Behold, Biden, the enemy.

Behold He who has come to deceive and destroy: Lucifer-Man, the one behind Joe Biden.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXV:
Behold, deadly is the one who now reigns. Whoever compromises with the devil on LGBTQ issues, which are deadly sinful, has already died. Do not pass the Equality Act. Vote against it. For all who vote in favor of it will die by the breath of the Holy Spirit. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Make no deals with that pathetic excuse of a man in the White House. Kill all his bills, unless there is no deadly sin contained therein. For this man is deadly. And his hands drip with obscene filth and deadly sin. This man seeks to destroy America with his Equality Act, which aims to make sin and transgression equal to morality and holiness. The bill aims to destroy the Catholic Church and all that is holy. The man behind it shall be castrated and plunged headlong into the fire of burning hot sulfur. For he has transgressed. And he deserves his eternal damnation. Amen.

Reject Joe Biden for the monster that he is. Let him fail in office. Let him get none of his agenda achieved. Lord Azurite, Joe Biden, a man of failure, shall indeed fail here. I will indeed cause him to fail. And I will indeed cut the cord that connects his soul to his body. For he is unworthy of even the sunshine that shines upon his head. He is unworthy to breathe the fresh air on the surface of the earth. And he is unworthy to drink the fresh water that waters all the land. Therefore, I, the Lord God Almighty, shall indeed now take all of these things away from this man. And I shall cast him into a barren and desolate swamp of burning pitch and sulphur, and there he shall have urine to drink and swamp mire to eat. And there will he sit, with burning coals constantly being poured over his head. And never again will this man see the light of day. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Joe Biden is Antichrist par Excellence. And his sidekick, Kamala Harris, is the Slut Queen, Mother of all Harlots and of the Abominations of this World. And together, they form the Dynamic Duo, and they go one-on-one, in the office together, despite the fact that such is a direct mortal sin of adultery against both their spouses.

Lord Azurite, I will save Mark in your family. Him I have chosen to save. But as for your brother David, he has rejected and rebuked the Holy Spirit, which is the act that it is not possible for a man to recover from. Remember how this happened, lord Azurite. You, in your charity for David, offered to pray for his soul, and he rebuked you, telling you to pray for someone else, but not for him. That was a direct rebuke of the Holy Spirit. And his heart become hardened against Me and against My Holy Spirit after he said those words. He did not retract his statement in the time I gave him to retract. And so I condemned him. This was many years ago. And he is now consumed with Satan. That is why I leave him where he is. And I permit him to get fatter and fatter, as he gets richer and richer. But I do not rebuke him, for God only rebukes those He loves. But as for those He does not love, these He permits to continue in their evil ways until they die in their destruction at the end of their life. Amen.

Mark I have heavily rebuked. And you see he currently has no real job. I have elected to save Mark. For you see that he has already been walking toward Me since his marriage in 2006. And I know his marriage is not recognized by My Catholic Church. Whether his marriage can become validated in My Catholic Church is a matter for the Church to decide. But Mark has been walking the Christian path since his marriage. And he has definitely been struggling in his faith.

Then, O’ Lord, I pray that Mark, so that his faith is increased, that he receive mercy from You, O’ Lord, and that he may obtain a job again, one that will suffice to meet his needs, in accordance to Your will. Mark will obtain a new job when I take Hyacinth away from you. For he is currently jobless on account of his dealings with her. But when I take her away, Mark will find forgiveness from Me, and I will show mercy to him again. But as for the girl We are giving thee, David is not permitted to see her in the daylight of this world, but only from his place in the gloom of the afterlife, where I will be sending him at the time of his death, which is soon.

As for your parents, I have condemned them both. The COVID-19 killer variants will do away with them. For the vaccines will prove most ineffective against certain variants I Am about to unleash upon the whole world. Amen. Realize, therefore, why I have elected to save Mark, but not anyone else in your family. It has to do with the decision to follow Me or not to follow Me. Mark follows Me imperfectly, for his Christian religion is not Catholic. But I count his struggling in his Christian faith as a genuine attempt at following Me. And therefore I will let him live.

But as for the rest of your family, none of them follow Me in any way whatsoever. All of them have completely abandoned Me. And hence, with the exception of your brother Mark, I will permit your entire family to be wiped out by the super killer variant that is coming soon. And it will wipe out whole neighborhoods. Cities will be laid to waste. And towns will be made desolate. I Am the Lord. Amen. And the people will have Joe Biden to thank, for the mass vaccination of the American people will leave all who have been vaccinated as sitting ducks, with their natural defenses lowered, so that the variant can come and kill them willy nilly. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, many Republicans have opted not to be vaccinated. And do you not see the genius of My plans? When the next elections take place, the surviving Americans will be more Republican than Democrat. And therefore, the Republicans will sweep the House and the Senate, taking over both houses of Congress. And it will be just in time, for I Am going to wipe out certain liberal Justices, and I do not want to do it while the Democrats control the Senate. Amen.

And nominee after nominee nominated by Joe Biden for the Supreme Court will be rejected by the GOP controlling the Senate, until after the elections in 2024 when your Pawn, a Republican, takes over. And then he will stack the Supreme Court with good Supreme Court Justices, after the proven mold of Barrett, Kavanaugh, and Alito, the three who vote and rule correctly on the Supreme Court. Amen. I would also have mentioned Thomas, but his record is tainted due to his perjury. And I do not uphold and glorify those who lie. I Am the Lord.

You saw how Ginsburg died as I said she would. So also shall the rest of the liberal Justices be done away with. For none of them are qualified to sit on the bench. Amen. But your Pawn, lord Azurite, when choosing a nominee for the Supreme Court, will not decide ahead of time that he is going to choose a woman or a member of a minority race. Rather, he will seek someone who will serve the interests of True Justice. And whether that is a good woman, like Barrett, or a good White man, like Kavanaugh, or any good person of any other race or category, he will be selecting him or her on the basis of their qualifications and for their sound judgement and by looking at their reliable judicial record. Amen.

Lord, we are now about a half year into Joe Biden’s first term. How much longer do You permit this monster to reign? He is given a time, times, and half a time, lord Azurite. And then he will die and Kamala Harris will take over and be defeated in the 2024 elections running against your Pawn whom you have called forth, lord Azurite. Amen. And Kamala Harris will call for all the Blacks to support her, even those Black men she put into prison and kept them in prison to fight the forest fires, even when the Parole Board said that they should be released on parole. Amen. And with every fuck she gave the White man as she was having sex with him, the Black men she had kept in prison, beyond the recommendations of the parole board, were getting burned and suffering and choking from all the smoke and flames and fires that they were fighting to put out all over California, all the while Kamala Harris, the Black bitch who put them there, was fucking White dudes in order to rise up in power. For Kamala Harris wields her vagina as a weapon. And that weapon she uses to rise up in the ranks, so that she, as a Black woman, can claim a piece of the pie. Amen. But as for those Black men in prison, she will simply use them as things to step on, as she ascends in power. And Black lives do matter to her! Yes they do! They matter as stepping stones to her to use as she rises to the top. But does she share her piece of the pie with them? No sir! “Let them eat the slop of the Negro slave,” says Kamala Harris, “For I have made myself acceptable to White culture as though I were a White woman, and I expect to enjoy my attained White privilege. I will only be Black again when I need the Black vote in the next elections. And Black men, being a most gullible people, will give me their vote because I am Black to them. Amen.” For you see, the Black person who rises to the top really does not have to do anything for Black people to get their vote. All they need to do is be Black. Hence, when Black people campaign in Black neighborhoods, they make sure they take their melanin pills that day so that they appear extra Black. For that is all it takes to get the Black man’s vote. Amen.

But Lord, Joe Biden is white. How did he get the Black vote? Biden had the endorsement from the Black man’s god, Barrack Hussein Obama. And with an endorsement like that, Biden can pretty much do whatever he wants to Black people, and they will roll over and kiss ass and do whatever he asks of them. Remember when Biden said, “If you don’t vote for me, then you just ain’t Black,”? He was able to get away with that gaffe because Obama was backing him. Whatever Obama gives to Black people, the Black men will take, no questions asked. All that Kool-Aid that that Obama hands out, Black men will guzzle down, even if they know it will kill them. And that is because Obama is god to them. For the Black people honestly believe that when they die, they will not be judged by Jesus, but by Obama.

But Obama cannot stop Biden from dying in office. And Kamala Harris, looking forward to being called President Kamala Harris, will then be defeated similar to how Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab, was defeated at the destruction of their reign. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, am I like Elijah? Yes, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are just like King Ahab and Jezebel, respectively. And they will encircle their forces around you, and they will lay siege to your castle. But fire will descend from heaven and wipe out their entire array of armies. And they themselves will then be utterly destroyed. Amen.

Lord, with Antichrist par Excellence now ruling America, it seems like, prophetically, that he would ruin her. Will this come to pass? Indeed, I will flatten America during the reigns of Joe Biden and Kamal Harris, and that reign of Lucifer-Man will be put down and terminated by the elections of 2024, when your Pawn comes to power. Amen. And America will by then resemble how Europe appeared after World War II. I Am the Lord. Amen. For I Am not joking when I say that Antichrist is now reigning over your nation. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, what shall become of health insurance in America. When the variant strikes, all health insurance companies will fold and file for bankruptcy. For the costs to them will be too staggering for them and beyond the ability of any of them to pay out. And no one will have health insurance after that, and for many years to come. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Rather, the Republicans will float the plan to subsidize medicines and medical costs for all people who have no insurance, and that will be the universal insurance plan going forward. Amen. People will directly pay for all their medical needs out of pocket, and the government will partially subsidize the costs. Amen.

Lord, you now have made me ruler over North America. Does that give me the power to strike down heads-of-state, however that I wish? Your reign over North America simply means that you and the land are one. While you thrive, so also shall the land. But should you perish, the land will perish with you. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, what are Your instructions to me regarding COVID-19 and the vaccines offered, which I have not taken, as You have commanded me not to? For new variants are rising, some more deadly than the original COVID-19. Continue not to take any vaccine, for they are unnecessary for you. For I have made you immune. Furthermore, to take a vaccine that was developed or tested using aborted fetal lines is to make a compromise with Satan. And I will soon demonstrate to My people what becomes of those who compromise with the devil. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord Azurite, the people of America will survive, providing that you comply with all that I command of you. And this is My command. Marry the girl We have elected to give to you, but do not lay with her or touch her until that day comes when it is commanded of you. For this woman is destined to give birth to male child who shall rise and serve My Church as a most holy priest. And he will lead My Church back to Me. Amen. You shall call him John, and he shall be called John, son of Eric, son of Robert, son of Harry, son of John Dunstan, who came to America from Cornwall, England. I Who Am have finished speaking in this post. You are now commanded to publish this and go home. Amen.

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