Upon a placid lake dwells Eric’s soul

As a swan drifts upon a placid lake, so does Eric’s soul dwell in the peaceful waters of the Holy Spirit.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXXVIII:
Eric! Here I am, O’ Lord! Do as I command thee. And this is My command. Lord Azurite, you have completed the work you were doing for your employer. Now take your rest. We shall call you in the night, and you shall complete this post by morning. Amen. Lord, I awoke at dawn and have eaten my breakfast. I plan to go to the 9:00 AM Mass today. So I must leave the house by 8:30 AM. That gives me about one and a half hours to complete this post. So speak, O’ Lord. For Your servant is listening. Amen.

Lord, I feel that today, on Father’s Day of 2021, there is something that has changed. Some change has taken place in the world. Some curse has been lifted. Some sort of bondages have been broken. I feel as a new age has come. Some change I feel everywhere. I feel a change, O’ Lord. And I stopped taking my medications on Wednesday and today I have never felt better. Amen. Everything seems to feel good. I feel better now than I ever did while I was on medications. Amen. I testify, O’ Lord, what You have said is true. The Age of Millennium has come. And it came in the night. That cosmic phase transition has come to the earth. When it came I know not, for I was sleeping soundly. Lord, we are in the Millennium! We are in the Age of God’s Rest. And that Age has now come.

Lord, I met my nieces last night, when Mark came with them to pick up the three Mac Minis I gave him, together with their monitors. For I have no further need of them. All my computers I use now are either MacBook Pros or iMacs. Amen. And I am now writing this on my new M1 iMac, that is, the new iMac with the M1 chip. Amen. And it is revolutionary. M1, which is an ARM based system on a chip, is way cooler than the Intel chip. And by cooler, I mean it literally. My M1 iMac never gets hot. My Intel Macs get hot, but not my M1 iMac. Amen.

Lord, I paid my tithe yesterday at the 5:30 PM Mass. And somehow, I feel that yesterday was the last day in which we could do good deeds. Something changed in the night. A new Age has come. And we are in that new Age now. Lord, I am the Oracle as You say. But You also say that I am permitted to ask my own questions while I write here on these pages, because everyone can see them. But in my privacy, I can only come to You with questions someone else has presented to me wishing to receive the divine advice.

Hence, everyone will see this post. Or everyone can. For it is on my own website, emeralogy.com, which is accessible to all. Amen. Now, what sayest Thou? What art thy Words unto me? For I know we are in the new Age. But I would like Thy Words to clarify all things, so that the people who read this will also read the Word from the Lord, as You shall speak it today. It is now 7:10 AM in the morning on Father’s Day, June 20, 2021. Amen. The Millennium must have begun for the whole world in the night at a time I know not. And I am not sure who is in and who is out. Amen. My Dad is up and about in the new shoes I got him. He tried them on at Sears yesterday, and they fit him perfectly, and I told him I would pay for them, as his Father’s Day gift. Amen.

The air is nice now, not too hot. It is still in the morning. And my mind is sharp and very clear. Amen. My teeth have become white. I remember them earlier as having been somewhat yellowed. And I just use regular Crest toothpaste without any whitening in it.

My cat Mia was dying last night, sleeping in the bushes. Today, we don’t see her anywhere. She must have slipped off somewhere to die hidden. Amen.

Let me tell you all what I have heard from God. I am no longer a prophet, for the Age of Prophesying ended last night, sometime in the night. There will be no more prophets, nor is there any need, for the Age in which men could merit has passed.

But I am an Oracle of sorts, in that I can speak to God. If anyone wishes to ask God a question, they can come to me, and whatever answer God gives me to their question, I will tell it to them in full.

Hence, whatever I write from now on shall be my own words. God shall no longer write through me. For the Age of prophesying has ended. Amen. Consider Father’s Day, 2021, as the Day the Age changed from the old to the new. That is the best way to remember this date. Amen.

Also, I no longer have any powers. All the powers in the Spirit World ended as of last night, the moment the phase transition occurred. When that exact moment was I know not, for I was asleep. Amen. The only thing I have is that I can talk to God. No other power do I any further possess. Amen.

Everyone’s judgement has been rendered. Also, Satan never comes back. And there is no end to this Age. Amen. And I am of the First Resurrection, the second death having no power over me. A separation has been made between those who belong to the previous Age, which has ended, and those who belong to the new Age, which has begun. And those who belong to the previous Age will pass away. And those who belong to the new Age live forever. Amen.

Ok, God has told me to publish this post as it is. And that I am to prepare for Mass. I can write again when I get back. Amen.

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