Behold, Eric is called to serve the Immaculate Queen

Behold, Eric is called forth to serve as Knight to the Immaculate Queen. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXXV:
Eric, servant and son to the Holy Virgin Mary, is called the serve the Immaculate Queen. O’ Lord Jesus Christ and Mary, O’ Mother of the Divine Son, what is thy bidding? You are called, lord Larimar, to serve the Queen as her most Excellent Knight. And I hereby Knight thee, Sir Eric of the Larimar Empire. Amen. You are now make a royal Knight of the Queen’s Armies. And you are now commanded to bring her name and her dominion to the whole world. Amen. Hence, you are commanded to conquer the entire earth in her name, in the name of the Most Immaculate Virgin Mary. Amen. Conquer in the name of the Immaculate Queen, and you shall gain victory over the whole world. Amen.

Lord, I will do as Thou Sayest. I will conquer all the earth. Dost Thou givest me the power to overthrow rulers of this world? For I already have many rulers in mind that I wish to overthrow. But I will not lay a hand on the pope. For Thou hast said that no one may touch Your pope. Hence, I will not touch Your pope. Amen.

Because you have said such, Sir Eric of Larimar, I grant you hereby the power to over throw all kingdoms, rulers, despots, and dictators within your Larimar Kingdom. But outside your Larimar Kingdom, you may not stray. Amen. Do as you have said within your Larimar Kingdom. And show again its definition here, so that all may see its definition. Amen.

(1) Empire of Larimar, Dominion of the Holy Virgin Mary through Eric, her eternal servant and son. And the following lands make up this vast Empire. Amen.

Larimar Kingdom of the West

  1. United States of America with Overseas Territories
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. Iceland
  5. United Kingdom with Overseas Territories
  6. Republic of Ireland
  7. Hispaniola (Haiti, Dominican Republic)
  8. Lucayan Archipelago (Bahamas, Turks & Caicos Isles.)

Larimar Kingdom of the East

  1. Nordic Europe
  2. Continental Europe with Overseas Territories*
  3. The Caucasus (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia)
  4. Russia (including Kaliningrad)
  5. North Korea
  6. South Korea
  7. Japan
  8. Taiwan
  9. The Philippines
  • excludes the Vatican City.

And the list of official languages in this Empire of Larimar shall include the following twenty one:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Russian
  6. Italian
  7. Romanian
  8. Ukrainian
  9. Dutch
  10. Swedish
  11. Chinese (Mandarin)
  12. Korean
  13. Japanese
  14. Tagalog (Filipino)
  15. Armenian
  16. Polish
  17. Hungarian
  18. Greek
  19. Haitian Creole
  20. Catalan
  21. Irish Gaelic

Note that the Empire of Larimar excludes the Vatican City because the Larimar King is subject to the pope, not the pope to the Larimar King. Hence, the Vatican City must be recognized as a separate state. Amen.

Lord, the Larimar Kingdom is actually an Empire. Correct. And you are assigned to bring Mary’s name to all nations and kingdoms within your empire. And you are assigned to overthrow all rulers that resist the Immaculate Queen. Amen.

Lord, I will do exactly as Thou sayest. Lord, I believe that Kim Jong-un of North Korea resists the Immaculate Queen. Should we topple him? Topple him! Issue the decree, lord Larimar, and I will execute it.

Lord, let the anti-Catholic regime of Kim Jong-un of North Korea be deposed and new, pro-Catholic rulers rise and seize power over North Korea and make her a powerful Catholic state in the Orient. Amen. Lord Larimar, it will be done as thou hast commanded. Your decree shall go into effect. Amen.

Lord Larimar, We gave you a direct order not to converse with Hyacinth. Have you obeyed Us? Lord, I have viewed her texts, but have made no response. If you were to respond to her texts, lord Azurite, I would then reject you and look for another, one more suitable for My purposes. Lord, I hereby promise that I will make no response. And I recognize the devil in her attempts to get me to respond. I will not return to her, O’ Lord. Then We have use for you in Our Kingdom. Amen.

Eric, I have decided to make use of you in My harem. I have a young virgin who would have a virgin husband. Are you willing to enter into such a marriage, if We make this a suitable arrangement? If it is the Lord’s will, so also am I willing, O’ Lord. Then you shall remain in your place of work. We will not call you to enter the priesthood. And the virgin of whom We spoke We shall bring into your life.

Lord, I agree to Your will. But tell me this. Will this marriage be Josephite in nature, or will there be children to come by it? If you abide by Our wishes, you shall lay with this bride as often as I command you to. And whatever child is born to your relationship with her shall be holy. Agree to Our wishes, and I shall make your name great, and a long line of descendants shall issue from you. Amen. Lord, I agree to You wishes. Amen.

Lord Azurite, this is Our first wish for you, regarding the girl We have promised you. Consider, effective starting today, that Hyacinth has been entirely separated from you. And now the girl We have promised shall be given to you. And it is seen that you are effectively purified. You are not falling back into any form of sin. Hence, the girlfriend whom We promised to give thee in ancient past, this prophecy now comes to pass. Amen.

Lord, tell me about this young virgin from Your harem that you are giving to me in marriage. Tell me what about her that you permit to be revealed? You know she is a virgin, and that she wishes to have a virgin husband. Yes, O’ Lord. What more shall You reveal? It is for her that you shall buy a blue diamond engagement ring. The diamonds on it shall be blue to signify that it is Mary who has prepared her for you, and you for her. She is fluent in English and Spanish. And your offspring by her shall be called Hispanic, and your descendants shall be mestizos. For a girl after the pattern of the one you kissed is as the one We shall make your wife and the mother of the children you are to have. Amen.

Do not think too highly of yourself, O’ Larimar King. And do not seek to remain of pure White lineage. For your descendants by the one We will have you marry shall be called Brown. And you shall, henceforth, be of an Hispanic family. I Am the Lord. Amen. Lord, I fully accept this fate. And Hispanic girls I find as beautiful as I find White girls. I actually see beauty in all races, but I have always preferred the bride I would marry to be either of White, American Indian, or Hispanic race.

Good, lord Azurite. Now tell Us this. Will you marry her in the Church We command you to? And will you marry her at the day and hour that We point out to You? Yes, O’ Lord. Everything about this marriage is by Your planning. I will conform to all that Thou wish. Amen. Then understand Me clearly. The virgin bride has already chosen the Church where you shall marry her. And the date of your wedding shall be in the summer of next year. Do as We command you. Abide by all Our commands, and We shall cure you just prior to the day she enters your life. For this virgin is not to know of any infirmity that you currently have.

Lord, I agree to all that Thou hast commanded of me. Amen. Then there is one other thing I wish to tell thee, lord Larimar. And it is this. You are great. And many of your descendants shall be great like you. For you are a highly disciplined man, and you are devout to Me and to Mary, keeping all things that We have commanded you to keep. Hence, this day will not pass before the one who is to be your wife is made known to you. Amen. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My Word shall never pass away. I Who Am have spoken. Now publish this post, lord Azurite, For it is now complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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