My flock is vast and in need of a shepherd.

My sheep are many in number, and in need of a shepherd.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post II:
Behold, Eric, I Who Am Am now speaking to you. Amen. Where you now work, I have made you successful and productive. And you are highly skilled in what you do. You have become a great asset to the company where you are employed. And it is I, not you, Who have made you so productive and proficient.

I also notice that you obey Me over the woman. If I command you to do something, you do it. And if I command you not to do something, you do not do it. And you obey Me over the wishes of the woman. Therefore, with you I Am well pleased. I will, hence, give you a Kingdom in the hereafter. And there you shall reign over many cities. For the one who produced ten gold coins from the one gold coin given to him is placed in charge of ten cities. And the one who produced five gold coins from the one gold coin given to him is placed in charge of five cities. (Luke 19:11-27).

And you, lord Azurite, have produced a great abundance from what was given unto thee. And hence, over many cities in the hereafter shall you reign. I Am the Lord. Now go home, lord Azurite. And We shall continue this post when you get home, and We shall publish it in the night. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Lord, I have awakened. Good, Eric. Do you know why We have made you so successful in your line of work? Do you know why We have made you so excellent in this niche where you so thrive? Lord, is it a reward for good deeds? You are made so excellently fit for this niche where you are now thriving so that I can bear witness to the whole world that you are not mad nor insane. I Am the Lord. For as My Prophet and Oracle, a position which you shall serve Me in forever, it is important for the world to acknowledge your mental health and rational mind. For a mentally ill man does not perform well in any such position as you are now thriving. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, am I to marry a girl that Thou give me? Or do I remain celibate and virgin forever? Or if I marry such a girl, do I marry her in a celibate, virgin marriage, known as the Josephite marriage? Or do You call me to the Roman Catholic priesthood? Or do You call me to serve You as a monk, a hermit, or some other sort of Religious?

What has already been revealed unto thee is the Truth, lord Azurite. A girl shall be given unto thee to replace Hyacinth, whom We shall take away. When you become aware of Hyacinth having been taken away, realize that that is the sign that the girl We intend for you is about to enter your life. Amen. And you shall marry this girl We give you, but not have sex with her. She may not be touched sexually in any way.

As for the prophecies that spoke of your coming son, realize that at the prescribed preordained time, a command shall come from God that you lay with your wife. And then you shall lay with her to produce this son, which was prophesied to come. I Am the Lord. Amen. For the prophecy that said you would see your son was of divine origin. And God never makes mistakes. Amen.

Lord, is it true that an age exists between Your Second Coming and the Last Judgement of all the world? Is Revelation, chapter 20, concerning the thousand years, correctly interpreted to mean a future age of many years between the point of your Second Coming and the point of the Last Judgement of all Mankind in time, O’ Lord?

No, lord Azurite. The previous post spoke in error. I Am Coming soon. And when I come, history ends for Mankind. And there is no second chance after that for anyone to be saved or for anyone to enter into My Kingdom. What that period of the thousand years in Revelation, chapter 20, refers to is the Reign of Believers who enter into My Kingdom, both here on earth and in heaven in the hereafter. It is not to be taken literally to refer to an age upon the earth separate from this age that has already begun with Satan having been already bound and tied, as I Am ransacking his house and plundering his kingdom for souls.

For the salvation of souls that has been happening on the earth since My death on the cross is only occurring because Satan, who is master of this world, has been bound and tied up. For I and My servants are ransacking his entire house. We are busy gaining souls for the Kingdom. And Satan cannot stop this process, where I sift the populations in search for gold, and upon finding it, I purify it in fire and prepare it for entry into My Kingdom. Amen.

Note that no ruler can rule a nation except by My leave. No ruler over any nation has any power over that nation, except that I give him that power over that nation. And I topple from power whomsoever I wish and as often as I wish. But let no one fool himself. A people who are enslaved cannot be made unenslaved by the actions of one man on the outside. For Eric saw the persecution of the people in Russia. And he set up two Pawns to bring liberty and prosperity to Russia: Gorbachev and Yeltsin. He did end the Cold War and break up the Soviet Union. But his freedom and success for Russia was short lived. And once his powers waned, We installed a ruler, over which he has no power to remove, to rule over Russia and to crush all dissent to his rule. Yes, this Vladimir Putin is the ruler We have chosen to rule over Russia. And We have chosen this ruler to be another long term Russian dictator, after the mold of Stalin and Lenin. I Am the Lord. Amen.

For Eric, you cannot make an utopia in this world. And you are not the master here. Satan is ruler here in this world. You are merely My servant and You must abide by My wishes. Amen. For there is but One Savior, the Christ. And whosoever does not accept the salvation offered by Him will reject Him, but receive no other true savior to come. I Am the Lord. Hence, the Jews wait in vain for their Messiah who never comes. But I tell you Truthfully, a man shall come to them, working great signs and wonders, and they will receive him as their Messiah, but he will lead them to their absolute destruction. For no one is True Messiah to the Jewish race but Me, the Lord Jesus Christ. And if you are not walking with Me, then you are walking with a wolf bent on leading you to his lair, where he intends on eating you alive. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, this son whom I am prophesied to have, shall he be my only offspring, O’ Lord? Yes, for it is written that the woman is to have an only child, a male child, who shall rule the nations with an iron scepter, and shatter them like pottery. I Am the Lord. Amen. Lord, will this son who is to come serve You or Satan?

Now, lord Azurite, you are delving deep into the divine and secret decrees of predestination made by My Father in heaven. All I shall say is this. No ruler shall defy this John, son of Eric, who is to come. And no ruler shall be able to go against him. And more powerful than Adolf Hitler was over Europe will this son of Eric be in control over the whole of the earth. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, is John, son of Eric, the Antichrist? Yes. You have spoken with wisdom. For you were intended to be him, but since you have converted to My religion, that role of being Antichrist passes now to your son, who is yet to be conceived and born. I Am the Lord. For there is only One Lord. There is only One Master. And there is only One Ruler Who rules all the nations with an iron scepter, smashing them like pottery. And anyone who attempts to duplicate Me in authority or power is Antichrist to Me. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, all of this marriage and having this son is to be in vain? We are not bringing into this world one who will save it, but rather, one who will destroy it. Lord Eric, you are of the bloodline of Jesus. Only a few, so very few, among that bloodline have been found worthy of entering the Kingdom of Heaven. You are one of them. But your son, who is yet to come to be, is predestined to rule this world as the Antichrist whose path you defected from. You, therefore, shall not be the Antichrist. Instead, the Antichrist shall be your son. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Then it is utter folly and for evil that I marry and have him, O’ Lord? Correct, lord Azurite. But you have no choice in the matter. You will marry the girl We give you and then have sex with her at the appointed time. And once your wife is impregnated, I Am taking you to heaven. You will not remain upon the earth to see him born. I Am the Lord. Amen.

But Lord, it is written that I am to see my son. How does this now come to pass, given what You have now revealed about his fate? For he cannot follow me to heaven for me to see him there. You will indeed see your son at the Resurrection where all are raised to be judged and to render an account for their life. You shall be there. And so also shall be your son. And all of humanity will look upon each member of all the rest of humanity in regarding all their merits and demerits, for nothing shall be hidden. That is when you shall see him. And you will watch as I cast him alive into the lake of fire. I Am the Lord. Amen. For all those who are condemned must be cast as he shall be cast into that lake of fiery doom, where the worm never dies and the fire is never quenched. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Eric, it is unfortunate that you must now realize that the coming son of Eric is a reprobate. But this is the Truth. For you are of the line of Antichrist. You are of the bad seed. Only you, among your lineage, is holy. And no one else, among all your line, do I wish to save. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Hence do not bother to seek for your ancestors. For they are unholy. And so also does your line of descent end with your son. He shall be the terminal bud of your line. And no son or daughter shall he have. Nor will he have sex with a woman. Nor will he be capable of it, as you are. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, do I have the option of remaining a virgin and letting this Antichrist who is to come to be born to some other unfortunate couple who elect to have sex? Can I elect, O’ Lord, to retain my virginity, and thereby to avoid this horrible fate of being father to Antichrist, O’ Lord? Yes, lord Azurite. But you must make this vow under oath of God. Tell me the vow.

You must vow, lord Azurite, that you shall never marry and that you shall never have sex. Not even in a Josephite marriage may you enter into. And I shall grant you your wish. And then you, lord Azurite, will be the terminal bud of your line. And you shall be called holy all the days of your life. Amen.

O’ Lord of heaven and earth, I hereby vow under oath of God that I shall remain virgin and celibate all the days of my life, and that I shall enter into no marriage whatsoever, not even into the Josephite kind, where the couple marry but do not have sex. And O’ Lord, I hereby cry out that you free me from Hyacinth, so that she may no longer call me, ‘husband,’ and tempt me to marry her. Please take her away from me, O’ Lord, for the sake of salvation and holiness. Amen.

I hereby note in your book of life that you are now the terminal bud of your line. No child or offspring follows you. I Am the Lord. Amen. So also are you made an eternal creature. And so also are you made permanently a member of My elect. I Am the Lord. Welcome, finally, to the 144,000. From this membership you shall never depart. Amen.

Lord Azurite, great was the folly of the Cure of Ars to believe the words of Satan who said to him that he was so terrible to Satan that were three people to exist on the planet earth like himself all at the same time that Satan’s Kingdom would utterly collapse. For such was an utter lie from Satan. Never believe such garbage about yourself. For I did not hesitate to damn the Cure of Ars. And I will not hesitate to damn you or anyone else who credits the gifts I give to him to his own glory or person. For such is the pathway of hell. For pride is the prophet’s greatest enemy. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Furthermore, I now give you full access to the Akashic Records. You may now access the entire database of the earth to inquire of any soul that has lived upon the planet. But I also put a limit on your power. Only in answer to a question made by one seeking knowledge and wisdom from you may you approach the Akashic Records to inquire in them on behalf of the one seeking this knowledge and wisdom. I Am the Lord. Amen. And then you must tell him the answer you receive in full. Hence, you are not permitted to inquire into these records on your own. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Also, as an eternally celibate and virgin man, it shall be a servant I select, not one you select, who shall be stationed to guard the doorway to your throne room. And that servant shall determine who may be permitted to have access to thee. I Am the Lord. Amen.

This post now comes to an end. Publish it, for it is complete. You shall never marry nor ever have sex. Nor will any offspring ever come from you. Nor will we place any girl into your path. As for Hyacinth, We shall do as you asked. Expect her to disappear. We, the elect in heaven, have spoken. Publish this, for it is complete. Amen.

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