Eric rules on all sexual law

Through Eric do I make My Law Restored to Light.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XV:
Behold, I Who Am do now make My Law, which has been rejected by those unworthy of the bench, restored to Light. I Who Am have spoken.

(1) Laws on Sex and Marriage

  1. There shall be no sex outside of lawful marriage. Sex outside of lawful marriage degrades society and produces unwanted children. It induces rot and corruption. Hence, all people who wish to have sex will marry. And all marriages, to be valid, will conform to Catholicism and to natural law.
  2. Homosexual marriage, also called gay marriage, is an unlawful and invalid construct. It will not exist in society. Any attempt to assert such as lawful or permissible will be regarded as criminal behavior. Any judge or Justice who rules in favor of homosexual or gay marriage is unfit to judge and will be removed from the bench.
  3. Since it is unlawful for homosexuals to marry, it is, by logical consequence, unlawful for homosexuals to have sex. In addition, there is historical precedent of extensive authoritative condemnation of homosexual acts from Judeo-Christian moral law. Hence, it is never permissible for homosexuals to engage in sexual activities outside of lawful heterosexual marriage. A homosexual may enter heterosexual marriage and have sex with his or her lawful heterosexual spouse. But sex may never be permitted outside such lawful heterosexual unions. Hence, homosexuality is, by both common sense and logical deduction, always against the law, and violators must be forcibly removed from society. For to leave a rotten apple in a barrel of good apples turns the rest of the apples rotten.
  4. The State will not inspect the bedrooms of private citizens, to investigate unlawful sexual behavior without just cause and reasonable suspicion that unlawful behavior is occurring. For example, the situation of two unrelated males living in the same household and who have exhibited sexual affection for one another presents just cause and reasonable suspicion that a crime is indeed occurring in that household. However, a heterosexual couple living together, who maintain an orderly household, with lawful and correctly oriented children, does not, in itself, justify any intrusion into their privacy in inspect for unlawful behavior. For there must be evidence of unlawful behavior to justify inspection into the privacy of a private citizen.
  5. Sexual crimes, as concerns enforcement by the State, will be limited to that which occurs in the form of sexual activity between two or more people, or between a person and an animal. Private masturbation will be relegated as a matter for one’s religion to deal with.
  6. In the event that sexual activity is proven between two who are not lawfully married to one another, as understood and recognized by Catholic and natural moral law, the guilty parties of the unwed couple will be duly punished according to the laws made regarding the specific offenses committed.
  7. Furthermore, marriage shall be defined as an unbreakable union of two baptized people of opposite sex, or else a less formal, though still permanent union of unbaptized people of opposite sex. Marriage does not end by divorce. Divorce only serves to separate a couple who can no longer live with one another. But they are not free to marry someone else while their legal spouse lives.
  8. Annulment of marriage does not end lawful marriage, but instead says it never existed. Children born in marriages that were annulled are legitimate providing that at least one spouse entered the union in good faith. Annulments shall be dealt with by the Catholic marriage tribunal and due process of law.

(2) Concerning the Rights of the Unborn and Situations of Adultery

  1. A person is defined as having come into existence at the moment the zinc spark occurs in all human fertilizations of an egg by a sperm. When a human being has come into existence, it has the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. However, inviable life forms, that is fertilized eggs that cannot normally develop due to fatal chromosomal or genetic abnormalities, may be permitted to naturally die, as they were never meant by nature to live.
  2. The intentional killing of an unborn but potentially viable human being constitutes murder and results in automatic excommunication from the Catholic Church by canon law. Furthermore, the usage of birth control means that prevents or stops pregnancy by causing micro abortions, or any form of killing an unborn human being is an unlawful means of birth control, and its usage constitutes murder.
  3. A married woman does not have exclusive ownership over her own body. For her husband owns her too. Likewise, a husband does not have exclusive ownership over his own body. For his wife owns him too. Hence, a married woman does not have exclusive say over the fate of her unborn, for her husband has a say too. Furthermore, the law has a mandate that says the intentional killing of potentially viable unborn offspring is murder and thus, may never be permitted.
  4. If a man gets a woman pregnant out of wedlock, he shall pay child support for that child until that child is an adult. It is a capital offense to coerce the woman to abort, or to seek exit from this responsibility by offering to pay for or to bribe her to abort the baby in any way, or to seek the baby’s death in any way, whether born or unborn. And the man who does that shall be put to death, and from his estate shall go the full estimated child support he would have paid out to the woman, had both he and the child lived to the adulthood of the child, prior to any other payments from his estate to be made to any other debtees or heirs. The man who commits this crime forfeits his life and his estate is so penalized, regardless of whether the child he sought to kill or have die lives or dies. For the attempted murder is just as evil as if the murder was committed. If the woman is killed, the money that would have gone to her shall go to her estate.
  5. If a married man gets a woman pregnant who is not his wife, his wife will decide whether she is willing to continue to live with her husband. If not, the husband shall be put to death, and from the husband’s estate, not the wife’s, shall the full estimated child support be paid to the woman made pregnant before any other monies are moved from his estate. If the wife and husband own equally all their property and wealth, only from that half that was the husband’s share will the money be taken to pay the full estimated child support of the woman made pregnant. Should the wife elect to remain with her adulterous husband, instead of dying, he shall be publicly flogged. And thereafter, the husband shall owe the woman he made pregnant child support until the child is an adult.
  6. If a married woman becomes pregnant by a man who is not her husband, the husband shall decide whether he is willing to remain with his wife. If not, the woman shall be permitted to live to term until the baby is either born or miscarried, and then she shall be put to death. The husband shall have full custody of the child and may elect to give it up for adoption. But the natural, adulterous father will have no rights to the child. But if he is willing to remain with his wife, her hair will be shaved from her head and she will be forced to wear clothing indicating to all who see her that she has committed adultery, for the duration of ten months. And then she may return to her normal married life. The fate of the illegitimate child shall be the sole decision of the husband, whether to keep him, give him up for adoption, and make him his heir, or not make him his heir. The woman will have no say in the matter, as she bore him under guilt.
  7. A man who impregnates three separate women out of wedlock will be put to death upon knowledge about the third such woman. For the practice of going from woman to woman, defiling them, shall not be tolerated. The allowances of the first two women are out of mercy. For the first two offenses, instead of being put to death, the man shall be publicly flogged.
  8. If a man repeatedly gets the same woman pregnant, and the two are unmarried, they will be called common law married. And their marriage shall be recognized as permanent, from which they may not be parted. But if they are Catholic, they will be regarded as having contracted marriage outside the Church, and they will be automatically excommunicated until or unless their marriage is resolved. But the man may not leave this woman whom he has repeatedly impregnated.
  9. If a man rapes a woman, and the woman testifies that she gave no consent whatsoever, the woman’s testimony shall overrule the man’s and the man shall be put to death for rape. For it is a capital offense to commit rape. And in a disputed sex act, it is the man who bears the guilt, for he is the one with the control. This law does not apply to rapes occurring within a lawful marriage.
  10. If a rape occurs within a lawful marriage, this is not a capital offense. And the State will not get involved except to permit the couple to separate, but not to marry someone else. For lawful marriage may not be dissolved. No outside arbiter shall be permitted to rule in disputes between lawfully wedded couples except in the cases where they mutually agree to such arbitration.

(3) Laws Concerning Seduction and its Treachery

  1. It is known sex is not used only for reproduction and pleasure, but also to seduce and to destroy. These are agents of Satan. They are to be slain when proven guilty of Satanic intent in a court of law. For the conjugal act may not be used for treacherous purposes.
  2. The usage of sex or romance to deceptively obtain goods or services from another shall be called the sin of theft. Those who engage in such illicit forms of acquiring wealth or other goods, shall, when discovered, be shackled and enslaved. And they will be sent to serve as penal labor, according to the gravity of their crimes.
  3. A person who attempts to seduce an innocent soul, perhaps a chid, or someone who is holy, whose intent is Satanic in nature, having no true benevolent intent for the victim, shall be tied and lowered into burning oil, and thereby, be put to death, after being duly convicted in a court of law.

Note to Pope Francis. You utter blasphemy, and are declared anathema, for having contradicted God, scripture, and the infallible decrees of the popes, for declaring the death penalty to inadmissible in all cases. And to demonstrate that the Azurite King has lawful authority to sentence to death those who I decree are to die, the Azurite King shall now decree death for the following people.

  1. As Hyacinth said, “Let God strike me down if I lie,” let her now be so stricken.
  2. That Vladimir Putin is the embodiment of the lie, let a bullet find his head in the dark. and let him never hear it coming.

Lord, I am not to marry any girl, am I, O’ Lord? Correct, lord Azurite. For I want you virgin and pure. And I have better plans for thee than that which involves romance or marriage to a girl.

Lord, were you to cure me, making me eligible for the priesthood, and were you to then command me to enter in, I would do as You say. But perhaps I am now worthy of that vocation.

I suppose, then, either You cure Me or You take Me to heaven. For uncured, I may die at any moment. Yes, your fate shall be made manifest unto thee soon. But for now be content with whatever We give thee.

And this post is now ready to be published it. Publish it, and then sleep. Amen.

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