There is either friendship, or there is nothing.

When all is said and done, either you have a friend, or you have nothing.

Chronicles of Friendship, Book 1: Post I:
There is a way into heaven, and it is through friendship. And there is no other way into that place of rest, except by having a friend. A man who has many friends, or who regards many to be his friends, will say to you that many go to heaven. But the man who has few friends will say that only a few go to heaven. And the man who does not possess friendship with anyone will also think that there will be no one making it with him but himself to wherever he thinks he is going to make it to. If you have neglected friendship for gold, you have basically chosen a rock as your companion instead of a human being. And if you find no person in this world to be your friend, how will you hope to attain a friend in the world to come? For what is there to serve in this world, other than to serve a friend? Can any joy come to you anywhere in this world, if you have no friend to share your joy with?

For whatever pursuit you pursue in this world, if it is not done with a friend, for a friend, or to serve a friend, it is done for nothing. For unless you have a friend, neither do you have a purpose. Lord, I, Eric Robert Dunstan, have passed through life, and reached the age of 51, without ever having a friend. Acquaintances I have had. Friendly words I have had with strangers. But there has never been a soul in my life who has been my friend. Amen. And now I see that there is no pathway for me to enter heaven, for there is no way to enter heaven, unless one possesses a friend. For what is heaven, unless it consists of friendships there? And of what value is it to watch any movie, if the friendships portrayed in them have no meaning to me? For if there is nothing in this world by which I know the meaning of friendship, then my passage through this world has ultimately been a failure. And for whatever it was that I thought I had accomplished, it was done as an empty work.

Lord, I have prophesied in Your name, but love I have never known. And whatever the purpose behind my thoughts, that I failed to obtain any friend, so also did all these thoughts fail to serve a single purpose. Lord, were You to send me a friend, whatever the gender, whatever the age, I would treasure that friend and I would be friend to him or her forever. If friendship You gave me, a friend I would make myself to whomever you sent to me. And true friendship, if it is possible, I know can never be obtained with many, but only with a few, or with one. Lord, please send me a friend, and I will be friend to the one You send to me. Give me a friend, and I will know then salvation.

Eric, I AM your friend. And in Me you have eternal friendship. But I will do as you say. I will send you to be a friend to My servant, to whom I have promised a husband. In her you shall obtain friendship. And by her I will give you a son. And with her you shall come to know a purpose beyond the pursuits of higher learning, or the advancement of your career. For no one serves any purpose in My Kingdom, except that first they have friendship in Me. For friendship is good, Eric, but focus first on My friendship. And then all other things that you need shall be given to you. I AM the Lord. Amen.

For no one who is given a true friend obtained that friendship, except that I gave that friend to him. And if all true friendship comes from Me, Am not I to be considered better than anything that you may possess besides Me? It is good to have a true friend, Eric. And I will now give you her. But remember, Eric, no one has true friendship unless I AM first among all their friends. Therefore, take her whom I will bring to thee, but never think that her friendship is better than Mine. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Lord, I have prophesied for you in previous posts, but the words that came from me were without fulfillment. Go and take your rest, Eric. In your rest, it will come to you that you need only obey My command. You do not need to understand what I command you to write. Nor is it required that the Word I write through you to come to pass in order for you to remain My servant through whom I have chosen to speak.

But as to whether you shall have an unusual sex life with the one I AM giving you, regard all such messages as those whose origins are Satanic. For I tell you Truthfully. I give you to live. And when I choose the time, I will bring you to die. And in that short life I give you, the one who truly accomplishes something of value, in My eyes, is he who put Me first. And if having a thousand friends makes you think everyone is going to heaven, then perhaps you are in possession of too many friends.

Consider these things now, as I have you sleep. And when you awaken, I will have a Word with you by which you will know that friendship with Me is better than friendship with the whole world. This post now comes to its end. And realize this, lord Azurite. There is no value in having a wife if that becomes your focus, and you never turn again to focus on Me. But I AM pleased that you are no longer impure. And to prove that I have the power, when you now go to bed, a deep sleep shall come upon thee. And when I bring you out of that sleep, then you will know that no one goes to heaven unless they obey the Lord, whether they are friendless or in possession of one or many friends. Amen. And you obey Me. Hence, you are My friend. But as for the rest of this world, those who never come to Me here, I will never come to them there when they cry out in anguish and torment in the fiery torment of the age that is to come. Amen. This post is now complete. Publish it. And realize this also, no one who is My friend is ever without friends. I WHO AM have spoken. Amen.

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