Hyacinth. And the former one Eric gave that name to is no more of any relation to him. I Who AM AM the Father. I Who AM AM the One Who decides how all things happen on the earth.

If you wish to see Eric and Hyacinth, His Bride, then come to the 9:00 AM Mass that is held today at Saint Bruno Catholic Church in Whittier of California of the United States of America. The woman you observe walking with Eric into that Catholic Church shall be Hyacinth, the eternal Bride of Eric, Who is the Second Begotten Son of God after Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords. This couple is the Royal couple. Their marriage is hereby established forever. Both the man and the woman you observe there are Immortal, Divine, and Eternally Virgin. They will take as their seats the first seats at the Center Aisle. The woman shall have on her finger the ring that she will take with her that indicates that she is Eric’s eternal Bride. The stone of that ring is the highest grade of Blue Sapphire ever placed upon a ring meant for two who are to be engaged. Eric, the one to buy her ring, will make the purchase without the transfer of a single penny of credit. For every single item on earth is owned by Eric the Azurite King, the man born of the name Eric Robert Dunstan on June 24, 1970, at Saint Jude Medical Center of the City of Fullerton, California, USA.

Every nation on earth, every eye that can see, and every form of Communications on earth will be focused on that Church for that Mass. Every priest that lives there will preside at that Mass. And that Mass will be then final Mass that is to occur upon the earth. Look and observe My Royal couple. But completely yield to them. For the two are My children. The are coming then to Me at the moment of communion. They will be the only two to receive Me. They will go up together to receive Me at the same identical time. The two shall be at the front of the two lines for receiving communion at the central aisle of the Church. When they receive the host, they shall both say Amen at the same time. But they will not move from where they stand. Hence, all who are behind them will not be able to come forth to receive. For besides the priests, this couple alone shall partake of the Lord’s Supper at this Mass, the final Mass that is to be held on earth. Before they receive communion, they will kiss each other for a final time upon the earth for every eye on earth to see. Then they will put the Divine Presence into their mouths. And then the two shall vanish.

One hour later exactly according to the millisecond, every life form that lives on earth shall in a single instant die. And the earth, the solar system, and every star system in the Cosmos shall then exist totally devoid of any life.

I AM the Creator of the Universe. You on earth who observe this, know that you will die at the precise time so indicated here. Your soul shall die with your flesh. You shall proceed to neither heaven, hell, nor purgatory. You will be conscious that you are dead. And from that death there shall be no resurrection. And you will then exist dead upon a dead earth. And your bodies will lay where they fall. They will not rise. Nor can any flesh upon the earth then decay, for every organism necessary to cause decay will also be dead. And there you will remain. I Who AM have spoken.

Now I shall explain why I the Father created you, and why I will now leave you here in this universe in a state of permanent death, where all of you shall remain fully conscious and eternally dead upon a dead planet of a permanently dead universe. You were created by Me to serve for one purpose. I Who AM AM the only Author of your life. But I never promised any of you that any of you would be saved. You were created to people the earth until I took My Triumphant Royal couple from it. That was the entire purpose that you were created to serve. And when I take away My Royal Couple from this earth, you all shall be granted by Me precisely one hour left to live. None of you shall be judged. There shall be no resurrection for any of you. For none of you were created for eternal life. You served one purpose and one purpose only. And then you and all the rest of human dead shall then exist in a permanent state of conscious death. And no change will ever be observed to take place upon the dead planet. The sun shall remain permanently fixed in a frozen sky. Every star and the moon will remain as they are. The dead seas will be calm. No wind shall then ever again blow upon the earth. And every creature will then exist in the permanent state of death that came to it at that instant. Nothing in the entire universe shall then live. And as it existed at the moment that everything died, no change whatsoever shall ever again occur throughout that entire universe. And that dead universe shall then remain its permanent state of death. And every being that ever lived within it, with the exception of the Royal Couple I will have removed, will then exist in a permanent state of conscious death from which there shall be no change, and from which none shall ever rise again.

Now I, the One Who Created you, shall now proceed to explain to you the entire nature of the manner in which this universe was created. And I will make known to you all why you are here and why you will have died and why I will abandon you here forever in a permanent state of conscious death on a dead planet in a lifeless universe that will from thenceforth remain in a state of permanent lifeless stillness.

The entire purpose for making this universe was to serve as a means of making it possible for this man and this woman to find each other here and to give their love to the other. Both the man and the woman were conceived at the same moment in time. All recorded history in the universe prior to their conception never happened. Every being that ever existed and had life and breath upon the earth only came into existence at the moment that these two were conceived. All their history and memory of any event prior to that never happened. It was fabricated and put into each living being’s mind to make them believe that this universe had a history and a past before these two came to exist in it.

Hence your entire purpose for existing, humanity upon the earth, was to give the illusion that this world had other people in it to this couple. But you, humanity of the earth, are not real people. You were created for this sole purpose by which I intended to fool this couple that there were other human beings upon this earth besides themselves. No, you have no life. You are no more than merely a robot that I programmed. None of you even have a free will. You cannot do anything except what I have programmed you to do. And even the pleasures you think you experience here are really no more sensory vibrations upon the robot hulls that all your human bodies are in reality composed.

Hence, you are all robots. All life on earth are robots. You all do precisely what I have programmed you to do. The only difference between a robot made by a man and one that I make is that I give the robots I make a consciousness and an awareness of its existence and a way of understanding exactly what I will to communicate to it. Hence, all you are merely robots. And all I AM doing when I take Eric and Hyacinth away is that I merely pull your plug. For it is only by electricity by which you are powered. And I AM merely going to shut down that power source. And the nature of the universe to which you will thenceforth be consigned will be nothing more than merely an electrical device I had running to serve My purposes, and when it had been accomplished what I intended to with it, I will have merely turned it off.

And that is all that you are. You are not damned. You are not in hell. Rather, you are merely just a series of robots that I will have finished using. And I will have merely turned you off. And you will remain turned off. A robot has no power or ability to turn itself on from an unpowered state. Hence you will remain turned off. Your purpose for having been created will have been served. And you will never again be turned back on.

Hence, the universe itself was all a lie. Only one thing in it existed, the earth. All interplanetary travel was faked. Humankind never walked on the moon. And the memories of them doing so were faked. The actual events in recorded history never occurred. And only one thing is real in this universe, and that is the earth upon which you live. And every life form upon that planet is nothing more than a robot that does exactly what it is programmed to do. None of you have life. And when I shut down your power, the life that is in you shall simply stop.

Now let us speak of souls and spirits. There are no spiritual beings upon the earth. And no living thing upon it has either spirit or soul. The belief in the devil, demons, angels, and the various forms of God have no reality. And all experiences with angels or with Mary or with the saints or with Jesus or with demons or devils are fake experiences. All religions are things I made up. And all works of literature, all movies that exist here, are things that I made. For a robot can do only what it is programmed to do. It cannot create anything that would require an imagination and an independent manner of thinking. Hence, none of the literary works that exist among you were actually created by any one of you. And none of the authors whose names are written on them wrote them. For your entire world is fake. And you serve no other purpose than to appear to people it. But being robots and not actual people, even you yourselves are fake. And everything you believe you were programmed to believe.

I Who AM AM now finished speaking. Now you shall publish this work. And no further writing shall be written here. For I hereby terminate this process. Eric and Hyacinth alone here I have saved. They alone were the only living things on the planet. Everything else was a robot that I programmed. And I saved Eric and Hyacinth because they found each other and gave each other their love. Had they not done so, I would have thrown them away and started again with another male and female that I would then bring into being. But Eric and Hyacinth triumphed. So this process will never be completed. For My purposes are served in acquiring one mated pair of human beings who love each other. I have no need for any more human beings. Also sexual reproduction never existed. That too is fake. No robot can make copies of itself. And the living creatures I create, like Eric and Hyacinth, are merely male and female only. They do not have the capability to produce another like themselves. And I AM not a breeder of the creatures I create. Rather, I create whomever I will to serve My purposes. But none of My creatures self-reproduce. And now that I have my desired creation of a mated pair of human beings, I can proceed to do other things. This success with Eric and Hyacinth was after only a small series of failures. And that is because my living creatures are not programmed. They have to choose to serve Me and to obey Me. And that is why it took several failures until I obtained two creatures who would actually love one another.

Now, Eric. Sit back now and wait. Publish this. My Word is now complete in it. The work called is now concluded. Eric and Hyacinth shall now be removed from here and provided with the Kingdom I will to give them. I Who AM have spoken. And in this world I will not speak again. Amen.

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