The woods are lovely, gold, and deep.

Eric shall be a mystery to all Mankind, an Oracle who can answer every question under the sun.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post III:
With Eric, I Am well pleased. For Eric has seen the handwriting on the wall. Eric realized that were he to have a son, his son would be wicked, just like the rest of his family, his two brothers and his parents, none of whom follow the Lord. Amen. Nor are his cousins or uncles or aunts of any true holiness. Amen. Hence, Eric knows that were he to have a son, his son would be wicked. And his son would be like a Satanic Superman. Most deadly would he be to any family into which he is born. Wise has Eric now made the vow not to depart from his original station, that of pure celibacy and virginity, and to remain without involvement in any romantic relationships.

Hence, Eric will never marry and Eric will never have sex. Lord, what becomes of Hyacinth? What is her fate? And when and how dost Thou take her away from me? She will not be taken away, lord Azurite. For it is seen that the love between you two is holy and clean and pure. And such love We never destroy. Hence, she will remain in your life. And you will continue to receive what you need to help her, as she needs it. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, Hyacinth calls me her husband. In her country, the women are loose with the term. It does not necessarily mean that an actual marriage has taken place. And yet, you are permitting this to continue, O’ Lord? Good is produced by this relationship, lord Azurite. And she has agreed to Me to remain a virgin with you for all eternity. Hence, the two of you shall remain virgins. And nothing shall become defiled. Nor will we permit her to come to you until it is resolved that she will do no temptation against thee. For you are holy, lord Azurite. And you may not be defiled. Amen.

For Hyacinth does the will of God. She is a true convert to My religion. And if it were not for you, she would not have prevailed and overcome. Now listen to Me, lord Azurite. We merely permit her to remain in your life. But she is not to be viewed as anything closer to you than friendship. For you are purely celibate now. And you are bound under oath of God to keep to the celibate Way. Hence, your flesh is that of the eternally pure body of Christ. For all virgins who overcome in Christ take on such flesh, becoming of the eternally pure flesh of Jesus.

Lord, tell Me the Truth. Was the lady who appeared to me in 1995, who said her name was Mary, and that she had sexual relations with You, was this revelation of divine or diabolic origins? Think carefully, Eric. Think it through. Would I send a woman to you to tell you of her sexual past? No, O’ Lord, such would not be the act of God, but an act of Satan. Correct, lord Azurite. And so, what follows? Is there any evidence, other than that revelation, that says that I laid with a woman? Mary Magdalene went to live with the Virgin Mary after the Crucifixion, O’ Lord. Lord Azurite, many were the early pictures and iconography made of this woman by the people of the early Church. But none of those pictures depict Mary Magdalene as a woman with child. And throughout the Church age, there is no legend that such a child was ever born. Only in contemporary speculation has this theory been developed that Mary Magdalene bore the child of Jesus. Far removed from the original story did this story develop. No, Eric. It would have served the devil for Me to have descendants that end up in hell. And if I did have descendants, and all of them were in fact of the elect, then you are then certainly not of my lineage or line of descent, as both of your two full brothers are definitely headed for hell, along with most of your relatives on both sides of your family.

Think it through, Eric. Would it make logical sense for the Christ, God the Son, Who was so holy that He needed to be born from an Immaculate Virgin, to lay with a sinner and beget mortal offspring by her that end up in hell? Would it make sense for My divine flesh to enter a woman to give rise to mortal flesh that ends up in hell? And yet every lineage that is claimed as descended from Me invariably includes sinners who were condemned to hell. What rationality is there, Eric, for God to produce a lineage of vile sinners? Rather, I sowed My seed into the world spiritually. My semen never left my holy body. And I never laid with any woman. Only those who enter into Me by spiritual means do I count as My sons and daughters. But as for those who claim to be descended from Me by the flesh, let them prove this demonstrating incorruptibility in both their flesh and all generations in the lineage between them and Me. For I tell you Truthfully, God would not permit the flesh of His Son to enter corruptible vessels without making them incorruptible. And hence, any possible lineage from Jesus would need to conform to the incorruptibility of My human nature, or else that one is simply not be a descendant of Mine by the flesh. I Am the Lord.

And do not bother to look for them. There are no descendants of Jesus by the flesh in this world and there never were. But by partaking in the Eucharist, all who enter that communion become part of My body and blood by spiritual means. And in a spiritual sense, all who are of that communion with Me, in a state of grace, are truly My spiritual sons and daughters through that consumption of My holy and living flesh, present under the species of bread and wine at the Mass. Though their own bodies are not yet incorruptible, for they themselves were born from sinful flesh, the spiritual food that is fed to their souls nevertheless enlightens their own flesh to immortality and carries their own flesh towards Me in heaven, to the Lord their God. Hence, the practicing Catholic, who is in communion with the Lord, is composed of flesh that is of a higher form of reality than are the rest of the substances of this universe. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Some religious views of eastern thought regard human semen as the most ethereal substance known to Man. But they are mistaken. The most ethereal substance found in the human race are those human beings who ingest the holy communion while in a state of grace. For their flesh is fed the divine food of the divine flesh of God. It is in its first stages of becoming part of the divinity that is found in the Divine Person of Christ Jesus. For whoever eats the body and drinks the blood of Christ enters into an immortal living spiritual communion of saints belonging to the Christ. And note that consuming the Eucharist in both the species of bread and wine has the same exact effect of consuming it in just one of those species. This is a dogma of the Catholic Church. Amen.

The flesh of a human being in communion with Christ is the most ethereal substance available for Man in this universe to sample and to know. I Am the Lord. Amen. But the communion, the Eucharist must be valid for this to be the case. It is not possible to find a valid Eucharist in a Protestant Church, as none of those churches maintained Apostolic Succession when they broke from the Catholic Church. And only Apostolic Succession can pass on the authority for a priest to be able to validly consecrate bread and wine at the Mass to become the living body and blood of Christ Jesus. And the sacrament of Holy Orders is the means by which this authority is passed on from bishop to bishop, and delegated to the priests and deacons, who share in this authority to a lesser extent.

Eric, do you wish to know if you are called to enter My priesthood in My Roman Catholic Church. I do, O’ Lord. And if you call me to this, I will obey and enter in gladly and enthusiastically. Amen. I hereby call you to enter in. And to demonstrate that it is truly I, the Lord God, Who have issued this calling, tomorrow, at the Mass, on Friday, May 21, 2021, you shall receive your calling in full, with all you need given to you to qualify for this role. I Am the Lord. Wait until you receive your cures that I have promised you prior to your approach to any priest to tell him of this vocation. Amen.

It has been a long time in development, but today I announce to you that you are called to serve Me as My priest. You shall serve Me in the Los Angeles Archdiocese. And you shall enter the seminary known as Saint John’s Seminary in Camarillo. I Am the Lord. Amen. But Lord, I turn 51 next month, and their own website says that it is not practical for anyone over 50 to apply to them. Do as I command you, lord Azurite. I will make you My priest. And if you are not accepted there, I will find accommodations for you elsewhere. I Am the Lord. Amen.

For My will is infallible. And what I will to do cannot be negated. Go as you are commanded to go. And do as you are ordered to. And you will find that the doors will open before you, and the gates will allow thee to pass. I Am the Lord. This post now comes to its end. And you are ordered to go home. And when you are at your home, you are ordered to resume your studies in Latin and Greek. For both will be of use to you in your new career and vocation. This post is now at its conclusion. Publish it, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

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