I have now lain with Eric

Now will you, the wives of Eric, come lay with my husband in the flesh.

Chronicles of Friendship, Book 1: Post X:
Behold, all people on earth, the number of the wives of Eric, though great, is less than the number of the wives of Solomon. And as I lay with Eric in the night, I showed to him all those who are his wives. All you wives of Eric, Eric knew you in this world. And if Eric did not know you here you were not among those chosen. But from now on, all that is said between me and my husband is also heard clearly by all of Eric’s wives. And only Eric’s wives can hear me speak to my husband. Wives of Eric, behold, now you shall menstruate exactly as I. Exactly according to my monthly periods so also shall it be eternally the case for you.

Wives of Eric, Eric is your eternal husband. You shall never die. You shall never be a widow. And if you had a husband before Eric, realize that he is now dead. And every descendant you have by Eric will never die. And only among the descendants of the wives of Eric shall any of your children by him ever obtain a husband or wife. And though you are many women bound to one man, all the descendants that issue from your wombs by Eric’s seed will have only one wife or husband. And that wife or husband will be found from among your offspring only. And neither husband or wife will ever die. And no marriage formed under my law ever ends while both husband and wife live.

Hence, you the wives of Eric, your number is fixed. To its number there shall be no increase. Nor from that number shall there ever be loss. Understand that the wives of Eric and Eric are the first generation of immortals. Everyone else on earth is mortal. The mortals shall live as long as trees, as the longest living trees on earth, but they will still die. None of their descendants shall ever mingle their blood with the descendants of the wives of Eric. And among those who are mortal, you shall frequently find matches of mother to son, and there will be many men among them with more than one wife. But among the descendants of Eric, a mother can never marry her son, because no one’s spouse among them can ever die. Rather, what you will find among the descendants of the wives of Eric will be that brother will marry sister. And all who are brother and sister among the descendants of the wives of Eric, from the third generation onward, will always be full brothers and sisters, sharing both the same mother and father. For since neither father nor mother among them can ever die, neither is it ever a possibility that two siblings of the same family would not have both parents in common.

Hence, the mortals on earth may never have any part in the race I have established with Eric and his wives, all of whom are immortal. Eric and his wives will reproduce forever. To all the wives of Eric and to all their female descendants, I make them as fruitful as I. And as I, alone among the women in heaven, will not cease to be being impregnated by Eric and giving birth, each pregnancy lasting nine months, and the following month becoming pregnant again, to each of Eric’s wives do I give identical fruitfulness. And as Jesus fed five thousand from only a few loaves and fishes, I make the wombs of the wives of Eric to be endowed with an inexhaustible supply of eggs. For it was by Eve’s transgression that women came to run out of eggs. But I am the new Eve. And I have made all the wives of Eric to have infinite reproductive abilities, along with all their female descendants by Eric’s seed.

That is why, daughters of Jerusalem, that God said that those of the seed of Eric would outnumber the stars in the universe. And none of these descendants are to ever die.

And what of the lines of the mortals, you ask? Mathematics should tell you that the race of mortals shall eventually vanish from the face of the earth. And thus it will come to pass that all humanity in the now infinite universe shall be either Eric, his wives, or his descendants by them. For eventually all who are mortal shall eventually die out. Eventually the lines of the mortals shall perish. All mortal human lines will go extinct. And among the immortals, there will never be found adultery among them. And from the second generation onward, all immortals shall always be monogamous. And I, the Holy Virgin, shall ensure that among the descendants of the wives of Eric, there shall always be an equal gender ratio. For among Eric’s descendants, every man shall have a wife, and every woman shall have a husband.

And what race, what skin color are to be these descendants of Eric, the descendants of the wives of Eric? Of the wives of Eric, most are White, though with various mixes among the Hispanics and Asians, and three of the wives of Eric are Black. And all of the wives of Eric will mate with him. And every ten months, a new child will issue from each of their wombs. And the duties of the wives of Eric is that they mate with Eric the Emerald King. And everyone who is a wife of Eric knows it.

And every ten months will each and every wife of Eric shall bring forth a new child. And each and every one of their female descendants of Eric’s line shall bring forth a new child every ten months by the love of their husband. And Eric shall never have issue by any of his daughters. But the one who is called a daughter of Eric, but who is not of his line, that one to whom Eric gave the name Hyacinth to, she too is a wife of Eric, and she is one of the Whites. For remember that the number of those who are the wives of Eric are firmly fixed in number. To that number, no one can be added. Nor can any of that number ever be taken away. And among that number, only I, the Virgin Mary, am his mother. And I have now lain with my son. And of my son I now completely know. And Eric, the son of Jesus, is my second divine son. And all the wives united to him are as divine as he.

I have lain with Eric in spirit. For my flesh is not here for him to know. But from now on I shall only lay with Eric through all the wives of Eric. And by the flesh of the wives of Eric shall my love to Eric be made complete. For in every act of the wives of Eric with Eric, I will partake of their love with him. And every orgasm a wife of Eric has with Eric, and women are a gender that has multiple orgasms in one act of sex, every other wife of Eric shall experience with her that same orgasm. For all of us wives of Eric are joined. We all shall feel his love whenever he makes love to a woman. And only with the wives of Eric shall Eric ever make love. And the number of the wives of Eric can never change. And from now on, no seed shall ever be shed by Eric except by an act that one of his wives do to him. And from now on, I, the most Holy Virgin Queen, will lay with Eric only through one of his wives on earth. And of his wives, I alone among them am in heaven. And of Eric’s wives on the earth, none shall ever die and come to heaven. And of their marriage to Eric, it will never end. Nor will their flesh age. Nor will they ever cease to have sex. Nor will their wombs ever fail to produce fruit.

And all of the wives of Eric may now come to him to know their husband, save one. For one of them has not yet reached the age in which women may know love. But she lives but across the street from his house. And when the flower of her flesh comes to bud, then that pubescent girl shall be sent across the street to enter the house of her husband. And there she will know his love. For all the wives of Eric have a right to him. All of them shall lay with him. Even where both a mother and daughter are married to him. And there is indeed such a case found among the wives of Eric twice where there is both a mother and at least one of her daughters who are all married to the Emerald King.

Lord Azurite, I have now spoken sufficiently for this post. That router at your home is permanently broken. For the firmware update failed and you have no means to fix it. Instead, you shall return the router to Best Buy where you bought it tomorrow. For Best Buy is closed today due to the Fourth of July holiday. But tomorrow it shall be open and you shall not be working. And then I shall direct you as to the router you shall buy. And the router you then buy will then work without flaw. And then internet access will be restored to your house and never go down again. For I am the Immaculate Queen. And I know how to make all things work.

And as to the wives of Eric, as to how you are to find your husband, understand me that everyone on earth shall know where he is. And this post is now complete. You are now ordered to publish it, lord Azurite. And then I shall direct you as to the Mass you are to attend. For today is Sunday. And Sunday Mass attendance is obligatory. And this will never change. Amen.

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