Eric passes the test

Here, in a place such as this, shall Eric dwell with his wife and children. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post IX:
Eric, I now announce to all the world that you have passed the test. You have not fallen to pride. But rather, you have steadily humbled yourself in these posts before the whole world. And now We shall give unto the thy bride. I Who Am have spoken. Yes, it is as you suggest, in a place such as that pictured above shall you and your wife and children dwell during the time of Antichrist and the time of Tribulation that is to come to test the whole world. I Am the Lord. Amen.

For there is no greater servant than he who does the will of his Lord. I tested you and you prevailed. For you did not seek glory for yourself. You did not seek the praise of men. And you did not magnify yourself before others anymore, as you had done so in the past. Hence, the graces you received at your last confession whereby you were made white as snow you have kept in full. For it is not will power, My people. It is not by strength of will by which My people do not fall back into sin once cleansed. Rather, it is merely by being humble. For I only take away graces from the soul that is proud. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now, yesterday you sought to find a way for your brother David to come back to Me. And I told you there was no way. For he is your enemy and Mine. He is like the dog that bites the hand of those who feed it. There is nothing that can be done for him. The only recourse for Me is to chop that tree down and throw it into the fire, and then plant there something else that will better utilize the soil and produce the proper fruit. For David is a bad tree. I see no fruit there that is edible. And I have never found any edible fruit upon that tree. He is now in Yosemite National Park, taking his vacation there. He will be visited by four men where he is staying. And these four men will beat him and rob him and take from him all that he has.

Lord, how will this serve the interests of God? I will divest David of his possessions and of his well being. Perhaps in his coma and in his fall from this world, he will find Me and repent. If he finds Me, I will permit him to awaken from his coma and be restored to My grace. But if he does not find Me, I will leave him in his coma, and he will spend the rest of his life as a vegetable in a hospital bed. I Am the Lord. These are the Words of the Lord. Amen.

For to each person is granted a certain length of life. But if a person does not put to good use his freedoms and his gifts, I eventually take these all away from him and give them to another. And the one I take these away from, I may take everything away from that one, even his consciousness in this life. For by putting David into a coma, I will communicate to him that he has so far completely wasted his life, and by being in a coma, at least he is no longer wasting it demeritoriously. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And Lord, what about Mark, My younger brother? He will be allowed to continue to seek to live according to My Way. He is not living according to My Way, but he is nevertheless trying to do so, in his Protestant faith. Hence, I will give him more time. Note how I have greatly humbled him. I humble those I love while they live in this world. Always realize that I humble and rebuke those I love while they live here. Amen. Hence, if you are getting away with sin and not being humbled for your insolence and wickedness, realize that it is because I do not love you, and I Am reserving My rebuke and destruction of you for when I take away your life. I Am the Lord. Amen.

So let not Mark think that I do not love him because hard times have befallen him. Rather, let him realize that that is the very sign that I do indeed have great love for him. Rather the one who does not follow Me and who receives no rebuke nor humility lesson from Me, let that one greatly fear. For that one I have abandoned. That one I have set aside to be chopped down and thrown into the fire. For the condemned tree, no further work is done to it until it is chopped down and burned. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Therefore, let Mark know that he is loved. But let him not think that he is loved because he does something good or has merited in some way to receive My love. Rather, I love Mark because with him I can do work and prepare him to enter Catholicism. For unless a soul enters My Catholic Church, he will remain unknown to Me. And the soul that dies unknown to Me will go to hell. Hence, I Am constantly working souls outside My Church to prepare them to enter in. And if I gain a convert, I will provide him an opportunity to enter My Church. Amen.

Now, Eric, do you wish to know why you have been found worthy of receiving the girl now, whereas before, I have rejected you? Yes, O’ Lord, please do tell me. What title and what glory have you given yourself here in these pages that you have not given up and denounced before all the world in the past few days, lord Azurite?

Only the things that you knew were from Me did you retain. Hence, you retained that you are First Rider of the Apocalypse, for that you cannot deny, as My angel told you that you indeed are that, who stood next to the Virgin Mary at her visitation of you in early December, 1996. It would be an act of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit for you to deny anything that took place in that visitation where Mary greatly humbled you before all of heaven by putting her foot upon your head. But by your submission to the touch of that royal foot of the Blessed Lady upon your head, I cleansed you from the head down, and from that point onward, whomsoever that you touched, so also did the Blessed Virgin Mary. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Also, you did not deny your history as Emerald, but remained acknowledging all that you did. But you reframed it in a new light, seeing My power in all of it, and your littleness in all that you did. And you acknowledged that you, along with the other Ten Players, were given the powers of a god or goddess, only for a time, in order that you might be tested. Only four have passed or will pass that test of the Eleven. These are:

  1. Azurite, who was previously called Emerald
  2. Twilight
  3. Firefly
  4. Sarah, whose secret name is Lazurite

These four, two Kings and two Queens, I will seat upon four thrones governing the four divisions of the earth. For these four were all given supernatural powers. And they did not permanently fall, but triumphed. I Am the Lord. Amen. Hence, all four shall be glorified. And all four will receive a royal share of My celestial Kingdom. I Am the Lord. Amen.

The Player Sarah, a Jew, hast not yet arisen. But she is predestined to set to power a ruler over Israel who will be wise and holy. And he will lead Israel to accept as Jews those who embrace Me and My Catholic faith. I Am the Lord.

But is Sarah the girl We give unto thee as thy wife, lord Azurite? Lord, you have said that the woman I am to marry is rather one who is to come from the people of northern Europe. Correct. And will she come to you? Lord whatever that Thou sayest comes to pass. I, Eric, have spoken. Amen. Good, you have acknowledged Me and My sovereign power.

But I AM not giving you a girl from northern Europe. Instead, I Am giving you Sarah. She will become your wife and bear you a son. And you shall call your son that Sarah bears you John. These Words are from God. They cannot be undone. Now go and prepare your breakfast. You will be going to Mass today at 8:00 AM. And from there you will go to work. And realize that the End Times are upon you. Sarah will be made your wife. And you will teach her your wisdom and your knowledge. I Am the Lord.

This post now comes to its end. And you have passed My test excellently. Prepare to receive the Jewish princess who is to be made yours. I Am the Lord. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

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