Eric is a celibate man

A girl shall be given to Eric, Our celibate servant. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XLI:
To the Lord has Eric made the following vows: Eric has chosen to walk with Me the celibate path, and to retain his current state of virginity. And yet Eric has also granted to God that if God commanded him to enter marriage, he would do so, and that if commanded to enter sexual union with his wife, he would do so as instructed by God. Amen. This effectively makes Eric eternally celibate and virgin unless instructed by God to do otherwise. Amen.

What form of celibate man, therefore, do We, the Lord of Hosts, thus classify Eric as? Eric is a perfectly celibate man, but one not under Religious Order vows that do not permit such redirection coming from the Lord. For the man or woman who enters a Religious Order, making the formal vow of celibacy to enter that Order, is not free to alter course and to marry. Such a soul is permanently yoked into his celibate vocation, and no change to this is he permitted to make. Amen.

So also is it the case for a man who is made a bishop. For it is not permitted for a bishop to enter a marriage. A priest, on the other hand, has been subject to various marital restrictions. And the restrictions of the Roman Rite is that no married man may enter the priesthood, and that no priest may marry. Exceptions exist here, though, for married male clerics who convert and enter the Catholic Church from other Churches. It is in these exceptions only that you may find a married priest in the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church. The Eastern Rites that permit married priests, however, do not permit them to marry after ordination, but only prior to it. And once ordained, no Catholic cleric is permitted to contract a new marriage, whether a deacon, a priest, or a bishop. Amen. For the call to Holy Orders is a holy calling, and those who are called, are called to walk a higher path, to live by a higher standard, but to also receive a higher reward in the hereafter.

But do not look at the priesthood of the Catholic Church as something to be decided on your own, by considering your personal life goals and what you wish to achieve in this life. For the calling to the priesthood is made by God, not by Man. God calls who God calls to the priesthood. And only those who God calls are to seek entry. And if God calls a man to the priesthood, the man so called must not view his calling as one of his career options. Rather, if God calls you to the priesthood, you are to enter the priesthood, and you are not to attempt to choose a different calling or a different path. For God never errs in His call of a man to whatever vocation He calls him to. But unlike all other vocations, the call to the priesthood is an irreversible calling. If a man is called to be a priest, he is to be a priest. And he cannot choose later not to be a priest. And he cannot choose later to no more be a priest.

There is the process provided by the Catholic Church whereby a man who is a priest can be laicized and restored to having the status like that of the laity, and, with the permission of the pope, be permitted to contract marriage like a layman in the Catholic Church. There is also the process whereby a priest can be subject to a suspension from duties and authorities that he had as a priest as punishment for serious transgressions, but restored to him later upon signs of repentance. And these processes apply to all the clerics of the Catholic Church. However, the graces imparted upon the priest at his ordination can never be undone. For the sacrament of Holy Orders imparts a permanent spiritual mark upon the soul of the one who validly receives it. And this mark can never be removed. Therefore, the priest who seeks laicization is going against the calling God has made for him. And no guarantee is made to any priest that goes through the process of laicization that the permission to marry will be granted to him. For the permission for a priest to marry can only be granted by the pope. And no true return to the status of layman can he ever attain. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Lord, is not the priest and the Religious called to a higher form of celibacy than the form that I have entered into with You, O’ Lord? For in the form I have entered with You, there is reserved the possibility that You might elect to have me marry and have offspring. But for the priest and the Religious, this possibility is not permitted them, except through a means that involves departing from their calling and forfeiting the status and position that they once had by their calling. And even for these, though they may go through that process and exit their calling, neither the priest nor the Religious that returns to the lay kind of status is guaranteed that he will be granted the permission to marry. Amen.

Eric, I do not have you come under the dominion of a priest, a bishop, or an abbot, nor any other servant of mine, except for the submission to authority that is your calling as a layman in My Catholic Church. For the power that speaks through you is not to be subject to men, but only to Me. Therefore, you may not enter a Religious Order, nor swear or vow obedience to any other man in this world, but only to Me alone, and to Mary My Mother, to whom you are eternally sworn to serve and obey. No power may censure My Word through you. And no power may silence it. For I WHO AM speak through you. And I WHO AM shall govern and control everything that is written through you from now on.

Do not think, therefore, that your status and glory as a virgin and a celibate man, which I regard you as in full, shall ever be taken away from you, nor that it shall ever be the case that you shall forfeit any reward or glory by you obeying My command that you take the woman I give you and that you lay with her as I command you to. For just as My Mother retains the eternal status of the Holy Virgin, which she truly is, though she was called to true Motherhood to bear the God Incarnate, your place among My 144,000 Virgin First Fruits remains in your eternal possession, though you will in life lose your virginity as commanded from above when the girl who is to be placed into your protection you are commanded to impregnate so that she may bear a son who will be called to a greater glory than that to which I have called you.

Yes, the one to be called ‘son of Eric’ is destined to surpass Eric in glory and greatness. But as for you, lord Azurite, you are My Final Prophet upon the earth. And there will rise no Prophet to succeed you, for you do not sleep until I Come again, nor does the Word cease to be spoken though you until it is seen in the heavens of My Coming in the clouds. And of the Players, only one Player comes after you, the one to serve Me as your wife, and she will live with you and remain on the earth with you, translating every Word I utter through you in English into perfect divinely inspired Hebrew. She will not leave your side until Dawn comes on the Day of the Resurrection of all the dead. I AM the Lord. Amen. For it is commanded of the naval officers, that the captain goes down with the ship. Hence, you, the captain I have assigned to speak upon the earth until the End, will remain upon this earth until everything I intend to achieve in the race of Mankind in time has been achieved.

Therefore, you and the wife I shall give to you shall be called an immortal couple. For neither age nor decay shall corrupt your flesh nor remove the beauty that will be established for you and your wife in the eternal dominion I station you both in until I Come again. Amen. And an angel shall be stationed over you two. As I stationed the cherub to guard the door to the gate to Eden, so also do I station an angel to stand guard over you. And he shall guard you both. And he shall protect you as the door to Eden was so protected. And as no man on earth ever found nor passed that door, no man or woman who seeks to harm you shall find themselves still alive after that attempt. And you and your wife shall be an indivisible unit to Me. For until the End, I shall prophesy through you in English. And every Word that come from you, your wife shall translate into perfect Hebrew. And this union shall persist until every power upon the earth has been subdued and every head on earth has entered eternal obedience to the Lord.

And do not count the years to the End, lord Azurite. For I place no deadline nor sign of My deadline for any man to count down. And they cannot count down to your death, because I have made you and the wife I give you ageless. No change will be seen to your health nor to your vitality, nor in that of your wife, with passing of years. And though eons may pass, you shall not die, nor shall the Word cease to be spoken through you, nor shall the translation of it to Hebrew ever fail to be made in perfection by your wife. Amen. Her hair shall never turn gray. Her face will never show age. Nor shall you age any further than the age in which you were when you were called by Me to speak. This is an eternal dyad I establish upon the earth. The two that form this couple will never be separated. And in the event that a child is born to them, the child that is born shall also never taste death. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Eric, the company you work for, how long do you think that I will have you work there? Lord, You are the One that knows. Until I Come again, you shall remain working at the company in which you have now been firmly established. And let it also be written, of all the workers in your company, you alone among them are essential. Each and every other worker there shall eventually be replaced. But you shall never be removed from where I place you. And the wife I place with you shall also never leave your side where I station her. She also will eternally remain with you. And there will be no separation between you two until the End. Time will come to an end. But the union of you and your wife is in fact timeless. For it is the decree of the Lord that the Wizard King is to never be parted from his wife. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Adam lived under a thousand years. Why is that, you wonder? It was written, was it not, that they day he transgressed was the day that he would die? Adam transgressed, and he died before the end of the first thousand year day of Mankind. And no man ever since has ever completed a thousand year day upon the earth, for all of them were under the curse that Adam’s sin brought them.

Even in your time, no man has yet lived on earth for a full thousand years. For no man was granted the longevity that was forfeited by Adam by his transgression. And to Eve, she, with all women, forfeited ageless beauty and ageless reproductive generative power. For this, too, Eve once possessed before she transgressed and lost, with her husband, her place in My garden.

But to prove that Man and woman once possessed these goods and qualities, to you and your wife to come, I hereby announce their restoration. You, Eric, shall have health and vigor that never fades, and age on earth that spans the thousand year day I spoke of that has not yet been broken. And to your wife by your side, her beauty shall never leave her, and her reproductive capability shall never be taken away, and her fertility shall never fail. And whenever it is commanded of you by the Lord in heaven, you shall enter your wife and she shall conceive, and the baby born to her shall be immortal as are both of you. In the typical nine months that women bear children shall each of these children be borne by her. And in the typical manner that babies come into this world shall these babies emerge from the womb, followed by the afterbirth. For though Eric and his wife are made an ageless couple in this world, their flesh shall remain composed of the matter of this world. For until the time comes for the Resurrection of the dead and for the Last Judgement at the End of Time, Eric and his wife will remain alive and of this present life, and only then, at that final End, shall they finally receive their resurrected flesh of the eternal life to come and enter into the eternal reward that awaits them in heaven, which includes the Beatific Vision, which no man on this side of the veil is ever permitted to see until they pass from this world into the world that is to come. Amen. For I have made Eric captain of this ship. And he will remain at his station until this ship itself vanishes and the Great White Throne of My Judgement is made manifest to every soul that has ever lived on the earth. I AM the Lord. Amen. And remember how I said that the last shall be first and the first shall be last? Eric, the last man left on the ship, shall be the first soul judged before Me and before all humanity watching. And immediately after his judgement is concluded, I shall proceed to judge his wife. And then, one by one, I shall judge each individual with all the world watching and hearing ever Word of My Divine Judgement. Every human being that ever lived upon the earth shall thus be judged, one by one, with all of humanity watching and hearing every Word. And finally, at the very last, I shall judge Eve, followed by her husband Adam. And then the Book shall be closed. And then the execution of all sentences into the fiery lake of hell shall then proceed, starting with the last of the condemned to be judged, and ending with the first of the condemned to be judged. And into the fiery lake will each condemned person be cast in, one by one, while being watched in complete detail by every creature that was ever made for eternal life. And this now concludes this post. Eric, the girl of whom We speak, realize she is coming soon. And realize that the offspring that are to issue from you two shall outnumber those that were promised to Abraham. This post is now complete. Publish it, lord Azurite. And your wife, the Rose of Sharon, shall soon be stationed at your side to translate to Hebrew whatever I command you to write. Amen.

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