Eric as he is now.

Eric, today, at the age of 50 going on 51. Taken using his MacBook Pro, on June 11, 2021.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXVII:
Here you can see how it is truly said, Eric appears years younger than his true age. For he was born on June 24, 1970. In 13 days time he will turn 51 years old. (51 = 17 x 3). Lord, it seems to me that my camera on my iPhone takes pictures with better resolution than my camera on my MacBook Pro. Why is that?

Lord Azurite, did you know also that forensic scientists can, by analyzing a picture, determine from what device that picture was taken from, just like a fired bullet can be matched to the gun that fired it? Lord, that makes perfect sense. For each camera on each device has its own unique fingerprint of scratch marks and smudges on its lens that can be used to uniquely identify exactly what device took them, providing that the forensic scientists also had either access to that device or else their hands on other pictures taken from the same device to compare them to.

Precisely, lord Azurite. It is exactly as you have said. Hence, now that you are publishing this picture to the public, forensic scientists will be able to use that picture to match any other picture taken by the same camera on the internet, and know that it was taken using the same device, which is your MacBook Pro. Amen. For realize, lord Azurite, the defects in the lens, and all camera lenses have defects, serve to modify the light passing through it in a unique way to make the picture distinctive to that lens. And powerful computers with highly specialized photo software can analyze these pictures and match them to other pictures taken using the same camera. I Am the Lord. Amen.

For realize, lord Azurite, in the age of the digital world, virtually every soul can be tracked down and found, given a sample of his trace. Lord, such enables the formation of totalitarian police states where no one can do anything without it being known by the government. Correct, lord Azurite. And look at how money is heading towards a complete and total world government regulation. People without thinking think that that crypto currencies provide a covert method of carrying out transactions. But they do not realize that there are so many ways that any user of crypto currency can be traced and tracked down. Even the transactions that they think are hidden that they made are instead permanently written in the block code.

Then, O’ Lord, is it just by paying with cash that transactions remain safe and hidden? Not even by paying with cash, lord Azurite, will remain covert. For each dollar bill has its unique identifying numbers on it. And future regulations are coming in which every cash based transaction that occurs will require the scanning of the dollar bills that pass hands in that transaction. Amen. Since every movement of cash through the internet involves identifying numbers, all those numbers will eventually be required to be reported to the top watchdog agencies. And then no transaction will occur upon the earth that does not get tracked. Amen.

And such is how the mark of the beast will go into effect. The Antichrist will make it so that in order to be able to use money, you will need to receive an identifying mark on all your monetary wallets and spending methods, by which you will from that point onward, not be able to buy or sell anything without every transaction you make being logged and known to Antichrist.

But Lord, how will receiving this mark cause damnation? In order to receive the mark, all the inhabitants of the earth will have to bow down and worship the false god. That is all that will be required to receive it, and once done, I will not recognize the one who does that as Mine anymore. Amen.

But Antichrist will take offense at anyone who refuses to bow down and worship his false god, and he will slay them, portraying himself as righteously zealous to his worthy god, who will be said to deserve the worship of the entire world. And just as Eric will have made the world Catholic, Antichrist to come shall reverse that and render her unCatholic. Amen.

And some will argue that such a small gesture as simply bowing down and uttering some simple words of worship to a false god should not harm any soul, but I say this. If your wife kisses another man on the lips and puts her hand on his penis, is not that, in itself, a simple and small gesture? And yet, would you not right at that moment cast away your wife for having committed adultery against you? Would you not say that such a gesture by you wife to that other man does irreparable damage and destruction to your marriage? Could any marriage survive such an evil act, if the husband were a righteous man? No it could not! The husband would rightfully separate himself from his wife, and he would seek a civil divorce from her, on the grounds of her adultery. But he would not marry again unless this adulterous woman were to die. For the bonds of matrimony can only be ended by one power: death. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, it makes sense that, in the case of adultery, those caught in adultery, both the man and the woman, should be put to death, in accordance to the Mosaic Law. Correct, lord Azurite. For the righteous husband or wife should not be punished by being forced into celibacy when their spouse commits adultery against them and they choose to rightfully separate from their adulterous spouse. For those caught in adultery should be put to death. And then the righteous spouse that is left will then be righteously free to marry again. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, Pope Francis is most wrong and in deadly error to declare that capital punishment is never permissible. Correct, lord Azurite, the pope is dead wrong. He is so wrong that his head has been completely bent backwards up into his anus, so much so that he now breathes and eats nothing but shit and so that he now sees nothing but shit.

Lord, this shit breathing pope known as Pope Francis, how long will we be forced to put up with him, O’ Lord? But I know that I cannot refuse to submit and obey the valid pope. And You, O’ Lord, have said that Pope Francis is in fact the valid pope. For You have made it clear to me that Pope Benedict XVI truly and validly stepped down from the papacy. And thus, Pope Benedict is not pope anymore, but is now rightly called Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. But O’ Lord, I ask Thee, when shall the current pope, Pope Francis, who is doing a most horrible job as pope, shall step down from the papacy? For I know that You, O’ Lord have full control over Your Church. And if You utter the command, the pope will obey You, for he will have no choice but to obey.

Pope Francis steps down this very day, lord Azurite. For I have decided that the time has now come for his reign to end. Amen. Lord, if this is the Word of the Lord, I am confident that it shall take place. But O’ Lord, what if it does not take place? What does that mean then, if Your Word that Pope Francis is to step down today does not come to pass, O’ Lord? What then am I to think? For surely You do not say that You say false things?

By this sign are you to know that what I have said is the Truth. Pope Francis will acquire a terminal venereal disease, and it will come out that he has been sleeping with men. And when this knowledge comes to light, he will be forced to resign due to the utter shame of it. For remember when Congressman Anthony Weiner was revealed to be a sex offender, and he at first attempted to remain at his post? But then the utter shame of his offense was too much for him to bear, and he was forced to resign due to the utter shame of it all. Well he continued to descend further when out of office, until his wife left him and he was finally sent to prison and made a registered sex offender. He just could not stop following his dick into trouble. He totally lost all self decency and self control. And he became a total failure of a man. And such is a cautionary tale for all other men who dabble into porn that that is just not the way to go. For porn and poverty go hand in hand.

Lord, I do not wish to fall to the fate of Anthony Weiner. Then do not do his works, and you shall not fall to his fate. For Anthony Weiner’s first mistake was to seek to take a woman for sexual pleasures who was not his wife. Never do any such thing, and neither shall you fall as Anthony Weiner did. Also, never take pictures of yourself nude, nor take any nudes of any other person. For doing such things bring shame both to the person whose nude was taken, and to their families. Did you know that Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress because of a picture of his penis that he took with his own cell phone and sent to a woman he was all horny over, and that picture ended up all over the internet, and he never lived down that shame? For how do you negotiate deals with other congressmen who are looking at your dick pic?

Likewise, women should not flash their naked breasts, nor go about without underwear on beneath their skirts. This is not because doing this could lead men into folly. For every possible picture of a nude subject has already been taken and seen by those who would want to see such things. Rather, women should not do such things for their own sakes. For how does a school girl live down the shame of all her classmates looking at a picture of her flashing her naked breasts? And as for not wearing underwear beneath her skirt, you may think that not wearing such will go unnoticed, but what if you are sitting with your friends and some person takes a flash photograph of you? If your legs were pointing at the camera, that flash could light up what is unseen by the human eye, and the picture reveal your beaver. Do you, as a woman, want that? Not only would it embarrass you, but it would also embarrass your girlfriends who are sitting with you in that picture. And then think of who else could possibly come to see that picture. Hence, the wise woman does not go about not wearing underwear, and she does not flash her boobs.

So, O’ Lord, You are saying that Pope Francis is a homosexual? Precisely, lord Azurite, just as Obama is also certainly a homosexual. All those who advocate gay rights and who uphold gay marriage are deep down guilty themselves of the deadly sins of homosexuality. Amen. And they are merely seeking a way to ease their guilty consciences by making the law say that the filth that they are doing is permissible.

For lord Azurite, whoever seeks to change My law, by relaxing the law for themselves and by preaching for others to do the same, shall be heavily put to shame. For their deeds are most unworthy of one who claims to follow the Lord. Amen.

Lord, have I relaxed the law for myself and have I preached for others to do the same? No, lord Azurite. For the Words preached on this website are not from you, but from Me. And you are writing nothing but what I Am writing through you. Amen.

Go, lord Azurite, at the next opportune time, and ask for your paycheck. You will cash it tomorrow, as usual, when you walk to the bank that will open at 9 AM. Amen. And after that, I will instruct you on what you are to do. Amen.

Lord, I have now done just that. Good. Now listen to Me closely. Pope Francis is decreed to step down, and the decree is made today. But when it shall go into effect is up to the mysterious mind of God. Never put God to an ultimatum test, saying that if He does not perform what you expect Him, that you shall abandon Him and say that there is no God.

For even Jesus Himself thought He was Coming again in the very generation that He lived. He thought that there were people standing there, that were present with Him, who would not fail to live to see the Coming of the Kingdom in full. But He also said that the Kingdom, when it came, would come unobserved. And thus, the Kingdom did come, but only the spiritual people, not the carnal people, recognized its coming.

I Am the Kingdom that has come. I Am He! And I Am Who Am. I came, and I shall come again. But My Kingdom is already present to all My people. For whoever attends a Mass is a witness to My Kingdom come. And who would attend a Mass but he who loves the Lord. For great is the sacrifice of time that My faithful put into coming to Mass each Sunday. But that sacrifice is not without fruit. For the reception of the Eucharist is the greatest and most meritorious act possible that a man can do in his life. For did you know, lord Azurite, that the saints in heaven are clothed in the glory of all the communions that they received meritoriously in their life?

Lord, I received the sacrament of first holy communion on Easter Vigil, Saturday, March 30, 2002, and from that point onward I have received communion in a state of grace each week, if not more frequently, though there were times that I briefly fell to mortal sin. However, in the year 1989, some 13 years before i received the sacrament of first holy communion, I went to Saint Bruno Catholic Church and went up and received communion, having had received no other sacrament before then other than baptism as an infant. But the Holy Spirit convicted me that what I did was wrong, and I did not repeat it. What did that count as, O’ Lord? Could I have been saved by that communion had I died before formally entering the Church in 2002?

Lord Azurite, the simple act of receiving communion saves no one unless it is done in accordance to all the rules and laws of My Catholic Church. Hence, he who comes from outside and enters and partakes in My holy communion, but who did not enter into My Church by the established means, is an intruder and he is not a true partaker in My supper. To truly partake in My supper, a man needs to enter, as you finally did in 2002, going through the required procedures, such as RCIA, which you fully went through. Hence, when you received Me in 1989, you came to Me as an intruder, and that unlawful communion made you eligible to be called Antichrist. But you did not repeat the offense when My Holy Spirit convicted you of it, and hence, the mortal sin was not imputed against you, and you were not held culpable for that sacrilege. But when you came to Me in 2001 to 2002, going through all My requirements to truly enter into the sacramental life of My Catholic Church, I accepted you then. And for your first confession, before the day came that you received Me in first holy communion, the one sin you confessed before all else was the sacrilege that you committed in 1989. Amen.

Now, We have completed Our will in what We wished to write through you in this post. Submit it now, and publish it, for it is complete. The girl We are giving you is coming imminently. You are to expect her arrival at any time. And remember how you are to discern that she is the one. For Satan, too, will be sending his decoys. And his decoys will be many. This post now comes to its conclusion. When the girl comes, this book then ends, and the next book to come shall be called: The Oracles of Azurite. Amen. Now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

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