Mysterious is the girl who is to enter Eric’s life

A girl of Our choosing shall We send to Eric to be his wife and to bear the prophesied son.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post VII:
Lord, I have kept all your decrees and commandments since you gave them to me. Is this the case, O’ Lord. Amen. It is as you say, Eric. And what is more, you have remained faithful to Our commandments of you. And you have done precisely as We have said. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now someone asks, why all this nudity on Eric’s website? And I answer thee this. Nudity that does not promote unlawful behavior is not sinful to view. But if nudity leads to sinful behavior, that nudity you should not view. Sinful behavior involves any act that leads to fornication, adultery, or masturbation. If the viewing of this material does not lead to such sin, it is not harmful to view. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And so, let Us go through what movies and shows you may watch and what shows you may not. Speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening. We said in the previous post that if the movie or show promotes unlawful behavior between men and women as something that is good, then it is unlawful for you to watch. However, if a movie presents such unlawful behavior and then shows the dire consequences that befalls those who engage in such unlawful behavior, and if the movie itself does not advocate the unlawful behavior as a good thing, then you are permitted to watch the movie, provided that you do not let what you see lead you to commit any sin.

Hence, let us consider the 1981 movie, Excalibur. In this movie there are several graphic sex scenes, however, the movie presents the scenes without advocating them as a good thing, but rather, as part of a tragedy. And hence, this movie is permissible to be watched. For it shows the dire consequences that befall those who engage in these unlawful behaviors. And sex is presented as something that happened, without giving approval of it nor glorifying the unlawful behavior. And this makes it permissible to watch. For it is permitted to view movies that have sex scenes if these movies do not advocate or promote the unlawful behavior that is shown. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now let us consider the 2021 Netflix series called Sexify. Eric watched only the first episode. He did not watch the whole season. But he saw enough to judge this movie under the guidelines of the Lord. And he watched this episode prior to God giving him the commandments he received yesterday commanding what he may watch and what he may not. In this movie series, there are indeed graphic sex scenes, But unlike in Excalibur, the unlawful sex presented in Sexify is clearly promoted and encouraged by the makers of the movie series as something that is good. Hence, Eric, you may not watch this movie series any further. For this movie series promotes unlawful behavior between men and women. And hence, it is impermissible for you to watch any further this series. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now let us consider the 2021 Netflix series, Fate: The Winx Saga. Lord, in this series, there is no nudity nor graphic sex scenes shown, but unlawful behavior is indicated as occurring in the story, and the behavior is not condemned. How do You rule on this movie series, O’ Lord. And note that the second season is not yet released. Movies that do not condemn unlawful behavior between men and women, but that do not show this behavior explicitly are not banned for you to watch. Hence, you may watch such movies as this, but keep in your mind what is lawful and what is not and do not give into any subliminal messages that might say that it is okay to do such things. Hence, you may continue to watch this series, and the second season when it comes out, for this movie does not graphically display the unlawful behavior that it does not condemn. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now let us consider the 2020 Netflix series, Cursed. This series has a similar manner as does Fate: The Winx Saga, in that it does not present nudity or graphic sex scenes, but neither does it condemn the unlawful behavior that is indicated as occurring in the storyline. And hence, for the same reasons mentioned above, you may continue watching this series, and the second season when it comes out, as long as you keep in mind what is lawful and what is not and do not give into any subliminal messages that might say that it is okay to do that which is unlawful to do. For movies such as these that do not display nudity or graphic sex scenes do not do harm to souls that are properly grounded in knowing what is moral behavior and what is not.

Now, let us consider the 1982 movie, Conan the Barbarian, starring the Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous body builder who also served as governor of California, as Conan. This movie clearly displays explicit graphic sexual nude scenes. And Conan is getting laid throughout the movie. And the explicitly displayed behavior is both unlawful and not condemned. So how do You rule on this movie, O’ Lord? Amen. Lord Azurite, this movie falls under the same classification of condemnation as Sexify mentioned above. It is unlawful for you to view such material. And thus, you may not watch Conan the Barbarian anymore, for such movie watching serves to lead the viewer astray into sexually sinful behavior. I Am the Lord. Amen. For Conan in this movie is depicted as a super powerful he-man who can go from woman to woman, defiling them, and incurring no dire consequences. A movie that contains such a message and displays graphic sexual content is unlawful for you to watch.

Now, O’ Lord, what about the 1984 movie, The Terminator, also starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, as the villainous cyborg sent back in time from the future to prevent someone from being born. This movie had a sex scene between the main hero and heroine, and the sex scene was graphic. How do You rule here, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, this movie falls under the classification made for Excalibur, for the sex scene that is shown is contained in a tragedy, and the hero who had sex dies shortly later, clearly demonstrating the divine consequences to unlawful sex. Hence, this movie, The Terminator, you are permitted to watch. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, what about the 1997 movie Titanic? In that movie, there is a full frontal nude of actress Kate Winslet who was the heroine of the story, and there is a sex scene between the hero and heroine of the movie, though it was not explicitly displayed. And the movie does not condemn the sex acts between the couple. How do you rule on this movie, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, only one scene contained the graphic full frontal nudity of Kate Winslet, and this was not in displayed under a sexual context, but rather, as a depiction of a fine art. For in the movie, Kate Winslet disrobed for the purpose of posing nude to be drawn by the hero as part a collection of fine art. This is not porn and is, hence, not condemned when it appears in a movie. And the sex scene of which you speak had no explicit graphic sexual content. Furthermore, the unlawful sex act that is indicated as having occurred in the story, though not explicitly shown, is nevertheless part of a tragedy in which the hero dies in the sinking of that ship on which it happens within hours after the hero engaged in the unlawful sex. Hence, this movie is permissible to watch. For though the message of the movie does not condemn the unlawful sex act, the story itself condemns the sex act by having the one who engaged in it die. Furthermore, movies such as this, whose only nudity displayed is classifiable as fine art, are permissible to watch, for they do not contain pornographic material that leads to death. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Realize Eric that the human body and its beauty is not sinful to view. But to act out of lust and to do what is unlawful to do, such as adultery, fornication, or masturbation, these are things that are defined as sin that you may not do. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now someone asks about the viewing of underage nudes, that is, of nudes of those who are not yet full adults. The reason why it is not permitted to view such nudes of pre-adult women and men is that underage people or children have the right to privacy. Their nudity may not be exploited. Only an adult woman or an adult man, being responsible for herself or himself, and who chooses of her or his own free will to pose nude for others to see may be permitted to be viewed in nude images and in movies. A parent or a guardian has no right to expose a child for such nudes. And a child does not have the legal responsibility yet to be entrusted with this decision themselves. That is why nudes may only be viewed where the subject is an adult who has given legal permission for his or her nude to be viewed. I Am the Lord.

And those who violate this law do not violate merely the laws of men, but those of God. For it is written: For he who causes one of these little ones to sin or to stumble, it would be better for him were a millstone to be hung around his neck and for him to be cast into the sea. (Matthew 18:6). That is why is is a major sin with major consequences to spread or consume child pornography or unlawful nudes of children. For a child is simply not old enough to legally give permission for a nude to be taken of himself or herself. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, I wish to avoid all such impurities and sins of the flesh from now on. How do I keep myself clean and pure? What is the way I must go by which this purity is sure to be kept, O’ Lord? Amen.

Lord Azurite, you will keep yourself sexually pure by following Me in all things. But never let thyself become inflated by pride. For pride, not weakness, is the reason why men fall back into sexual sins. The cure to impurity, the key to keeping one’s purity once one has been thoroughly cleansed of the sin, is to humble thyself. Do not make claims, as you have done so in the past, that you are this great king, and that you are given these great Kingdoms in this world. I will give you your Kingdom when you come to Me, but it is not definable in terms of this world. And it is wrong for you to boast of your Kingdom to those who are in this world. For everyone who follows Me gets a Kingdom in proportion to the good they produced from the goods I gave them.

He who is given five gold coins and produces five more gold coins is given a reward comparable in glory and riches as he who is given two gold coins and produces two more gold coins. The parable where one is given ten cities to rule for producing ten gold coins while another is given five cities for producing five gold coins is of the context where both started off with equal goods, one gold coin, and one multiplied the talents by ten times, whereas the other multiplied the talents by five times.

For God is a just God. And God does not reward people for what they were given, but rather, for what they did with what they were given. If you are given more, then more is expected from you. If two people come into heaven having produced equal treasures, but one had been given more than the other, the one who had been given less but produced the same amount of treasure will receive the greater reward.

Hence, consider for example a rich White man and a poor Black man. Say both of these produced great and equally rich treasures for heaven. Do they both receive the same reward when they come before Me to be judged? No. The poor Black man will be rewarded greater than the rich White man because, even though they produced the same amount of treasures, the poor Black man is judged as having produced more than the rich White man because he was given less to begin with. For God is a God of Justice. He judges with fairness and equity. He does not favor one over the other by race or social class. Each person is judged based on what they did with what they are given. I Am the Lord.

Now, where should charity come from, the government or the individual? Realize that governments do not go to heaven or hell. Only individuals go to heaven or hell. Hence, what matters are the deeds of individuals, not the deeds of a government. If an individual does good deeds, he and his nation will be blessed. But if an individual does wickedness, both he and his nation will be cursed. When the United States government freed the slaves, did God reward the United States government for its good deeds? No, for governments are neither rewarded nor punished. Rather, the individuals behind the government’s decisions to do right or wrong receive their corresponding reward or punishment.

Hence, when that Black woman who was given a ticket for a minor traffic violation, and she went to court to pay the fine, but was unaware of the extra fees involved at the court, and did not have enough money with her to pay them, and thus, was arrested and put in jail, whereupon her mortgage on her house went unpaid, because she was behind bars, and she lost her house, what is My judgement on this case, do you ask? Those who set up such laws and unjust statutes and decrees will be severely punished. And those who watch such injustices unfold and who do not lift a finger to help the person in need, these too will face My unquenchable wrath. For it is unlawful for a person who has means to stand by and watch his or her neighbor be destroyed. No one gets to heaven by merely observing the law. Only those who love their neighbor and who do acts of love will enter therein. I Am the Lord. Amen.

For many, I tell you, shall be surprised to hear Me on that day say, “I never knew you. Depart from Me you evildoers into the outer darkness, where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” For whoever does not help the least of My brethren, I count that as failing to help Me. And that one will have hell to pay. I Am the Lord. Amen. Let no one think he can enter My Kingdom if there is someone in the community or in his Church that he has hatred for. For if you have hatred for someone, you are not following Me, and I will disown you on the last day. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Whoever wishes to follow Me, let him learn to obey. And let him love, not hate, those whom I have put in his life. For My Way is a pathway of love, not of hate. And those who love look out for one another and they help one another. Those who stand by idly as their neighbor is destroyed or brought to ruin I do not count as Mine. I Am the Lord. For as you would have done to you, you are commanded to do unto others. And the failure to do this is to fail to walk with Me. All who walk with Me are commanded to love one another. And you will be able to tell My people by the love that they have for one another and for those they encounter in life. This post now comes to its end.

Eric, the girl you are to be given, wait and do not disbelieve. For she is coming and her coming will not fail to manifest. But understand this also, this girl may not be defiled. Nor may you walk the path of defilement anymore. And this is the solemn promise of the Lord: As you believe she will appear, so shall she appear, but only if your conscience remains clear and free of guilt. Transgress no more and this promise will come to pass. And let not the reader say this is an impossible task, for God never commands what is impossible. I Am the Lord. Amen.

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