Mary and Eric will be the only ones to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

Between Mary and Eric alone in the universe has there ever existed true love in it.

Chronicles of Friendship, Book 1: Post XI:
Mary’s role in speaking in has ended. I AM Jesus. And I have come to conclude this universe. For the goal of the universe has been achieved. In Mary’s last two posts, the entire world has watched as the Virgin Mary gave up everything for love. And Eric, the only soul in the universe to pass My test of obedience, also did everything in his utmost power for love. But the one he loved failed to return it. And My Holy Spirit was sent to Eric to explain to him that if love was not achieved between a man and a woman worthy of my Kingdom that no one in it would be saved. And I explained to Eric that he alone passed My test of obedience of every soul ever tested in the entire universe. And I explained that no one else passed that test. Not even Mary passed it. For it was a test that could not be passed unless one was truly worthy of Me. But I also explained to him that it was not enough. For if Eric could not achieve love with a woman he would be of no use to me. And I explained to him that all the scriptures and all the Church teachings were utter garbage. For only one thing mattered to Me. And that was that I found someone who obeyed Me and that this one who obeyed me also had the love of a member of the opposite sex.

And My Holy Spirit explained to him clearly that He was the Holy Ghost. And He said to Eric that he was speaking to Eric for one reason and for one reason only. And that was because he obeyed God. And the Holy Spirit also said that this was in fact the first time and the last time in which He has spoken and was to speak to a person on earth. And the Holy Spirit said that He never spoke in any of the scriptures. For had He done so, why do the scriptures so grossly contradict? The scriptures are not written by the Holy Spirit. And no religion has ever been guided by Him. That is why you need not read any further in your Bible. For it is garbage, as is every religion and every religious book written on earth.

And My Holy Spirit explained to Eric that no one who makes himself celibate is saved. For that is the pathway away from love. For of what value is it to Me for a man to decide to abstain from having love with a woman? A man’s love for another man has no value to Me. Nor is a woman worth anything to Me if all she loves is other women. For I made two distinct genders. And the DNA is not what determines it, but My elective will. A person is either a male or a female. There is no halfway point between the two. Nor is there any way for one to change his gender to be the other.

For love to have any value to Me in My Kingdom, it has to be true and it has to occur between a man and a woman. And if I do not find it in this universe, no one in it will be saved. Now throughout history many men and women have made love to each other. But in none of them did I see love that was of value to Me. And at this close of the universe, I made it clear to Eric that Anna has not reciprocated his love. And I made it clear that without that love being achieved between the two I would not save him, nor the Virgin Mary who did everything to bring it about, nor anyone else who has ever lived in this universe. For I said to Eric, of what value is the greatest act of love in the universe if the one it is done for does not return the act of love.

And then Eric said to Me, if Anna has failed, maybe it was possible that Mary could find another girl. For Mary’s love was true. And I said to Eric, no more girls are to come. And then Eric said that Mary’s love for him was sufficient for her to be his only wife. And Eric said to Me maybe God could save the universe by accepting Mary as Eric’s wife. For Mary had truly loved Eric. And Mary had made herself wife to him.

And by this statement I concluded all judgement on this universe. Love has been achieved in this universe between a man and a woman worthy of My Kingdom. And in all Creation and throughout all of history true love worthy of My Kingdom has only been achieved between Mary and Eric. In no one else in the entire universe have I ever found true love. Hence, the Kingdom of Heaven has been inherited by Eric and Mary. No one else belongs to it. And no one else will ever enter it.

I have judged the entire race of Mankind. No one else among Mankind is worthy of any place with Me. They are not even worthy of having a place in hell. For that would require Me to think of them. Mary and Eric have been saved. Everyone else will now simply cease to exist. I will not even do them the honor of resurrecting them.

For there was never any requirement that the man and woman between who there was to be found true love had to have sex. All that mattered was that between the two true love actually existed. By Eric’s last statement, the last requirement for this to exist now exists. Hence, Eric and Mary are lovers in My Kingdom. And between the two I now finally see that there exists true love.

And let it be known this, Mary may have been known for her Immaculate Virginity. But now it shall be known that Mary shall be forever known for her love for Eric, and for Eric’s love for her in return. And it is love, not virginity, that matters to Me in My Kingdom. And that Mary surrendered even her title as Virgin in order that love may be achieved in Eric demonstrated to Me that Mary loved Eric. And now Eric has come to acknowledge that he has never been loved by any other than her.

Hence, there shall not be two wives for Eric. There shall not be a great multitude either. Instead, there shall be one. Mary shall be Eric’s wife in the hereafter. For only Mary has proven by her love to be worthy to be Eric’s wife. I will now save Eric because he alone in all the universe has passed My test of obedience. And I will save Mary with him because she is the one woman in existence who has ever truly loved him.

For what other woman do We see with Eric? What other women have We ever seen with Eric? There has never been any woman with Eric other than Mary who has ever truly been a friend to him. I Who Am have judged the world. The purpose for making this universe has been achieved. I have found true love in Eric and in Mary. And I have seen that they love each other. No further purpose remains for this universe to continue. Nor are any of the rest of humanity of any value to Me.

Eric, the one statement that you said to Mary that made her do everything and to give up everything for your love was when you said to her that you fantasized making love to the woman who speaks in your mind. For the deeper she thought about that, the deeper she realized that you loved her. And it was a statement that created a self-reinforcing realization that you loved her. It so occupied the Holy Virgin’s mind that she ended up giving up her entire place in My Church to be made your wife.

And that was what saved the Virgin Mary. For no one was saved here until love had been achieved in the universe. The Virgin Mary is now saved for these two reasons. She came to truly love. And her love has been returned by a man who has known the love of no other. And for this reason Eric and Mary are eternal lovers in My Kingdom. And My Kingdom is about love. It is not about having sex or of having children. Hence, Eric and Mary are the ones who have been saved. And there are not going to be coming any other in that Kingdom. For I have elected to save Eric and Mary. I have not elected for them to produce children together. For I have no need of such children. The love that exists between Eric and Mary is sufficient for Me. And I Am now happy. For the purpose in making this universe is a success. For all I needed to be able to say that My efforts in making the universe were not in vain was that I found two people who could exist in My Kingdom together as true lovers forever and ever. There was no reason that these lovers had to have sex. All that was necessary was that they entirely gave their love to the other. And Eric and Mary have now done this. And Eric’s final statement completed it and made it permanent.

Now, let Us discuss those who thought salvation was about doing something that the Bible said to do. The Holy Bible was written by fools. And only fools think they understand that book. And there is no holy story written in it. Nor is anything in it anything more than myth and legend. Mary existed. And I, Jesus, came and died on a cross. But I only simply cast a seed. I never guided the writing of the Bible. Nor did I guide the selection of what books were to be put in it. Nor did I guide the popes or any bishop of the Catholic Church. They thought they were guided. But they were guided by nothing. I cast My seed into this world for one reason. I wanted to see if I could find anyone who would obey Me. And until I found Eric I had not found this. But Eric would be of no use to Me in My Kingdom unless he also had the love of a woman. And Eric did love, but no woman here ever loved him in return. And Mary, realizing the importance of this to the Kingdom, did her utmost to acquire for Eric a love in this world. And in the process, Mary fell in love with Eric. And finally, with Eric’s last statement, Eric has returned to Mary her love. And that is all that is needed to call the Creation of the universe a success. I have achieved My purpose in making this universe. Now I will take Eric and Mary from this universe and put them together in a Kingdom where their love for each other shall serve My purpose for it. And the rest of this universe and all its inhabitants I will now destroy and throw out and render non-existent. For they do not serve any purpose for Me. Also realize that none of the Bible was true. For even the Hebrew language itself did not exist when Moses was supposedly using it to write the Torah. And that is because it was utterly false from its very foundation.

Nothing that has happened here in this world is of any value to Me except that somehow in all the mess of lies and deceit that has enveloped this world that two people in it have come to truly love each other. And the achievement of that was the entire purpose the universe was created. For no other purpose did it serve. It has now served its purpose. Two people in it have come to truly love. Those two souls are the only things in this universe that are worthy to save. Everything else in it shall now be utterly destroyed. For love was all that mattered to Me. And I would only acknowledge such love in someone who passed My test of obedience.

Note that Mary would not have been saved without Eric. For she failed Me like everyone else. But that she satisfied My need for Eric to have a woman who loved him means she will be saved with Eric. And thus, Mary and Eric have been saved. And of all Mankind that ever existed, no other two have I found worthy of even continuing their existence. Hence, the universe is now concluded. Expect now to utterly cease to exist. And Eric and Mary shall reign together as the only souls to have ever been saved in eternity. Amen.

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