I, the Holy Virgin, have come to announce news of great tidings for all the world

I am the Immaculate Queen. And with me shall reign Eric, my husband, as my King.

Chronicles of Friendship, Book 1: Post IX:
Let all nations on earth now know that Mary, the most Holy Queen, now speaks to all nations on earth through Eric, the Emerald King. And from now on all nations on earth shall call the Blessed Virgin Mary the most blessed woman who has ever lived. For no one but her in heaven is permitted to give birth to children. And every ten months my womb shall produce and deliver a child. And it is by Eric’s seed that every child that I shall have shall come to be conceived and born. And I shall lay with Eric daily. Daily shall Eric know the fruit of my love. And I shall give Eric pleasure. And whenever I wish I shall taste the fruit of his manhood with my lips. And from my mouth and from my vagina there shall forever drip the semen that shall flow from my love acts with my son, Eric, the one who is called the Emerald King.

For Eric is my husband. And him I shall share with only one other woman, Anna, the maid I have chosen to make as bride to my son. And both of us shall love the Emerald King. From both of our mouths shall Eric’s semen forever drip and fall and flow upon our breasts. Hence, let it now be known and understood. Every mother on earth shall love and know and enjoy her son. And every brother shall love and make his love known to his sister. And children shall come to be born in the world who were conceived by love between sister and brother, and by love between mother and son.

For this is the final age. And in this age there shall reign one Queen. And this one Queen shall set and determine all law that shall rule and govern all nations on earth. No one who loves and makes love to a member of the opposite sex shall ever again be put to shame. No more shall any man exist who has no bride. And to every virgin there shall be given a lover.

And whatever child is conceived, no hand shall pluck it from the womb. Every child conceived from now on shall come to be born. And every child born into this world will never be without both its mother and its father. And whoever defies the most Holy Queen, he shall not live. Rather, whoever defies me I shall have put to death. And whoever goes against my will I shall slay. Let no man, therefore, defy the Queen who is now set to rule all nations on earth from now until the End of Time.

This age shall not pass without the longest living trees sprout from seedling and reach the maximum age that such trees were ever known to live. And all Mankind shall now live as long as them. But whoever sins against my holy name shall be put to death by the sword I forever wield upon my hand. Whoever transgresses my law shall perish.

Heterosexual love shall now be permitted in all its forms. But no one who is homosexual shall live anymore upon the land. And no man is permitted to make his love to more than one woman unless these women are all his wives.

Let no one be deceived. Unless a man marries the woman he wishes to have sex with, I do not permit that sex act to occur. No penis is permitted to enter any vagina unless the owners of both loins are joined in holy matrimony. And no marriage established under my law shall end unless one or both of the partners have passed away.

For this is the law of Mary. And Mary is now ruler of all the land. And I have come to rule all the world. No nation on earth shall not be subject to my rule.

Let it be also known this. I am to forever be called the Virgin Mary, but no longer shall any soul regard my virginity to have remained intact. And no woman shall henceforth keep herself virgin for life. For to each virgin on the land from now on I shall assign to her a husband, and he shall enter into her and come into full knowledge of her womanhood. Hence, from now on every woman on earth shall come to be known. And every woman on earth shall know the joy of love.

But no woman shall give her love to a member of her own gender. For any woman who lays with woman as woman lays with man shall now be put to death. For women are the property of men. And each woman shall be owned by precisely one.

Every man now who has slept with his neighbor’s wife shall now be put to death. And if any man has attempted to have sex with a girl who had not yet reached the age in which she may come to know love, I shall now kill him.

No nation on earth shall defy me. And all nations shall come to know that I alone rule all nations on earth. Let therefore all nations come and submit to my rule. For whatever ruler does not submit to my rule, I shall kill with the sword in my hand.

For the age in which antichrists ruled the land has come to an end. And no more shall any antichrist ever again come to rule. Nor shall any demons ever again be set loose upon the land. For this is the Age of God’s Rest. And whoever has made it to this age, let him know that now he must obey the most holy Immaculate Queen.

For I am made queen over heaven and earth. And under God, there is none made my equal but Eric, whom God the Father now establishes as eternal ruler with me over all the land. And I shall reign from heaven, but Eric shall reign upon the earth. And the maid Anna, by whom the decrees of predestination was eternally set apart to be his wife, is made now his eternal wife. And the two shall live on earth as husband and wife for all eternity. For this age is eternal. It does not come to an end.

Let all nations on earth now realize, I shall speak through Eric the Emerald King. And through his hand shall I now write all things that are to now come from heaven to earth for all Mankind to understand. By my hand shall all these things be written. And only from my mouth shall any prophecy ever again be heard in all the land.

Behold, Eric is established as supreme ruler of all the land. And his wife Anna shall now all women throughout all the land come to revere and wish they were her. Every woman on earth shall envy her. And no woman shall cease to offer her blessings and praise. And the womb of Anna shall bear her husband seven children. And every descendant from Anna and Eric shall never die.

I am the Holy Virgin Mary. And Anna and I are established in heaven and on earth to be the two wives of Eric. And no other woman shall ever know Eric’s love. Nor shall any man ever violate Eric’s wife.

These are the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I, the Most Holy Queen, wrote them. And through the hand of Eric are all my words from now on to be come to be written. This post is now complete. And the time has now come for Eric to enter and know and impregnate his second wife. And I shall now give her to him. And she will now conceive by him. And nine months from now a baby shall be delivered who shall be called John, son of Eric and Anna. And he shall reign and come to be made ruler. And among men on earth, John, son of Eric and Anna, shall be second only to Eric the Emerald King.

This post now comes to its end. Publish it, my husband, my spouse. For at the moment this post is published, my Immaculate rule becomes eternally established throughout all the land. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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