The Holy Virgin is Eric’s eternal spouse

To Prince Eric is the Immaculate Queen eternally wed.

Chronicles of Friendship, Book 1: Post V:
I Who Am have eternally bonded the Holy Virgin to Eric, her eternal Prince. She is eternally his Queen, and he is eternally a prince. For in heaven, there are various eternal bonds between two or three souls whom I eternally decide to bond together forever. Four such bonds exist in heaven for all eternity. These are one male eternally bonded to another male in eternal friendship, one female eternally bonded to another female in eternal friendship, one male eternally bonded to one female in a kind of marital friendship that has no sexual or sacramental nature, and two females who are as one who are eternally bonded to the same man, also in a kind of marital friendship that has no sexual or sacramental nature, and in which one of these women is called espoused to the man, and the other is as a kind of concubine. Where two women are bonded to one man in heaven is known as heavenly water, for it is as two hydrogens bonded to one oxygen, which is the molecule of water.

The Holy Virgin Mary shares her eternal bond with Eric with a woman who is destined to be Eric’s wife on earth, and as a concubine to him in the Kingdom of heaven. And this woman destined to be Eric’s wife on earth is one with the Virgin Mary. For only two women who are as one may be bonded in eternity to the same man. And these bonds cannot be formed with the dead, but only with the living. A disembodied soul in heaven is not free to enter any eternal bond.

Note that these bonds are exclusive. They do not exist in chains. They are also eternal. They do not break up and reform with another. Lord, how is the Holy Virgin Mary so eternally bonded with Eric and not with the man to whom she was married to while on earth, Saint Joseph? It is because no one who has not entered the sacramental life of the Catholic Church enters such bonds nor partakes in the eternal life of the hereafter. People like Saint Joseph, John the Baptist, Elijah, Moses, and David, these are not in the eternity that exists in heaven. Rather, their place is in a different world. For only the participation in the sacraments, which is entered by baptism, makes it possible for a person to enter and partake in eternal life. No one has eternal life who has not entered the Catholic Church.

What then, O’ Lord, of the Catholic dogma of the Limbo of the Fathers? For is it not written that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will partake with Christ in the banquet in heaven? Their participation in that banquet is symbolic, lord Azurite. So also were the dead who rose at the death of Christ, merely risen from the grave. They did not also ascend into heaven. For it is not possible to enter into heaven unless a man is born into it through a baptism of water and Spirit, or by a baptism of blood in the case of those martyred while seeking entrance into My Church.

The thief on the cross, whose legs were broken after I passed away, is here with Me in heaven. But John the Baptist is not. For no one who died before I died could make it to heaven nor be sent to hell. But everyone in the universe who died after I died is either in hell, or brought up to heaven. There is no other place a soul can exist who died after I died but hell or heaven, or the prelude to heaven called purgatory.

The soul that is conceived and dies before birth goes to hell. The infant that dies without baptism is in hell. And the baptized infant whose baptism was not of my Catholic Church is also in hell if it dies. For it is not possible to be saved without sacramentally entering My Catholic Church. No soul goes to heaven unless it entered My Church by the sacraments. And only by baptism can sacramental life be so entered. And the sacraments of My Catholic Church have no effect and work no change on the unbaptized soul. For baptism must be received first before any other sacrament can have any affect. And baptism can exist only either by receiving the sacrament performed with water and Spirit, or by blood in the case of those who are martyred while seeking entrance into My Church. But the desire for baptism, followed by a death that is not a martyrdom, is not a baptism into My Church.

The Holy Virgin Mary chose you, Eric, as her eternal husband, because it is with you that she has begotten an eternal child. For you entered into eternity and begot a daughter by the Holy Virgin Mary. For Hyacinth is in My eternal Book. And she entered therein because she had both a mother and a father who begot her.

Lord, how is Hyacinth’s salvation different from the salvation of others? For if I am married to the Virgin Mary because I saved a soul, would not many therefore be married to her, for do not many save many souls? Lord Azurite, many lead many into My Kingdom. And many teach My Kingdom and its Way to many people. And many win converts for My Kingdom and into My Church by their acts, their deeds, and by their works. But as for Hyacinth, her soul was begotten by you and Mary. Her entrance into eternal life was made possible because you were her father and Mary was her mother, and through Mary and you was she begotten. Mary chose you and no other. Nor can this choice be undone. You are her eternal husband, and she is your eternal wife. And with another woman with whom she is one shall she eternally share you with. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Also, lord Azurite, realize that Hyacinth is but one child that she has begotten with you. More children, both sons and daughters, are yet to be begotten by you and her. Lord, Mary did beget Hyacinth with me, but what about all the previous centuries of salvation history? Did she not come to have any previous children? Are not there others known as children of Mary? Only a soul who has attained eternal life and who enters fatherhood over another soul given to him by Mary to save could have this arrangement with her. I AM the Lord. And tell Me, lord Azurite, how many souls enter eternal life while on earth?

I tell you Truthfully, as rare as it is to enter heaven without needing purgatory is the attainment of eternal life before one’s death. Rare indeed is the saint who satisfies all the requirements for entering heaven while breathing the air of this world. People can enter eternal bonds with other people, as I establish them, and go to purgatory. But only a saint who has attained perfection in this world is permitted to enter an eternal union with the Holy Virgin assumed in heaven, and only while she has not yet entered such a union with another soul. But Mary elected to enter this union, from which she could not exit, not with one soul, but with two: to the man with whom she begot an eternal child, and to a woman of her perfection and likeness who was awaiting a virgin husband. And the three form a perfect molecule of virgin heavenly holy water. But to know her husband, she will experience his love by, in complete union with this woman who has attained perfection, entering with her into the conjugal act this woman is to have with her husband in the sacramental marriage that is to be formed between the two. Sacramental marriage does not exist in heaven. Neither can the conjugal act occur there. Mary will know Eric by the woman on earth he is to marry. And to make this possible, the two souls to be wed were placed together so that this eternal virgin molecule of heavenly water could be formed. For were these two perfected souls, a man and a woman, to have lived in different parts of the world where they could not encounter each other, neither would it be possible for Mary to have entered a union with them both. Hence the attainment of perfection on earth had to be attained by two souls of the opposite sex in the same area of the world and at the same time. And only by grace and the decrees of predestination was this possible to achieve.

Nor is it possible for a soul who has entered formal consecrated life, or who has received the sacrament of holy orders, to enter into any eternal bonds in the hereafter. Hence, no monk is eternally bonded to another monk. Only a layman can eternally bond with another layman. Nor can a nun eternally bond with another nun. Only a laywoman can eternally bond with another laywoman. Nor can a monk or a priest eternally bond with a nun, for only a layman can eternally bond with a laywoman. Rather, those who are of holy orders or who have been formally consecrated are eternally as Jesus is in heaven, that of an eternally unbonded man. For the unbonded state is the state a soul enters into heaven as who has not entered an eternal bond in this present life. And formal consecrated life or the reception of holy orders prevents the soul from entering any eternal bond.

How then, O’ Lord, was Mary able to bond with Eric and the virgin woman he is to wed on earth? For is not Mary past the present life? And was she not consecrated? Though Mary died, her body did not see decay, but was assumed up to heaven, where she enjoys eternal life bodily, before the resurrection that is yet to come. Hence, Mary could enter into such a union with such a pair of perfect souls, provided that they too never see decay. However all who live die and decay but Mary and those who remain on earth until the Second Coming of the Christ. Hence the souls chosen by Mary to be her husband and the woman she would share him with also had to persist together as husband and wife alive and in a perfect state until Christ Jesus is seen coming in the clouds of heaven. Hence, it would not have been possible for Mary to have married a perfect saint in previous centuries, for he would have died and his body would have seen decay. For only two saints who are predestined to live and remain alive on the earth until the Second Coming of the Christ could, if they were perfect, enter this perfect molecule of heavenly water with Mary. And only a man of Mary’s choosing and a woman of Mary’s likeness would she so choose to eternally unite to. Amen.

And this woman and this man would also have to accept marriage to one another. And to ensure that neither would reject the other, the two were both made of exceeding beauty. Both had to be of exceeding beauty, for without this, there would be risk that the marriage would not form, and then the molecule would not be possible. For a sacramental marriage is always entered into by the consent of both the man and the woman. It can never be forced, or it is invalid. Hence, both the man and the woman must both willingly consent to marry the other. And thus, to ensure that this molecule would form between Mary and the man who attained perfection and the virgin woman who attained perfection with Mary, this man and woman who were to attain perfection also had to be perfectly beautiful to each other. Hence, these two souls of the End Times had to not only be preserved with perfect morality, but also endowed with exquisite beauty. And both of them had to remain virgins until they were to be brought together to be married. For a couple who entered marriage imperfectly could never be eternally joined to the Holy Immaculate Queen.

That is why you and only you, Eric, qualify to be this husband to the Blessed Virgin Mary. And the woman to be made your wife had to be carefully placed and prepared in your proximity. And only after you, Eric, were called to enter My Catholic Church did We decide it bring about and make this virgin who was to become your wife. For her conception and birth near where you lived depended on you attaining eternal life and entering the perfection by which We knew you would endure and persist all the way to your eternal perfection. For though the decrees of predestination are infallible, until the soul has attained the victory, there remains uncertainty in heaven as to whether he will attain it. For free will is a reality, lord Azurite. No decree of predestination takes away a soul’s freedom to choose whether to obey.

Hence, the Holy Virgin has said unto thee that thou shall kiss her in the mouth. Lord, how do I kiss the Holy Virgin in the mouth when sex is not possible in the hereafter? A male and a female bonded to each other in heaven are permitted to kiss. You may kiss the Holy Virgin and also the woman who shall be bonded with you there as your concubine. For the two of them will be eternally bonded to you there. I AM the Lord.

But O’ Lord, is not kissing similar in a way to having sex? Understand the difference between sacramental marriage and the eternal bonds that exist between men and women in the hereafter. Men and women are incapable of the conjugal act in heaven. A man who has erections here will also have them there, but no possibility will there be for that man’s organ to be excited nor brought to ejaculation. Nor is it possible for any object to penetrate any vagina there, for they shall all be closed. For sexual arousal shall not happen in heaven, but men may have erections, for the natural physiology of men and women are not taken away. And the natural physiology of the man is that he becomes erect in the presence of a woman.

And the woman or women bonded to such a man are permitted to touch his male member, to suckle on it, and to kiss it without transgression. He will still feel as he feels now, but no possibility exists in him to enter lust. For the passions and the sex drive to not exist there. And no one has sex.

Lord, do not the people there wear clothes? How then can any woman there lay her hand upon her husband’s penis? As you can remove all your clothing here in this life, so also can every article of clothing you wear in the hereafter also be taken off. But decency in heaven does not permit such displays of flesh outside the eternal bond between a man and a woman there. Hence, the Virgin Mary shall reveal her nudity unto thee, but not to any other soul in heaven other than to the woman she is one with and with whom she shares you with for all eternity. And the three of you may be entirely naked with each other and roam the Queen’s Gardens together, and there shall be no sin.

Lord, I and my wife shall be beautiful, for we were born so, but what of the rest of humanity? What of other couples in heaven who may choose to stroll the Gardens in their privacy in the nude together? Will they also be beautiful to each other there in there nakedness together for all eternity?

Lord Azurite, a person in heaven is eternally according to how he was conceived, not how he developed in life or in the womb. Those gender freaks known as XY females or XX males do not exist as such in heaven. For the XY female is only female here because his genetics malfunctioned here in his development. And likewise so also is it with the XX male. In the eternity to come, the XY female is there as male, for his flesh is a perfect image according to the genetics he had at his conception. And the XX male is there as female, in accordance to how her genetics would have had it had they not been malformed. For the soul in eternity is bound to the body as it was at its conception. And any defect in that conception is removed. Any extra chromosomes that should not be there are not eternally designated as that soul’s genome. For each soul in eternity has an exactly perfect diploid set of human chromosomes. And each soul is either XY male or XX female for all eternity, a status that was eternally fixed at that soul’s conception according to the genetics it was eternally assigned.

Hence, each human being in heaven exists in the image that accords to the genetics it had at its conception, free of genetic error. I AM the Lord. But that does not mean that they will be beautiful there if they are not beautiful here. For perfect genetics does not mean that you are beautiful. Nor will the wounds and scars one received in life be removed in the body you have for eternity. For what the body suffered in its passage through life remains on it in eternity as an eternal testament of where it had been and what it had gone through.

But Lord, are fat people thin in heaven? And do people in heaven exist for all eternity at the age in which they died at, or at another age, perhaps that of the prime of a man or a woman’s natural life? No man or woman exists as they once did in life in heaven. Rather, each person’s flesh is eternally fixed according to how it was at its death. But as for you and your wife, who shall not die, because you both shall live until the end, the eternal state of you and your wife will be as it shall be when it is seen in the heavens the Coming of Jesus in the clouds. But the fat man who dies fat remains fat in heaven for all eternity, for his flesh does not change there, but is fixed according to how it was at his death. And whatever wounds or damages a person incurs in life, these wounds and damages remain with him in the eternity to come.

But do not people receive cures to all their conditions when they enter into heaven? For surely the cripple here is not crippled in heaven? And surely the blind man here sees in heaven? And surely the man who has lost his leg receives his leg back at the resurrection? Every cure under the sun is given to all Mankind at the resurrection. And whoever has lost members has them all back when he is brought back to life on that day and for all eternity. But obesity is not an illness that is cured. For obesity is rather a part of the character of that person. And that character is not taken away. And though all wounds are healed, all scars remain forever. For a person’s scars are part of his character. And that character is not taken away. And old age is not taken away, for old age is a part of a person’s character. Only the infirmities that come with old age no longer are present, for all infirmities are to be cured.

And so, will you and your wife and the Holy Virgin be roaming the gardens in the nude bodies of a man and two women in their sexual prime? No, for none of you will have exited your life in that state. And the Holy Virgin who conceived Jesus at the age of 15, was she not a woman in her forties at the time of His death? So no, lord Azurite, the Virgin Mary who is to be your eternal wife, and with whom you shall roam the gardens of heaven with together in the nude will not be of the form and flesh as she was when she was as a young woman pregnant with the God Incarnate. Rather, she will be with you as she was at the age she reached when she was assumed up to heaven. I AM the Lord. And likewise will you and your wife, who are young looking now, be much more advanced in age when you are nude together with the Virgin Mary roaming the gardens together in eternity. For before the end, you and your wife are to have five children, and all of these five are to be raised to adulthood to be holy adults. Therefore, the Second Coming does not occur to take you as you are now, still in your sexual vigor, but as you shall be some decades down the road, when that unknown day and hour, known only to the Father in heaven, is to come to pass. Amen.

And likewise will all couples I put together in the hereafter, while free to be fully nude with one another in the gardens they roam together in, they will, nevertheless, remain eternally at the age and state that they existed in at death.

Lord, will the males bonded with other males be permitted to roam the gardens together in the nude in that eternity? And what about the females bonded with other females? Yes, lord Azurite. For no one there is having sex. But this nudity is only permitted within those bonds. And not all are so bonded but only those who have become so in this life.

And O’ Lord, will the males bonded to other males be permitted to kiss their male partner in the mouth? And will the females bonded to other females be permitted to kiss their female partner in the mouth? Yes, for these are signs of affection. None of this is sinful. And it is not possible for any person to become sexually aroused or to achieve orgasm or to enter into lust. However, men will still have erections for that is naturally part of the male physiology. And women’s breasts will continue to swell and their nipples harden throughout the day, for this, too, is part of the woman’s natural physiology. These swellings are erections are natural and independent of sexual arousal, which will no longer occur.

Lord, what of the many who are unbonded? Do they roam the gardens in their nudity and solitude? For you have said the nudity in heaven may only be revealed with those to whom they are eternally bonded. No one who is unbonded in heaven may ever be nude with anyone there. I AM the Lord. For though a person in heaven may remove all his or her clothing, this may never be done in the presence of one with whom one is not in an eternal bond. Hence, there shall be no such thing as nudist beaches in heaven. Rather, those who are bonded and who wish to enter nudity with one another must leave the company of the community in heaven and enter those gardens in which only they, that bonded two or three, are eternally designated to own as their private place of refreshment and retirement. There they may enter, and there no eye may look upon them except My angels, who are spirit beings and who possess no body. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Lord, if men and women who are eternally bonded can be entirely nude with one another and freely touch one another, and men will continue to have erections according to their natural physiology, cannot these men and women enter intimate embraces? And cannot these men then press their erect penises against their women’s closed vaginas? Yes, all of that can and will occur there. But none of it shall contain sin. For there shall be no sexual lust in these acts. And there will be no possibility of sexual excitement or the achievement of orgasm. Hence, the pleasures that come to such people who kiss in that age will be of intimate tenderness, not the sensual excitement with hormones racing that occurs in couples who kiss one another in this world.

Hence the kisses you are to have on the mouth with the Virgin Mary will contain no sexual intimacy, but only consist of a pure and loving affection. The lips will continue to feel sensation. And mouths will continue to contain saliva. But the affects of such kisses will not cause any sexual response in the man or the woman. For sexuality will no longer be there. Nor will any man ever again be aroused. The penis may become erect in the presence of the woman, and the woman’s breasts may swell and her nipples harden in the presence of the man, for such is part of the natural physiology of men and women, and none of it is taken away. But none of these things occur sexually and no feelings of lust can ever be found between them.

Lord, what is it, then, that will prevent an erect man from thrusting his penis into his woman’s vagina? For by what nature are all vaginas in that age closed? The vaginas in that age will not respond to the penis as vaginas do in this age, lord Azurite. Rather, the vaginas in that age do not become receptive to accepting the entry of any foreign object into them. For there is no sex in that age. And no sex is possible. And no sex in that age ever occurs.

So, O’ Lord, I am son to Jesus, but I am also husband to His Mother? Correct, lord Azurite. Consider Jesus as the sole Monarch of the entire Kingdom. His Mother Mary is of the eternal rank of Queen Mother. And under her are the rest of Creation. You by marriage to this Queen are not made of the rank of King, but of Prince. For you are subordinate to her. And she rules over you. And to her are you eternally bound to obey. And the other woman in your bond of two women to one man, is eternally regarded as a Royal Concubine to you, for a man can never be recognized as having more than one wife. And the child begotten between you and Mary, the one called Hyacinth, is regarded in heaven as a Princess. And these five people, the Monarch, the Queen Mother, her Prince Husband who is son of the King, his Royal Concubine, and the Princess who was begotten by the Queen and the Prince, these five people shall be called the eternal inner Royal family. Everyone else in heaven is of an outer layer and more removed from the inner circle.

But Lord, what of John the Apostle? Is he not Your Beloved Disciple? Would he not therefore be as close to You as I and the rest of these in the Four? Only you Four have achieved the level of perfection to be admitted into My inner circle, known together with Me as this inner Royal Family. But John is indeed highly ranked in My Kingdom. And he is indeed close and dear to Me. But his level of perfection lacked that which was necessary to enter the Garden that I have granted to you Four alone together with Me for all eternity. Amen.

Lord, what of Hyacinth? Is she to enter an eternal bond with someone in heaven? Or is she to be unbonded there? Hyacinth has chosen celibacy and to be bonded only to Me. And though she is destined to enter a good marriage to a holy man in this life, and have a child by that marriage, her heart is with Me and she will enter no eternal bonds with any other soul but Me. I AM the Lord. Amen. And to Me all in heaven are in fact bonded. And to Me all in heaven are in fact wed. And it is not possible to enter into heaven without being married to Me eternally. But unlike the bonds that exist between between the elect, which are in the form of one to one or two to one, in the bonds of My eternal brides to Me, there shall never be permitted the level of intimacy that I permit to those bonds of the two or of the three where they may be with each other nude. For I do not, in My divine flesh, enter intimate nudity with any soul of Creation. Nor do I lay intimately with either a man or a woman, though all are eternally bonded to Me as My wives. For I Am holy. And no one may touch the divine being of My essence.

Lord, is not the Holy Virgin Mary known for her perfect and Immaculate sexual purity? How then does she kiss this virgin man known as the Azurite King? How does she become intimate with him? How does she become nude with him? These kisses and caresses and displays of intimacy she will have with you are of pure love only, lord Azurite. There is no sexual nature to these acts of affection. Nor does she defile herself by being with you, a man, because you are her man, and she has made you hers exclusively, sharing you only with the woman who is designated to know you as a wife in this world. And she is in no way competing with this woman for you, for the two women are of one mind and in complete agreement. For in the cases where two women are eternally bonded to one man, these two women so bonded, as a rule, are also eternally close to one another and in complete agreement with each other. For I never have it so that two women who are competitors are eternally bonded to the same man. Either it is one woman and one man, or two women intimately close bonded to one man. And then there are those bonds permitted between those who are of the same gender.

Lord, these bonds you have permitted between those of the same gender, a male to a male, or a female to a female, are these in any way homosexual? Homosexual males who desire the flesh never enter My Kingdom. But homosexual men who maintain perfect celibacy, or who exist in perfect platonic relationships with their partners are permitted to enter My Kingdom. As for lesbians, it is not possible for a woman to transgress by doing anything sexual with another woman. Nevertheless, nothing sexual happens in heaven. And neither do lesbians who enter therein continue to have sex. Nor is it to be assumed that a male is bonded to another male because he is a homosexual. Nor is it to be assumed that a female to female bond ever contained anything of a lesbian nature. And realize that the homosexual orientation is not correctly ordered. And nothing incorrect exists in My eternity.

This post now comes to an end. And you, lord Azurite, have much to contemplate. Therefore, publish this work now and then reread the entire thing, correcting all errors. Then you may go home. Amen.

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