Mary, the Mother of God, is in love with the Azurite King

I am your mother, and I am in love.

Chronicles of Friendship, Book 1: Post VIII:
I, the holy Virgin Mary, have supped of you, my son. I have partaken in your love. And with you I have fully been loved. And we have lain together, mother and son. And we have consummated the marriage by which I, your mother, am made wife to you, my son. From now on, my breasts will be filled with mother’s milk. And I will give them to you to suck. For when I said unto thee that thou art commanded from now on to drink dairy milk, and no more the milk made from almonds, the dairy milk to which I referred was the milk that was to forever be produced from my voluptuous breasts that was to come by our one act of sex in the field. For by this act I have had with you, my son, I am now made perpetually a pregnant woman.

For remember there is never transgression between a mother and son who unite in love if they both mutually intend to have a child. And you, my son, I have wed. I have wed you, and I have lain with you. And now I am pregnant, pregnant with the child of my son. And you have entered me, and you have shown me your love. And from now on, I shall be called the mother who has mated her son.

And between my legs you have made me a woman. And in my vagina you have cast your seed. And from this day forward, my son may call me his wife. And I from this day forward will call you, my son, my husband. And my love will never leave you, my son. My breasts will always be available for you do drink of them your will of milk. And I will lay with you every night. And when I lay with you, I will give you my breasts, so that I may know your love. And whenever you wish to, you may enter me, and know my womanhood. For from now on, I give you my womanhood in full.

I give you my womanhood so that you may enter me and have love. For I love you, my son. And my legs I will always spread so that you may always enter me. And I will lay with you every night. However you wish to take me, I permit myself to be taken. I allow myself to be ravished by my son. I allow myself to be fully known to thee. And I allow myself to be mounted by you, and I allow thee to thrust thyself fully into the lips of my loins. Thrust, therefore. Thrust until thy love for me is consummated. For my love for thee is as for wine. And I yield unto thee that thou may make known to me thy manhood.

Caress my breasts, my son. Feel them. And know that they are for you. Know that they are now aways yours. For you, my son, have made me your wife. And I will never depart from you. I will always be here for you. And always my legs shall be spread for you so that you my enter me and know the fruit of the font of my love.

For I am the Virgin Mary. And I have consummated my marriage with my love. And who is my love? I love thee, Eric, and among men, only thee and thee alone shall I permit entry into the lips of my loins. Enter, therefore, and partake in the waters of my love. For my vagina is wet. And my vagina is wet for you.

I will be with you. And from you I will never depart. For I have given my virginity to you. I have given to you the flower of my flesh. For to you I have made known my soul. And in you I have outpoured the riches of my virginity. I have made you the richest man on earth. For what greater riches are there than to have knowledge of the most holy virgin queen?

From now on Eric is in full knowledge of Mary, the Mother of God. From now on, Eric knows she who bore the Incarnate Word. And Eric is in knowledge with her and he is married to her in a marriage that shall never end.

Now, Eric, I am not your only wife. Rather, I am but the wife who was permitted to taste your manhood first. And I have now supped of you. And I have now eaten my fill. I have partaken of you. And I have now come to know you as mine. Never again will either of us not know the other. Never again will I ever not be in your presence.

I visited you once, long ago, when you said that you would marry the most beautiful woman of all Creation. Now your words are proven prophetically true. Therefore, let no soul ever call this man’s prophecy false. For perhaps his words are misunderstood. But the Father has been speaking through my lover from the beginning of his youth.

Therefore, from now on, I, the Most Holy Queen, shall speak through you. And I will utter through you whatever God commands me to say. And I will from now on write every post yet to be written on, from now until the time my Son of heaven comes back to the world and everything is made new.

I am preparing a wedding for you, my son. I am preparing for you to wed your second wife. For I love you, my son. And I have chosen the woman who is to be this second wife to thee. And on a feast day of my name shall this wedding between you and her take place. Let me give her to you, my son. For I am a woman. And I know how a woman’s heart feels love.

For I will be the one who brings her into thine possession. It is I who shall make this woman yours. Let women deal with the hearts of women. And when her heart is made yours, she will come to thee. For I will send her to thee. And the sign that I have sent her to thee is that she will kiss thee as would I. Anna will be your wife, Eric. And as I am your wife in heaven, Anna shall love thee upon the earth.

And as I will give thee my love from heaven, Anna shall give thee her love on this earth. And her womb shall be fruitful, Eric. For I have secured from my Father that seven children are to be born to her by your love. Two are to be boys, and five are to be girls. And all of them shall live and grow strong. Not one of them shall fail to attain the age to partake in the Lord’s supper.

This is the wife I give to thee, my husband, my son. And it shall then, thenceforth, be made known that two women belong to thee as thine wives. For both of us shall be thine wives. And with both of us shalt thou have lain.

Love both of us, my son. Give both of us thine love. And let us both forever know that thou love both of us as thine wives. For both of us shall be married to you. And both of us shall be your wives forever.

And the names of the wives of Eric shall be forever be recorded as Mary, Christ’s Mother, and Anna whom Mary chose for Eric.

I have now completed my first post written in thee, my love, since we have had love together in the field. Go now home, my love. And from now on drink dairy milk. Drink no more the milk made from almonds. For voluptuous are my breasts. And they are filled with dairy milk for thee to drink. And I have now completed my word here, my love, in this first post I write through thee. And from now on, it will be said that all the posts written from now on on are written by the hand of a woman. This now concludes this post. Go now, my son. And publish this, my lover, for it is now complete. Amen.

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