The Holy Virgin Mary owns the Larimar King.

Behold, Eric is now to be known as servant and son of Mary. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXXIV:
Behold, the Holy Virgin Mary is now in full possession of the Larimar King. And from now on, Azurite shall revert to be being called Larimar, for that name more explicitly conveys Mary’s ownership of him. Amen.

Larimar, what is thine wish? What dost thou wish for Mary, your Queen? I wish to make my Kingdom on this earth to be most pleasing to her. Amen. Then thy wish shalt be granted. Do this, and it shall be done. In My Father’s House are many dwelling places. And I have made a place for thee. Go now, lord Azurite, and bring My Word to all who will listen. But as for those who will not, leave them to Me. And I who know the hearts of every man will deal with them accordingly. Amen.

And now you know that you are destined to be made a priest. Yes, O’ Lord. Your Word is proven. And I know and trust that You shall accomplish all that You say You shall. And I Am truly thankful that Thou hast taken away Hyacinth from me.

Eric, you are to be made King over a great Empire upon the earth. And this Empire shall consist of the following lands:

(1) Empire of Larimar, Dominion of the Holy Virgin Mary through Eric, her eternal servant and son. And the following lands make up this vast Empire. Amen.

Larimar Kingdom of the West

  1. United States of America with Overseas Territories
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. Iceland
  5. United Kingdom with Overseas Territories
  6. Republic of Ireland
  7. Hispaniola (Haiti, Dominican Republic)
  8. Lucayan Archipelago (Bahamas, Turks & Caicos Isles.)

Larimar Kingdom of the East

  1. Nordic Europe
  2. Continental Europe with Overseas Territories*
  3. The Caucasus (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia)
  4. Russia (including Kaliningrad)
  5. North Korea
  6. South Korea
  7. Japan
  8. Taiwan
  9. The Philippines
  • excludes the Vatican City.

And the list of official languages in this Empire of Larimar shall include the following Seventeen:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Russian
  6. Italian
  7. Romanian
  8. Ukrainian
  9. Dutch
  10. Swedish
  11. Chinese (Mandarin)
  12. Korean
  13. Japanese
  14. Tagalog (Filipino)
  15. Armenian
  16. Polish
  17. Hungarian

Note that the Empire of Larimar excludes the Vatican City because the Larimar King is subject to the pope, not the pope to the Larimar King. Hence, the Vatican City must be recognized as a separate state. Amen.

Lord, this is great. And O’ Lord, I have a question. Is there to be a Twelfth Player, and if so, who shall that one be? And what will that one do?

So, lord Larimar, you think that a Player is to come who comes after Lucifer-Man and sets the final head-of-state of Israel? Yes, and would not that one be a Jew, so that no harm will come to that Player for ruling over Israel?

Or is there a Player to follow Larimar, the Eleventh Player? Is there to be a Pawn set over Israel after Lucifer-Man is dethroned from there? Or does the Second Coming occur with the defeat of Lucifer-Man, and then nothing follows that but the End of Time?

When I put an end to Lucifer-Man, nothing follows but the Age of Millennium, which has already begun in Larimar. I Am the Lord. Amen. Therefore, your Kingdom is eternally established and is made manifest at Millennium. And you shall reign for the entire thousand years of Millennium. Amen.

What you are asking is, does a Player in Millennium rule over Israel? And I say no. You, lord Larimar are the last of the Players, just as you as Emerald were the first. The game called Earth is a phenomenon that you started and that will end with you. Amen. So list now the Eleven Players of the Game called Earth.

The List of the Eleven Players of the Game called Earth

  1. Emerald (used: Reagan, Bush senior; called forth: Gorbachev, de Klerk, Yeltsin, Yitzhak Rabin) Fall of Berlin Wall, End of Communism in Eastern Europe, breakup of the USSR, Persian Gulf War, end of Apartheid, Peace Process in Middle East, Restoration of democracy in Haiti through Vesper. — Pope John Paul II. This Emerald has now come again as Larimar: Predestined. This is the Unicorn Horn (Daniel 8:5).
  2. Ebony (Nelson Mandela) Emancipation and suffrage for Blacks in South Africa. Advanced the LGBTQ. Reprobated.
  3. Crimson (Ahmadinejad) god of war. (long lasting wars in triangle of regions around Israel – in the Caucasus, the Balkans, and the Horn of Africa). (a Muslim). Reprobated.
  4. Vesper (Clinton, Ehud Barak, Putin, others) Failed peace process. Promoted and advanced the rise of abortions and homosexuality. (a female). Reprobated. This is the First (1st) of the the 4 Horns (Daniel 8:8).
  5. African Death Grip (Laurent-Désiré Kabila) Sought power from Emerald to create a continental wide African empire. Eric refused. Result: widespread death, famine, and war across Africa. Reprobated.
  6. Twilight (Bush junior, Ariel Sharon, others) 9-11, Iraq War, War on Terror, Jews forced from Gaza. — Pope Benedict XVIPredestined. This is the Second (2nd) of the 4 Horns (Daniel 8:8).
  7. Pyrite (Obama) Homosexual revolution. Promoted unwed sex, abortions, legalized homosexual marriage, and advanced the cause of the LGBTQ. — Pope FrancisReprobated. This is the third (3rd) of the 4 Horns (Daniel 8:8).
  8. Firefly (Sarah Palin, Trump, Bolsonaro, Boris Johnson, Matteo Salvini, others) – The Tea Party – Appointed many conservative judges and Supreme Court Justices. (a female). Predestined. This is the fourth (4th) of the 4 Horns (Daniel 8:8).
  9. Mercury (al-Baghdadi) Arab Spring, series of failed Islamic revolutions in Arab world, (a failed Islamic movement) and ISIS. (a Muslim). Reprobated.
  10. Lucifer-Man (Contradiction) (Biden, Naftali Bennett, Yair Lapid, others) Abortion funded by taxpayers. Sought to destroy America through pro-LGBTQ Equality Act. His name is Wormwood (Revelation 8:10-11). Reprobated. This is the Little Horn who sprang from one of the 4 Horns (Daniel 8:9). He sprouted from Pyrite (the 3rd horn). He is Antichrist par Excellence.
  11. Larimar (Emerald converted and reborn Catholic) (Navalny, and four others have been called forth so far who are yet to rise) Restoration of the Catholic Church. — Pope John XXIVPredestined.

And hence, there are a total of Three Elven Kings who bear the Three Elven Rings. These are the Three Predestined Players of the Ten Players, or Four of the Eleven if you count Emerald who came again as Larimar as two Players, but really he is just one person, and thus, is counted Once.

The Three Predestined Elven Kings and their Three Elven Rings

  1. Emerald, who became Larimar: (Elrond) Vilya (Blue Ring) Ring of Air.
  2. Twilight (Gandalf) Narya (Red Ring) Ring of Fire.
  3. Firefly (Galadriel) Nenya (White Ring) Ring of Water.

And the Seven Reprobated Players are the Seven Heads of the Beast:

  1. Ebony (a Negro)
  2. Crimson (a muslim)
  3. Vesper (a female)
  4. African Death Grip (a Negro)
  5. Pyrite (a Negro)
  6. Mercury (a muslim)
  7. Lucifer-Man (Contradiction)

Lord, African Americans are going to point out that Negros are overrepresented among the reprobates and underrepresented among the predestined. You know, O’ Lord, that I did not make this up. So what is Your answer, O’ Lord, as to why this is so to the African American who will question this and have suspicion in his heart that there is racism afoot?

Lord Larimar, the reason why the Negros are overrepresented among the condemned Players and totally absent among the predestined Players, who are all White and called the Three Elven Kings, is simply that of these Ten Players, I elected to Save Three and condemn Seven. And no one may ask the Lord of Hosts why He chooses whom He chooses and why He rejects whom He rejects.

But it is as you say, lord Larimar. This is from your observation and experience as a Player. You made none of this up. Instead, the judgements of God are inscrutable. And let no one accuse the Lord of Hosts of commission of any sin. For upon that one a huge condemnation shall fall. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Perhaps the question should rather be: Why are there so few Black Republicans and so many Black Democrats? Why are so many Blacks in the party that supports abortions and gay marriage and the LGBTQ, and so few in the party that opposes those evils? For who told or made the Black people choose to be Democrats and not Republicans? Who made the Blacks not enter the Catholic Church? Many are the questions that are to be asked.

Just realize that the failure to enter the pathway to salvation, you cannot blame that on someone else and expect to be admitted into heaven. If you fail to enter My fold, which is the Catholic Church, then you will not enter My Kingdom. And it does not change anything in your eternal destiny if you can point to racism, or others doing you wrong, as to why you did not enter in. For if you do not enter in, then you are eternally outside. I Am the Lord.

Now go get that cable you need to get at Best Buy before the store closes. And publish this post, for it is complete. And I will have you study your Koine Greek tonight in your new books you got from Amazon. Amen. Now go before the store closes. Amen.

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