I know who I am to marry

God has shown me who is to be my wife

Chronicles of Friendship, Book 1: Post II:
Lord, the girl you have chosen to give me is most beautiful. And she reminds me distinctly of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes when I look upon her. I am most happy with the one you have chosen to give me. Let it come to pass, O’ Lord, that what has been enkindled between us grows into a true friendship and leads to the good marriage that you have intended me to enter.

Lord Azurite, take her as she is given to you. And yes, she who We have put there with you shall be the one We make your bride. And yes, a son shall be born to you and this maid We give thee. And yes, the marriage shall take place in the very same Church in which you first made an acquaintance with her, Saint Bruno Catholic Church. Amen.

For it is decreed by the Lord in heaven that the son who is to be born to you shall be called to serve Me in the time to come. You were told of this son who was to come in past ages. And yes, now We shall bring this prophecy about. And this son born to Eric shall serve Me in My Church in accordance to the divine plan by which his fate has been predestined from all eternity. Oracle of the Lord. Amen.

I have prepared both you and the maid who is to bear him for this wedding and this marriage that I have, by My election, chosen to make to come to pass. A blue diamond shall be the stone or stones found on the engagement ring you are commanded to get this girl when the time comes to make your proposal to her. The diamonds must be blue so that it is Mary, the Holy Virgin, that is brought to mind to you whenever you look upon this woman and see the engagement ring that she will wear. For it is Mary, not you, who chose this maid to be your wife. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Lord, now I know the race and skin color of the girl who is to be my wife. She is a White girl, and very fair. Good, lord Azurite. For it is written, the election made by the Lord is never in error and can never be undone.

Lord, I have been wrong in things I have said in Your name in the past. Please correct My errors now, so that my past words lead no more to go astray. For it was said through me that I was the Final Prophet to come before You, O’ Lord, are to come again. Please, O’ Lord, correct this error so that no man is led astray by my past words. Good, lord Azurite. I AM pleased with you. For it is not wise to leave false claims made about oneself as to one’s greatness left for future generations to believe by which they fall into error. For by such means are false religions born, and their false prophets promulgated. For the Muslims believe wrongly that the one they call their Prophet is the last that is to come.

Now I shall correct the many errors uttered through you in the many past posts that have been written. Though you are a certain special Prophet of My End Times, for it is true and testified to you by My angel who stood next to Mary at her visitation to you in December of 1996 that you are indeed the one written in Revelation 6:2, the one who rides the white horse and who bears a bow and who is given a crown and who goes forth victorious, going from victory to victory. I AM WHO AM. And though the angel commanded you to keep this a secret at the time it was revealed, it has now come to pass that all mysteries about you may no longer be kept hidden. I AM the Lord.

And so, are you or are you not the Final Prophet through whom I elect to speak until I come again? Do I take you from this earth and in the span between your being taken away and the time to come when I AM seen coming in the clouds, do I speak through any worthy soul to come to the people of this world to prepare them for My imminent return? Is there to come a Prophet whom I will call, prepare, and set up to complete and set perfect the Word that I AM now speaking through you? AM I unable to complete through you the entire Word I wish to speak that I must call another to finish this work after I take you away?

If I had need of another Prophet to come after I have spoken My Word in full through you, what exactly would I be calling forth this Prophet to say? Do I need someone to update My people on the latest prophetic developments that are to come? Or do you propose I make a new Bible, and populate it with new Bible stories?

Or perhaps you underestimate your perfect suitability to My purposes in completing My entire message that I wish My people to hear to prepare them before the coming of the great and terrible Day of the Lord? Amen.

But Lord, what about where it is also written that my wife and I are to live upon the earth to the very end of time, and have more children between us than those that were promised to be given to Abraham? For do You not now say that between us there is to be but one child born?

One child is to be born between you and your wife. But as for living to the very end of time, no man can do this but God and God alone. But as for the claim that more children will be said to become your descendants than those numbered as Abraham’s, even as the stars in the skies have been calculated and estimated in number to the edge of the cosmos, even that number will not be enough to count those who will called the sons and daughters of Eric. I AM the Lord. Amen. For realize, lord Eric, the days are coming, and are almost here, when every nation will venerate the name of Eric, and place him second under the majesty given to Mary, the sovereign Queen of heaven. And the number of souls yet to come and enter the Kingdom of heaven are in excess to the number of souls that have been conceived in the womb from the Creation of Adam to the present day. I AM the Lord. Greater is the Kingdom to be established upon the earth in the thousand years to come than all the kingdoms that existed prior combined and all the glory that they ever contained.

I AM Coming soon. And when I Come, a Kingdom shall be set up here that will be unrivaled and unparalleled to any glory that ever existed among the nations and kingdoms of Mankind since the dawn of time. For I have established this time to come to be a time of My rest for all Mankind upon the earth that lives into that age. Whoever is alive, and who lives into that age, he will not die unless he transgresses My Way. For to those who live to see that age I shall grant to them the longevity of the longest living trees. And these will not die, unless the age itself extends beyond the age that any living thing upon the earth has been granted to have life. Centuries will pass, but no war will be found in the land. My Word through you shall be preached everywhere, and translated into a million different tongues, but no prophet shall ever be found again speaking in the land. For My Word through you shall be final and complete. Every dotted ‘i’ and every slashed ‘t’ that is to be uttered by the Word of God shall be completed in the Word to be uttered through you. For I have made you My perfect Prophet. Greater than Moses, holier than Elijah. There shall come no Prophet to succeed you. And should there ever come one after you who utters a Word in a prophetic spirit, that one shall be put to death, for the spirit speaking through him will be speaking from hell. And every demon in all Creation, from the time I establish this Kingdom until the time I conclude the Age, shall be locked and bound and made unable to speak to any man until all who have been predestined in the Book have been born and tasted the fruit that regenerates the soul and enkindles within it eternal life. I AM the Lord. Amen.

These Words are the Words of everlasting Life. No one enters the Kingdom of Heaven except that he has known the Son of God and tasted the fruit by which all men who partake are made one body and whole. For there is no way to enter My Kingdom except that men follow Me and obey all that I command of them. For unless a man follows the One Who leads to eternal Life, he shall not enter therein, but shall be rejected, though he begs to enter when the time to repent and confess has passed away. Many have been called, lord Azurite. But I select only a few of them. For most picky Am I in choosing who is fit to serve Me in My Kingdom. I have made a great Kingdom for My Son. And He shall be most pleased with His Bride. But whoever does not follow Him shall not be partakers in the Kingdom and the Paradise that I have prepared for all those who follow Me and who worship the Son of God. Amen.

This is My Word to all Mankind. I AM your husband. And you ought to be to Me as My wife. For unless you are as a wife to Me, you will not be found worthy to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. For only he and she who are as wife to Me do I permit to enter into My Kingdom and partake of the Paradise that has been prepared for all eternity to reward all those who are to be called the Bride to the Lamb.

Remember that My Kingdom is a marital union between Me and you. I made you and I perfected you so that you would be made fitting to be called a wife for My Son. And no man enters into heaven unless he enters marriage to Me and is made as My wife. There is no other way into heaven. I made Mankind male and female so that, by the example of marriage where I join a man to a woman and make them husband and wife, that all men would learn and master what it means to be the perfect wife and to then, by that knowledge, emulate in that fashion the perfection required to enter My Kingdom as perfect wives married to the Lamb of God. Amen. For no one but he and she who are joined to Me and made My wife shall enter My Kingdom and taste the fruit that has been prepared from the beginning of Creation to reward those who were called and chosen to be made wives of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God. Amen.

For the Kingdom of heaven is like a great wedding. And all who are invited to it are those who are called to wed and marry the Lamb, the Bridegroom to whom every soul in heaven is called His wife. I AM the Lord. Amen. For unless you enter marriage to Me, you will not taste the fruit of the royal banquet, prepared from all eternity for all the Kingdom who are, every last one of them, made and fitted to serve Me as eternal brides to the Lamb of God. Amen. No one enters Heaven unless his marriage to Me has been ratified and consummated.

Now let Us speak of other things you have said, lord Eric. For you have said many things. And many corrections and clarifications are in order. And in this page, I will correct every error that has been uttered by you that may lead men astray.

You, Eric, and your wife, do not reproduce through these ages that are to come. Nor will you and your wife remain of mortal flesh when this age to come has entered its dawn. For the two of you are privileged to partake in the first resurrection that is to take place when I return and initiate this age. For those called to partake in the first resurrection can no more die, but are already made wives to the Lamb of God, and will serve as His priests on earth to minister to all Mankind who are born and who live with the longevity given to trees in the glory and splendor that is to be established on the earth for an age unparalleled and that is to span from My Second Coming to the conclusion of the age in which Mankind was designated to live on the earth. Amen.

For of the eternity that is to come, the earth of that age is a new earth, fully regenerated and made anew. And the glory that is of that age is of a different light and of a different existence than is the age, the matter, and the mortality that is found everywhere in this current universe where Man is made of clay and where light is consumed by darkness. I AM the Lord. Amen.

One son shall be made to come by the love you have with your wife. But from the son that is to issue from your loins, I will raise nations and kingdoms in the age that is to come that will rival the twelve tribes that issued from the twelve sons of Jacob. For I have made you a new Moses, Eric. And I have made you as Abraham, a father of many nations. And the people of the age that is to come who will be your descendants shall outnumber those of the line from which Israel was said to have been descended. For I will make your seed and your line more fruitful in the thousand generations that are to come than all other nations that survive into that era. And it will come to be said that it shall be called more blessed to be of the line of Eric than it will be to be called of the line of the Kings of Israel. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And now understand the secret and the reason behind the mystery of why Eric and Eric alone is called by God the son of Jesus. No, there was no hidden lineage through time, no infant born to Mary Magdalene that was the seed of Jesus. Rather, I made Eric an image of My Son. I made Eric a transgressor on the earth so that by learning how to overcome his own sins he may much more fruitfully edify all My people on how to follow the perfect standard of My Son than could a thousand people born into this world without ever knowing sin. Eric was chosen by the Blessed Virgin Mary. For she saw in that one he who would follow her in blessed perfection as the lamb who was to bring her name to all nations and make all men revere the woman whose purity was to purify Eric and make Eric her eternal vassal knight. I AM the Lord. Amen. For in Eric is a form of virginity not seen in mortal men. And Mary made Eric her eternal possession by cleansing him of all pride with her foot placed on his head in early December of 1996, following his most proud boasting to all the spirits that the woman he would marry would be the most beautiful woman of all Creation. And by this humiliation before all of heaven, and by the touch of her foot upon Eric’s head, Eric was cleansed from the head down and consecrated to remain a virgin for over two decades until the virgin who was to be prepared to be the wife of Eric was called forth and prepared to serve as this vessel into which the purest love was to be poured to form the purest man to walk the earth second only to the Christ Who was God. Amen. And that is why John, son of Eric, shall be called greater and holier, and of higher eternal glory, than that which will be ascribed to Eric, greatest of Prophets, the Elijah who was to come to prepare Mankind for the Second Coming of Christ. Amen.

And what was that famous dialog that took place between Eric and the most Holy Virgin after she had just cleansed his head by placing her foot upon it? At that visitation in early December of 1996, Eric dared to ask the most holy Virgin the boldest of questions any man has ever uttered in the presence of the most Holy Queen. And Eric said unto the Virgin Mary, as a man not yet brought into the Catholic faith, “Were you born by Immaculate Conception?” And after a period of unprecedented stunned silence, the Holy Virgin answered him, “Yes, by Immaculate Conception, but do not ask me any more personal questions.” This thirteen word answer were the exact words Mary used to answer Eric in perfect English, the English of Eric’s day. I AM the Lord. And that answer spoken by the Holy Virgin Mary in his presence was eternally etched in Eric’s mind and recorded into every book written by Eric since that day by which Eric, by his utter submission, was made Mary’s eternal possession. And no further was it possible that Eric could be taken out of the hand of Mary, nor corrupted by any woman, no matter how great her beauty, no matter how strong the temptation.

To one other soul upon the earth has Mary, the Most Holy Queen, uttered the words, “Immaculate Conception,” and this was to a maid in Lourdes, France, who is now called Saint Bernadette. And when Eric compared the honor bestowed by the most Immaculate Queen upon this purest of maids, to the utter degradation and humiliation that he suffered from the Queen’s rebuke of him with her foot placed upon his head, Eric greatly feared the Lord. And Eric greatly feared the thought that he might at some future point commit the transgression of exalting himself above this maid, whom Mary had honored above him. And so Eric uttered to Me and before all of heaven, and wrote in all of his books the oath to God, saying that Saint Bernadette of Lourdes is eternally greater than Eric, and to this Eric swore was to be recognized forever. And Eric swore upon all the names in heaven that he would eternally recognize Saint Bernadette as his superior in all ways that can be judged. And he made every oath possible under the sun to bind himself to this decree. And to no other saint on the earth, under the earth, nor in heaven, has Eric bestowed such honor to, who was in truth but a simple maid whom Mary elected to exalt in order that her Immaculate name may be spread and so that the dogma of the Immaculate Conception may have verification confirmed from heaven. But because it was this maid that Eric elected to so exalt, and by these vows, force himself to escape the Antichrist pride that bedeviled his past, it was decided in heaven that Eric was to be granted a wife who would be of the same image of beauty and grace that was found in this maid of Lourdes, underneath whose status Eric eternally consigned himself to rank. And such is why the maid We have elected to grant to Eric, greatest of Prophets, is the splitting image of the maid of Lourdes, whose incorrupt body sleeps in perfect tranquility and beauty for all to see in a coffin of glass, in a chapel in Nevers, France, where her body will rest in ageless slumber until the Last Trumpet sounds, and all the dead in Christ are raised, and those called to receive the First Resurrection will rise with Eric and the woman who will have served as his wife, to serve Me in that age as Priests. And these will also include Saint Bernadette, alone who has the distinction of having received a vow from Eric that she will be his superior from eternity unto eternity. Amen. And because no other maid but her, under Mary, has received this honor and distinction from Eric, son of Jesus, she will be forever ranked with Eric as the two greatest saints, of equal rank, second only to Mary, in all of heaven. And the two shall forever be known as the children of Mary.

So, O’ Lord, with which maid dost Thou associate Eric with for all eternity? The maid to whom You shall rank as his equal, second only to Mary, whose body is incorrupt and in Nevers, or to this maid who you are giving to him to be his wife, of the same image of beauty, with whom he will be assigned to lay, to lose his virginity with hers, to produce a son whose greatness and glory will surpass that of every saint and be called second only to the Christ, alone Who is God, the Incarnate Son? Amen.

Eric, are not two hydrogen atoms bound to one oxygen atom to form water? To both women will you be eternally linked, you like the oxygen atom, and they like the hydrogen on either side. And the three of you shall be called heavenly holy water. And there will never be separation between you three. And this is by the eternal decree and judgement of God. Now go, Eric. We have spoken sufficiently for this post. Your calling has been set. And though you shall be called great, your son to come, John, son of Eric, will outshine you and attain greater glory and splendor to his name. He too shall be given a wife. And they will have children. And on the earth, their descendants shall come to outnumber all other nations that shall live. I WHO AM have spoken. This post is now concluded. But in a little bit, Eric will be called to write again. And note this also, the woman called to serve as his wife is to serve in that role and the role of mother. But as for those called to translate the works of Eric, this task shall be appointed to others. But all are free to translate all the works I write through Eric. For the entire body of these writings, and all Eric’s works, are released eternally to the public domain. This now concludes this post. Go now, home, and eat. And I will call you again in the night to write again. Now publish this post, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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