Eric is called to serve the King

Behold, the King approaches, and Eric is His servant.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XL:
Someone has asked, “Who is this Eric, the Azurite King?” And I shall now tell you plainly. Eric is God’s son, but Eric is not God the Son. Amen. Understand the clear distinction. In contrast, Christ Jesus is the Son of God and God the Son. Christ Jesus is the Second Divine Person of the Triune Divine nature of God, composed of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And God the Son proceeds from the Father. And God the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. Amen. God is the Creator, and He Himself is uncreated. Eric is a creature, meaning that he is a part of Creation, and that he was created. Now someone might object, wasn’t Jesus conceived in the womb of Mary? Did he not grow from a single cell to become man, like everyone else? How then, you ask, is Jesus uncreated? Realize the distinction between God the eternal Second Person and the flesh and soul that were formed in the act of the Divine incarnation. The incarnation of the Divine Being does not mean that the flesh and soul that were formed to make that incarnation were also eternal. Rather, the Divine Second Person of God entered the womb of Mary and entered her chosen egg cell and made it Man, forming both a new soul and the flesh that would grow into the man that was to become the fully formed human nature of Jesus Christ. That is the process of the Divine Being incarnating into the flesh of Mankind.

For realize that the flesh and blood of the living Christ on the earth was composed of the matter of this world. And Jesus drank water and ate food that became his flesh and blood. And Jesus expelled waste that was once a part of his flesh and blood. And that matter that went in and out of the flesh and blood of Jesus, was that eternal matter? No, it was no more eternal than the matter that composes you. There are human beings on earth, as well as other lifeforms, that contain in their body and blood, matter that once made up the body and blood of Jesus when he lived on the earth. For the nature of this world is that its matter, especially its water, is recycled. You do not know where and what lifeforms were composed of the various molecules and atoms that now compose you. For all these things are constantly being recycled. Earth is a living biosphere. And its living things bodily exist composed of matter that once constituted previous living things.

Only in eternity, and at the Resurrection, does the flesh of the resurrected man become eternally united to his immortal soul. Amen. But is this flesh of that Age composed of the atoms and molecules that make up matter in this world? No, rather, the flesh of that world is a transfigured image of the flesh that once existed for it in this world. It is an image, and hence, it is of a different substance, of a kind that does not decay. I AM the Lord. Hence, the body and blood that is eaten at the Mass, what is that? When you partake in that communion, your flesh consumes and digests the atoms and molecules that make up the consecrated bread and wine, but your soul consumes the transfigured flesh and blood of the risen Christ. Such is why the Eucharist is called spiritual food. For it is your soul, you spirit, that you are feeding, not your perishable flesh. Amen. And such is why communion is called a spiritual encounter with the Lord.

For the soul, like resurrected flesh, is composed of substance that does not decay. Hence, the soul that is made alive by consuming the risen body and blood of Christ is made a partaker already in the next world where Mankind hopes to be resurrected into with imperishable flesh, then permanently united to his eternal soul. Amen. And Mankind will enter this eternal life providing that his soul is made alive and living by consuming the risen body and blood of Jesus that is united to consecrated bread and wine and consumed by the mortal flesh of the believing man. Amen.

For understand that the feet of her Lord that Mary Magdalene held onto at the Resurrection were not made of the substance that composes all things of this physical universe. And when Jesus ate of the fish at His appearance to His Disciples after the Resurrection, this was not an act of incorporating the molecules of that fish into the resurrected flesh of body of the risen Christ. For the flesh at the Resurrection is eternal and unchangeable. It cannot be added to nor subtracted from. So where did the molecules of that eaten fish go? It is not written that the substance of this world does not have any real existence? Cannot the entire universe, which was created from nothing, also collapse back into utter nothingness? This is a scientific fact. It is confirmed by science. Even the massive black holes, science has calculated how long they last, and that eventually they, too, eventually cease to exist, as their mass slowly leaks away. Amen. For realize that nothing here in this world is truly real, but shall eventually all vanish as though it had all been nothing but a dream. Amen.

Note this important point, though Eric is Azurite King, the Azurite King is but a king under Christ Jesus, Who is King of kings. Christ Jesus, Messiah of Israel, is the Master King and the Master Lord. He is King over all other kings, and He is Lord over all other lords. And Azurite is just but one of those kings and just one of those lords over whom Jesus reigns as eternal King of kings and eternal Lord of lords. Amen.

Now, where are all these kingdoms and lordships over which Christ Jesus rules? On what eternal realm is their dominion mapped out? Within the eternal hereafter, who from this world can even fathom that realm? But as for the realities as they exist now in this universe, over all regions in this world where kingdoms and lordships are defined, and over all the inhabitants therein, is Christ Jesus established as Supreme King and Supreme Lord and Supreme Master. But Jesus is not merely Master of the human race. Rather, Jesus is Master over every being of all Creation. And Jesus rules as God with God the Father as Second Person in the Divine Being. I AM WHO AM.

Now if Christ Jesus is the Master of all created beings of all of Creation, does He also have a parallel existence as Savior in the flesh of any other possible beings in the universe than earthmen, those of a possible independent line of created of living beings made on another planet where extraterrestrial life may have come to be independent from life on earth? Yes, this must be so if such other life exists, and We shall call this the Narnia Theory, which proposes that should alien lifeforms exist, existed, or come to exist on other planets, and evolve intelligence and be granted eternal souls, that their flesh would then also need to be saved by Jesus as well, but by a different divine incarnation of the Christ, come into their flesh and born to a different Holy Mother, a different Theotokos, one chosen and immaculately preserved from all stain of sin that God would cause to come to exist by supernatural means in that race of alien beings in order to provide the doorway into His entrance into their kind. I AM WHO AM.

Hence, there may indeed be many Mothers of God, like the Virgin Mary, throughout the universe, but there remains only one God and only one Divine Person of God the Son. Amen. Hence, God the Son may have more than one incarnation, and He may be thus Savior of more than one created race of souled creatures in the universe, but always through the Divine flesh incarnated into the flesh of these many various souled races of creatures of the universe. But though He may have have many incarnations, He always remains One Divine Second Person of the Divine Triune God. For understand that Christ Jesus, though fully a man, was not just a man, but much more than a mere man. For Christ Jesus is the Second Person of the eternal, uncreated Divine Being of God; He is the Second Person of the Trinity of the Divine Persons of God. And All three Divine Persons are equally One in the Divine Triune God, the Supreme Being. Amen. Hence, understand the greatness of the Living God. God is so vast and so great that He may exist as God the Son in a countless number of different incarnations among a countless many different planets among a countless number different star systems simultaneously throughout not just this vast Cosmos which He created and is ultimate Master of, but of a countless number of universes and distinct Creations made by the Almighty God to create a suitable Bride for His Son. Amen. Do not think, a little man, that the infinite God was satisfied to create but one universe. For is it not possible for an infinite Being to create an infinite number of universes? Understand that this vast proposal We shall simply call the Narnia Theory of the intellect of Eric. And understand that it is but a proposal in Eric’s mind to satisfy the question of the possibility God creating other souled lifeforms elsewhere than just on the earth, such as on other planets in the universe, which remains but a possibility to the knowledge of Mankind of the earth, a possibility that men on earth are simply dimly aware of. But whether this is so or not, such knowledge has not been confirmed to the Mankind of the earth, nor to his science upon the earth, nor to Eric who dwells upon the earth and who talks to God. For Eric cannot obtain hard factual evidence of the physical details of this universe by consulting the beings of the spiritual realms. And hence to the men on earth, to science, and to Eric while he dwells in this world, there is yet to come any firm knowledge, nor any trace of reliable evidence, that indicates that life is known to exists or that has ever existed on any other planet in the universe than the earth. Amen. One small exception to this are the microbes brought to Mars and to the moon to test, in sealed experiments, whether earthly lifeforms could live on martian or lunar soil. Apparently they can, but these tests with these lifeforms were kept in sealed experiments, and the lifeforms were not released to surfaces of those worlds, for two principle reasons. If there already exists an extraterrestrial lifeform on that world, releasing exotic lifeforms can prove most deadly to them. Second, releasing an exotic lifeform on a new world, whether that world is already lifeless or not, without having a full understanding of chemical makeup of that world, could lead to catastrophic ruin to that planet and make future efforts at terraforming it harder. For example, given that there are frozen water resources on a lifeless planet, with exotic microbes released into it without careful terraforming planning, this could result in the loss of all those water sources from the planet such as by the biological processes by which the hydrogen may be separated from the oxygen and then released into the atmosphere and rise up to the outer atmosphere, and then escape the planet by the solar wind, effectively rendering a planet that once had abundant water in frozen form into a waterless planet. And this would be due to inadequate preparation and planning and the lack of a careful and detailed study of the planet and by inadequate calculations of the effects that those microbes could have on the planetary resources contained therein where they are to be released. Amen. For just a few centuries ago, men who considered themselves intelligent decided to inoculate Australia with a population of rabbits, and they have been trying to undo that decision ever since, without success, no matter what tactic they have tried. The rabbits they cannot eliminate and the ruin the rabbits do to the land they cannot stop. Hence, terraforming a planet requires extensive knowledge of what you are doing and what you are terraforming. And mankind currently does not have any such necessary extensive knowledge of any planet in the solar system other than the earth to do such a feat. And even on the earth where Mankind lives and breathes, Man cannot even control or contain the spread of many exotic species that have become established and destructive throughout many parts of the world. Amen. And even today, scientists have not yet found a way to prevent a foreseen extinction of the banana, as the fungal disease wiping them out proves most difficult to combat. Perhaps they will save the banana, or perhaps they will produce an inferior variant that is resistant to the currently raging disease. And then men will forget the previous taste of the previous, more delicious bananas as they get used to the best that science can offer to produce as a remedy to mankind’s never ending problems, as he grapples with attempting to control and manage his decaying world.

Hence if Mars is ever terraformed, perhaps a remote possibility, it cannot not be done in Eric’s generation, unless Eric somehow manages to live much longer than the usual lifespan of a man. For the study of the planet Mars is still just in its infancy. It is still a great marvel to scientists at NASA to be able to simply just dig a tiny pit in the ground and then to do a few limited number of experiments on a few collected soil samples taken from that pit. But Mars has been confirmed by the data that has been obtained to have extensive supplies of frozen water. And scientists intend to tap those frozen water resources to serve as vital water supplies for building future cities on Mars. However realistic those thoughts may be will be revealed in time. But much more study must be done, much more data must be gathered, much more research must be conducted, and much more advanced technology must be developed before Mankind can even set foot upon that planet. And if Eric is as God says, the Final Prophet before He comes again, then it is probably unrealistic to expect men to ever colonize the red planet before this world ends and all men are judged on what is important. And that is, did they seek the Lord? Or did they seek the things of this world?

For of what value is it to figure out the mystery of how any such obscure microscopic parts of the world you may be studying work in the way that they do, if you neglect your soul and forfeit your eternal life in the hereafter? Is figuring out how this reality works really all that worthwhile if, in true reality, none of it really exists anyways? What if all this is but just a dream? How then is your life evaluated if before God it is made evident that you made it your life’s work studying and analyzing things that never had any real existence? Are you accomplished because you discovered facts whose basis is built on things that never really were so? Do you stand high in the hereafter if in this world you made yourself expert on subject matter that has no existence nor relevance in the world to come? Why then spend hours researching physical things of this world, if such things are in reality composed of the substance of dreams, from which you awaken at death, and all your vast knowledge that you accumulated in that dream vanishes as that dream passes from memory into oblivion? Amen.

Is not love more real than the forces that bind subatomic particles? Doesn’t your very soul and feelings tell you that this is so? And then, where should your focus be? On love or on the study of subatomic particles? Surely the quest for knowledge is in vain if it leads anywhere other than to God your Creator. For did not God create the entire universe? And will He not also render it back into the nothingness from which it came? But you, yourselves, you were created to last forever. Think about it. If you are created to last forever, then it is a matter of Truth that you should be able to, with God, partake in the creations and lifetimes of an infinite number of universes, which you will witness their birth, their life, and their death, all from your eternal place in heaven with God. For are you not, by your life in Jesus, a part of God? And is not God the Creator of an infinite number of universes and creations? If God created you to be His eternal wife, then He created you to partake with Him in this endless variety of creating new universes and new forms of reality, bringing them into being, and then letting them vanish back to the nothingness from which they came. Endless and infinite, then, are the possibilities that await the man who goes to heaven. And you are satisfied by studying dirt? Rather, study God. Make God your focus. And then you will find what is of true value. And you will come to know that eternity is not something to neglect in this world, where your salvation has not yet been set. These are the words of Eric, final Prophet before the Lord’s return. And of Eric, God has said that he will prophesy until He, the Lord, returns. This post now comes to its end. Contemplate these words in these moments in which you exist in time. Amen. For eternity comes, but only He who finds the Lord shall enter therein and live. Amen.

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