A fiery blonde shall cross your path, lord Azurite.

A girl such as her shall cross your path. And We shall command thee to take her. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXXIII:
Lord, it is written in the previous post: “The prophecy that said you were to marry, look no more into that pathway, for it is not your fate.” And yet You say I am to accept and take a girl such as this fiery blonde, whom You shall make enter my life?

Lord, I know she is not the same girl, but she does have a resemblance to this girl in Book 1, Post XXIX, of the Prophecies of Azurite. Amen. Hence, this girl is as another Mona Lisa within Eric’s mind. Amen. But how would I know that this prophecy is of God? How would I know that I am to receive such a girl?

The girl presented here is a model, who is an image of the girl We are giving thee, but this girl pictured here is not her whom We shall give. Amen. Rather, she is only one who merely appears as an image of her. She resembles the one who is to come. Lord, I wish I were cured and that I had no further need of medications, whose effects on my conditions seems to me like how they treated diseases and illnesses in bygone generations.

Eric, agree to marry one We shall give you, one whose hair is of golden, fiery blonde hue. What sign can you offer to give me, if thou art from God, to prove that this request is of divine origin? You have said that he who takes Hyacinth away from you can only be God? We will take her away from you, and this one shall appear into your life.

And do I have children by this one that thou givest to me? Yes, three sons shall issue from your loins, and within the bonds of holy matrimony, by your marriage to this girl. And I take it that she speaks no Hebrew? Am I correct? Or does she translate my works to Hebrew? Or is her role for a different purpose?

Lord Azurite, are you seeking to marry a mother for your children or a translator for your works? If this girl is from God, then she is a saint. If she is from hell, then she is a reprobate. That is how I will decide whether to marry the girl you give me. I will accept your offer providing I discern her to be predestined to heaven, and not reprobated to hell. For only a saint do I permit myself to enter into marriage to.

Eric, it is granted for you to make this discernment. The Holy Spirit shall reveal her fate to you when you encounter her. And then you are commanded to do as the Holy Spirit instructs. Amen. Note that this is conditional. If the sign comes to pass, specified in the previous post, that proves I Am destined for the priesthood, into the priesthood shall I enter, regardless of any sign you can show to me. I, Eric, have spoken. Amen.

Agreed. We make a pact with you this very day. If you experience the sign specified in the previous post that proves you are destined for the priesthood, into the priesthood you shall go. But if not, you will consider this girl, whom We shall put into your life. And if, in the event she is discerned predestined, and it is clear you are not called to the priesthood, then what shall you do, lord Azurite? What is your agreement? I agree to abide by the command of the Holy Spirit regarding the girl you say is to come.

And what command would You give, O’ Lord God the Holy Spirit, in such an event? You, Eric, shall accept the girl as your companion, and if the companionship leads to marriage, marry her. And do not prevent the coming of any child into your family in the conjugal acts you have by her, but keep the marriage bed holy. And the children born to you shall be fair and holy. Amen.

Lord, I do not believe that You have called me to enter a marriage. I, rather, believe this to be a trap. Lord, I have just awoken from sleep. And the Lord spoke to me in my sleep saying I am not to go to this girl, nor to any other girl, for it is indeed as I suspected, a trap and a deception from Satan. Rather, I have been chosen for the priesthood. And I have already begun studying anew Koine Greek, with new books I just bought on Amazon.

Hence, I know now that no matter how beautiful a girl is who approaches me, and no matter that she seems good, holy, and even like a saint, that I am not to be with her, for I am called to higher things than romance between men and women. Nor is there need for someone to translate my works. Let whoever wishes to translate these works do so freely. For I hereby release everything on Emeralogy.com to the public domain. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, I was too tired to go to Mass yesterday, which was early, at 6:30 AM. But I will go to Mass today, which is at 8:00 AM. Lord, many people at Church are no longer wearing masks and no longer respecting social distancing. What sayest Thou to that? And is it true that each and every person who has received a COVID-19 vaccine is going to die?

Lord, I believe in You. I will not follow Satan. And I believe that I will receive that sign by which You said I will know that I am called to the priesthood. I believe You will work that sign. And also I know this. Only You can work that sign. Amen. And I know in my heart now that I am to be made a priest. Amen.

Besides, O’ Lord, I am celibate. And I am eternally virgin. I am not going to lose my virginity with any woman. And certainly it is known in heaven that I have never had any attraction to men.

Eric, it is known in heaven everything you have just said. And furthermore, We have entrusted the entire world to you. In your hands is the fate of this world. If you fall to a woman, no matter how holy or righteous she seems, the world will be destroyed.

Therefore, keep yourself free from all women. Be courteous and kind to them, but keep yourself free from them. As for Hyacinth, you know she was a trap and a deceiver. Never converse with that one again. Nor are you to engage in long conversations with a woman who seems interested in you. Amen. And should such a woman as this cross your path, let her go in peace. Do not become familiar with her. Amen. This is an order from the Lord. Any violation of this order, and it will be seen as disobedience, which cannot be tolerated in the position in which I have placed you. Amen. Remember how Saul fell from the Kingship. It was because he failed to obey. You too are made a great King. Obey Me, or else you, too, will fall, and the world will plunge into darkness. And instead of you, I would choose another to serve Me as King, just as I chose David to replace Saul. Amen.

But if you keep to this order, and stay free of all entanglements with women, I will bless you. And your Kingship will be made to last for many decades upon the earth. And when your time comes to be taken away, an angel will come and escort you to heaven. And you shall be buried in Jerusalem, the City of Kings. Amen.

This post now comes to its end. You have heard your orders. You have been subjected to a test from Satan. And you have passed this first test. Remain in obedience to Me, and you shall not fail to pass the tests that I place you in. Amen. And realize that Satan is the one behind any and all girls who seek you. Remember this and do not engage in conversation with any of them. Do this, and you shall live and triumph. And I wish to say this also. I Am pleased with your performance. For you are in obedience to Me. And you have not gone back to the women. Amen. Hence, the crown of twelve stars is rightfully placed upon your head. And it is well said that you are indeed possessed by the Holy Virgin Mary. Amen.

Now publish this post and go to Church, and from there, go to work. Amen.

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