The purpose I have set Eric in this world.

Behold, the forests of the Big Trees. With such glory do I glorify your Kingdom.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXIII:
Eric, I have placed you in this world for a specific purpose. And that purpose is to lead My people back to Me, and to prepare My people fit for the coming of the Lord. For I Am coming soon. In 13 years time, you shall be in the Third Millennium of the Catholic Church. And then, that is when My Coming should be expected. Now go home, lord Azurite. Tomorrow, you shall attend the 8:00 AM Mass. But tonight you shall go home and eat and complete this post. Now go, for the hour is late. Amen.

Lord, I am here, to complete this post. Good, lord Azurite. Now, listen to My instructions carefully. Lord, it seems that Hyacinth is always with me. And it seems that she will remain with me for life. Lord Azurite, it is because this one lamb you have led into My Kingdom, and you have never abandoned her to any wolf, but have remained with her, seeing to it that she remains Mine. Lord Azurite, you may view this as a small deed, the saving of a single lamb, but it is precious in My eyes. She will never be parted from you, not even by her being taken from this world. I Am the Lord. Amen.

But Lord, I know that she is not entirely honest. Correct, lord Azurite, but she is honest where it counts for My Kingdom. Now, is she your future in this world? Do We give her to you as your wife? No, my Lord, for You have said that You have chosen someone who is yet to come. Yes, and is that one about to come?

Lord, the one who is to come, does she not come until first Hyacinth is taken away? Answer Me first, and then I shall fully answer thee, lord Azurite. Lord, You have said that she is now given. But lord Azurite, Hyacinth still exists with you. How then can you say Hyacinth is to be taken from you before she is given?

Lord, would it not break Hyacinth’s heart for her to see me go to another girl while she lives in this world? Then, lord Azurite, you think the solution is that she must die? Rather, O’ Lord, I say, “May Your will be what is done.” For Lord, tell me clearly. Dost Thou will that I marry Hyacinth, or dost Thou will that I marry a girl who is yet to come? Lord Azurite, if it were Hyacinth whom We have chosen for thee, would thou accept? Lord, I have given my acceptance unto Thee to accept whomsoever it is revealed that Thou shalt give unto me.

Lord Azurite, you and Hyacinth have already performed the sacrament of marriage to each other. And it not in My power nor in any other power to undo that sacrament. And each soul is designated to live the length of life I have elected to give that one. Let no one attempt to cut anyone’s life short. Hence, you cannot go to any other girl, lord Azurite.

Do you remember Hernan Cortez? He considered his first wife as an inconvenience. I never forgave his murder of her. For realize that an evil decision that lacks true regret can never be forgiven, though one may enter the confessional a hundred times.

Lord, will my father be saved? Yes, for you have merited for him to be saved. Your father I will save. And when I cure you, so also shall I cure him. I Am the Lord.

As for the rest of your family, remember that at the end of a person’s life, great miracles can take place, as that person withdraws all his merits and graces that he stored up in his account in heaven to apply to soul for it to be made presentable to God as He judges it and decides its fate. For remember John Wayne, the famous actor in classic westerns. He was not a Christian during life, but just before his death, in his terminal illness of cancer, he converted to My religion, and My priest administered to him the necessary sacraments to enable his salvation and his entrance into My Kingdom, at the very end of his life.

Lord, I pray for good to come to Hyacinth. Let good come to her, and not bad, O’ Lord. Lord, Hyacinth considers me to be a rich man, but that is because she is so poor. Then, O’ lord Azurite, go to sleep. And when you awaken, the answer you shall have received. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, the Lord’s answer is that I will not marry Hyacinth. Instead, the Lord says He is giving me a girl today. And this girl shall be the one who translates my works to Hebrew. And furthermore, when I see her, I will realize that she is beautiful and of Jewish descent. Such is the Word of the Lord. Oracle of the Lord. Amen.

Correct, lord Azurite. And yesterday, on Monday, you increased your long positions in two stocks. Tell us your reasoning, lord Azurite. I increased my long positions in Apple and TSM, for I am bullish for both companies due to the new M1 chip Apple has made and is putting in all its desktop and laptop computers, and even their tablets. Apple’s new M1 chip is a chip they designed, and is an ARM based system on a chip, and they are using it to move their entire line of products that now use Intel to use the new M1 chip. And hence, M1 chips will be in high demand. And thus, the foundry that makes the M1 chip, TSM, based in Taiwan, is building factories in America to mass produce them. Hence, I am very bullish about both companies, whose stock prices are currently rather low, which means it is a good time to buy.

I kept unchanged my long positions in GM, TM, and NVDA. I do not plan to sell any NVDA stock until after the surge occurs in their stock price by the approval of their acquisition of ARM. And even then, I will not immediately sell, but will study the situation to determine whether the stock will continue to climb further. It may be that NVDA will continue to climb higher and higher after its purchase of ARM is complete, due to positive effects of the addition of ARM to their product line.

Also, Toyota and GM I consider good stocks long term. Toyota pays a good dividend. And I know that Mary Barra, the CEO of GM, intends to restart the dividend in GM soon, having only discontinued it due to COVID-19. Both automakers are steadily transitioning away from combustion engine vehicles to greener alternatives in their own strategic ways. And it is good to see how their various strategies play out and the technologies that they develop. Amen.

Furthermore, I think that Apple CEO, Tim Cook, is good for Apple. Tim Cook’s homosexuality I see as simply a disorder that he has and must bear throughout his life. I do not see it as something negative against Apple. For no one is damned by being something. Rather, a person is damned either because they do something they should not, or they do not do something that they ought.

Correct, lord Azurite. But keep in mind that for the homosexual, only one path is open to him where he can live in My Church meritoriously. And that is that he lives a celibate life. And a homosexual who lives a celibate life is one who does not engage in gay sex. The bisexual man may choose between celibacy and heterosexual married life.

For realize, My servant Azurite, there is no such thing as gay marriage. And there is never the permission granted to anyone to engage in gay sex. Homosexuals may live together, but they may not have sex together, not even in the privacy of their bedroom. For no one is permitted to sin, not even in their privacy where they believe they are unseen, for God and His angels see exactly what everyone is doing. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now, do I save homosexuals? If a homosexual follows Me and resists the sins of his disorder, I will save his soul. I do not expect perfection from My people, but only that they follow Me with a humble and contrite heart. And the one who is sorrowful for their sins, and who humbly submits to My will for him, him I will save. Amen. Hence, the homosexual can be saved, not not if he is practicing homosexual sins of the flesh.

This post now comes to its end. Publish it, lord Azurite, and then eat, shower, shave, go to Church, and then go to work. I Who Am have spoken. And one thing I will say unto thee, and it is this. I Am well pleased with thee. For you have retained your purity. And you no longer look upon any woman sexually. Amen. This post now comes to its end. And you are commanded to publish it, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

[Disclosure: Note that this answer to God’s question by Eric on stocks he purchased is not intended to be advice on what stocks you should buy. Rather, each stock investor must do all their own research and to know what they are doing before they buy or sell. And remember that wise investing in the stock market is not gambling. If what you are doing in the stock market is gambling, you should not be in it, for you shall then eventually lose all your money. And Eric is long AAPL, TSM, GM, TM, and NVDA. Note also that good stock investments go down periodically. But long term investments in good stock positions should yield positive returns on the investment. And realize that with all stocks, there is a time to buy and a time to sell them. But the true stock investor, the one who makes money, invests contrary to the herd. I, Eric, have spoken.]

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