Crystal Clear is Eric’s Eternal Fate

Crystal clear has become the future and fate of the Azurite King

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post IV:
Behold, I Who Am will make Eric’s fate crystal clear to him. Amen. Lord, I believe that I am not called to the priesthood. For the sign that was to prove it to be of the Lord’s design was not fulfilled. Lord, is this the case? Dost Thou indicate it to not be my fate to become a priest by not fulfilling the sign that would have proven it to be the case? For I went to Mass this morning, but received no calling there, nor have I been cured. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Amen.

Lord Azurite, you are called to the priesthood. The sign given to you in the previous post was not from heaven. For remember that not all things that you hear come from Me. For the devil is a giver of many signs that he knows will not be fulfilled, so as to throw off course the servant of God who receives them. I will make you My priest, but it is I, not you, who shall decide the timing and the place. And I will cure you in the course of future events. For what you need to be made a priest you shall have. I Am the Lord. Amen.

As for Hyacinth and her needs, let Us simply say this. It is never a viable to solution to seek the death of someone else. Whether it is an enemy in your life, or the child in your girlfriend’s or lover’s womb, killing that person will not solve your problems, but only compound them and make them infinitely worse. For to kill someone is to commit an infinite sin. For life is an infinite good. And each human life has the potential to attain sainthood in My eternal Kingdom, and that is made not possible if that person is killed prior to entering in. Hence, you may not seek to be free from Hyacinth by her dying by any death. Do not wish for that and do not ask Me to do that in prayer. Rather, realize that Hyacinth is a gift from God. For all human beings in your life, from the enemy at your door to the child in your lover’s womb, all of these are to be seen as gifts given by a loving God to serve for your benefit. I AM the Lord.

Do not consider a child born to your wife, lover, or girlfriend as an inconvenience, or else you, too, will be viewed as an inconvenience to your Heavenly Father. And if you seek to rid yourselves of inconveniences by killing them, your Heavenly Father will apply that very same solution against you. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Remember the movie, Fatal Attraction, where a married man has a brief affair with a woman and gets her pregnant. By the end of the movie, the woman becomes a psychopath and is killed by the married couple in self defense. Very neat ending, right? That is fantasy. In real life, the consequences of adultery are not so easily eliminated. And the crime committed was not adultery alone. The man who impregnated the woman sought to have the woman abort the baby, and when she refused, he sought to disavow any responsibility for the unborn child, arguing that his offer to pay for the abortion was all he was responsible to do. But he was also a lawyer, and he knew that his arguments would not hold up in a court of law. And so he sought a solution outside the law by criminal means, through threats of violence and murder against the woman if she refused to leave him alone.

The movie portrayed the man as the victim and the woman he had sex with outside of wedlock as the villain of the story. But both of them were guilty of deadly sin. And the man’s attempt to solve the problem by pressuring the woman to abort the baby, and then to refuse responsibility for the child beyond offering to pay for it to be killed, was equal to King David’s sin of killing Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah the Hittite, through the sword of the enemy, when he saw he could not get him to sleep with his wife Bathsheba so as to pass off Bathsheba’s pregnancy by David as having being from Uriah instead, by deceit. For murder and adultery walk hand in hand. I Am the Lord. And every adulterer is also a murderer. For they must commit murder to cover up their adulteries. Or else they would owe a lot of money or go to jail.

But let not the adulterer think that I understand his recourse to commit murder to solve his problems. For the one who resorts to murder to solve his problems and inconveniences I never save. I Am the Lord. Hence, you know that Hernan Cortez, who killed his first wife in the marriage bed because she was an inconvenience to him, he was not saved, even through he confessed his sins and died shortly after his confession.

Lord, wouldn’t his confession have resulted in his forgiveness of his sins? Yes, lord Azurite, but to be saved, one must do more than to be merely right by the law. One must also have good deeds and merit. For to be perfectly right with the law will only result in you not being punished for the sins defined by the law. But that alone will not cause you to be granted eternal life. For to obtain eternal life, you must love God and neighbor. And without this love, there is no possibility of salvation, even if you commit no sins and incur no transgressions according to the law. For the law only defines what not to do in order to not commit sin. The law does not provide the means of attaining salvation. For to stop sin does not mean that one obtains salvation. For only through love can any man enter into My Kingdom. Amen.

And if a man loves Me, he will obey Me. One who loves only and does not obey, I do not view such as love, but as deceit. He is like Judas Iscariot showing his love for Me by kissing Me in the very act of betraying Me. Such is false love, an appearance of love, but without deeds or merit or obedience to back it up, and that never saves. I Am the Lord. Amen. For he who says he loves Me but does not obey is a liar. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, what then becomes of Hyacinth? What do I do regarding her, O’ Lord? Do I continue to help her indefinitely, O’ Lord? Yes, if you value her prayers for you. For the two of you shall come to heaven at the exactly same moment in time. Neither of you die. Both of you are to be raptured up in the twinkling of an eye. Amen. Hence, you may not disown her or neglect her. Keep her safe. Love her as you love yourself, and your reward shall be great. For We have given her to you as a test of your love for a friend and a neighbor. And you are doing just fine. Continue as you are doing for her. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, if I am to become a priest, what about the job I am now working at? What becomes of that job? You will work at that job until I put you in a new one. And you shall work faithfully at whatever job I place you in. And do not think that you are working for much longer in the secular fields. For I Am bringing you to enter the religious fields shortly. And you will soon be working directly for Me and for My Catholic Church in the vineyard of saving souls. I Am the Lord. Amen.

As for your current duties at the job you now hold, do the work you are assigned to do as though you were working for Me. And I will continue to reward you for the work that is done. Amen. But remember that you are working for Me now. And realize that My will must be done. Hence, render unto your employer the work you owe your employer, and render unto Me all that you are obligated to do for Me. And I will command you as to what you are to do.

Lord, if I am truly to be ordained a priest in Your priesthood, do You, therefore, give me many years yet to come to live upon the earth? For it takes several years to become a priest. And if the Church is truly going to invest in making me a priest, I believe that she should get good use from their investment in me through my serving the Church as a priest for many years to come. But what do You say, O’ Lord? Will Thou reveal how many years I have left to live, O’ Lord? Or do I serve you not as an ordained priest, but as a priest in a different sort, perhaps as those called priests referring to those who partake in the First Resurrection? Am I to be ordained a priest? Or am I to serve in the common priesthood shared by all Catholics by their baptism? Perhaps I am nothing more than that, O’ Lord? Or do You ordain me a priest in Your priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church. And note that the people at Saint Bruno told me that they would not consider me as a candidate for the priesthood if I was older than 55, and I turn 51 next month.

Our decision to make you a priest is Ours to make. You are merely to obey whatever We determine. And yes, it is the ordained kind of priesthood that We are referring to in Our intent to make you a priest. And so, you ask how long you have left. And that is a good question, for We have told you that you are to be raptured together with Hyacinth on the day We take you both to Us. Yes, it is true. We have no way of revealing to you the day or hour, nor even the year of when We take you away. So you cannot know how long you have left. All you can know is that you are to obey Us in all things. And you are not to hoard your money. For We shall give you all that you need, both for yourself and to help your friend Hyacinth.

Lord, this rapture of me and Hyacinth away, is that event the prophesied rapture of the saints, or is it only a few who go up, or is it only me and her who go up? And if others go up also, who are these others? And how do you determine who to rapture up? And will there be other rapture events, or is this the only one, O’ Lord? And what follows this rapture of me and Hyacinth away, O’ Lord? Amen.

Only you and Hyacinth will be taken at that moment, just as when We took Elijah, We only took him, and no other. Hyacinth is to be taken with you because the two of you are united in prayer, and thus, the two of you shall be taken as one. Amen. As for another rapture event, such things are, as a rule, rare. And when they do occur, they are witnessed, as a rule, by only a few. I Am the Lord. Amen. As for the prophesied rapture, that is a teaching found in Protestantism. It is not found in Catholic teaching. Hence, it will not occur, but is, rather, the product of rumors and of Bible interpretations made by the laity. For it is only the Magisterium of the Catholic Church that authoritatively decides how all the scriptures are to be or may be interpreted. And those who do not listen to them have only themselves to blame for their being led off the cliff to their destruction. I Am the Lord. Amen.

For the Protestant churches are in great error. When people come before Me to be judged and find themselves condemned to hell, the people who are most surprised by their condemnation are the Protestants, lord Azurite. For the Protestants, more than any other group, have convinced themselves of their salvation. But they are not saved, for there is no salvation outside My Catholic Church. I Am the Lord. Amen. And they often say such things as, “No one ever told me that I had to be Catholic to be saved.” But just like the laws of the land, if you are in violation of a law, your ignorance to it being against the law does not excuse you from that violation. The sinner who did not know he had to be Catholic is not beaten as much as the sinner who knew better and did not enter or who left after having entered, but both are still damned to hell. You do not go to heaven because you have a good reason for not having entered Catholicism. No one is saved because they have an excuse for not having entered into My Catholic Church. For it is written infallibly: There is no salvation outside My Catholic Church. You will either enter in and obey Me, or else I will say unto thee that I never knew you, when you come before Me to be judged. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Many people will be weeping and grinding their teeth in the outer darkness on that day that they are judged and sent to their eternal fate. For My laws and My rules are unyielding. I do not make exceptions for those who failed to fine Me in their life. Either you find Me or else you fail to find Me. The Protestant may think he has found Me, but he has not. His guilty conscience should give him sufficient warning that something is not quite right. And he should act on his conscience and seek the Way.

However, the Truth is that no one can find the Way unless We show it to him. And no one can be saved unless he is born from above. And this being born from above is decided in heaven. You, Eric, were born from above in the process of your entrance into My Catholic Church, which culminated with your reception of first holy communion on Easter Vigil, March 30, 2002. At least that is what it says on paper, but in reality, that was a midnight Mass, and you actually received first holy communion shortly after midnight on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2002.

Many tests were made on your soul, lord Azurite. Many trials and tribulations were you brought through before you were found worthy of being drawn to enter My Catholic Church. For no one can enter My Catholic Church unless I draw him in. And if I do not draw him in, he will never find Me or enter in.

Now, you have known Hyacinth since Saturday, October 7, 2017. And you know you are to be raptured to heaven together. So now your question is, if We make you a priest, is it therefore a guarantee that this rapture of you both to heaven takes place after your ordination to the priesthood occurs? What do you think, Eric? Do We make this guarantee to you? No, O’ Lord, unless there is in the decrees of predestination the decree that I am to be made an ordained priest before my life here ends. No such decree exists, Eric. You and Hyacinth may be taken at any time.

Rather, it is the divine will that shall determine your fate. And the divine will is known only to the Father, Who has decided all things in advance. Amen. Hence, you and Hyacinth may be taken away at anytime. I AM the Lord. Amen. And given this, with much difficulty is it to predict your future in this world. For no one but the Father knows the date and hour of your departure with Hyacinth.

Lord, I am ready to go at anytime. I am not looking back at anything being left behind. Good. Yes, you have divested yourself of self-seeking. But Lord, at some point in my pathway here, if I am not taken away beforehand, I must be switched from my current vocation in information technology into the vocation of religious service and training to become a priest. I was wondering if You have a timeframe in which this event will occur, O’ Lord? At what point shall this occur, or is all of this to remain hidden until it happens? For a great unknown is in my life. For I do not know when this change and calling shall occur. And I cannot start the process before You cure me. So I am in a dilemma. I am caught between two competing interests: My current job in IT, and my future fate in the priesthood. And through all of it, I do not know when I shall be taken away to heaven with Hyacinth.

We will offer to you one consolation for your clarity. And then We shall conclude this post. The job you are in comes to an end before you enter into the seminary. Hence, there will be no need for you to announce your departure. For your job simply comes to an abrupt end. The company you work for completely folds. And all its obligations to customers and clients will then be dealt with in bankruptcy court. And you, as an independent contractor to the company, will not be called in for testimony, but only those who were employees. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Furthermore, Hyacinth will have all her needs provided for. You are not to be concerned for her, except for how We enable you to help her. And this post now comes to its end. Go home. And at home, you are ordered to study your Latin and your Greek. For these two languages are to serve your future, more so than the computer languages you have mastered and studied over the past decades you have worked in IT. Do as We now command you. Also, you will make no mention of your vocation to anyone with whom you are currently working with. For they are not to know, and your departure from them to enter the seminary will not matter as the company folds just prior to your last day that you will be permitted to work. I Am the Lord. Amen. And you shall not leave the company without receiving the full due pay for all your work. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

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