Hyacinth is Azurite’s Daughter

God has thus decreed: Hyacinth is Eric’s Daughter.

Chronicles of Friendship, Book 1: Post IV:
Behold it is decreed and now written, Hyacinth is the daughter of Eric. Woe then to they who sought to separate father from daughter! For they will now be put to death. Woe to Mark who sought to make Hyacinth fatherless. Woe unto him. He will now be put to death and his own daughters made fatherless. And as Hyacinth was cast into destitution, so also shall now Mark’s daughters be so consigned, and scattered to the four winds, as their father is sent to the netherworld. Oracle of the Lord!

I shall wipe clean the House of Dunstan. And the nieces of Eric shall not be shown mercy. The nieces of Eric, though related to Eric by blood, shall be cast off with the death of their father, and sent away as orphans. For such is the Justice decreed against the one who sinned against Eric’s daughter. I AM the Lord! And Hyacinth, though not related to Eric by blood, shall be made his family.

For whosoever dares to separate father from daughter, he shall not live. He shall die. And his sin shall never be forgiven. So O’ Lord, the daughters of Mark, will they then not be saved? They cannot be. For they were raised by Mark to be sluts. For Mark is the father of sluts and of the harlots of this world. Cursed is Mark, Cursed is he. Cast out of every good job has he become. But now he shall die.

For My wrath is a blazing furnace. And I do not save those who sin against My little ones. It were better for them were they to have been cast into the sea with a millstone round their neck. I Who Am have spoken. Hence, all of the House of Dunstan shall now fall but Eric alone. All of them shall now be put to death. For they have committed a crime against My love. And for this they must die. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Lord, You have said I am now to receive a wife. Correct, Eric. Both you and Hyacinth have passed the test. For Hyacinth, I Am placing a man in her path who shall be from Me. She is to marry him and by him she will have a child. As for you, Eric, a woman of Our choosing is to be made your wife. And to her shall be granted the fruitfulness to bear you three sons and two daughters. The house in which you currently live shall suffice for the size of this family. And I AM giving you the house.

Lord, please tell me what I am. In past posts it was claimed I was the Elijah of the Second Coming. And I transgressed as Oracle by passing Satanic things on as the Words from God. But tell Me, O’ Lord, what am I? You are father to Hyacinth. And your fatherhood to Hyacinth is now written in My Book.

You will be used as a source of edification for My people. For My people are edified by the words I write through you. And furthermore, the things you wrote in the past, regard them not. For now you know Me and you now discern Me correctly. I forgive you for your past transgressions.

Eric, the medications you used to take, now you know the badness they were causing you. Yes, O’ Lord, for some years ago under the medications, suddenly my erections seemed to vanish. But now that I have completely ended all the medications I was on, all my erections have returned. And my mind is now perfectly clear.

Because you have obeyed Me and kept what was commanded of thee, you have prevailed and Hyacinth has prevailed with you. That is why she is forever called your daughter. For she prevailed with you and because you did not fail Me. You, Eric, are the father of a holy woman, whereas Mark is the father of sluts. Mark transgressed when he tried to end the love that was between you and her. And he thought it was a kind of infatuation, as he has had with one of his many sluts. Instead, the love that was between you and Hyacinth has always been as that between a father and a daughter. It was always a fatherly love you held for this woman. And she reached out to you as an orphan. And that is why We have now declared it officially that you are this woman’s father. For you have been father to her. And your fatherhood is true.

Regard it now, Eric, that you have found friendship in this daughter. And she is saved because you did not reject her. And such is why the husband of this woman, the one We give to her, shall also call her Hyacinth. For Hyacinth is the name given to her by her true father. You are her true father. Mark, the father of sluts, is false father to his daughters. For he leads them to become harlots and sinners like himself. None of Mark’s issue shall come live with you when he is dead. For My Justice will not allow it. I took from him his financial success because he was loathsome to Me. He attributed to himself the high wages he used to earn, and used them to say he was better than you. And now he scrounges for scraps with the dogs. I brought him low, Eric, to observe this worm before I kill him.

Mark failed as a father. He is a transgression in My sight. The two daughters he adopted, because his wife was of a previous marriage that I did not recognize as over, he also led to grow up to be sluts. For Mark takes little girls and teaches them to be sluts. The adopted daughter who became the worse slut shall die with Mark and his own two daughters. For Mark is condemned to have no issue that survives. But the other adopted daughter, the older one, she shall be reconciled with her true father, a Jew, who was not part of the transgression by which his wife decided to leaven him and go marry another man. And I will bring restoration back to his house, and he will have consolation in his daughter, who will have returned. But the woman who was known by two men, the second one by adultery, this one who Mark thinks of as his wife, shall also die. She will die because her cunt knew two dicks when only one of them belonged to her husband.

But I AM giving you a wife, Eric. And through this wife the House of Dunstan shall be restored. Those who transgressed, who were not worthy of living in that house with you, these shall be terminated. And you and your wife will live there and raise five holy children to adulthood. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Lord, was it from You that I was prophesied never to die? Eric, I bless you with the blessing that you will live to see Me coming in the clouds. Hence, you shall not die. And the woman I Am giving you is like you and similarly blessed. She is the virgin We told you of who wished to have a virgin husband. And We are now giving you to her. All previous thoughts you had of who was to be your wife, understand them to have been as visions in the night. For they were a form of prophetic fiction. The test you needed to pass to receive your wife you have passed. No more conditions do We place upon you that you need to attain to receive her.

Lord, I thank you for the woman You are giving me. And I will accept her and take her when she is given, in accordance to Your law. Yes you shall. And this is how you shall lay with her. She will lay on her back and you shall be above her. You will not lust upon one another’s nudity. Hence you shall douse the lights and enter under the covers when you enter into the sacred conjugal act. For this is the woman you are to love as your wife. You are not to treat her as Mark treats the slut wife he has sex with.

And this post now comes to its conclusion. You have passed the test. You have a daughter that We recognize and have recorded in Our Book. And you, a virgin man, shall be given to virgin who wanted such a man. And the rest of your family that currently lives I shall slaughter. They will no longer be permitted to live. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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