I Who Am Am watching you.

Behold, the white cat! I Who Am Am watching you.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XVII:
Lord Azurite, I Am watching this world and its inhabitants. And many are unaware that they are being watched. But I Am watching them. And I see much dissipation, much wild spending on frivolous things while their neighbor in poverty goes without. Hence, terrible is the chastisement that is due to befall this nation. For it is not merely a matter of playing by the rules. You also must be merciful to your neighbor. And those who reject doing that, I reject them from entering My Kingdom. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, Hyacinth continues to try to reconnect with me. Should not Thou take her life from her on account of the oaths she made to you for you to strike her dead if she was telling lies? And lord Azurite, what is she continuing to do? She is continuing her attempt to deceive. Then do not read her texts. Do not answer her. For it is a triumph to Satan that he gets his prey to converse with his servants whom he sends to them to destroy them. I Who Am have spoken.

As for what is to become of Hyacinth, I alone shall decide this. For I alone know all of her faults. And I Am fully aware of all the oaths that she has broken. It is always I, never you, who determines the date of death for all My subjects. I Am the Lord.

But as for Pope Francis’ decree that the death penalty is never admissible, he lacks true charity, and in its place, presents this decree of false charity, demonstrating in full his total lack of understanding on the subject. For some transgressions in My Law do indeed require the death penalty. And to prevent the system of justice from administering death in those situations where it is required is similar to preventing parents from administering corporeal punishment in disciplining their children as needed. The latter produces unruly children that grow up to become monsters, and the former permits these monsters to run rampant and unchecked throughout society. Hence, Pope Francis is in deep error and is proceeding by a very flawed chain of thought.

But Lord, why is this happening in the Catholic Church, and in the Seat of Peter? For does not your Holy Spirit prevent such errors from occurring there? I have permitted this transgressor to rule My Church only for so many years. And him I have set over My Church to allow ruin to come to pervade My Church. For I have decided to test all My Catholic subjects by allowing a false shepherd, a servant of Satan, to rule over them and lead them to their destruction. And he will rule over them and do his damage, but only until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. And then I will seat someone holy to sit upon the Seat of Peter. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, when You command Pope Francis to step down, what if he refuses? For Pope Francis has been known for his disobedience to God. The refusal of the pope to step down by a direct order from God will not stop him from stepping down. For when he is commanded to step down by the Lord his God, he will step down. If he willingly steps down, he will become another emeritus pope, like Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. But if he resists, he will step down nevertheless by being struck down by Me. I Am the Lord. For disobedience to a direct order of God carries with it the death penalty. And by this means, he will come to acknowledge that the death penalty is indeed permissible and warranted in certain cases, for he will experience this first hand by My direct decree for his life to be taken from him, and then he will experience that decree go into effect, as he passes from this world into the next, where he will then answer before Me for all his transgressions before being sent to the place where he will be spending his eternity. I Am the Lord. Amen.

But lord Azurite, let Me handle Pope Francis My own way. For all popes must answer only to Me. For I fully control My Catholic Church and who runs it. Do not seek to remove a valid pope. And remember how I told you that Pope Francis does in fact validly sits upon the Seat of Peter. For Pope Benedict XVI did in fact validly resign from his position. He cannot be made pope again. And no one can remove a valid pope but Me. Also, do not rebel against the authority of the pope over you, even when he seems in error and you believe you are in the right. For obedience to the authority I place over you is greater than rebelling and being right. And by this you shall know that Cardinal Burke, though he is very correct on understanding the issues that the Catholic Church teaches, he is incorrect to resist the obedience that he owes to the pope. For the pope is to be obeyed, whether he is right or wrong. I Am the Lord.

For remember, it is better to obey your superiors and be wrong than to disobey them and be right. For each person is assigned to do his own work and to see to it that his own work is done. You are not to try to do the work of someone else, or that of your superior. Give assistance and advice to them as they request or accept it, but do not tell them uninvited how they are to do their own work. I Am the Lord. And then you shall be found pleasing to Me by your humble submission. Amen. For the humble and submissive please Me more than those who are right but who do not obey.

King Saul did not obey the Lord his God. And he was rejected by Me. I rejected Saul, but kept David in My favor. For David repented and submitted to Me, whereas Saul disobeyed and proceeded to do evil to his neighbor. He did not come back to Me when it was shown that he was doing evil. For though he repented often, he always undid his repentance and returned like the dog to his own vomit. And therefore, I rejected his repentance and did not forgive him.

King David, on the other hand, realized his sin and had true sorrow for it. And he truly humbled himself before Me when I sent My prophet to prophesy against him, throwing stones at him and his whole army. And behold, David would not permit his army to strike that prophet, for he feared God and said, “What if God has sent him to rebuke me?” (2 Samuel 16:5-13). And therefore, I did not condemn David, because in Truth, he loved Me, and I loved him.

Eric, you are righteous and holy. For you have seen these things and understood them. And you now know why Danielle was sent to you? Yes, O’ Lord. Danielle was sent to me with the mission to seduce me and then to forsake me. Correct, lord Azurite. But you, in your obedience to Me, would not lay a hand on her. And so all she could do then was to forsake you. And you let her go, for no friend do you make a prisoner to you. Amen. Lord Azurite, Danielle’s mission failed.

And lord Azurite, if Danielle wished to reestablish her friendship with you, what would you do? Lord Jesus, I do not know the girl. All I know is that she entered my friendship and then left. But her, I do not know. Correct lord Azurite. And keep it that way. Do not permit her to return to familiarity with you, for she is unknown to you, and it is better to not associate with those who are proven false friends. I Am the Lord. Amen.

As for Ava Maria, what do you think has become of her, lord Azurite? Well, she left Your Church in order to marry. I am not sure if she has been reestablished in the Church. But I see that there should be no problem for her to come back, since she has divorced from the invalid marriage she was in, and she had no children by him, as they were all miscarried. I see that she should be able to be restored to your grace by the means provided by the Church. And I don’t think that she will attempt to marry again, not after that nightmare experience that she had with that fat man, Dan, who she married, who proved to be into child pornography. I am not sure how long he will continue to go before he is arrested and made a sex offender.

Yes, lord Azurite, that Dan will be made a registered sex offender. And then Ava Maria will no longer need to be afraid of his stalking her. But do We permit her to return to Our Church and enjoy the fruits she once enjoyed in My Church? Do We permit someone to return to Us who so easily left Us for the sake of a marriage We did not permit? Lord Azurite, Ava Maria is not permitted to return to Us, for she is not regarded as one of Ours. Her rejection of Me coincided with My rejection of her. Hence, she has not come back. And nor will she. I Am the Lord. Amen. And this should be expected. For My heart is wounded when someone completely leaves Me, and whenever someone does that, My heart cannot permit that one’s return. (Hebrews 6:4-6). For such is the nature of friendship and love. The act of betraying a friendship cannot be undone, nor can the love that was destroyed be brought back to life. I Am the Lord. Amen.

But speaking of registered sex offenders, what was it that you wished to do in My Church regarding them? I wished to establish a Catholic Church in those neighborhoods where sex offenders are forced to reside, so that they, too, can worship Catholic and receive the sacraments and the salvation that those sacraments bring. And if I were to be made a priest, I would like to serve such a Church as its priest. For I do not believe that the sex offender, who is the modern day leper, cannot be brought to true repentance and salvation. Society may have elected to permanently condemn them, but I do not believe that God permanently condemns them, O’ Lord.

So, lord Azurite, if We were to make you a priest, you would serve Me in such a place? You would not seek to serve in a pleasure paradise, but in a place of poverty and desolation, where My outcasts have been driven to? Yes, O’ Lord, for such people also need salvation, which can only come through the sacraments. But if they have no access to a Catholic Church, how are they to come by this mercy? And as a priest, I would go about them, seeking the lost sheep and ministering to their needs that only a priest can provide. I, Eric, have spoken.

If We elect to do this, what becomes of the girl We wish to marry you to? How do you work with her? Where do you have the time to teach her and help her in translating your works to Hebrew? For realize, lord Azurite, you have but one mission, and it concerns this woman whom We have elected to make your virgin wife. You have no other mission here beyond serving that one’s needs. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Very well, O’ Lord. This girl who is to come, the name Sarah has been given to her in previous posts. And it has been said that her secret name is Lazurite. But what do You say, O’ Lord? Do You say those are her names? Or do You say her true names are simply not revealed at this time? All that is revealed unto thee at this time, lord Azurite, is that the girl is an eternal virgin, and that she is fluent in English and Hebrew. And it shall be required of you that you keep her virgin and undefiled all the days of your life. And you shall marry her at the time I reveal unto you, and in the Church I designate. Do not think that the particular Church you marry in matters. Rather, what matters is that you are married by an ordained Catholic priest in My Catholic Church in accordance to all requirements of the Catholic Church. Amen.

Now listen to Me, lord Azurite. The devil is going to send to you a girl who he thinks will fool you into thinking the she is her. Do not fall for the devil’s tricks. Here is how you shall know the devil’s girl from the girl I give you. The devil’s girl will have an unclean spirit, whereas when the girl from God is given thee, the Holy Spirit within thee shall testify that she is holy and pure. There is no other way by which you are to discern this. For the devil is cunning, and he will attempt to fool your eyes. Hence, you are to rely on the Holy Spirit more than on your eyes in judging whether the girl is the one or not. I Am the Lord. Remember to have recourse to the Holy Spirit when such a girl is presented before thee. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, I know that there are no lengths that the devil will not go to in order to deceive and to destroy the people of this world. He will create whole imaginary worlds and people them with great delusions, all to acquire but one soul for hell. Good, you well understand Satan’s cunning and his tricks. Protestants, who are all dupes of Satan, do not realize the lengths that Satan has gone to deceive them with the deceptions that they currently believe. For the devil will work great signs and wonders, but never a true healing or cure. For Satan is all about illusions and tricks. He cannot effect a real change in this world. All he can do is lead people to destroy themselves and others.

Lord, why do You let all those Protestants to go on thinking that they are following You when in reality they are following the devil into hell. Lord Azurite, the purpose for permitting people to be fooled and to be led by the devil to their ruin is to serve as a warning to My true people that the same will happen to them also if they do not put to practice all My teachings and follow Me. For there is no Way to Me but the Way I established in the One Church that I made. And woe to that man who knows about My Catholic Church but refuses to enter into her.

For realize, lord Azurite, it is I, not the people, who decide who shall be saved. All the people can do is to accept or reject My calling of them. And many are called, but few are chosen. But if I call someone, that does not mean he is saved. He must still follow Me. And he must put Me first. And if he puts Me second, or third, he will not find Me, but will end up in a worse state than how he was before I called him.

I called you, lord Azurite. And I called you from the beginning. From the very beginning when you read My Words in a Children’s Bible, I was calling you then. And you followed Me, even as your entire family was falling away. Now, will I save your family? Will I bring even one soul among your family that has fallen away back into My camp to be saved? No, I tell you! Not one of those who have abandoned Me shall I take back! Not one!

But Lord, Mark my Brother, is seeking to follow You, though in the Protestant faith. Good. Leave him be. At least he will then understand his damnation when he receives his sentence. As for your brother David, I once told you that he would enter in just before the end. Understand that that prophecy was conditional. It was not a decree of his predestination. He is damned. And he will remain in his damnation. For I have better options for My Kingdom than the likes of them.

Lord Azurite, you have been told that you are to remain an eternal virgin with the woman We are giving thee. And such is true. But if in the course of your marriage to this girl, it is commanded by God that you lay with this woman We give to thee as your wife, you will lay with her as We command thee. For you are Our subject, and so is she. And it may be Our will that offspring should come by your marriage to this girl. Therefore, you will remain virgin, and so will she, at Our leave. And you shall give it up if commanded, with each other. For no sin is committed should the couple in a Josephite marriage enter into sexual relations. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Furthermore, you shall soon be the sole survivor of your current family. For I Am sending a plague against them to wipe them out. For it is no longer required that you live among sinners. I Am the Lord. Now go home, lord Azurite. You can continue to do the work you are now doing at home. For the hour grows late, and We wish for you to get home and eat. And this post is sufficient. Publish it now, lord Azurite. When you get home, you will begin to write the next post. I Am the Lord. Amen.

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