Eric speaks on the girl he is to receive

Behold, A fair virgin, beautiful and pure, shall be given to Eric as his wife.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXVI:
Behold, Eric, the virgin to be given to you is most beautiful. And that you shall lay with her, losing your own virginity as she loses hers, shall be a most glorious evening in the Kingdom of Heaven. For by that one act, a child shall be conceived, and he shall be born a boy and be called John. This John, son of Eric, shall go on to become one of My holiest among priests to ordained in the Catholic Church. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, I take it, therefore, that after this son comes to be in the womb of my wife, when it is known that she is with child, that no more am I to lay with my wife from that point onwards, even after the child is born, for you permit no further children to be born to us. Am I correct, O’ Master? Correct, lord Azurite. For the holy Way is to have no sex. And the holy path is to walk the Way of John the Apostle, who married not and kept himself perfectly clean.

Lord, I am unable to keep myself clean like John the Apostle. What am I do do, O’ Lord? In My eyes you are clean. That you fall sometimes and shed seed matters not. As long as you remain with Me, submitting to My command, I Am not concerned about your shedding seed from time to time. For the male physiology is to shed seed from time to time. And if it is not done manually by the celibate man to himself, then it will come out by nocturnal emission. But I do not condemn such men. What I condemn is the desire to take that which I have forbidden a man. And that is, to take a woman who is not your wife. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now go home, lord Azurite. We shall complete this post tonight. Amen. And do not worry that you shall shed seed from time to time. For this occurs in all men, and it is not a sin. Amen. Lord, then it is not a sin to masturbate? Consider that word closely lord Azurite. Masturbation literally means “to defile with the hand.” But to defile means to shed seed by an unlawful act, or by an act that occurs with sin. If you shed seed for your physiological need only, and you do not have in your mind anything shameful or guilty with sin, then what you are doing does not defile you, and hence, is not, therefore, called masturbation. Hence, it is decided by God that you are no longer a masturbator, and that any seed you shed from now on will not be by masturbation, even through it is done by your conscious self.

Learn from this lesson and master it. It is not the act but the intent behind it that causes it to be sinful. However, any act of sexual release involving a woman physically with you cannot be done without incurring a mortal sin, unless this woman is your wife. For I forbid a man to know a woman unless he first marries her. I Am the Lord. Amen. Therefore, it is not possible to lay with a woman who is not your wife and to remain in a state of grace. It is simply not possible to do that. And thus, whoever does that, he cuts himself off from Me.

But that does not mean that he is cut off from Me forever. For I have a plan to save your brother Mark. He is not yet saved. But I Am leading him to My salvation. But Mark became cut off from Me when he entered his freshman year of college, and when he met a girl who had all kinds of sex with him. And I severely punished Mark for that. For from that date onward, Mark became saddled with debts. And he went bankrupt twice, and is still saddled with debt. He is like that fat person who can never keep the weight off, but who keeps piling the weight back on after each time he thins himself down. Mark is just like that fat man, but concerning debt. And also in his college, I punished him scholastically such that he fell behind in his studies to become an aerospace engineer, which he called a rocket scientist. And his grades dropped such that he lost his scholarship. And finally, as his senior year approached, he realized he had no hope in graduating in his major. His only hope relied on him changing his major to a much less demanding major, that of industrial engineering. And thus he graduated then, from USC, after four and a half years of study, with major debts and a degree in industrial engineering, which was much less impressive to any employer.

You, on the other hand, Eric, attended Whittier College, right after your nervous breakdown, having been accepted to it while you were in the midst of your Devastation Breakdown as you were recovering in a psych ward in UCLA medical center. You missed your last semester in high school and did not appear at any graduation ceremonies, but you graduated from high school that year nevertheless by taking two summer school classes that summer, completing the requirements necessary for you to enter Whittier college that fall.

You studied biology. And that remained your major throughout your four years at that college, though you tried many other things. For you tried music, art, and computer programming as electives. But it was in computer programming, which you entered into in your senior year, where you outshined the rest of the class. In both classes you took, Programming in Pascal in your fall semester of your senior year, followed by Programming in C in your spring semester, after which you graduated in May of 1993, with a GPA of 3.2 (where A = 4.0), you aced both courses and were, with one other guy, the two most gifted programmers in the class.

One of the reasons why you never fell to have sex with a girl, as your two brothers did, neither of whom graduated as you did, in just four years of study, was because you commuted to college. You did not live on campus. Nor did you live in any frat house. You simply came to the college to take your classes, and then you went home to study. Hence, you bypassed the temptations that your brothers were subjected to. And you never got involved with any woman there. You did enter a friendship with the girl Victoria there, but this friendship was not sexual in any way. It was purely platonic. And the kiss you gave her, several months after you graduated from college, was not a sexual kiss, and you never repeated it. I Am the Lord. And since you did not repeat the kiss, you never fell to any temptation, as your brothers fell into serious sins. For you never violated My commandment that you take no woman who is not your wife. And you never married, and you never had sex. Amen.

That was why I converted you to enter Christianity while you were in college, whereas Mark entered Christianity many years after he graduated from college. And even to this day, he has not yet come to acknowledge your superiority in the Way of Christ. Rather, he considers himself to be the better man, the man more blessed, and that is why I have humbled him so severely. I Am the Lord. Amen. For the proud man believes he is better than others, when it is they, rather them him, whom I favor more. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And who was this Victoria whom you entered friendship with, you ask? She was of Mexican heritage, born in the United States, speaking both Spanish and English fluently. She aspired to become a doctor, but alas, she was falling away from the Catholic Church. And as punishment to her, I, the Lord, frustrated her career path. And eventually she became a woman racked with pain and heavily burdened with debts. But Eric never left her until she rejected him, many years later in 2003, when he confronted her on her Catholicism, saying of the young women who, with their children, when to Church, “At least they go to Church.” And those simple words she took as a personal insult, as though Eric were saying that they were better Christians than her. And her last words to Eric, before she hung up the phone, were, “Goodbye, Mr. Perfect.” And Eric feared attempting to contact her again, as she may try to do something legal against him. And so for three years he did not contact her. And on Mother’s Day of 2006, it was shown to Eric the last ember of Victoria’s salvation. And Eric was asked if he wished for her to be saved. And Eric said, “Yes.” But when he was shown the horror that he would have to take on to save her, he balked. But then he said he was willing to do what was necessary for her salvation. But then God showed to Eric that between the moment when he balked and the moment when he said he was willing to do what it would take to save her, Victoria had lost all hope of salvation, and had, in that moment, blasphemed the Holy Spirit, and the last ember of her soul had completely gone out forever. And this occurred in the morning of Mother’s Day, 2006. Amen.

Just week prior to that event, Eric was in Hawaii, attending his bother Mark’s wedding, with the instructions from God that he may eat the food provided, but that he may not dance there, or show any other form of approval of the marriage. For the marriage was unlawful. For the girl Mark was marrying was divorced and with two children already from her previous husband, who was a Jew, called Scott. But this woman Mark married, Marlene, did in fact bring Mark into Christianity. And that was the means by which he finally came to follow Me, though imperfectly and outside the Catholic Church.

Now after all these years of persevering in a rocky marriage, it is now Mark’s wife, not Mark, who has become the breadwinner in the family. And by that change, let it be known that Marlene will elect to file for divorce, just as she divorced from her previous husband, Scott, when she decided it would suit her better. And under California law, Marlene will retain custody of their two children they had together, two young daughters going through puberty, and for these she will demand child support from Mark. And Mark will be hard pressed to pay his child support. Amen.

However, the good that will come from this arrangement will be that Mark will then become fully eligible to enter the Catholic Church. And no annulments will Mark need to obtain to enter the Catholic Church, as his marriage was never valid to begin with. Rather, he will enter My Catholic Church as an unmarried man with two daughters for whom he will owe child support to his ex-wife, who was never recognized as his wife by My Church to begin with. For if My people were to only submit to My Catholic Church before they entered into any marriage, so much less likely would they ever find themselves in a bad marriage. I Am the Lord. Amen.

As for you and Hyacinth, realize, lord Azurite, that I Am taking her away from you and giving you the one who is to be your wife. Realize that this event is imminent. And realize that it is about to happen. For you have been made pleasing to Me. And in you I find no more fault. Hence, your marriage to this woman shall be called holy. And I permit you to marry her in either your parish, Saint Bruno Catholic Church, or in the parish of the bride. Either way will be satisfactory to Me. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And to your wedding, you will invite those whom you have agreed to invite. And they will come, for they will be most curious to see this most unusual of weddings. Invite those you have agreed to invite. And realize that many, I tell you, shall crash the wedding. For many, I tell you, shall seek to see this most unusual event. Amen.

Lord Azurite, you have said that before you enter your marriage, that you will buy a new Toyota Avalon, for you have said that if you cannot afford a new car, then that neither can you afford to marry. But I say to you this. Marry the girl at the exact date that I will command for this marriage to take place, regardless of whether you have acquired the means of purchasing that car yet or not. For you will not have sex with this woman until it is commanded of you, sometime during your marriage to her, when the child who is to come is to be conceived. For the egg cell that is to be his first cell has already been chosen from among all the egg cells of her ovaries. And it is when this egg cell is becoming ripe that you shall lay with your wife, to ensure that this egg cell, and no other, is the egg cell that is fertilized by your seed. Amen.

Furthermore, I will now grant you a raise in your job. And you shall be made a full employee. And when this girl is presented to you, you shall see these signs accompany her entrance into your life. All the ailments that you currently have shall be utterly cured. And you shall be as a new man. Amen. And rightly is it said of you that you look far younger than your years say you are. For though you are fifty, you appear more closely to be a man of forty. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And this brings us to speak of Joe Biden, the Antichrist. Will he not attempt to disrupt your plans? Rather, I tell you plainly. The Azurite Reign begins in force the moment the girl who is to be yours enters your life. And from that date onward, the days left for Biden become numbered. And he will not live to see the end of his first term in office. For My Holy Spirit will accuse him of his deadly sins, and by that accusation, he will die. And then Kamala Harris will take over, and become a lame duck President, proving to all who witness her of her utter incompetence in handling the job of being Commander-in-chief. But the Democratic Party, in misplaced loyalty, will nominate her to run as President in the 2024 elections, in which she will be soundly defeated by the man you will have called forth. And this man, a Republican, will serve two terms, turning America back from the brink, and leading her back to financial solvency and back to grace and decency and holiness. He will not lead America back to filthy riches, but to clean and holy living, and to the way of life where one does not destroy one’s environment to make oneself rich. Rather, one keeps the earth healthy so that future generations can behold the same things you beheld, elephants and rhinos, along with their habitat, kept intact. And the rainforests undestroyed, and brought back from the brink. So many good things will Eric bring to America. And it will come with the sacrifice all will be making in that they will not be becoming obscenely rich. I Am the Lord. This post has now been completed. Publish it, lord Azurite, and prepare to go to Church. For you shall walk there and attend the 6:30 AM mass. Amen.

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