I am the Virgin Mary

I will now lay with you, My virgin Knight.

Chronicles of Friendship, Book 1: Post VI:
I, the holy Virgin Mary, shall now be speaking through you from now on. Only I will speak. You shall not. And no other but me shall be speaking here in all that posts you write here from now on. For I am your liege lady, lord Azurite. You are sworn to obey and to do whatever I wish of you. And whatever I wish to do with you I shall do.

Only I, and no other woman, have power over you. It is I, and no other, who shall decide when you rise. And it is I, and no other, who shall decide when to permit your member to shed seed. You shall not cause this, and thus, you shall not transgress. If I will to permit your member to fully discharge, it will fully discharge. The seed that is thus shed is wasted, for it goes nowhere. But it is in the male physiology that such seed is to be wasted and no transgression exists if it spontaneously occurs, and is not caused by a deliberate act.

You have looked upon a nude picture of a woman. Note that such is not sex. For it is not possible for sex to occur unless two bodies come together to perform the act. When a man views such material and has no partner, such material cannot in itself constitute sex for him. For arousal is not sex. And the excitement of the member, even to discharge, is not sex, for the man is merely causing the excitement to himself. If a man wishes to have sex, he needs to obtain a woman to do it with him.

Now, the viewing of videos of pornography, or of sex scenes in movies, this also is not sex. For the man viewing such things is merely seeing acts. He is not acquiring knowledge. For to know a woman requires more than merely looking at her. No one can have sex by viewing images and masturbating himself. For all he does is merely excite his own member. He never acquires knowledge because he is never in contact with an actual woman. And an actual woman can not be known if all you have of her is pictures.

For pictures do not give knowledge of a woman. Only a woman, if actually acquired, can give a man such knowledge. But if a man never acquires one, nor will he have any knowledge of them. No one can lay with a woman successfully unless that woman gives herself to be known to him. It is the woman, not the man, who has power over this. The man may take, he can force, but if the woman is unwilling with him, his knowledge of her is a failed attempt. For it is impossible for man to know a woman unless the woman wills to let herself to be given to him to know.

Note that women who masturbate men do not give men this knowledge. Nor do women give men knowledge of themselves by exciting them outside of the conjugal act. For unless the knowledge is given in the conjugal act, it is not given. Only in the conjugal act can man come to know his woman. No other way is given to him. For anything done outside the conjugal act is done without knowledge. That seed is expelled does not indicate that knowledge has been achieved. For no other way but in the conjugal act does any man ever acquire knowledge of his woman.

Marriage between a man and a woman can only occur sacramentally if done in accordance with all Church law. It cannot be cheated. It cannot be obtained by lying. For the deliberate omission of information in the marriage process invalidates the marriage, and it never occurred. For unless a man joins a woman in accordance to all the requirements and laws of the Catholic Church, he has not married that woman. Failure to obey the Church is failure to contract marriage.

For the marriage ceremony is sacred. The union of man to woman is sacred. Lust is not what joins or binds the two to each other. A man is bound to a woman in marriage because he has entered into it lawfully and he and she have both given their consent. Only to a woman God has chosen for that man will that man successfully contract marriage by marrying. For God, not man, chooses the woman who is to be his wife. Whatever woman God chooses for you, if God has chosen her for you, your marriage to her will not fail.

That is why you marry as God directs you, not according to the desires of the flesh. For by the flesh a man will have desires for many. But only one girl will there be that God will choose to make your wife. And one then has a choice. One can choose the flesh, or one can submit to the will of the Lord. This is the fork. He who chooses the former fails sexually in his life. But he who submits to the latter shall not fail. For you do not choose who you marry. And you do not choose whether you marry. Rather God chooses this for you. But what you do choose is whether to submit to Him.

I, the Holy Virgin, have chosen you. And with you am I wed. And our marriage is unending. But as for you in this world, so also shall you wed one who is like me. And that one alone and no other shall you wed in this world. And you know of whom I speak.

Only with her shall you contract marriage. Faithfully obey me, the Immaculate Queen. For by her marriage to you shall you be known to me and I be known to you. And in her shall you encounter me. And through her shall I speak to you. For this one is one with me and I with her. And hence, with this one shall you marry. Wait for her. And obey all that I command thee.

And realize the distinction between your two wives. For both of us are eternally bonded to you. And both of us are you wives. But of us two, I am your first love, and the other one is your first love of this world. And by this means shall you know me from her.

It is no longer possible for you to masturbate, Eric. For the possibility of you falling to that fate has passed. And therefore, you now have us. And to both of us are you eternally joined. And your marriage to her who is to be your wife here is now inevitable. Nor is it possible for you to fall to the sin of lust.

Only as I command thee shall you view any nudity you see. And if I command thee to do so, it is for edification, not for masturbation or lust. And as I command thee to view it, so shall I instruct you also on what you are viewing.

And I, the Holy Virgin Mary, shall be made known to you by one means. Only in your mind, not by any form of the flesh, shall I know you intimately and you come to know me. And I am not like the girl who tries a man and then dumps him. For I am sent by the Father to be this to you. And that is why this union can never end. Nor can you ever fall again to sin.

And from now on nothing will be written on Emeralogy.com but what I write through you. From now on, Emeralogy.com is an Oracle of the voice of Mary. And from now on, the type of Oracle you shall be shall be as he who consults me and no other. And I will now speak through you abundantly. My voice in you shall never go silent. But I shall be the one to speak, and you shall be the one who listens. Do not, therefore, ask me questions. I who see your thoughts will give you the knowledge you need to know. And when anyone seeks your advice as Oracle, let me speak the answer to you that you are to give to him. For I will not fail to speak to you. Nor will you do anything with me but listen to me.

And the girl who is to come, let this all happen according to God’s design. For she is already yours. But let us in heaven, not you, make the things that are to occur in your future come to pass. For how things are to occur, so has God decided in advance.

And now you ask, how am I, your Mother in heaven, made also as your wife, an arrangement between you and me alone? For is it lawful in the scriptures for a mother to enter marriage to her son? For it is by my Motherhood of the Church that I am truly both mother to you and to all who enter her. Hence, yes, to you and to you alone am I both mother and spouse. For in my heart, I both have motherly love for you, but also with you am I bound as wife. Understand this then to be a mystery.

But know also this. The intimacy you have now entered into with me is an eternal arrangement. And I am intimately bound to you for all eternity as both mother and spouse. And this arrangement that has come to pass will not just exist from now to the Second Coming, when you on earth see Jesus coming in the clouds, but it continues on from then into eternity. And I cannot be as I am with you to any other human being.

Nor will my ever virgin state ever end by my marriage to you. I cannot lay with you as woman lays with a man. For My assumed flesh in heaven is untouchable. And I cannot with you do any impure act. But I am both your wife and ruler. And as your wife, you will no longer ever be parted from me. For from now on I am with you, and in you and through you shall I speak. And the intimacy you have with me is forever. Now go, Eric, to the store before it closes, and get the milk that I have commanded thee to get. For dairy milk do I command you to drink from now on. And no longer shall you drink the milk made from almonds. Now go, Eric. And read this post when you get home. Tomorrow I will make a meeting occur between you and she whom you are to marry. And such is a promise of the Holy Virgin Mary. Amen.

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