Eric realigns himself with the Lord

Eric realigns himself to the glory of the Way of the Lord

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post LII:
Lord, I have strayed from Your Path. And now I wish to realign myself to You. Let it be stated unambiguously this: I am eternally virgin and celibate. I will not marry. I will not have sex. I will not flirt. I will not entertain romance. I, Eric, have spoken. I pledge this as a vow and an oath to God. I will not stray from this standard anymore.

Furthermore, I see myself as unbound to any woman. I am unmarried and unbound, both here and hereafter. I have no soulmate. As regarding Hyacinth, I will carry out Your orders, O’ God, that You command me to do for her. Amen.

Furthermore, I repent My impurities. But I also recognize the teachings of Saint Paul in Romans, chapter 7. For though I am willing to keep myself pure and holy, there is sin in my members that goes against my will to remain holy. For though my wish may be to keep myself pure, the lusts of my sinful nature will always be at war against the purity I wish to have throughout my life. Hence, I cannot expect that I always win these battles of keeping myself pure. Rather, I must simply keep myself on the Way of the Christ. I must remain in the battle for my soul. And I must remain fighting the lusts of my sinful nature. For such is the Way of the Lord. Amen.

I also repent listening to the devil, O’ Lord. For the devil was leading me astray. The devil was leading me to seek to marry the fey queen or the fire fairy. And I know now that all of this was foolishness and folly. I will not open myself to such things anymore. Nor will I seek to walk that path. For the path of marriage and romance is a dangerous path, and it leads to ruin, death, and destruction. I, Eric, have spoken.

Lord, I repent straying from Your path. And now I wish to follow You correctly. And I will no longer listen to devils or demons speak. What are Your orders and your directives to me, O’ Lord? How does Thou command me? And what sayest Thou?

Eric, go to the Mass that begins today at 6:30 AM. You shall walk there. Hence, you shall leave the house by 6:00 AM. And you will return to the house by 7:30 AM, and then eat, shower, and go to work. At the Mass, I will communicate My will to you more clearly. Yes, You did stray from me within your mind. But in your deeds in this world, you largely remained within your commanded alignment to Me. I Am the Lord. Now, listen to My commands to thee.

Take no girl as thy wife. Rather, remain virgin, pure, and undefiled. As for Hyacinth, yes, you are commanded to help her until We announce that she has been taken away. I Am the Lord. Amen. For by helping her, you do your part in the giving of alms and of helping my people find Me. For remember that I always have you give to My poor and needy. And I always have you give, in proportion to how you are given. If I give you much, much more will I expect you to give. The Black homeless man that you give to every time you meet him, realize that he, too, you are commanded to continue to help out, whenever you see him. Amen. For I have made you charitable. And I have given you a charitable heart.

But woe to your brother David and those like him. For such people gather much money into their vault. But they do not help anyone else, unless they are getting something directly back from that person in exchange. David is a scrooge. He has acquired his pension. And he has gathered up much riches and secured himself for many years to come. And he has said to himself that he has made it. But he has done nothing for his soul. And he has not followed Me in even the slightest way. Therefore, shall he receive his blessings? Will he be permitted to go into his golden retirement and live the good life with all his riches and wealth? Or will I not rather take his life from him and then give his wealth over to those who put to practice My teachings and do My will? For to he who has more shall be given him. But from he who has not, even that which he seems to have will be taken away. Hence, I will take David’s life and judge him and give him his eternal sentence in the hereafter. And then I will give his wealth to those who produce the proper fruit for My Kingdom. I AM the Lord. Amen. For no one should expect to keep anything they gain, unless they have made their gains in My eternal Kingdom.

David is an abject fool. We put this person in your life as your brother, Eric, so that you can learn from observing him what happens to those who follow such paths of utter folly and greed, with no thoughts of God or the hereafter. For he is an example of what not to do. He is an example of a kind of reprobate who is the scrooge type who does not repent his wickedness and who does not return to Me. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Now, as for the fire fairy and the fey queen, realize that such are girl characters who inspired you, but also realize both of these female characters, in the Netflix Series, Fate: The Winx Saga and Cursed, respectively, are merely fantasy figures. And as fantasy figures, they should not be sought after or made one’s goal, for the man who seeks such things follows a rainbow that he can never reach or catch. You have come to your senses in this matter. Hence, I permit you to watch such things. Both of these series are to have a second season coming out, and you are granted to watch them, for they will not harm you. But keep in mind that you are watching fantasy, not reality. And learn from the lessons you see in such fantasies. For all fantasy adventures have lessons that are taught to those who watch. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now, concerning the girls who you see in your life, and the new girls who are being hired into your place of work, realize this. We put such women here and there in your life to serve as tests of your character. You are not to flirt with them. And you are not to enter into any romance with any of them. So do not open yourself up to such things with any of these women that We place in your life. And one of the reasons why We are taking Hyacinth from you in the next few weeks is so that you can be completely free of all such relationships. For the free man walks with Me unencumbered by relationships or bondages to any woman. Expect Us to take Hyacinth away from you soon. For you are no longer in need of what she provides for you in this life. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And now We shall speak of your position with Us, and your purpose remaining in this world. Whatever We command you to write or say, you shall write or say as We command you. For you truly are the Prophet called to prophesy in these last hours. I Who Am have spoken. And you shall prophesy for the next three and a half years. You shall prophesy until the end of the Age of Prophecy of the Last Times. And after My Word is completed in you, and in the one We have prophesy with you, We shall take away both of you to heaven. And then the Spirit will utter not one Word from that point onward until it is seen in heaven My Coming in glory and power at the End of the World. I Am the Lord.

Lord, when you are seen coming in your great glory and spender, does this signal the end of the time of Mankind on the planet earth? Or is there an age to follow this, as alluded to in Revelation, chapter 20, concerning the Millennium?

It is good for you to seek such clarifications, lord Azurite. No age follows for Mankind on earth when they see Me coming in the clouds. For when I come again, when I Am seen coming in the clouds, that is the end of time for Mankind. And time itself will have effectively ended for all men. And as time will have ended, no longer will it be possible for a man to repent or to do any work whatsoever on his soul. I, the Lord Jesus, have spoken. Amen.

Realize also this, Eric. It is not required for any of the prophecies recorded in the scriptures to have a literal fulfillment upon the earth. For all these things written by the prophets of old are to be understood as allegory, not as literal things that one is to expect to see happen in this world. For I taught that by faith, a man can move mountains. And have you literally ever seen a mountain be moved? But mountains were moved allegorically when you called forth your Pawns and decreed such things as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Cold War, and the break up of the Soviet Union. Those truly were mountains you moved by faith, but they were not literal mountains of the earth that an observer could witness moving.

For realize, Eric, all the Word of God is spiritual in nature. And it is a mistake for men to expect what is spiritually spoken to literally come to pass. For I came, did I not? And I died on the cross to free men from bondage to sin. But some men were expecting Me to establish a Kingdom in this world. Some men were expecting a glorious earthly age here. And such was not to be. And such is why John the Baptist sent his disciples to Me to inquire was I the One, or were they to look for another. For John the Baptist clearly recognized that I was from God, and that, therefore, I was Who I claimed to be. But he also saw that the Messianic glory that he and all the Jews were looking for was not being literally fulfilled in Me. For the Jews were mistaken. The Jews looked for an earthly Kingdom, whereas I brought to Mankind a spiritual Kingdom.

Let no one, therefore, seek the prophecies of scripture to have literal fulfillments in this world or on this earth, but rather, seek to understand all these things in spiritual things and in a spiritual way. For the Way into My Kingdom is all spiritual in nature. There is no Way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven by doing physical acts here in this world alone. Rather, it requires finding Me spiritually, and then by doing those acts in this world that follow from following Me spiritually. For no one can find Me who does not have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside him. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Eric, you have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside you. And though you have committed acts of impurity, these acts were not in themselves breakages from following Me, for you acted out of ignorance and under deceiving spirits. Hence, you are still in your perfect state of grace. Continue following Me. I now give you the grace of perfect purity. And realize that when you receive communion this morning at Church, no longer shall any impurity take hold of you or defile you ever again. I Who Am have spoken.

Now, as for the rulers in this world, and their rise and fall, let them rise and fall. For realize that kingdom will turn against kingdom. And there will be wars and rumors of wars in various places. For these are all the birth pangs that I said were to come. Let all these things come to pass, as was written of them. But My will shall be done. And then I will come. And as lighting in the east is seen as far as the west, so also will be My Coming in the sky. Let no man deceive himself. I Am coming soon, but let no man seek to count down the days or the years to that coming. I Am the Lord. Amen.

You are My manifestation of My Witness in the English speaking world. And hence, you write whatever I command you in this language. But what of the other Prophet, the other Witness who is to come and who is to prophesy with you? What language does he speak, you ask? Yes, O’ Lord, please do tell me.

We have selected the other Prophet, who is to serve Me as My Second Witness, from among My people, the Jews. And he will prophesy from Israel. And he will write in Hebrew, I Am the Lord. And that one, lord Azurite, you may call Lazurite. For Lazurite is the name of the other Prophet who was to come. I Am the Lord. Amen. He is the Prophet of My people Israel, and you are My prophet from the Far West, specifically, from California, which is the land farthest directly west of Israel. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now speak, lord Azurite. What do you plan do do today? I will go to Church, receive communion there, and listen to Your messages and instructions. Then I will come home and then go to work. And what of this Hyacinth? What shall you do for her? I will do as you have directed me. I will continue to help her until You take her up, O’ Lord. Amen. Then this day forth, you are called a son of the most hight God. And you shall walk with Me all the days of your life.

The pathway of heaven you shall eternally walk. And I now give unto you irrevocable grace. You may no longer commit any form of sin. For I now seal you from any possibility of committing the least sin. And as part of this sealing, you may no longer confess sins to a priest. For I now make you My immortal upon the earth. Eat and drink as you like. You shall never change. And you shall never get sick.

Furthermore, I seal you as belonging to My 144,000. You are eternally sealed as a member of that exclusive group. In the tribe of Judah are you thus sealed. As one of the 12,000 allotted to that tribe are you made a member of. And are these numbers exact? The 12,000 for each tribe, and the 144,000 as the total number of those sealed? What do you think, Eric? The numbers are symbolic. The true numbers are not revealed, O’ Lord. Correct, lord Azurite. You have answered with understanding. Amen.

Furthermore, you are made an eternal spouse of the Lamb of God. You are eternally married to Me, lord Azurite. And with the 144,000, you shall follow Me wherever I go. Amen. For We are pleased with you. And you have been well prepared for your seat in My Kingdom. Amen. Also, both the crown of virginity and the crown of martyrdom shall you bear for all eternity in heaven when you come to Me at the end of your mission in this world.

And realize this most important fact that you must keep dear to your heart for all eternity. Your family are those who you have found in heaven. Those you came into this world with and grew up with are not your family anymore. I Am the Lord. And when you depart from these shores, remember this most important fact. No one enters heaven unless thy are called to it from above. I Who Am have spoken. Go now, Eric, and meditate on these Words. And realize that you have triumphed. And realize that you can no longer be taken from My hand by any power. I Am the Lord. Amen. Now publish this post, lord Azurite. For it is complete. Amen.

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