Prophecies of things yet to come

The future is glorious and golden.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XVI:
Lord, what dost Thou command me to do? I have forsaken the one who tells lies. Dost Thou have any command for me, O’ Lord? Dost Thou prophesy through me?

Yes, lord Azurite, for thou hast done good. The Hyacinth whom you loved was a deceiver. It is good that thou hast gotten rid of her. I Am the Lord. As for the future, regard thyself as My eternal virgin celibate servant. For it is not permitted that you have sex or know a woman. For by doing such, you would permanently lose your state of virginity. And only a pure virgin soul can look Me directly in the eye. That is why the greatest prophets were always virgins.

But, O’ Lord, what about Moses and Samuel? For these two men had wives and children. And yet You spoke through them to the end of their days. They did indeed have sex and children, lord Azurite. And both of them were very blessed, and both are with Me in heaven. But they did not prophesy as I prophesy through you. For you are the greater prophet than they.

And do not think that because the age of public prophecy ended with the death of the last Apostles that the prophets of this age are not as great as the prophets were during the time they prophesied publicly. Rather, the prophets of the last age are greatest of all the prophets, save the Christ, the chief of the prophets. For the prophets of the final age are sent not to give new revelations, but to complete and to restore the correct understanding of those things that have already been revealed.

Lord Azurite, tell Us plainly. Would you accept a girlfriend if one was given to you? No, O’ Lord. For that is not my path. I will not walk the path of romance or marriage with a woman. Nor is my orientation anything other than straight heterosexual. Lord Azurite, wouldst thou not even consider a virgin union with a woman given by God? Whatever the Lord God wills for me I shall accept. But I know that God will not take his celibate and virgin servant and defile him with women. An acceptable woman, therefore, would be an eternal virgin saint. And she would be accepted if it was the will of God that she be so accepted. I, Eric, have spoken.

The girl of whom you have spoken We are sending to you. And you shall enter with her into a pure, virgin Josephite marriage. For this girl needs that intimacy with you in order to adequately translate the entire Word I speak through you to the eternal language of the Jews, Hebrew. For the girl We are sending thee knows both Hebrew and English excellently. I Am the Lord. Amen. You will marry her, but not touch her, for she is eternally pure and innocent. As the Virgin Mary was, so also has this one been formed, though she was born by normal conception. For of all created human beings, the Virgin Mary alone was immaculately conceived. And yet, the girl We give thee is imbued with the Virgin Mary. And you shall be strictly judged on how you protect her and provide for her, as well as how you revere her. For she is to be revered as you would the Virgin Mary, as the Jews revered the Ark of the Covenant. For from her shall come the immortal and inspired Hebrew translations of all the Word I command that you give her to translate.

Hence, I shall speak My Word through you in English, the English of this generation. And then you shall give this Word to your wife, who shall then translate it, under inspiration from Me, into perfect and inspired Hebrew, which is the eternal language of the Jews, for Modern Hebrew remains fully compatible and conformed to Biblical Hebrew. It is the eternal language of the Jews.

Lord, I wonder what was the original language that Moses used to write the Law? Lord Azurite, though Hebrew has changed and evolved over time, it existed in an ancient written form during the time of King David, as you can see proven here. And therefore, it can be assumed to have existed in earlier written forms a few centuries earlier, in the times of Moses, for written languages have origins and their development takes centuries. Hence, it is safe to assume that God spoke to Moses, and that Moses wrote, in a very ancient form of Hebrew, one that would be unintelligible to the modern Hebrew reader.

I say that Hebrew is an eternal language only because its modern form matches the ancient form used in the ancient extant Hebrew texts, as they survive today. For the Jews have maintained their language. But the Hebrew spoken by Moses, and even that spoken by Kind David, would be ancestral versions of Hebrew that existed prior to the time in which Hebrew became eternalized. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Therefore, do not buy the foolish theories by the Bible sceptic experts and scholars who say that the Jews made up the stories of the Old Testament and that they have no factual basis. For such “experts” are experts at their own foolishness only. They lack all true understanding. For they cannot accept the possibility that God exists, for that would mean that they are wrong and are headed for hell.

Lord, some White people argue that Black people are designated for slavery because God cursed one of his three sons, Ham, to perpetual slavery, and he was the ancestor of Cush, who was said to be the ancestors of all the Black Africans. But what do You say to this claim, O’ Lord? (Genesis 9:20-27 & 10:6). Lord Azurite, carefully read those passages and note that Noah cursed Canaan, not Cush. Canaan and Cush were brothers, both sons of Ham. Hence, the White people who say that the Bible says Black people are to be slaves are making the Bible say what it does not say.

Furthermore, that Black Africans are descended from a man who survived a Mesopotamian flood does not agree with the scientific evidence. Rather, the origins of Mankind occurred in Africa. The flood of Noah occurred in Mesopotamia at a significantly later time, and this flood only wiped out the inhabitants of Mesopotamia. For it was a symbolic and allegorical device to teach spiritual lessons. It was not meant to be taken literally true and absolutely accurate in every way. For the Flood of Noah was based on a story of a great flood that actually occurred local to Mesopotamia, of which there is another ancient independent account of the same story, that mentions the ark, the animals, and Noah by another name, in the Epic of Gilgamesh. Do not think that because something is in the Bible that it must be believed blindly and without thinking. But on the other hand, do not think that anything in the Bible is not God breathed. For certainly of the Parables of Jesus, you realize that these are stories Christ made up to teach lessons. You know that the Parables of Jesus did not literally take place. Hence, so also should the entire Holy Bible be seen as a series of parables, in which the story details may or may not be historically accurate, but the importance is not their historical accuracy but in the spiritual lessons that they teach.

Whole books in the Bible, such as Esther and Tobit, are themselves to be considered spiritual fiction, meant to teach lessons, not history. People watch such shows as Star Wars and Avengers, not to study historical events that literally happened, but for profitable entertainment and for the lessons such stories and movies teach. And people flock to see such movies knowing in advance that the stories are not literally true. But do you not see that though such fantastic stories are not literally true, that they are nevertheless spiritually relevant and that they contain spiritual truths? Such purposes also guided the writers of the Holy Bible. For the Holy Bible is not a history book. Rather, the Holy Bible is a spiritual guide to heaven. It was written to lead you to heaven, not to make you an expert on history.

Consider also these things. Many historians believe that though the many legends of King Arthur and Robin Hood are myths, the people they are based on had a real existence in the distant past. And even stories of Santa Claus, which are clearly myths, have their roots in Saint Nicholas, who truly existed. So also, it is not an error to believe that the ancient peoples mentioned in the Holy Bible truly existed, and to also believe that the surviving accounts of them in the Holy Bible are not completely accurate historically. For the Holy Bible was meant to teach lessons on spirituality, not history.

It is an error by the Protestants that they believe that their Bible must be 100% completely accurate and error free. But that is due to the nature of the Protestant religion. For they are based on the principle of scripture alone. And if their scriptures are not 100% accurate, then their entire theology falls apart.

Catholicism, by contrast, is based on three legs: (1) The teaching authority that Christ has given the pope and the bishops, called the Magisterium, (2) the Holy Tradition Christ taught to His Apostles that has been handed down to the present age, and (3) the Holy Scriptures, of which the Church, not the individual, is the authority on how these may be interpreted.

Hence, Catholicism survives when a Bible story is proven historically inaccurate. But Protestantism doesn’t survive that. And such is why so many Protestants become non believers. It is because the evidence that undermines their religion is everywhere and overwhelming. Hence, Protestantism will fall, but Catholicism will remain forever.

Now, who is this girl who is to come? And in what Catholic Church do we marry, O’ Lord? Do We marry in Avalon, of Santa Catalina Island, at Saint Katherine of Alexandria Catholic Church? Or do we marry in the Church I go to: Saint Bruno Catholic Church? Or do we marry at her Church, or some other Church, O’ Lord? And what color is this girl’s hair? And her eyes, what color or they? And her skin color, is she lighter or darker or the same as me? For I know that Black men are very skin color conscious, and they prefer their Black women to be of a lighter shade than they are. For they want their children to move up in society, not down. And Black men know that society is structured according to color.

Black women, on the other hand, can easily find a Black man who wishes to father a baby with her, but it is extremely hard for Black women to find suitable marriage partners, especially if they limit their search to Black men. I wonder, maybe they should seek men who come from places where females are in short supply, like men from China and India, where baby girls are killed in favor of baby boys, creating a dire shortage of females in those regions.

Lord Azurite, it is good that the people of China and India are killing off their baby girls. For that serves to cut down their populations and destroy that people. For I Am not pleased with such Asian peoples, for they have rejected Me and My religion. And hence, I say, let them wipe their own race out of existence. I Am the Lord. Amen. For China and India are overpopulated with the wrong kind of people. That is why I Am allowing them to destroy themselves by letting them kill off all their own women. For the society that kills off its own women eventually ceases to be. I Am the Lord. Amen.

But Lord, China and India are both over a billion people in population. Lord Azurite, the COVID-19 virus and its variants will eventually cut those nations down to size. For that was what it was designed to do in the Chinese labs under the direction of Xi Jinping. For abortion wasn’t working for them. They needed a solution with a little more kick to it. Then why, O’ Lord, does COVID-19 kill African Americans at a far greater rate than it kills Chinese, or White people? It is, lord Azurite, for this fact as follows:

The Chinese want to reduce the population of their own country. But they are also very smart. And they know that if they release a disease that just kills Chinese, then their people will be at a disadvantage in numbers compared to the other peoples of the world. Hence, to reduce the population of China, it would not make sense to reduce China’s population alone while all the other populations of the world continue to grow, for that would mean extinction of the Chinese nation. Hence, the disease had to be designed to spread to the entire world and reduce the populations of every nation.

Now the focus on killing African Americans is a side effect. The goal was to kill off the native peoples of eastern Africa so that the Chinese could move in by migration and take over those lands. For China wishes to colonize Africa with its own people. But to do that, they need to wipe out the native Africans who were there first. And that is why COVID-19 disproportionately targets the Black African race.

For understand that Xi Jinping is playing good chess. And he is planing long term. And realize that China and India are really competitors for the same global niche. And they both want a share of Africa. Hence, it makes sense that COVID-19, designed by Xi Jinping, would much more negatively impact India than China, as you can see here. For Xi Jinping sees weakening India and strengthening China will help the Chinese outcompete the Indians in the efforts to taking over Africa. Consider Africa to the nations of Asia similar in their point of view as how the European colonial powers viewed the Americas during European expansion there. Asian powerhouses want to take over Africa, and the Chinese will now have an edge over the Indians via COVID-19.

Lord, does this mean that Africa will become largely Mandarin speaking regions rather than Hindi speaking regions in the future. Rather, lord Azurite, the Asian colonial powers are likely to retain English as their lingua franca in Africa, as that language will be far more useful in trade and commerce by the occupying powers as they set up shop in those regions. For both India and China are heavily invested in the usage of English as a second language. China will only use Mandarin in places where Chinese culture has become firmly entrenched. And when that happens, that chunk of Africa will be renamed New China.

Lord, why would the Chinese unleash a deadly biological agent without first preparing an antidote? Lord Azurite, the COVID-19 disease was purposely designed to kill only a small fraction of the population. It was not designed to be like the Bubonic Plague that wiped out a third of Europe. Rather, it was merely designed to check the populations and to cause a redistribution of the world’s wealth. So the Chinese do not need an antidote. All they needed to do was to ensure that they themselves, the super elite, were immune to it and to all possible variants that would later evolve.

Also, the disease was designed in anticipation of the vaccines that would be developed against it. For it was known that the vaccines developed against it would serve to lower the defenses of the vaccinated making them sitting ducks to when the new variants were to evolve and come out in force against them. For a person who has natural immunity to COVID-19, ceases to have that immunity to the variants if he receives the vaccination. Such is a quirk of the vaccinations that was anticipated in Chinese think tanks, and the expected and predesigned results are to be massive deaths in the nations that massively rolled out these vaccines to all its citizens.

And such was also why Joe Biden was favored to win the elections. For it was known that Joe Biden would see to the massive program of vaccinating the entire American population. And thus, America has now become a flock of sitting ducks to be wiped out by the deadly variants that completely bypass the natural defenses of those who have been vaccinated. Note that this was all planned out to meticulous detail. It was designed to usher in a new world order. And in this new world order, America is to be relegated to a much weaker position, while China and the nations of the Orient dominate the whole world.

Lord, the Asians are said to be smarter than White people. Their civilizations are more ancient than western civilizations. Yes, lord Azurite, but they are lacking in Catholicism, and also in Christianity in general. Hence, they lack the graces to defeat the Christian west. Only if the Christian west were to cease to be Christian would the Asians gain the necessary military and strategic advantages to defeat and conquer the Whites.

But Lord, the Whites have now largely abandoned their Christianity. And the bishops everywhere have given Catholics the permission not to attend Mass at Church due to COVID-19. And so many Catholics have now completely abandoned their faith.

But where you live, lord Azurite, the Church has managed to thrive. For your Church managed to find a way to provide Masses for all the people, and thereby to continue to receive the necessary tithes. Hence, the Whites where you live are not compromised. But the Whites of Europe are dead. And so also is it the case in many other parts of the western world. For understand Me. The strongest defense America has against her enemies is her Christianity, and more specifically, her Catholicism. The enemies of America cannot attack her if her Christianity is alive. But those nations and regions where the Christian spirit dies, that region will be attacked and conquered. I Am the Lord. Amen.

So what is the race of the girl I am to receive, O’ Lord? For Jews come in many different races. And how does she appear? Is this girl to be the opposite of Medusa? For as Medusa turned those who looked up her horridness to stone, the sheer presence of the beauty of the one I am to receive is said to have the power to reverse that process and bring back to life those so turned to stone. And it is said that this one is so beautiful that her beauty bends the light that shines around her. Butterflies flit to her in the spring thinking she is a source of nectar. And were the flowers to be able to feel, they would faint or blush in shame at the beauty of her presence.

Good, lord Azurite, you have recalled what We have told you about the one who is to come. She is more beautiful spiritually than any other woman who has walked the face of this earth other than the Holy Virgin Mary. But remember that you are only made steward to her. You do not possess her. And you shall not touch her. You are assigned to protect and to help her, similar to Joseph’s assignment regarding the Virgin Mary. Furthermore, as the Virgin Mary is greater than she whom We are giving thee, Joseph, by his greater position of stewardship, ranks ahead of you in the Kingdom of Heaven. And also realize this, you are but her earthly husband, and one who will not know her carnally. Jesus is her eternal husband, and you are really preparing her for Him. Amen.

This post now comes to its end. And We have purposely not answered your questions, for they would reveal to all who she is, and she is to remain a secret until the time comes for her to be given to you. But realize that you are highly favored, lord Azurite. For no one is made a prophet as you are but he who has been chosen by an all knowing mind. Just realize that as you are in fact the Great Monarch, but have no known French ancestry, contrary to all prophecy, so also shall the girl We give you not conform to what the prophecies written about her have previously detailed. But these two facts remain: She is eternally virgin and she knows English and Hebrew fluently. Amen.

But as to her race, her color, her hair, her eyes, none of that should matter to you, lord Azurite, for you are not having children by her. All you are doing is providing for her, protecting her, and transmitting the Word I speak through you to her. Nothing about her race or how she appears to you should have the slightest impact on your commanded acceptance of her as your Josephite bride.

This post now comes to its end. And many will seek knowledge and wisdom in the latter days. But only a remnant will find the Way and enter into the Kingdom. And nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be various famines, plagues, wars, and persecutions. But through all of this My Church will survive. And My Words through you will never pass away. Amen.

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