A New Dawn rises on the Azurite Reign

Behold, a new fate and a new dawn now come to Eric, Knight of the Holy Virgin Queen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXXVI:
Mary wishes to speak to you, O’ Eric Robert Dunstan, Royal Knight of the Queen’s Armies. Lord, let the Holy Virgin speak, for her loyal servant is listening. Amen.

Scion of the Christ child, Eric, I wish to speak unto thee. For I am Mary, your Immaculate Queen. And you are chosen from among all my children in this world, to be made Patriarch of a great future family lineage. And great will be the blessings we give to you and to the bride we have chosen for you. Most high is the family line you are to father. More blessed than that of Abraham are to be the descendants that issue from your union to this maid. And whoever is a descendant of Eric, son of Jesus, shall be called most holy among the people of this world. Amen.

More numerous and more glorious than the stars are to be the descendants that issue from your marriage to the one We give thee. Amen. For you are as a new Abraham. And your descendants as a new chosen race. Amen. And you, yourself, are as a new Moses. Amen. Whereas that which was written in the Pentateuch were shadows of things that were to come, you, and your wife, and the family that is formed by your marriage, shall be the reality of heaven that is now revealed unto the whole world. And whoever, as this couple shall, who enters marriage as a virgin, they too shall be called holy, and their children shall be blessed. For this is the Millennium. And only blessed children may enter therein. Amen. All the unblessed shall perish and die and not enter therein. These words are the words of the Most Holy Ever Virgin Queen. Amen.

Eric, fair is the girl We have selected to be your wife. A girl of Mexican and American heritage is the one We have chosen for thee. Amen. She will enter your life, and you shall marry her next year, when the summer sun ripens the peaches of the peach trees. Enter your wife then. Lay with her when the sacrament has been completed. For no one who lays with a woman out of wedlock shall enter into My rest. I Am the Lord. Amen. Many shall attempt to enter, but only those who abide by My Law on marriage and family shall enter My Millennial Kingdom and obtain the eternal life promised in it. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And this is My pact I enter into with thee now, Eric, My son. Agree to it, and you shall be made more permanent than diamonds, and your family more beautiful than lilies. I wish to give you awesome power over this entire world. I wish to make you second in command after Me in this world. And I wish for you to be at My right hand, seated at My right hand as My right hand man. And in exchange for this honor, you shall reciprocate by proclaiming My name and the name of My Virgin Mother to all nations on earth. Amen. Lord, I agree to do this. How do You wish this to be done?

I will utter My Words through you. And whatever I have you write, it will be written in this website. Amen. For this website will hence forth, from the time I put the girl into your life, be called the Oracles of Azurite. And hence, the new book to follow the Prophecies of Azurite shall be the Oracles of Azurite. And I hereby make you Oracle upon the land. No mystery shall be too lofty, too deep, too obscure, nor too sublime for you to penetrate. But only those questions asked of you by those permitted to come to you to ask, shall you present before Me to receive answers to. And whatever answer I give thee, this answer in full shall you give to the one who asked. You shall not come to Me on your own as Oracle, but only as one who has been asked a question by one seeking answers from the Divine. These are My instructions to thee. Obey Me in all these that I command thee. And you shall be called great. And all the answers given to thee shall be from the Lord. Amen.

Lord, I fully agree to this and all that Thou command of me. Realize then, Eric, that I make you My son in law. For the girl I give to thee is as My daughter. And I shall give her to you this day. And furthermore, the cures you are to receive shall be received by this afternoon. Whatever is commanded of you shall be executed in complete obedience. Is this understood? I understand and I agree. Then, when We have you kiss the girl who is to come, by that kiss, the spell shall break, and the world as you have known it shall come completely under your power. Whatever Pawn you set up shall be set up. And whatever ruler you cast down shall be cast down. And whatever change you wish to make to any government in this world, you need only decree it, and I shall execute it. Amen. Consider this the sign of My execution of your orders and My agreement to make you second in command after Me. Kim Jong-un of North Korea and his regime shall now be overthrown, and the new government to take its place shall be staunchly Catholic. And they will make their Kingdom Catholic, as a powerful Catholic nation in the Orient, exactly as you have commanded to be done. Amen. This event shall take place very soon.

Furthermore, I shall now make Alexei Anatolievich Navalny triumphant over Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Navalny shall be the first Russian head-of-state to succeed Putin at his imminent overthrow. Amen. This is by decree of the Lord, and it is the will of the King and of the one I have made My Second-in-Command. These Words cannot be undone. And they shall now come to pass.

Furthermore, rulership in China shall now pass from Xi Jinping to a new leader, one who is in agreement with Me that Catholicism shall be made legal throughout all of China. Amen.

And finally, a new pope is coming. And the one who currently sits on that seat is to step down. And the one I will seat in his place shall be Cardinal Marc Armand Ouellet of Canada. And he will see to it that order and righteousness are restored to My Catholic Church.

This post has now come to its conclusion. You are hereby ordered to publish it. And you shall be writing My Word on your blog until I Come again. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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