My Commandments to Eric

Take your seat, Eric, in My Hall of Green.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XIII:
Good, lord Azurite, you are in obedience to Me. And this is My commandment that you are to follow. Listen to Me.

Your father now has full blown Alzheimer’s disease. And you are the designated driver for all the needs of your mother and father now.

Lord, can a man with Alzheimer’s disease come back to the Lord? Or is it simply not possible for him? Lord Azurite, such would be for your priest to determine. But since, even now, your father shows no interest in returning to Me, let him go his way. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, I thought I could have acquired COVID-19 yesterday, due to some symptoms that I seemed to have. And I rested in the office before going home, after everyone else had left, as You commanded me. And after a while I recovered and went home as You commanded me. And all my symptoms disappeared.

Yes, lord Azurite, that was the effect of COVID-19 on you. For you are immune from the disease. I Am the Lord. Amen. Also, do not take the vaccine. For the vaccine would harm you, not help you. and you are commanded not to take anything that was developed by Satanic means, such as using aborted fetal cells to make it or to test it. Also, since you are immune, do not try to cure what needs no cure. I Am the Lord. For remember the statement: The COVID-19 vaccines are a kind of witch’s brew, and you do not know all the strange things those vaccines do to those who receive them.

Lord, I reject the Party of Trump. I will not remain in a Party that renominates Trump for President. I want a Party that separates from the Republican Party to form the correct Party that upholds the rule of law and abides by the Constitution and that respects the rights of all citizens. Let the Republicans who are worthy form this Party. And let these worthy Republicans call it The Way.

Lord Azurite, it will be done as you say. For yes, the sane man does not follow the insanity that is preached by the followers of Trump. Trump is a cult leader, no different to Jim Jones, who led his followers to go live in Guyana, where eventually he had them all drink his Kool-Aid and die. Such is the treachery that Trump leads all who follow him to. The Republicans who worship him have gone insane. And they have taken over the Republican Party. Hence those who are sane must now separate themselves from the insane and form a new Party. For there is no other way forward. There is no pathway to success by remaining in a Party that become the possession of the devil. I Am the Lord.

Lord, how will you have Me serve You as Oracle? Obey Me in all things, lord Azurite.

Lord, do I go to confession today to confess my sins? Do you have anything on your conscience, lord Azurite. I committed impurity this week, O’ Lord. Then confess that. And confess the nudity that you looked at too. And from now on, avoid such things. And keep to the commandments I gave to you to guard the temple, which you have obeyed. When you get back from confession, I will speak to you on a great many things. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, three things I wish to know. When are these three leaders to be removed from their positions of leadership? Pope Francis, Vladimir Putin, and Xi Jinping?

Xi Jinping, the dragon who rules over China, and Vladimir Putin, the dragon who rules over Russia, are both to be deposed soon by the rise of your two Azurite Pawns who you have called forth in those two nations. Let it happen as God carries out your requests. For God is the One Who does the bidding of the decrees of a man of faith. The only part you do is make the decree, believe, and wait in faith. I Am the Lord. Amen.

As for Pope Francis, his fate belongs to Me. And I will decide when he steps down. I Am the Lord. Amen. But he will step down when he is commanded to do so. But it is as you say, Cardinal Marc Armand Ouellet will succeed him as Pope John XXIV. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, am I the Great Monarch? And is the holy pope to come to be this Pope John XXIV? Yes, you have discerned with wisdom. You are exactly that. And with the woman We give you as your virgin wife in a Josephite marriage, you shall reign on earth together for the next three and a half decades. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And this woman, she is the Jewess who is commanded to translate everything you say through Me to Hebrew for Jewish readers? Correct. And I will inspire her to translate My Words through you into perfect Hebrew. And she, as your virgin wife, will have full recourse to you to question the meaning of each word you say. Hence, her translations will be perfect translations of My Word through you. And the two of you shall be known as the Two Witnesses.

Lord, when you cease to speak through me, that is when Antichrist will strike to kill us both. Am I correct? Yes, for Antichrist knows he cannot touch a blazing Oracle. Only when the fire has left him can he put him to death. That is why Antichrist will bide his time and not touch you until I Who Am have completed My testimony through you, and your wife has published her last translation. For only then do I remove My protection of you both. Hence, Eric and Sarah will come before Me three and a half decades from now bearing two crowns each: They will wear both the crowns of virginity and the crowns of martyrdom.

Furthermore, the two of you shall both follow Me wherever I go as members of the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. (Revelation 14:1-5). This post now comes to its end. You are ordered to publish it, for it is complete. And then you may proceed to the bank, and from there go to Church to confess your sins. And when you return, much will be the Word that I will speak unto you and have you write. Now go, lord Azurite, as I have commanded you. Amen.

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