Eric’s destiny is set

The full moon is coming. It will be full on his birthday.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXXVII:
Behold, I Who Am Am pleased. Eric, dost thou now know who it is that thou shalt marry? It was asked whether Elizabeth was male or female. And I presented this question to thee as Oracle, and You answered that Elizabeth is my friend and that she shall be made my wife. And then I came to remember who Elizabeth was. Amen. Yes, I do count her as a friend, but I have met her only a few times at Church. Amen. Yes, I agree, she is a most attractive woman, and I know in my heart she is a virgin. But I have not seen her for months. I Am not sure where she is. Amen.

Eric, let Us deal with the logistics. Just realize that you now know who it is you shall marry. And you considered her marriage material since the day you met her years ago. Now Eric, tell Us clearly, how many children were you told you would have by her. That question was presented to me to, and I brought it to you as Oracle. And You answered that I am to have three sons and two daughters by the wife you shall give. Amen.

And O’ lord Azurite, do you remember the race of Elizabeth? Do you remember what nationality and skin color she has? Lord, Elizabeth is White, if I remember her correctly. Maybe she has other races in her that I don’t know. It is hard to tell sometimes exactly what a person’s racial makeup is. She speaks English fluently. But I don’t know about any other languages she may know. The first time I met her was in line for confession, some years ago.

And lord Azurite, what Church was it revealed unto thee that the marriage takes place in? That question was presented to me, and I presented it to you as Oracle, and You answered that it was the self-same Church I was right there in, where I had just earlier confessed my sins. And I confessed my sins, O’ Lord. I confessed the impurity that Satan told me I could commit. Now I know that is not so. No one may commit impurity. Satan says you can, but you cannot. And those who do transgress, though the gravity of their sins depends on how culpable they were and how well they knew the Truth before Satan deceived them into following him leading them to sin.

Lord, no one is permitted to commit sin, but everyone sins. And yet, to walk the Way of Heaven, everyone must seek to not sin, and seek to walk blamelessly. Some will succeed in ending habitual sins. And some will succeed in achieving a form of perfection. But no one gets to heaven because they made themselves perfect. Rather a saint is saved because he has turned to Jesus for his salvation, and Jesus has given him the necessary graces in order to be saved. No one can merit heaven, but men can merit graces by doing good deeds and charitable works. Note that these graces are not earned, as though you do a certain amount of good and you get a corresponding amount of grace in payment. None of that is so. Rather, God gives his graces to you unearned. And God’s graces are beyond any man’s ability to pay for, no matter how good his deeds or how meritorious his works.

No, God gives you his graces because He loves you and wishes for you to be saved. But He does not give his graces to the proud, for doing so would merely puff them up with even greater pride, and lead to them committing greater sins. Rather, God gives His graces to the humble and charitable soul. For the more good you do for your neighbor, the more good God returns back to you. He who sows sparingly shall reap sparingly. But he who sows abundantly shall reap abundantly. And the widow who puts in her two pence, all she has to live on, is seen as identical to the rich man who empties his accounts to help a neighbor in need because he is a child of God. Amen.

Let it be known, the rich man gets to heaven by divesting himself of his wealth for the sake of his neighbor whom he knows is in need. The rich man does not get to heaven by tossing in his pocket change into the tithe basket and by calling that his tithe. For the more that is in your possession, the more that is expected of you. And if you are comfortable, you are expected to be even more charitable on account of that comfort that you receive. And realize everything you have you have received from God. Amen.

Lord, why do you have disparities among the nations and among the different races of men? Or should I not ask such a question, since I am Oracle? And it is written that the Oracle may not approach the Lord with a question of his own, but only with a question from another. And he must reply to the one who asked with the full answer from God in the same manner and form that to the asker as the question was presented to him. Eric, I permit you to question Me in these pages. For every answer I give to you here is seen by all. But in your privacy, you may not ask Me anything but what someone asks you to ask Me. And then you shall reply to the one who asked you the question My full answer to him in precisely the same manner in which that one presented the question to you. Amen. And nothing of the answer to his question that I give to you shall you keep from the one who asked you the question. Amen. However, in your private thoughts, I will still speak to you and explain all that I wish to explain to you. And I see all that you think. And as you think, I will speak to you on those thoughts and illuminate you as to all the things I wish to illuminate you on, based on what I decide to tell you, not by you asking me anything on your own.

For you are Oracle now. You are My servant. And you will serve Me as Oracle all the days of your life. And whoever wishes for knowledge, however they approach you to ask of it, in the identical manner shall the answer be returned to them. Amen. And you shall be made to know all the answers to their questions, but no question shall you yourself ask of Me, except as I permit on these pages. Amen.

And so why is there so much disparity among the different people, peoples, races, and nations, you ask? I have created the world with great variety. And part of that variety is great disparities. And this is not a bad thing. And it is not something that anyone can nor something anyone will ever correct, neither on earth, nor in the hereafter. Amen.

Just realize that everyone gets the just rewards and punishments as his deeds deserve. And some receive their reward on earth. Some receive their reward from other men. And some, those who keep their deeds hidden, receive them from God in heaven. Amen. And a good deed valued by God receives rewards both here and hereafter. Amen.

Also realize that no one deserves a so called fair share of the world’s wealth. No one is entitled to something that belongs to someone else. But those who have an abundance are expected by heaven to give of their abundance to those who are without. This is expected of them. But no one is entitled for it to be so given to them. Amen.

I give to whomsoever I so please. Let no one, therefore, complain that his portion is too small, or that he should receive more on account of seeing someone else receiving more. For whosoever I wish to give to, I shall give to him. Amen. Do good, therefore, using the goods that you are given. And then, when I see good fruit come from you by the works you do with the good I give unto thee, then I shall open My coffers and pour out a greater abundance to you, so that your production of good fruit can go up.

Hence, have pity on the person who wins the lottery, and after he has won, he turns to give less, so that he may have more to himself. For that man has condemned himself in My sight. Never give less when a greater good is given to thee. Rather, give more abundantly, the more that you receive. But also make sure that the needs of you and your family are met by the means I provide for you. For it makes no sense for you to give your livelihood away and then to turn and begin to beg. Rather, use what you need with the goods I give thee. And then, with what is left over, give that in accordance to the generosity of your heart. And you shall never fail to be rewarded.

And the one who brings Me the full tithe shall receive an outpouring of graces beyond his ability to contain. Test Me on this, for it is written in My Word. (Malachi 3:10). And this now brings this post to its close. We are closing this post now so that you, lord Larimar, may make it to Mass on time. You are going to the 5:30 PM Mass this evening at Saint Bruno Catholic Church. And you have your tithe all ready as a check, which you pay faithfully each week. Now go to Mass. This is Saturday evening. Tomorrow is Sunday. You shall also go to Mass then too, even though this evening’s Mass counts for your Sunday obligation. Now go, lord Azurite, or you shall be late. Amen.

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