Eric becomes eternally virgin

Eric has now entered into a vow to God of eternal virginity. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXX:
Lord, I have made the vow to God of eternal virginity. Lord Azurite, your vow has been accepted, and you are now hereby bound to keep it. But you shall still be given the girl who is to come in marriage, but the marriage shall now be of a purely platonic nature, known as a pure Josephite marriage. And hence, you shall marry the girl We give unto thee, but not have sex. Amen.

Lord, then I am not to be called to enter the priesthood? My will is that you serve Me as Oracle, not as a priest. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Lord, what now becomes of my Kingdom? Do I retain it? Does it increase in size or glory? And now that there is to be no Two-King Azurite Dynasty, what therefore becomes of my reign and legacy? And O’ Lord, I am remaining a virgin. I am never leaving this state. What is more, I hereby make this solemn vow unto the Lord my God: I hereby vow unto You, O’ Divine Being and Savior, O’ God Almighty, and to the Lamb, Jesus Christ, God the Son, that I shall shed my seed no more. Amen. And whatever girl you shall give to me, O’ Lord, in marriage, I swear under oath of God that I shall not touch her in any sexual manner nor with any sexual intent, nor shall I do such to any other human being. Amen.

Lord Azurite, this vow is most exquisite. We shall honor every part of it. And for every part of the vow you shall be subjected to the test. And should you pass the test, all the following things shall be yours. Amen.

  1. You shall receive your cures and never become ill nor infirm again.
  2. I hereby make you King, on condition of both your eternal virginity and on your eternal continence, and your Kingdom shall consist of all of North America on the northern side of the border between Mexico and the USA, and all the lands of the northern West Indies as I define below, all of Nordic Europe on the northern side of the Kattegat Strait, and all the lands of northern Russia north of the 60th parallel. I Am the Lord. Amen. We shall define this Virgin Kingdom of Azurite in full below.
  3. I hereby anoint you as an eternal priest in My celestial priesthood. And you shall be numbered among the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. And you shall receive the crown of virginity in heaven, which is the highest and holiest of crowns that one can receive who is forgiven of sins. Amen.

Now let Us define this Kingdom over which you now have eternal dominion. Amen. It shall be henceforth known as the Eternal Azurite Kingdom of the Northern Lands. (EAKNL) Amen.

(1) Eternal Azurite Kingdom of the Northern Lands (EAKNL), ruled forever by Eric, the eternal virgin Azurite King. And his lands of eternity shall consist of the following lands:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. The Contiguous United States of America
  4. The Lucayan Archipelago
  5. Hispaniola
  6. Puerto Rico
  7. The Virgin Islands (both the U.S. and the British)
  8. Bermuda
  9. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  10. Greenland
  11. Iceland
  12. Norway
  13. Sweden
  14. Finland
  15. Northern Russia (All of Russia north of the 60th parallel)

Lord, you have given me a most northern of Kingdoms. Yes, lord Azurite, and another name that you have been given is Polaris, the North Star. Amen.

Lord, it seems now that the devil has taken control over the whole world. For Lucifer-Man now rules the USA and Israel. And Pope Francis is Satan’s slave. And Vladimir Putin of Russia and Xi Jinping of China are steadfast servants of Satan. And South Africa is firmly in the devil’s grasp. And Europe has fully abandoned her God. What sayest Thou to that, O’ Lord?

It seems, then, O’ Lord, that the next step will be Satan’s attempts to silence me and all other opposition who speak against Satan and his servants. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord?

Lord, I live in California, in the midst of the nation of the Beast. And the Beast is now reigning here through Joe Biden, and riding on him, sexually, is Kamala Harris, the mother of harlots and the abominations of the earth. And remember this poetic phrase that eternally links these four reprobated men:

Barrack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden,
Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden.

Those four men are linked with a common destiny of notoriety and damnation.

Lord, what is my assignment? How dost Thou wish that I serve Thee, O’ Lord?

Eric, My assignment for you is simple. Write what I command you to write. And as for the girl, receive her when she comes. Amen. The girl will be given to you as I put My women under the protection of the Apostle John. And note how he did not touch them, but looked over them and kept them safe. So also shall it be for you and this one I make your wife. Amen. Lord, I agree to do all that You say.

And Lord, what of that thing I am waiting for? Lord Azurite, it will come, and when it comes, you shall speak of it fully here. Amen. Do not be concerned. It is safe, and will arrive shortly. Amen.

Furthermore, you shall return to the embedded software engineering field. You mean, O’ Lord, that my current job is coming to an end? No, that shall continue indefinitely. But you shall also do embedded software engineering as well, as another job. Amen.

Lord, what will happen to America during the reign of Lucifer-Man over her? Will great disasters befall her? Will great calamities strike here? Lord Azurite, I Am soon taking you to a new location where you shall be safe. For where you currently live, that is most unsafe. Amen.

Lord, will this new location be still in southern California? Or will it be in another region of this world? Or will I be transported to another world altogether? For you have said that I continue to work in my current job? Am I correct, O’ Lord? Amen.

We are taking you to anther city, where you shall be unknown. The place where you currently live is to be destroyed. Hence, all the books and computers that you possess, you shall take with you. I Am the Lord.

And what of my parents, O’ Lord, what becomes of them? For they depend now on my driving them everywhere? Did I not say unto thee, lord Azurite, that with the exception of your brother Mark, your entire family is to die? We shall let your brother Mark live, for he does attempt to follow Me. But he shall not enter My Church, for he has not merited to be granted that grace. Amen.

Lord, it arrived. I had ordered a new computer from Apple, and it has the new M1 chip in it. This will be my first M1 chip Mac. Realize, folks, that Apple is now moving from Intel to ARM, similar to how it moved from PowerPC to Intel back in 2006. That was when I bought my first Mac. I decided to make the switch from Windows to Mac when they starting making their Intel Macs. Now they are making ARM based Macs. And M1 is an ARM based system on a chip. It is much more efficient and cooler than the system they had with Intel.

Note that I am long Apple and TSM, which is the foundry that makes the M1, and I am also long NVDA, which is in the process of buying ARM. I am betting big on ARM. And I sold all my Intel stock at a profit some time ago. Intel seems to be under some very bad management because they are not making any serious competitor to answer the move from x86 to ARM. And now many major data centers are investing in making their own ARM, just as Apple did, to move their server systems to ARM. Intel management needs to do some serious rethink and come out with a new product line, because it seems that the handwriting is on the wall for x86.

But I think that the switch from Intel to M1 shows that Apple is under good leadership under Tim Cook. For I believe that this is a major move with a lot of forward thinking. And I am sure that Microsoft, being a company that makes money on selling its Windows operating system, regardless of the hardware it runs on, is going to license its ARM based Windows 10 OS to people who wish to run Windows 10 on their new ARM based Macs, such as the Macs running on M1. For Microsoft stands to make a lot of money that way, for Mac users are known for having deep pockets and being willing to invest in big upfront investments.

Now, as for Tim Cook being gay, that is a disorder that he can do nothing to change. But what is in his power is that he can choose between a celibate lifestyle and the gay lifestyle. The former leads to eternal life, but the latter leads to eternal condemnation. I would pray that he takes the former. And I suggest to all of you Catholics and Christians out there that you pray for those you know of in the LGBTQ community that they choose celibacy and righteousness over the pathway that leads to destruction and death. And realize that Joe Biden is not a friend to the LGBTQ people, but their enemy. For whoever advocates abomination, sodomy, and abortion does to the people of those communities who do such things a great disservice.

Lord, in the previous post, it was said that Queen Elizabeth was to be assassinated that very day. And now a whole day has passed. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Were those words from Satan or from God?

Satan was playing with your mind, lord Azurite. But realize this. Now that you are back on My chosen path for you of eternal virginity, it will be much more difficult for Satan to deceive you. I Who Am have spoken.

Now go home, lord Azurite. Publish this as is. And set up your computer when you get home. Tomorrow you shall go to Mass at 8:00 AM. And from there you shall go to work. But tonight We shall answer your many questions and you shall write the next post on your new M1 Mac. I Am the Lord. Amen. And publish this post now, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

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