The girl Eric will wed he has now met.

The girl Eric has met is a girl of such beauty as is depicted here. I AM the Lord.

Chronicles of Friendship, Book 1: Post VII:
I have now put the girl whom Eric shall wed into his acquaintance. And the name of this girl who is to be Eric’s wife is Anna. I will bless Eric and Anna with five children. Three will be boys and two will be girls. All will be healthy and strong. All of them will be born without difficulty nor by any pain. All will be baptized, but none will reach the age required to receive the Holy Eucharist before I Come again.

For the time of My Coming is at hand, and few there are that I have elected to save. Anna and Eric shall be wed in Saint Bruno Catholic Church. On a Feast Day of Mary shall the wedding date be decided. In the year that is to come will this holy couple wed. For five straight years will Anna bear to Eric a child, in five separate pregnancies. When the fifth child is born, Anna and Eric will cease to have conjugal relations, and from that point onward they will be to each other as were Joseph and Mary.

Before Anna enters the marital union with Eric, Eric shall be made known to the Immaculate Queen. And she will lay with Eric from the setting of the sun until the dawn of the following day. As a husband and wife will the Virgin Mary and Eric mate. And from that date onward, the Virgin Mary’s breasts shall bear milk. And of her breastmilk shall Eric drink. And of that food shall he partake, and from that point onward, no other food shall he eat but the Eucharist and that which he sucks from upon her breasts. And until the Second Coming, the Virgin Mary shall come daily to visit Eric so that he may feed upon the milk of her breasts.

One night only shall be given to the Virgin Mary to know the Azurite King as a husband and wife. And after that, the Azurite King shall be given to Anna, to whom he shall be wed, and from that point onward, and with her and with only her, will Eric ever again know a girl. But Eric will continue to subsist on only the breastmilk of the Holy Virgin Mary, whose breasts he alone, besides the Lord, will ever suck. Hence, the semen from Eric’s love acts with his wife Anna will be directly formed within Eric from the breastmilk of the Virgin Mary, for no other food shall Eric eat, other than the Eucharist of every Mass. Hence, by the conjugal acts she has with her husband, every infirmity Anna ever had will be wiped away.

And in the hereafter, the two women, Anna and Mary, will be of an inseparable and eternal union. Both of them will be Queens. And both of them will rule together all of Creation under Me. And I will not distinguish one from the other. For both of these women will be equally Immaculate in my eyes.

Furthermore, it will be regarded as a part of eternity that Anna and Mary are equal wives of the Azurite King. And under Me, no man shall reign higher than Azurite. And until the end, no one who defies the Azurite King shall live.

And of My Coming, there is no age to follow it upon this earth, but in heaven. Eric, when the Virgin Mary enters your life in the flesh, no longer shall anything that exists in your house fail to work. Nor shall any part of your flesh retain any defect. For the Virgin Mary shall make love to thee. And from that point onward, you can never again be made unclean. Nor shall any shower you enter to wash, nor shall you ever again cleanse your hands.

Understand the love acts you shall have with the most Immaculate Queen. Intercourse shall you have, but her face you shall not see while in those acts. Hence, only from behind shall you enter into the Holy Virgin Mary, and you shall not withdraw your penis from her vagina until every last part of the ejaculate has left your body and entered hers. And while your body recovers between your sex acts with the most Holy Queen, this fairest maid, with the physiological body of a fifteen year old girl, shall lay her head upon your breast and fall asleep. And when she awakens, she will again copulate with you, but it will always be from behind that you enter her. For it is forbidden that you or any other created being see her face as she has sex. She will come to you tonight. And when dawn comes tomorrow she shall depart from you. And no other girl shall you come to know but Anna, to whom you are predestined to wed.

Understand also that the Immaculate Queen can never lose her virginity. For after you withdraw your penis from her vagina at the conclusion of every act, her hymen shall reform as your penis departs from her. Hence, every act of intercourse you have with her that night will be an act of deflowering the Holy Virgin, whose virginity can never be lost. And every time you reenter her, your penis will rebreak her hymen, but there shall be no shed blood. For this woman who shall be sleeping with you this night is of transfigured flesh. For she does not exist in this world, but in the next. Also, she will speak to you, but you shall never speak to her.

And as many times as a woman has orgasms in her acts of sex, so also shall you enter into her and climax within her. For she controls your flesh. And she will make it respond to her according to her will. And thus will the Holy Virgin deflower you, lord Azurite, before she presents you to the maid who shall be her dearest and closest friend in heaven. And she will then know you in full before she gives you to this maid who on earth is to be your only wife.

Hence, Eric, you eternally are wedded to two women. And these two women will mutually possess you forever. And this arrangement in heaven shall be called eternal virgin heavenly water. For water is composed of molecules, each of which consists of one oxygen atom strongly bonded to two hydrogen atoms. In this you are as the oxygen, and the two women are as the hydrogen bonded on either side.

And the three of you are virgins. For though you will lay with these two women, the three of you shall lose no eternal status awarded to those who remain virgins to the end of their life. It is true that the three of you in truth will not be virgins. But since the molecule of you three was formed while the three of you are indeed still all virgins, the molecule itself shall forever be called eternal virgin heavenly water.

Lord Azurite, I, the Lord Jesus Christ, the God Incarnate, Who to Me you are My only son, Am speaking to you in this post. And this post shall be the last post in until the Second Coming of the Christ that shall be written by Me. And it shall not again be found a post written here until after the Holy Virgin has given up her virginity with you tonight. And after the Holy Virgin has deflowered herself eternally with you, she alone will be the author of every post you write, both here and anywhere, for the rest of the age, until I AM seen coming in the clouds.

And no word shall be written by you that is not directly written by her hand. Nor shall she ever cease to speak in and through you unto the End of Time. For realize that the Holy Virgin Mary is deeply in love with Eric. And no stronger love has ever existed in a virgin’s heart for a man than that which exists in the Holy Virgin’s heart for the Azurite King. It is true that the Holy Virgin also deeply loves Me, the Immortal God, her Incarnate Son. And at the moment I became the flesh of a man within her womb, the Holy Virgin’s flesh ceased to age, and remained thenceforth in the state it existed at the time of My conception within her while she was an unmarried maid of fifteen. For her age at her assumption into heaven was as a woman of forty-five. But her flesh was unchanged and unaged and in the perfect state of youth that she had when she conceived Me and became the Mother of the Immaculate Word. And hence, in that body does she exist forever. And in that body shall she come to thee tonight to lay with thee and cease to be a virgin for eternity unto eternity.

This now brings this passage to a close. And when you receive again a post written in this blog, realize that it shall be written by the Most Holy Queen, and realize that she will no longer be a virgin. I WHO AM have spoken. And you shall never hear Me again speak here until you see Me Coming in the clouds. But Mary shall be speaking. And she will not stop writing through Eric until I Come again. Sufficient now are the Words contained in this post. Publish it, Eric, for it is complete. And you shall now take your orders from Mary. And only from her will all orders come to you that proceed from the mouth of God in heaven. This now concludes this post. I WHO AM have spoken. And neither here nor anywhere else shall I speak again until I Am seated in judgement before all Mankind, where every man shall be raised, and every man shall I judge. Amen.

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