Eric and his wife shall mate

As in the mating of swans shall these two virgins mate and produce the prophesied son.

Chronicles of Friendship, Book 1: Post III:
Eric, do you not already know that the girl you are to wed has seen in the store the ring you shall buy her, which you shall purchase from that same store at the full price, not the sale price, and have it fitted for the ring fingers of both her hands while she is there with you, and you buy it in her presence? And be aware, lord Azurite, the ring you are destined to buy her is indeed a ring of diamonds of blue.

In the very first act of love by which you two virgins lose the virginity in which you were born into this world with, the child who is destined to be born to you shall be conceived by that very act in which two virgins were joined. And you are permitted to make love with your wife as often as you and she may please. And always in every act in which you come together, you will come together entirely in the nude, neither of you shall wear any bit of cloth. And always shall it be that you are to be above and she is to be below. All other details, let them come and happen as they shall so come to occur. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Lord Azurite, I, the Lord God of Hosts, together with My Most cherished Mother, the Holy Virgin Mary, have decided the very destination where you two lovebirds are destined to spend your honeymoon. On the island of Kauai, in the state of Hawaii, at the Catholic Church known as Saint Raphael, the very self same church you attended Sunday Mass at with your father, on Divine Mercy Sunday in 2006, while you were in Hawaii to attend the Protestant wedding of your brother, who married outside the Church, at that self same Catholic Church you attended all those years ago, you and your newlywed wife will be ordered to go, as pilgrims, so that you can return to the place of triumph, some 15 years later, with the bride you shall have wed. And there you two shall offer worship to Me and give Me thanks. I AM the Lord. Amen. And after you have worshiped Me and given Me My due thanks, I will permit you and your wife to play. And you shall then go where you like. And you shall do as you please. And you shall enjoy the rest of your vacation in Hawaii as the newlywed couple that you two shall be. Amen.

Eric, with you I AM well pleased. There is no greater pleasure in My sight than to see the love that shall come to be between a couple We have prepared in advance for this union over many years and decades. For from the time your wife was born, she was singled out to be made your wife. And through all those years as she was made into a woman, We trained you, lord Azurite. We perfected you. We made you into the perfection that in you We have now achieved. For the wedding you are to enter into with your wife will be the most celebrated wedding in the history of the Kingdom of Heaven. No one shall be permitted to see it, but Me and My Virgin Mother, along with all the host in heaven. For the wedding We have planned for you, lord Azurite, is to be a most extraordinary, but fully sacramental, marriage, carried out with full authority in the Catholic Church. For no one has the authority to officiate at any Catholic wedding but a priest who has been properly ordained. I WHO AM Am such a priest. For I AM High Priest. And it is I WHO AM Who established the priesthood. And the highest priest, the pope, is My Vicar. It is I, Jesus Christ, founder of the Roman Catholic Church, Who Am full resurrected and alive, and with supreme authority over all My Catholic Church, and over the whole world, Who shall officiate at your wedding, lord Azurite, and declare you and your bride officially and sacramentally wed.

And yet, Church requirements have need of two witnesses, two who are alive and who are fully capable of witnessing to the identity of the two who are to be married. I Who Am and Who govern My Church, do decree that for this wedding, it will suffice and satisfy all Church law for the two witnesses who are to witness at your wedding to be Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, and My Holy Virgin Mother Mary, both of whom are full alive and united to Our bodies. For I Who Am rose from the dead on the third day, and seven weeks later, ascended into heaven. And Mary, the Holy Virgin, is declared infallibly under papal infallibility, to have been assumed up to heaven at the moment of her death, whereby she already enjoys the resurrection with Me in heaven. And the two of Us shall descend from heaven and witness the wedding that I shall perform. And I shall instruct My angel, and he shall write in full, the official wedding certificate that will certify without a doubt that the wedding between you and your bride has occurred. And he shall then be ordered to deliver this wedding document to Saint Bruno Catholic Church, in which it will be officially recorded that this wedding will have, by divine intervention, occurred. And this wedding certificate, containing the official signatures of the two witnesses, Me and Mary, will henceforth become more famous and held more sacred among the treasures of the Catholic Church than the Shroud of Turin and the Tilma of Guadalupe. I AM the Lord. Amen.

After you and your wife have been so wed, We, Me and My Mother Mary, along with all My host in heaven, shall then depart from you. And My angel shall remain to instruct you both. And you shall be told that this wedding is both official and may not be redone anywhere. And furthermore, you shall be instructed to, that evening, to lay with your wife, and so consummate the wedding. For at the hour you are to lay with her, on the day We make this wedding, the son We have predestined to come is to be conceived in the womb of the wife We give thee. Amen. And that wedding date, the date We from all eternity have predestined the two of you to wed, shall be on Sunday, August 15, 2021, the Feast Day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Hence, in fifty days time, you and your bride shall be wed and you and your bride shall join into the marital embrace to make this child. And everything you do shall be done exactly as I have instructed thee, lord Azurite.

Lord Azurite, this is not a dream. For what you have been now told is part of the decrees of predestination that are eternally written in the Book of Life which belongs to the Lamb Who was slain from the foundation of the world. I AM the Lord. Amen. And these decrees are both eternal and unalterable. They shall be fulfilled and no power on earth, under the earth, nor in heaven shall stop nor prevent the things that have been ordained from the foundation of the earth from coming to pass. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My Word shall never pass away.

Now go, lord Azurite. You shall now eat and then walk to the bank to cash your check. And there are things that you shall do today that you must take care of. It is I Who AM Who shall bring you to the woman. And it is I Who Am Who shall make all that I have said that is to come to pass here in this post come to pass exactly as I have had you write it. This post now comes to its conclusion. You are hereby ordered to publish it, for it is complete. Furthermore, lord Azurite, it is when the girl wishes to receive the kiss, that you shall kiss her in the mouth and break the spell. This post is now complete. Publish it, lord Azurite, and then go to eat. Amen.

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